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Dr. Ethan Marshall is the young medical student on call the night Tessa Duran murders her husband for abusing her twelve-year-old-son, Rino. Ethan stays in the cubicle while the rape kit is performed and is surprised when the boy resorts to prayers instead of tears.Despite compelling evidence, Tessa is sent to jail for life. To avoid placing Rino in foster care, their pariDr. Ethan Marshall is the young medical student on call the night Tessa Duran murders her husband for abusing her twelve-year-old-son, Rino. Ethan stays in the cubicle while the rape kit is performed and is surprised when the boy resorts to prayers instead of tears.Despite compelling evidence, Tessa is sent to jail for life. To avoid placing Rino in foster care, their parish priest agrees to raise him. Ethan is touched by Rino’s plight and visits whenever possible, but the connection is broken when the priest and young boy leave the area months later.Raised by the Dominicans in California, Rino considers joining the order until a romance blossoms with a fellow student. After much soul-searching, he turns his back on everything familiar, and chooses his orientation over his perceived vocation. Upon graduating dental hygiene school, Rino takes a job at the office of Scott Gregory and Robin Kennedy.Seventeen years have passed since that horrible night in the emergency room. Forty-three-year-old Ethan is now a Dominant in search of a full-time submissive. Twenty-nine-year-old Rino is adrift, longing for someone or something to help him find the serenity he’s lost along the way. As they rekindle their friendship, they realize they might be perfect for each other....

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Forged in Trust Reviews

  • Debra
    2019-03-12 06:58

    Originally reviewed at Sinfully... Addicted to All Male Romance.3.5 starsBook 4 in the series is a mix of new and old. I’d say that while this book works as a standalone since Rino and Ethan are new to the series, a good part of the early story does also focus on Scott and Robin, the owners of the dental practice Rino works at and the main characters in books 1 and 2.Rino is twelve when he first meets Ethan, a medical student, in the ER in the aftermath of having been raped by his stepfather, who was then murdered by his mother (the abuse takes place off page, but the aftermath is detailed during his exam in the hospital) who is sentenced to life in prison. Ethan comforts Rino during the exam and keeps in touch with him in the months following until Rino leaves the State with his guardian, Father Santos.The story then jumps to the present. Rino has never doubted that Ethan is his guardian angel and has often thought of him over the years. Not only did Ethan make sure he was okay as a child, he was the first openly gay man Rino knew and was open and honest with him, giving him a different perspective on the issue than Father Santos and the Church had. After years of education Rino realized that he could not remain with the Dominican Order teaching religion as a gay man and left seminary school just short of completing his Theology degree. At twenty nine, Rino is now a dental hygienist just starting a new job. He is still strongly religious and often feels sick with guilt after hooking up with someone, but he will no longer repress his sexuality.Ethan is surprised when he sees an adult Rino asking to tour the BDSM club he owns and quickly passes him off to another Dom to avoid recognition until he had time to process things. The two are reunited when Ethan shows up at the dental office and Rino is his hygienist. Neither has forgotten the other and though seventeen years have passed, their bond is still strong and they quickly give in to their burning attraction.I really enjoyed Rino and Ethan’s story. Rino is a complex character, smart and strong but still struggling with issues of shame and rejection even with therapy and his belief that God meant him to be a gay man who could love and be loved. While he is happy to pursue a sexual relationship, there are still certain actions that make him think twice, knowing his guilt will require penance the next day. Ethan is very successful, generous and would do anything in his power to protect Rino. He is also a control freak, looking for a 24/7 sub to satisfy that need to take charge. He is not into pain (that’s left to Scott and Robin), but does like bondage and some other light play.While Ethan and Rino are the focus of the book, there is some time devoted to Robin and Scott, who takes an immediate dislike to Rino, requiring some punishment and a couple of intense scenes in their playroom.The problem I had with the story, and what kept me from rating it higher, was that there is so much that the author brings up, but there was not enough time to fully address it all. Ethan and Rino are not reunited until halfway through the book and when the story abruptly ended they had only known each other again for about two weeks. I didn’t have a problem with them saying “I love you” so early since their bond was strong and it felt right, but I wanted to see some of the D/s relationship that was being set up and would be so central in their lives together.Having previously read books 1 and 3, I know the author revisits characters and am hoping that is the plan for Rino and Ethan. In the end it seemed that I only got part of their story and while they are in love, they still barely know each other and Rino is only starting to consider the 24/7 submissive lifestyle. It felt happy and hopeful, with an intense bond between the men, but with enough that needs to be worked through it was more HFN than HEA.*** Since I reviewed the book Mickie Ashling has said that Rino and Ethan's story will in fact be continued. :)

