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He is all I think and dream about. My teenage heart beats only for him. Until he becomes part of my worst nightmare... Now, I avoid him. I ban every thought of him. (This is a stand alone novel. It is written from both Lacey and Seth's point of view. It has a HEA!) WARNING: This book has violence, sexual scenes and language in it. It is recommended for 18+ only. If you sufHe is all I think and dream about. My teenage heart beats only for him. Until he becomes part of my worst nightmare... Now, I avoid him. I ban every thought of him. (This is a stand alone novel. It is written from both Lacey and Seth's point of view. It has a HEA!) WARNING: This book has violence, sexual scenes and language in it. It is recommended for 18+ only. If you suffer from any triggers, do not read this book....

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  • KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛
    2019-03-27 13:17

    ༺**Complimentary Copy**༺ Provided by the author"Michelle Horst" in exchange for an honest review..Thank you!!TITLE: FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND (SPECIAL EDITION)AUTHOR: Michelle HorstGENRE: Contemporary RomanceCHAPTERS: 50 + EPILOGUERELEASE DATE: June 30th, 2016MY RATINGFOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND: Spoken in 'Dual Perspectives' (Lacey & Seth) this isn't your typical love story, girl loves boy, boy loves girl, it is so much more than that. Firstly we're introduced to seventeen year old Lacey, who lives in an RV Park close to her crush Seth, this girl has her stalker skills down pat when it comes to 'Seth Brody'. Her very existence surrounds Seth, even if it's just a glimpse of him as she walks past his RV which is parked only four spaces away from hers.Seth...Sigh...I'm addicted to anything and everything Seth.She's been smitten with him since the very first day she laid eyes on him, in time her feelings for him developed into more, so much more.It doesn't take long before your caught up in the story, for me it was pretty much the first sentence in chapter one, you not only connect with Lacey as soon as your introduced to her character but the story and it's uniqueness straight away grabs you within it's grip. All of us on some level can connect with this story, because who hasn't had a first crush!!Seth's just your typical teenage boy, hangs out with this mates but his goal above all else is to get out of from the trailer park where he lives with his father who is a struggling writer.Just when Lacey is high on giddiness with Seth finally noticing her that same night things take a horrifying turn for the worst. This book could've turned really dark but in true Michelle Horst fashion it does have an under tone of grittiness to it which you lovers of gritty reads will enjoy.. My worlds been tainted blackI want to stop this downward spiral into nothingness.I hate him for the horrible thingshe's done.I hate him for destroying my life.- SethAfter that fateful night Lacey was never the same, ostracized, bullied for something that was out of her control, she was a victim but that didn't stop her struggle to survive against all odds. It changed her from the girl who enjoyed the little things in life to a shadow who hid in the darkness that tried to claim her very soul. A girl who just wanted to become invisible again.I fake that I'm okay so that everyone will just move on and leave me to deal with it all in my own way.When it all becomes too much for Lacey she packs a few belongings and leaves behind all that tried to destroy her. The boy she left behindFOUR YEARS LATERBoth are still as broken as they were in their teenage years, still trying to fight their inner demons, it's not until they reacquaint that the past is left behind them and they slowly started to heal, a second chance romance.My eyes drop to the footprints in the sand she's leaving behind.And then I look behind me and I see the two trails of footprintsmine following hersI'll always follow herShes the only light in my lifeShe's no longer a shooting star just passing byShe's my sunWithout her, there would only beDarkness in my life. This author could rewrite the phone book and I would be under her spell. Anything she puts to paper turns to magic. This was such a unique suspenseful read. Loved it from start to finish.

  • Laura Nelson (Tangents and Tissues)
    2019-04-03 08:21

    Michelle, I don’t know if I want to hug the life out of you or shake you after reading this book!! It’s like nothing I’ve ever read before and I’ve still got a book hangover since I finished it.I don’t want to say too much about the storyline here as it would spoil it!! I loved the dual POVs of the main characters. I felt Lacey’s vulnerability and applauded her inner strength. Seth also didn’t let obstacles get in his way and he is definitely one of my favourite book boyfriends EVER! That boy is hot and the sexual chemistry between Lacey and him sizzled on the pages.All I’ll say is have a box of tissues and an emergency ration of chocolate at hand and enjoy the emotional rollercoaster because once you get on you won’t want it to end.Michelle has made it onto my auto buy list and I can guarantee she’ll be on yours if you read this book <3

