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Your book club reads books? That's adorable, Gwyn's book club drinks wine and rates the hunks from classic literature. Sure they were once a regular book club, full of feisty discussions about Proust, but that all changes after the most awkward book club meeting of their lives. When schoolteacher Gwyn's generally conservative book club covers a popular novel of a more suggYour book club reads books? That's adorable, Gwyn's book club drinks wine and rates the hunks from classic literature. Sure they were once a regular book club, full of feisty discussions about Proust, but that all changes after the most awkward book club meeting of their lives. When schoolteacher Gwyn's generally conservative book club covers a popular novel of a more suggestive nature, Gwyn can't help but think of all the literary hunks in a suggestive fashion. Enjoy the delicious sunny Australian setting as Sydney schoolteacher Gwyn learns all about lust, love, friendship and herself. And always remember, what happens in book club, stays in book club. Excerpt: It’s over. I shift awkwardly in my seat, and we all stare into space, deliberately not making eye contact. Our book club is silent. Not a good kind of silence, an awkward silence. The dirty deed had been done; empty wineglasses sit on the dingy bar table between us, and we do not quite know how to move forward from this point. There needed to be empty shot glasses lined up as far as the eye could see for the girls and me to be able to meet each other’s gazes again. But alas, there are only a handful of empty wineglasses, and to be honest, most of them belong to my friend Mac. "I think now that Fifty Shades is done, we should cleanse our loins with a classic of some sort," Selene finally broke the silence. Bright red lips, slick black hair, and dark brown eyes. If she would just wear short black dresses instead of business suits, she would fit right in on the set of a Robert Palmer video. She is the unofficial leader of our little book club. After all, she is the one who put the post on Facebook asking for members. "I think about a year of strong women is in order," Mac agrees vigorously. Her face is almost as red as her hair. Wine flush or embarrassed blush? She dabs absentmindedly at a wine stain on the frilly long-sleeved blouse she is favouring of late. It must be another pirate phase or, failing that, Shakespeare? Mac is one of my dearest friends, so I should know all about her fashion wants and needs, but she changes fashion more often than I change my knickers, so it is hard to keep track of. "A year of classic, strong heroines." The rest of us still just stare at our hands, too embarrassed to look at one another. We would agree to anything at this point if it would just get us out of here. Some had skimmed through Fifty Shades and only read the sexy bits, desperados; some had flicked past the sexy scenes, prudes; and others had stopped reading because the sentence structure made their brains hurt, snobs. And then, of course, our snobbiest of all snobby members, Catherine, had failed to show up at all because she didn't "do" commercial fiction. Either way, Selene's own choice of Fifty Shades had stirred up something inside of us, and not just our judgemental attitudes, that nobody wanted to name or discuss. Our book club is usually so boisterous that we disturbed other patrons. Thank God we know how to drink; otherwise we would be far too much bother. Instead, we are welcomed each month. Well, at least our wallets are. However, our once-a-month shrill disturbance at the Longie is practically a whisper this evening. We should have drunk more wine. All that is on the table between us tonight are those pitifully few empty glasses and a single copy of E. L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey paperback standing erect in the middle of them. It almost seemed to pulsate and call out to people, "Look what these naughty girls have been reading." Shut up, book! "So, Pride and Prejudice?" Selene asks....

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what happens in book club e1 it s not me it s you Reviews