  • Cindi
    2019-03-05 01:54

    Full review can be found at - This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

  • Caroline Brand
    2019-02-27 07:08

    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.5 StarsI really liked this latest addition to the Bay Area Professionals Series and I will be interested to see what other people think about it.Rino is just a young boy when he and his mother Tessa flee one terror in exchange for another. Tessa is aware of how her new husband looks at her young son though it is years before the man makes a move but Tessa is ready for him and her husband arrives at the hospital dead.Dr Ethan Marshall is a medical student the night Tessa and her son end up in A&E with her dead husband. The young boy has been abused and Ethan holds his hand during an invasive examination. He is stunned to hear the young boy pray instead of cry and the two keep in contact for a short while when Rino goes off to live with the local priest and his mother is sentenced to life in prison.Roll forward a few years and Ethan is ahead in the medical field he has chosen and well respected by his peers. Life has been good to him where his work is concerned but he has failed to find a permanent partner who ‘gets’ him in his private life. Ethan is a dominant man who has a stake in a local high class BDSM club, most subs are willing to fall at his feet but he rarely goes back to any of them a second time.Rino has not had such an easy life. He is a thoughtful young man who cares deeply about his religion but has found the Catholic Church is not open to a gay priest. He took the decision to be honest with himself and left his religious studies and has been unsettled ever since. His latest job is as a dental hygienist and his employers are none other than Robin and Scott from book 1.The back story to Rino and Ethan was well thought out and explained and when they meet under strange circumstances for the first time in over a decade they quickly start to rebuild their friendship and fill in the gaps of all the missing years. The jump to romance and Rino’s introduction to BDSM seemed a little quick but it worked well as the BDSM is light and they are equally attracted to each other.There is also the chance to catch up on the lives of the other characters from the series and I now find myself wanting to go back and revisit how it all began.