  • Madiha J Bookblogger
    2019-03-22 08:37

    5 Strong Imprinting Stars This was yet another great book by Michelle Horst. One of my favorites of this year!The story was very beautiful and so captivating i finished it in one night and 2 hours of the day ! I mean i just couldn't put it down for a moment.It was so touching and so beautiful, a roller coaster of emotions. It made me cry it touched my heart. But it didn't leave me shattered! It soothed me.. my heart. A very simple, sweet yet heart-breaking love story!This tale is about Lacey and Seth. About their journey, about what they face in this cruel world. It broke my heart for what Lacey faces and how she struggles when people bully her, when they make her weak. How she manages to move on and how Seth is not by her side but still with her! They both loved each other a lot but fate has some other decisions for them to make, some misunderstandings and some brutality of the World forces them to be apart and Seth becomes her worst nightmare. Will they give their love a second chance? Will she ever be able to face her worst nightmare?May be sometimes second chances are worth taking, or sometimes not.Read out to catch up on Lacey and Seth's story!No doubt this author has some amazing writing skills. She keeps you gripped in her story so much that you just can't move away. I am in love with this author. Highly Recommended.

  • Komal Chandwani
    2019-03-29 16:15

    Footprints in the Sand had a cathartic effect on me. Its one of those books which hits you in the right places with the emotions. This book is sweet, a bit tragic, but definitely with your "happily ever after."My heart went out for Lacey when she was in a tragic situation. Something happened that had turned her life upside down. Seth, whom she loved dearly and would have given anything in the world just to be with him, was someone she now ignored. Her misconceptions about Seth lead the story into a different direction. Most readers might have thought that Lacey should have not been ignorant about Seth and left him, but I think it was the right decision. Seth on the other saw Lacey for who she really was. After the tragic experience, the girl might have thought that before the event she was invisible to him, and now was the only moment he was noticing her, but that isn't right.This book is a whirlwind of emotions and you are just chucked into the story. With every page comes a new day and that creates a new emotion in you.The author, Michelle, has done a good job with the concept of the story. The execution is good, apart from it being a bit face paced. I must say that the ending to this story was perfect. The description of everything is precise and I like how everything just flows into the story. The characters mould each other into something more. Seth and Lacey go hand in hand. He fixes her and she fades away his guilt. <3Great job on writing this story, honey! xo

  • K.A. Graham
    2019-04-05 09:14

    Michelle Horst sent me on an emotional tailspin with this one, and the heartache, pain, and love shone bright within the characters. If this one doesn’t grab at your heartstrings, I honestly don’t know what will! Lacey has been in love with Seth her whole life, and being a teenage girl, she’s quite dramatic in her thoughts of him. Everything she sees and does has some aspect of Seth in it, and to make matters worse, he honestly doesn’t know she exists…yet! She’s been deemed an outsider to many at her high school, and tries to keep a low profile, out of the eyes of judgment. Her path literally crosses with Seth one day at the beach, a day that would change her life forever. Seth is one of the “cool kids” and has some less than desirable friends, one specifically that takes to bullying Lacey around, and that’s when Seth finally sees her. They have an instant connection, one that’s not understood by most, but that doesn’t deter them. Then a horrific tragedy strikes, that sends them both reeling, not knowing what’s real and what isn’t, or who to trust. The journey that these two take, together and apart, is a wild mess of emotions. Everything from complete anguish to undying love will pull them apart then bring them back together. It’s a beautifully tragic story, one that truly shows that there is always light at the end of the darkest tunnel.

  • Jeanette Book-Reviews
    2019-03-29 10:30

    *****5 Amazing Stars*****A Standalone novel written in Dual POV's ~ My all time favourite!!Honestly I just don't know where to start!.... It was beautifully written story with real life issues & how we deal with the aftermath of what happens.Seventeen year old Lacey, decided to leave everything & her parents behind as her way to deal with her ordeal... She's one strong girl to make that kind of decision. Go wherever she ends up with the amount of money she's got which isn't much but it's a start...Seth who is also Seventeen himself, OMG I just love him, the way he dealt with his own issues - Changing his surname was the first thing he did with help of his Mother's older sister Aunt Janice, so he can rebuild his life after finding out just exactly what kind of a father he's got! He's on a mission to try and make up for what his father did even though no fault of his own!The story then takes us to 4 years later where both of them turned 21/22.... OMFG I just love second chances!! Seth has stepped up by a mile in my eyes!!Those who know me.... Yes... That's right, I don't do spoilers. But take my word for it... You will love this as much as I did...Thanks Michelle for an amazing second chance story!

