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There's no secret more deadly than The Club. There are no meetings but the dues are high. A doctor finds himself swept into this dark world where there is no escape...except to kill. The Club is a haunting tale of just how far an ordinary person might push themselves when cornered....

Title : the club
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ISBN : 25885377
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the club Reviews

  • Stephen G Collier
    2019-03-30 11:00

    This is a story about the consequences of taking life, but getting others to do it for you. Each murder, and there are a lot of them, are committed by a hired hand known only to the person they have ‘hired’ to do the deed, and not knowing anyone else in ‘The Club’, A bit like those cold war spy cells, so they could’t give much away if they got caught.This was an fairly easy read, although I was, at times, confused as to what year I was in. The book jumps between years and jumps between characters, whilst we’re also weaving our way through convoluted plots. The cop characters, Riley & Jackie spend a lot of the time attempting to make peace with each other, both of which are engaging personalities that will grow, I hope. Occasionally there was more tell than show, so a more detailed structural edit would benefit, but it did not distract me from the story.The denouement took it’s time to arrive and was not any of the obvious characters. The woven plots knit together well at the end, but I could not help to be a bit disappointed, perhaps there is more to come from this author. I would like to read more from her.

  • Clare O'Beara
    2019-04-11 10:00

    This book revisits the theme of exchanging murders so as to have no link to the murdered person. On the journey we find a deceptively high body-count. No cosy crime story, then, although some likeable characters appear. A ruthless businessman and a slight fantasy element are involved, as a mysterious stranger on the beach provides the rich and ruthless man with a potential cure for his terminal illness. Why? I'd have wished him good riddance. That's late in the story though, and by then we're sunk in the segment jigsaw as the time skips back and forth with different people and locations, and gradually the pieces fit together so we can see the picture. A girl who tries to evade her controlling boyfriend winds up dead, but the guy produces an alibi. The girl's grieving father hounds the police and courts to track down her killer, and as months go by he becomes convinced that the only way justice will be served is if he arranges it. Could he form a club with someone else, to exchange services, and how far is he prepared to go if it means he must kill a stranger? I'll let you assemble the rest of the story so as not to say too much. Quite a few thoroughly unpleasant people are involved and even the people we think we're cheering for, have to face moral dilemmas beyond the usual scope of the crime story. The depth of characterisation is strong and this is what carries the reader through the first several chapters which appear disconnected in place, time and cast. Once the pieces start to fit a thriller fan may easily be hooked. Personally, I found a few too many deaths and lack of urgency by law enforcement for me to be comfortable. The two police officers we follow, Jackie and Riley, engagingly spend more time irritating each other and playing amusing tricks on each other than carrying out door to door questioning or computerised research; all very well, but is this how you want your tax money spent? The writing style is easy to read, like a Sue Grafton story without the pithy comments, and there is plenty of detail to hold the attention. I'll be interested to see what Beth Green serves up to us next, and as I enjoy sub-plots and well-developed characters I'll be looking out for her work. A real fan of high body-count thrillers may give this a higher rating.

  • Crystal
    2019-04-18 11:40

    3.5 StarsThis book was really good, but there are so many intertwining story lines that I had to go back and re read a lot to make sure I wasn't missing something. I think if I were to (and most likely will) read it again that I would enjoy it much more. When someone you love is murdered and the killer walks away free, would you try to seek revenge and make sure justice is served yourself? That is what this book explores. The Club is a group of people that no one knows about, even the members don't know one another. If you are a member of the cub, you know only the one who recruited you and the one you recruit. It's a cycle that can't be broken. If you break the cycle you will die. The ends with the possibility of a sequel (which I would definitely read) but would also be ok if left like it is. Though I really would like to see a sequel and see more into the lives of these people :)

  • Leslie M.
    2019-04-04 15:54

    What happens when the lives of a doctor, professor, two police officers, and a serial killer intersect? That’s exactly what happens in this novel by Beth Green. Murder for hire, committing the perfect murder, and how to go on and find justice for a lost loved one are all explored. It gets off to a quick start, and the point of view switches keep the reader engaged. The narrative jumps between the characters, and years, which adds a great complexity to the story, and it becomes more engaging as it goes on. The reader learns that heroes are not totally heroes, just as villains are not always villains. Themes of domestic abuse and cyber dating are explored. While there are a few editorial issues, it does not distract from this entertaining thriller. Green’s writing style is easy to read and the characters are well developed. It sets the stage for a possible sequel. Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Linda Husvar
    2019-04-13 10:40

    This book was a very intense crime thriller. There were many twists and turns in the story line. I found the back and forth changes in the time frames confusing. Keeping track of all the characters required careful attention to detail. However, the author skillfully demonstrated the futility of revenge. The themes of partner abuse, cyber-dating risks, and similar dangers were magnificently presented. We saw humorous relief in the relationship between the too prime detectives. The operations of "The Club" were like a challenging jig-saw puzzle to comprehend. Readers who like complex murder mysteries may like this book. I received a free evaluation copy of this book in exchange for my review.

  • Lexie Conyngham
    2019-04-16 09:34

    The Club is a book with a sharp start that grabs you and hauls you in fast. At first you think it’s a plot you’ve come across before, the idea of switching murder victims, but this is much more complex, with a narrative which jumps back and forth in time. It is full of digressions and switches in points-of-view, but it’s worth keeping track of it, and I found it more intriguing the further I read. The characters are interesting and well-portrayed, many of them deliberately repulsive or irritating, many sympathetic. Though it seems to set up for a sequel, the ending is satisfying in itself with all the loose ends wound up.One point: it does need a tidy up in terms of typos.

  • Colleen
    2019-04-19 08:45

    I was very intrigued by this book at first. Opening with all these murders happening.The law was not doing much and I felt anger towards them. I like the way the character development went along.I could feel these people's pain.I am not usually into these kind of books but this one kept my intrested and wondering what was going to happen next.So if you love a good murder mystery, this book is for you.

  • Jill
    2019-03-29 08:41

    This was a really interesting story. There was a lot of twists and turns and a very complicated plotline. Things came together in the end. It's one of those stories where the less you know going in the better. I did find the timeline confusing. It jumped around a lot. Overall it was interesting. I would recommend it to mystery and thriller fans.I received this book from the author for review.

  • Amanda Murphy
    2019-04-12 11:44

    Very good book! It's intense and real with so many points of view.

  • Michelle Koebel
    2019-03-29 09:32

    I received this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway. This book has a "Strangers on a Train" vibe with an overlying theme of revenge and correcting what the characters see as a failure of justice.I was very impressed with the book and the thought behind the characters was very intriguing. I did find the book thought provoking as in what would I do in a similar situation. Personally, I found the hardest part of the book was the timeline that always was jumping between points in the past and the present. When it would jump back it was constantly going to different months so it was a little difficult to follow what was happening at points or to easily set the book down and pick back up at a later time.I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good crime fiction book but have the time to read most of the book in a single sitting.

  • Beth Green
    2019-04-10 08:57

  • Beth Green
    2019-04-12 11:35