  • Stella ╰☆╮╰☆╮
    2019-03-05 01:48

    Review coming soon

  • Alex Akira
    2019-02-20 04:58

    Mickie B. Ashling does it again—captivate me, that is—with this winning tale of two estranged soulmates reuniting just as both are considering true love might not be in the cards for either. Loved this story! Smart and hot with stimulating, well-researched details that add a great wallop of realism to a sparkling love story that solidifies the “man” in romantic. Woot!Gorgeous, intelligent, and unflappable man of science Ethan Marshall was born to be a doctor, but a startling encounter in a hospital emergency room one night changes his life, twofold. He meets and wins the trust of Rino, a courageous young boy who has been brutally raped. The perpetrator was mutilated by Rino’s mother, and seeing the damage spurs Ethan to take a closer look at the field of urology. Ethan has been privy to an astounding number of botched circumcisions and sex change operations since starting his practice, but the mangled groin and the young boy’s insistence that Ethan is his guardian angel lead Ethan to become a successful, albeit lonely, urologist.Highly religious, Filipino-American Rino is twelve when his mother mutilates her husband after discovering he raped Rino. Terrified when the police accost him and his mother in the hospital ER demanding she surrender, Rino is further traumatized when they insist that a doctor examine him. In the midst of the commotion Rino spies Ethan. The kindness in the doctor’s eyes convinces Rino that Ethan is the guardian angel he has prayed to all of his life and he allows Ethan to perform the rape kit procedure. In the subsequent trial and resettling of Rino into foster care, Ethan serves as a big brother figure to Rino, but by the time the boy is thirteen the two are separated. Years later the two meet again, unrecognizable strangers. Sparks ignite and their exquisite love story begins, but can a dominant man of science and a religious, fledgling submissive find lasting love?This exhilarating tale is part of the author’s ‘Bay Area Professionals’ series. Robin and Scott from the previous books show up in clever “slice of life” vignettes throughout Ethan and Rino’s story, but ‘Forged in Trust’ can definitely be read as a stand-alone. One of the things I adore about Mickie B. Ashling’s writing is her ability to weave a wealth of intelligence throughout her stories in a plot-enhancing, non-intrusive style that produces books that feed my thirsty mind as well as my emotions. In the case of this novel, I gained insight on the field of urology and the practice of circumcision. Eye-opening facts that not only piqued my interest but heightened my regard for the lives and struggles of both lead characters. And what a pair of virile and exceptional men are the two leads. Ethan is wonderful as the control monster with the heart and soul of gold. A real man of action, rather than complaint, when he sees something needs to change, he applies himself and does it. He’s not quite sure why it doesn’t work that way for others, but he knows it doesn’t…because he can’t keep a sub to save his life. His looks, profession, and wealth draw them like flies, but his controlling persona makes them leave sooner than later.Rino is adorable with an edge of anger. His pretty-boy looks can get him almost anything except the respect and a place to belong that he truly wants. Will he ever find anyone who can see beyond his big brown eyes and address the person he is inside? I loved how snarky with a side of spoiled this dude is. But Rino is extremely poignant and vulnerable too. I swear every time my sympathy edged toward sorrow, he would do or say something to let me know he didn’t want my pity. He made me laugh, a lot.The timing and pacing of this story is exceptional, especially regarding the wooing period. The sexual tension is terrific and the sex scenes are pretty much perfect, truly HOT with some of the best, and most believable, “during the act dialogue” I’ve read in a long while. Can’t say much without spoiling the experience. I recommend everyone grab a copy of this one ASAP! Thank you, Mickie B. Ashling, for hunching over your writing desk and producing another winner!“Smart, Sharp, Sexy…Burns from a Candle to an Inferno!”NOTE: This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • The Novel Approach Reviews
    2019-03-16 06:59

    Review: I don’t know where to begin with this review. I had such problems with this story in general. The beginning of book was disturbing because the mother indicates that she noticed the way that the man she is marrying is eyeing her son; however, she needs out of her country so badly that she risks this.There is then a four year jump to the mom murdering that husband because he has messed with her son. And the synopsis says the rest up top.The next time we see Rino, he’s an adult raised by the Dominicans in a very religious background. He gets his bachelor’s degree in religion, but walks away after he has a romance with a classmate. He doesn’t seem extremely experienced, but at the same time comes off as all knowing and ironically, he is considering a BDSM relationship. I feel that throughout the story there is no character growth for Rino. In the beginning, he is still having the same inner turmoil that he has at the end. He has sex with Ethan and then balks at a blow job, and this is towards the end. He flip-flops back and forth in the story line from a survivor to a petulant child, and this behavior didn’t make him endearing at all.Rino is working as a dental hygienist after getting his bachelor’s in religion. This is a very weird jump from religion–the schooling alone would take forever. After a chance meeting at the dentist’s office with Ethan, within a few days Rino is committing to Ethan. The thing is, he isn’t just committing to Ethan…he is committing to a BDSM relationship. Rino didn’t even know about BDSM before Ethan talked about it. This is crazy. I don’t like BDSM used as a crutch for a broken person, and I was left feeling this way.***POSSIBLE SPOILER/TRIGGER ALERT***In the middle of a sexual sequence, Rino reminisces about a rape that happened later in his life. This very much disturbed me. Rape is a serious thing, and I feel that it deserves serious consideration. Rape isn’t a plot point. If this is used as a plot point in the story, it needs due attention. This, unfortunately, didn’t happen.Overall, I finished this book because I was reviewing it. I, however, can’t recommend it.Narration: John Solo is a very good narrator; however, with the content of this book, that could only take me so far.