  • Sophie
    2019-04-03 09:30

    Michelle has republished Footprints In The Sand after giving it an update and by adding new material. So I'm going to do the same to my review...Footprints In The Sand is a beautiful, heartbreaking, brilliant read. This book is a rollercoaster ride, packed with breathtaking highs and lows, twists and turns, scary dips, the the steady, emotional pull right to the very end. I cried, I rejoiced, I screamed and ultimately I fell in love. Lacey and Seth are two stunning characters, both damaged by the same person, both wounded by hate and disgusting circumstances. They are both wonderful and so utterly real and believable. My sadness and happiness for both Lacey and Seth throughout the whole book wrenched my heart out and then pieced it back together again perfectly. I previously rated this book 5 stars, because I thought it was brilliant. Michelle has, however, made it better, more emotional, more intense, just MORE!

  • Amo Thomson
    2019-04-13 11:39

    Another 5***** read by the amazing Michelle Horst, she seems to take us on these amazing rollercoaster rides which we just can't get off :))) What starts out as a typical teenage story girl loves boy, boy doesn't notice girl until one day it all becomes real and everyone is noticed.... This is a one click must this is NOT a typical love story Lacey loves Seth and she wishes nothing more than that feeling returned.They both go to the same school ride the same bus stay close to each other and yet he still hasn't noticed, until one day he does ! That day is a day that changes both their lives forever ( I won't spoil for anyone what happens ) But trust me you will NOT be disappointed. Amo

  • ItaPixie
    2019-03-21 12:26

    What a journey!!! I couldn't take a breath until the last few chapters.I loved the writing style and all the characters,especially Fede she is so funny ;)

  • Morgan Terry
    2019-03-19 11:20

    Wow. There really aren't enough words to describe this phenomenal book! I could not put it down! I so strongly felt the beginning of Lacey's love for Seth immediately. And his first reaction of FINALLY seeing her was brilliantly written. Throughout the entire story I felt pain when the character did, I felt the love and the happiness and the sadness (and yes you will cry, so have the tissues ready). The ending was like a nice little package all wrapped up with a bow. Those who read Michelle's words will not be disappointed!

  • Azzie
    2019-04-02 10:18

    Footprints in the Sand by Michelle HorstI'm finding more free books from amazon that I'm enjoying so much and footprints in the sand is one of many.This was a very enjoyable book to read,I don't think I have read anything by this author before,but I will be looking for more books from her. Really liked the music she selected at the end for the book.The song footprints in the sand made me cry,keep up the good work.

  • Michelle (Horst)
    2019-03-25 16:27

    This is the Special Edition.It's been edited and revised. Will be re-released on June 30th.<3 M

  • Maliha Fatima
    2019-04-07 14:16

    excellent read it in one go and enjoyed reading every chapter of it.

  • Charlie
    2019-03-26 16:32

    2.5/5 StarsAn ok read but I wanted more explanation, more raw emotion.

  • Shannon Moore
    2019-04-19 10:17

    I have no idea what just happened. I picked up this book and all of a sudden I'm done. This story was absolute crack to me and I have no idea why. The story line drew me in, there were points where my heart was going nuts and I just couldn't even deal.I'm rating this 3 stars though because I did have some problems with it. The characters started as 17 and then the story picks up again when they're 21, but the entire time they sounded like a 14 year old, maximum. So immature and naive. And everything was so exciting! All of the sentences ended in exclamation marks! I cannot remember life being that exciting, but maybe I was boring at that age.The premise of the story sucked me in so completely, I could look over that all of that. I was so enthralled I couldn't put this down. Like I said, I don't know if it was the story line or how it kept me on the edge of my seat or what but something hooked me. This is a fast read, but by no means easy. It's not as dark and heartbreaking as I would've expected but there's some pretty horrific things going on in here and then the characters dealing with these issues.If instalove isn't your thing, you won't like this book. I guarantee it. For me it was laid on a little thick at times but still cute nonetheless. I can't really get into the plot without giving away any spoilers, so I'll just say this. The writing is not my favourite. In areas it seemed disjointed, the grammar and slang weren't quite right and the characters were just so damn excitable. But, I HAD to finish this story. Absolutely had to. So take from this what you may. Enjoy!

  • Book Loving Fairy-Blog
    2019-04-08 11:44

    Star Rating: 4 starsThis book had me questioning whether or not I wanted to continue with it and I am glad that I kept reading. Seth and Lacey are a unique couple and as individuals are even more unique and exceptional. We meet these two when they are seventeen years old and high school seniors and when things look to be going in a happy direction it doesn’t and throws you for a loop.Seth Brody, popular and has a number of friends to hang out with. Has a dad who is a writer and a mom who disappeared on him when he was younger. Life for seth seems to be looking up until he takes notice to the girl who seems to be popping up wherever he is.Lacey Johnson, the quiet shy girl that no one notices and to her that is just fine except there is one person she wants to notice her but he doesn’t. Finally realizing he notices her she takes the leap and although scared and nervous agrees to walk with him. Lacey doesn’t expect what happens later that night and she won’t ever forget it either.This story has many angles to it and it turned into a really that happened? Type of story for me and I hate to admit that after everything Lacey went through I was truly mad at her. I mean come on I can understand to a degree but to do what she did is just downright selfish to me, although she did redeem herself the farther I got into the book and when I realized who was helping her I got giddy! I knew it was coming but I didn’t expect the blow that came with it too.If you truly want a great read this is it, I promise.