  • Lisa Fleetwood
    2019-04-04 15:59

    What Happens in Book Club... Episode 1 ( It's not me; It's you) by Robin Elizabeth is the first of a five-part series about books, friendship and love - oh, and maybe some wine to go along with all that! I love the beginning of this book! My own book club also read a popular novel of a suggestive nature, Fifty Shades of Grey, and lets just say what happened after that discussion must also come under the heading of 'what happens in book club... stays in book club' and in Gwyn's book club - after reading Fifty Shades of Grey they decide to 'cleanse their loins' by 'reading a classic of some sort'. Furthermore, a year of reading novels about strong women is suggested and in Episode 1 (It's not me; It's you) they begin with Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre.I really enjoyed What Happens in Book Club... Robin Elizabeth's sharp wit as she tells of heroine Gwyn's unlucky love life is hilarious, and that mixed with the fact that the men Gwyn meets seem to resemble the leading men from her book club's monthly read is just too funny. Who hasn't wanted to see what it would be like to find a Mr Bingley? Or a Mr Rochester. Gwyn does, and with hilarious results. I also loved the dialogue between Gwyn and her friends, Mac and Selene. The interaction between the three ladies is very engaging, whether it is face to face, over a wine or two, a cocktail or a pint or three, in their daily 3.05pm online chat or their get togethers at the pub. Gwyn is a sharp, funny heroine who is looking for love in all the wrong places, or perhaps it's finding her!But who does Gwyn really want? The mysterious man from the very beginning of the book - the sexy silver fox who lingered at the bar after they discussed Fifty Shades of Grey, the man Gwyn calls Mr Grey.I'm looking forward to reading What Happens in Book Club Episode 2 (I'm just not that into you) and can't wait to see what sexy men emerge from the literary classics at their book club! I hope Mr Grey, the silver fox, turns up again for Gwyn's sake! After her adventures with Mr Bingley and Mr Rochester I think she needs it!

  • Kathryn Harris
    2019-04-13 07:49

    This isn't something I'd normally choose, but I needed a good laugh. This story certainly provided it. Robin Elizabeth provides a quick read with "What Happens in Book Club..." the tale of a schoolteacher and her two friends who seemingly live vicariously through her.Many parts of this story had me laughing out loud. Well worth the time I spent reading it.

  • Robin Riedstra
    2019-04-12 16:04

    This is me, hi5ing myself in public.

  • Susana Camacho Palma
    2019-03-30 14:58

    I've actually read it in less than an hour. Although it's a short story, I was expecting something else. Something more. Back to some serious reading now.

  • Augustine Sam
    2019-03-29 12:47

    Feisty, Cheeky & VulgarSince this belongs in the sub-genre of humour, it might be somewhat hilarious to say that for a 48-page novel, the book’s title is longer than the story in it. Actually, it goes like this: What Happens in Book Club...: E1: It’s Not Me; It’s You, followed by a rider that is supposed to say, Feisty, Flirty, and very Funny. But it gets the first “F” wrong by turning Feisty into Fiesty, which does not go unnoticed except, obviously, by the author.It is set in Sydney. It is about a group of girls who binge drink and misbehave in the name of a book club. Yes, it is feisty. It is spiced with a small measure of humour. It is cheekier than it is flirty. And it is definitely vulgar. The overtly, self-loathing approach to the narrative, though entertaining to some extent, does not salvage the book from an obvious dearth of material. One of the ironies of its plot development is that the book actually ends when the story starts to come alive with the protagonist’s self-destructive fondness for a bed-wetting, gambling addicted mama’s boy.

  • Ted Tayler
    2019-04-16 07:59

    "Sex In The City - Down Under"Funny at times. These girls drink too much, talk about sex a lot; they even take the opportunity to enjoy it occasionally. Don't expect Ms Elizabeth to go into any great detail about the actual sex itself though; this is not erotica. This part of Gwyny's story ended in mid-air and I was left wondering what it was all about. There isn't a plot of any description; it's just a series of anecdotes.

  • Cait Gordon
    2019-04-18 16:09

    Ohmigosh,I whizzed right through this short and hilarious read. Gwyn reminds me of an Australian Bridget Jones, except sassier and way funnier. I also want to go for drinks with Mac and Selene, even if I am a tea-totaller. This story shows us what happens when Book Club leaks into real life, and I apologize to Gwyn for using the word "leaks". Hope you like that new mattress. I'm going to stop writing now, so I can read book 2.

  • Angela Long (Carter)
    2019-04-06 16:02

    A fun and flirty short read. Perfect if your doctor is late, yet again, and you need something to distract you from screaming!