  • FantasyLiving
    2019-02-28 08:53

    3 HeartsThis is the first story I have ‘read’ in this series, so I have no backstory on any of the previous three stories in this series. I am interested in going back and reading/listening to the rest of the series to catch me up. This story was troubling. And not for the obvious reason that it has triggers and disturbing content. This story troubled me because of my ignorance toward Filipino culture, Catholicism, and some of the related content that I find uncomfortable in this story. I will take this as an opportunity to learn more about both, so that I can put it in context and understand where the writer was coming from.Rino crossed paths with Ethan when Rino was just a boy, and Ethan was a medical resident deciding on a specialty to go into. From there, Ethan kept in touch to ensure Rino was okay, and then they drifted apart, only to reunite in a very awkward way after Rino decides to take a trip to a BDSM club to see why it is so exclusive, and then finds the owner in his dental chair at work the next day.See the full review on the blog

  • Crownoyami
    2019-02-23 10:08

    I don't want to say anything bad, however I feel like this book had such potential and am disappointed in it. I really liked the characters, and the plotline was good, but the TIMEline wasn't. While I understand wanting to get to the end of a book you're writing, it seemed like the ending was rushed. No matter if there is a connection or not, it's not realistic to go from 'We haven't seen each other in 17 years we need to catch up' to 'You're now my full-time sub, it's going to be happy ever after' in a weekend. I'm sorry, but you lost me there, one date does not equal forever.

  • Wendy Ann
    2019-03-22 07:10

    Aptly named, “Forged in Trust” easily describes the very foundation of the relationship between Ethan and Rino. They meet under less than ideal circumstances when Rino (as a 12 year old boy) shows up in Ethan’s emergency room, abused and raped by the man who took him in and should have protected him instead of turning unwanted attention his way. In order to try to help the mother who murdered the man who dared to abuse her boy, it was necessary for the hospital to perform a rape kit test on Rino. It took some tall convincing to finally get the traumatized Rino to consent to the test, and then it was only through Ethan’s unwavering support and comforting presence that Rino was able to do what needed to be done. An instant connection was forged between these two based on trust and respect. For a while after this event, Ethan visited Rino, now living with the family priest due to his mother’s incarceration. However, in too short a time, the two become separated when Rino moves out of the area with the priest. Fast forward seventeen years, and young Rino runs into Ethan in a chance meeting at (of all places) a BDSM club. Rino has enough struggles with the conflict between his sexual orientation and his deeply held religious beliefs that he doesn’t need further pressure/confusion by becoming embroiled in the D/s scene – or at least that’s what he initially believes until he gets a tiny taste for the lifestyle based on Ethan’s framework and discovers that Ethan’s brand of kink may actually be the key to Rino’s ability to find the peace and serenity within himself that he’s been longing for. One of the best parts of this story is the fact that we get reacquainted with Robin (Red) and his submissive partner Scott. I love these guys and love how prominently they factored into the story. In terms of sexiness, kinkiness and overall heat, Robin and Scott rocked it more so than Ethan and Rino did in this story. It was interesting to see how the two couples became acquainted and moved ahead as friends. Scott was initially so jealous of Rino and acted more like a cat with a serious case of twitchy claws that were ready to scratch his eyes out!I had just a couple very slight niggles with the story which included the Brad interlude (I liked the conflict, but felt like it wasn’t as fleshed out as it could have been to really create some angst), the fairly vanilla nature of Ethan and Rino’s sex life despite Ethan being an experienced Dom in the lifestyle or even as compared to Robin and Scott, and the ending felt a bit rushed after the author did such a wonderful job building up the back story for these guys. While this book could technically stand on its own, it truly is enhanced by having read the earlier books in the series and I’ve loved them all. Definitely recommended!!!Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 4 1/2 hearts