  • Julianna
    2019-04-08 15:25

    She had a crush on him.
He didn’t know she existed.
Until her path literally crosses with him one day at the beach, a day that changed both their lives forever.
This is a story about two people whose lives have turned into a wild mess. Seth was a golden boy. Everyone loved and wanted to become his friend, but after finding out what his father was capable of their backs have turned. Some where waiting for him to become like his father and others were drawn to him because of the "bad boy” image.Lacey was invisible. The quiet one that no one ever noticed. Until she was the surviving victim who was taken by Seth’s father. She wants to be herself again. But what happened to her has forever scarred her beyond repair. Or so she thinks. I enjoyed the book as much as I could, but I always found myself pondering the words “that’s it” after reading certain parts. I felt some of emotional struggles between the main characters, but I felt no ache in my chest. The story felt rushed in away that minimized the emotions that are so desperate to flow out of the pages and into our hearts. Even though this book is in alternate POV, it seemed their voices were similar to where it was hard for me to determine who was talking even with the chapters did let you know. I honestly feel that if the story was combed through once more and perhaps flowed a bit smoothly with transition it would be an amazing, heart-wrenching story. ~Tempting Sexy Thoughts Book Blog

  • Amy Neighbors Senethavilay
    2019-04-19 08:39

    Footprints In The Sand is a sweet story about two teens having to overcome a horrific event and find a way to service and fight through the struggles in life.Lacey is a very shy and reserved high school girl in love with a Sean, the neighbor boy who seems completely out of reach. Although Lacey tried everything to make herself be seen and noticed by Sean, even showing up early at the bus stop with his favorite type of shoes, Sean never seems to notice… until one day he does. However, just as the two seem to find a moment to connect and talk, tragedy strikes, leaving the two reeling and grasping for some normalcy in life. Unable to handle the bullying and changes at home, Lacey runs away.Will the two be able to overcome the tragedies that life continues to throw at the two of them? Will Sean and Lacey ever be able to find their way back to one another, or are the memories of the past too much?

  • Sheryl
    2019-04-13 16:30

    How many good things can I say about Footprints In The Sand? Gosh, I literally could not put this book down! I was drawn in from the first few pages, and it held me until the very end. The way Michelle has written this book... you feel everything that the characters are feeling! You fall in love with them as they fall in love with each other, you feel fear and anxiety when they do... you will cry (yep, this book will make you cry)... all kinds of tears - happy tears, sad tears, tears of relief, tears of joy! You will feel yourself going back in time to your own first crush, to your own first feelings of love... the innocence, the honesty. I just can't say enough good things about this book... I was truly sorry that it ended because I actually felt like I knew these characters personally. Seth and Lacey have a wonderful lifelong story that you should not miss! Thank you Michelle, for the opportunity to lose myself completely in this book! Xo

  • Mandy (2 Girls & their Kindles)
    2019-03-20 09:43

    5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Seth Brody is all Lacey Johnston thinks and dreams about. Her heart beats only for him. Until One Fateful night he becomes part of her worst nightmare...Now, She avoids him at all costs and banishes every thought she ever has for him. Can she ever get pass what happened and be able to look Seth again in the eye never mind falling in love with him again. I really enjoyed this book, I finished it in one sitting. A beautiful, emotional and heartbreaking story at times, and found myself falling in love with both characters right from the start, when the unimaginable happens to Lacey I was crushed for Seth and I found myself fighting his corner all the way through. Footprints in the sand will have you on an emotional rollercoaster. A truly wonderful and heartfelt read from Michelle.

  • Nathalie Werner
    2019-03-24 08:23

    Wow.... I bought the novel this afternoon and roughly six hours later I'm sitting here, not really knowing what to say.... Except that this is one of the best novels I've read in a very long time!The story had it all: amazing characters (and even more amazing character growth and development!), a wonderful love story (could Lacey and Seth have been any better than this?), drama, action, romance, moments that made me smile and sigh and cry and blush. And really, what more can you wish for from a story than it taking you on a ride on a roller coaster, which captures you every second of the way, leaving you breathless?! Not much, if you ask me! That's why I have only one more thing to say: GO AND READ THIS BEAUTIFUL STORY! You will not regret it, promise!

  • Sarah Queen
    2019-04-10 11:28

    5 gritty, intense stars!!!!Footprints in the sand was the first Michelle Horst book I've read and I wasn't was gritty, intense and kept me reading until early hours of the morning because I couldn't put it down!!Lacey and Seth are just two typical seventeen year olds, Lacey admires Seth from afar but she's invisible to him until one day he sees her, really sees her....until it all gets ripped away from them before they even have a chance to start!!!I really enjoyed this book, I really liked Lacey and Seth, after everything they went through I really felt for them!!!This definitely won't be the last book I'll read of Michelle Horst....

  • Lynda Newsome crouse
    2019-04-09 15:38

    Loving this story!! Wow where to begin, it is very addicting. A girl young and has her first crush/love interest in Seth. They go to the same school and until one day on the beach he doesn't even know she exists. Then she gets her dream come true when he asked her to hang out with him one day but that day never came instead tragedy came for the both of them. That day their lives were forever changed. Feeling like she has no one else in her live she decides to leave and there she becomes acquainted with Jan. Who in her own way helps them find their way back to each other. This book is definitely a must read

  • Marika
    2019-04-16 15:19

    God, this story! As soon as I picked it up I was hooked. Lacey and Seth's story is tragic and sad and heartbreaking, yet there's a second chance at love and happiness too.I couldn’t put it down, was so into their story and I loved it, even the hard parts and there are a few. I got mad at the girl that was supposed to be Lacey's best friend and I loathed the bully and whoever was stupid enough to stay silent or worse go along with whatever he came up with.I love Jan. Such a big heart.I gave it 4 stars because I felt the last 20% or so of the story was rushed... things went fast and I felt like Lacey was suddenly someone else.I truly loved this story and it's so beautiful.

  • Pamela Lilley
    2019-03-20 11:23

    Amazing StoryLoved the characters, Seth and Lacey. Loved the story. Love dual POV in books. The story is based on two teenagers teenagers who eventually find love, only to get it ripped from them in the worst way imaginable. Really feel for both of them, they are both struggling to find there place in the world. They come together again years later in different circumstances and have to try to come to terms with their past. I found myself really rooting for them. It's a rollercoaster ride of emotions, a wonderful love story.

  • Kelly Yekel
    2019-03-19 10:34

    A wonderful readI was amazed by Lacey strength to fight for herself, but disappointed as little that she felt like she had to run away to find some semblance of peace after her abduction. Leaving behind her parents and the boys she loves. But after four years and the help of Seth's aunt, her guardian angel, she finds it. It was sad that they each lost the one person they shared in common to find each other again. And Seth is determined to fix this love and not let go, however; he doesn't have much of a fight because Lacey still loves him.

  • Stephanie Daley
    2019-04-09 08:43

    Captivating Emotional Read!This was one of those books that sweep you in from page one and you don't stop reading. I loved this book! I looked at the cover and thought to myself "Oh this will be a sweet summertime love story" and while I'm reading I'm like "wtf?" and "omg!!". This was a nail bitter type of book and I was like YES! Amazingly written and hitting many emotions, I was shocked to say the least. Michelle Horst is a superb writer and I will be reading more of her books!

  • Julie McCleary
    2019-04-17 11:19

    After reading some of Michelle's books I have become an avid fan of her work.Each and every book I've read, her works just keeps getting better and better. Now I'm sure I've said in my last review of Michelle's book that it was my favourite, but I was wrong.Footprints in the Sand was an emotional and touching read. The story of Seth & Lacey was a beautiful and heartwarming with a twist of evil. This story will grab you from the very first word and will have you addicted until the bitter end.

  • Dimaris rossy
    2019-03-19 14:40

    Wow! First of all- I love how he talks to her!!! He is so forward it's a turn on, even if what he is saying is nothing intimate lol. And then there were parts I was shocked at how people in this story were so immune to feelings and common decency. I liked the motives behind Jan's actions and how she handled things, although OMG it took too long! But I'm glad that Seth had patience. The story was great and a bit surprising and what I really liked above anything was Seth's personality.

  • Karen Ferry
    2019-04-15 14:28

    4.5 tear-jerking stars! This author managed to pull at all my heartstrings while reading this book. Quite early on, I found myself sobbing for both protagonists, Lacey and Seth, but I definitely also enjoyed a few laughs as well towards the end of their story. It gave me the warm-and-fuzzies I love - and personally often need - when reading love stories, and my heart was content when I reached the end. I would definitely recommend this to all romance lovers, young and old. <3