  • Love Bytes Reviews
    2019-03-02 04:48

    4.5 Heart Review by KatForged in Trust is the newest in the Bay Area Professionals series and Ms. Ashling has done it again. She has a way of making me fall in love with her characters through great character development and plot twists.I was thrilled with the return of my two favorites, Robin and Scott! I really missed these men. This story is another two years later. Susie is the office manager only now and Scott and Robin have meshed well with having Lance as part of their practice and is now a partner. Robin wants to cut back his time and is looking for another dental hygienist to help lighten his load. Enter Rino Duran, a 30-year-old gay man, who is in need of a new job after his last practice he was in was going under. While Robin and Rino have an instant bond, Scott is not so convinced. Scott is currently dealing with major stress in the form of a health scare and is awful to Rino. You can trust that Robin sees the way to turn around his erring sub! His health scare helps introduce Ethan Marshall, Scott’s urologist, back into Rino’s life after a 17-year lapse.Although she has had an underlying religious story line in most of her series, it comes to the forefront in this book. Rino’s fall from grace, in the eyes of the Catholic Church, because of his sexuality, has been rough on him. His desire to not only become a priest, but to teach religion as well, has been dashed. He is out of the church, and its leadership and directional compass in his life, and had to find a totally different path to follow.I found the endearing story of both Rino and Ethan touching and poignant. How their lives have been crossed and its profound affect on each was amazing. I have heard that this is not the end of their story or the series and I am looking forward to the next in this wonderful series. I am giving this book an enthusiastic 4.5 stars and a giant thumbs up!This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes. Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways. Click below.

  • Debbie
    2019-03-06 09:03

    Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.Ethan was on call the night Rino came in, with his mother and dead step father. Rino's abuse needed documenting and Rino would only consent to it, if Ethan stayed and held his hand the whole time. 17 years later, Ethan and Rino cross paths, and Rino knows that Ethan is the guardian angel he prayed to for so long. Ethan is under no such illusions, especially when Rino turns up at his club.Generally, I talk about the book first then the narration after. I'm flipping that here. A narrator can only work work with what is presented to him, granted he puts his own voices to the characters but the words he reads are not his own. I cannot fault the narration. John Solo narrates. It is the first of his work I have listened to and it will not be the last. Solo's voices for the characters are clear and easily identifiable, and his reading voice deep and even. He portrays the emotions of all the characters well, and they come across in all the right ways in all the right places.What I have a problem with, is the story itself. Overall, its good. I just don't like how fast it moved! Rino was raped, repeatedly as a child and then again as a date rape as an adult. Yet on his second encounter with Ethan (after they met at the club) they are able to fully consummate their relationship. (Trying to word it so Amazon will take the same worded review, but you get what I mean) There is hardly any reservations or reactions from either Rino or Ethan, and I would have expected more. I read, A LOT. And as such have picked up a whole range of lay knowledge for a whole range of things. I would have expected more hesitation from Rino, maybe Ethan too. Maybe I read too much, huh?? It just bothered me, and I've learnt to listen to those bothers and write about them in my review. This is book 4 in the series, I have not read any others. BUT I am left curious enough about Robin and Scott (Impacted, book 1) to add their book to my to-read pile. 3 stars for the book5 stars for the narration4 overall.**same worded review will appear on Goodreads,,, and Kobo**

  • Teresa
    2019-02-23 09:00

    ****Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance®****Story - 3 Narration 3 Story Review:It is always tricky reading a series out of order. I had looked into this and was told it could be read as a standalone, and while I didn’t need to read the first three in order to know what was happening in this book, there were a lot of pages, including sex scenes, dedicated to Robin and Scott, a couple from those books. If I had known more about them, it would have made me more connected. The main couple for this book, Rino and Ethan, worked well and are completely new to the series it seems.There is a lot of preaching in this book. Rino is deeply religious and was training to be a priest so it comes up a lot. We also get quite the primer in BDSM, which being 4th in a BDSM series seems unnecessary.The dynamic between Rino and Ethan is good, though everyone keeps saying what a submissive vibe they get from Rino upon meeting him even though his attitude was anything but. However, when he and Ethan get together things do work and the scenes were hot. Their relationship moves extremely fast, but there is a previous friendship that they are building on.There were a few things that worked well for me in this book but overall it was only ok. Part of it was the narration, see my comments below.Narration Review:You know how they say it’s not what you say but how you say it? I think it would have been better had Rino been read differently. He often came off petulant and aggressive when I don’t think he was meant to be. I didn’t really like him with that voice. I would like to re-read the series in ebook format and see if my opinion changes. I did like the narrators voice overall, just not his characterization of Rino.

  • Sarah
    2019-02-26 01:49

    I absolutely loved the start of this book. Rino’s childhood is chilling and the author had me loving both main characters within the first ten pages. I enjoy the way the backstory flips between Rino and Ethan’s stories up until their lives collide in the A&E and again until they meet again in Ethan’s club.I’m usually not a fan of the May-December romance, and initially I was squirming at the idea of the twelve-year old rape victim and his doctor ever having a relationship. Both time and careful writing had me believing in the relationship between the 29 year old hygienist and the 40 something doctor. I loved Rino’s struggles with his religion, his mother’s actions and his own orientation and life choices. Rino is deeply conflicted, but the author refuses to use his experiences as a way to preach to her audience or to create stock good and evil characters. Each character is complex and Rino feels very real as a result.I enjoyed Ethan most of the time. As the junior doctor caring for his rape victim, he won my heart. As the older, more accomplished surgeon, he comes across as slightly arrogant and materialistic. I’m not a huge BDSM fan but I enjoyed the very mild kink in this story. I hesitate to give this five stars only because it didn’t end as convincingly as it started. After all of the build-up, time lapses and character development, Rino and Ethan fall into a very complicated relationship far too quickly and far too easily. Rino seems to overcome his difficult past and complex fears instantly. Ethan’s need for a full-time sub is discussed, but readers never really see the two men establishing the life Ethan wants for them.I really enjoyed this book. Rino especially is a brilliant character.I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Inked Rainbow Reviews.

  • Avid Reader
    2019-02-27 04:14

    Forged in Trust (Bay Area Professionals #4) by Mickie Ashling4.5 starsM/M BDSM, RomanceTriggers: Child Abuse, RapeI was given this book for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.Rino's character has a hard start to life. I really loved his mom and despite her somewhat questionable judgment with husbands, he was protected and loved. When he first meets Ethan, their connection is one of compassion, understanding and trust. I really liked how Ashling told this part of the story. Rino's beginning was somewhat rigid and Ethan allowed some difference of opinion and education to be instilled in Rino without the churches influence.Ethan's character was somewhat stunted for me. He was a great resident and an even more dedicated doctor, however, we only get glimpses of his life. I didn't feel like Ashling gave the same amount of time and development to Ethan's character.When they meet again, it is this whirlwind meet and greet, then right back in to friendship. Now, despite my not liking the insta-feeling this story took, I do understand being able to jump back in to a friendship with someone you really trusted and felt like you knew. As far as the sex went, they had kind of lukewarm heat for me. While they had good intellectual chemistry, which is not something you often see, their physical chemistry was just ho-hum for me.Then you have Brad - I wished this had been played out differently. I don't know if I wanted more of this story line or less, but it just felt unfinished for me. This is one where I have not read the previous books, but did not feel that I was missing anything. I did not have a hard time following the characters and felt that not knowing the backstory was probably an asset since I didn't have any preconceived ideas of how characters should behave.I look forward to the rest of these books.

  • K
    2019-03-06 05:05

    This is the fourth book in this series, which has been going for a while and definitely shows the authors growth. It starts with some history of Rino, how he and Ethan first met and what shaped them before switching to the present day and Rino starting his new job for Scott and Robin's dental practice, as a hygienist. Like the other books, this one does involve the main couple being involved in a D/s relationship - but the heavier scenes are actually between Scott and Robin (or Red to give him his Toppish name) - as they deal with Scott's irrational behaviour caused by a health scare. Whilst this does slightly over shadow the reunion and then growing relationship between Rino and Ethan to start with, the book is probably around 70% about them. There is no major melodrama as there was in the first couple of books - but there is tension from an external source. Okay, you need to suspend your disbelief that someone could just walk in and look round a private BDSM club, and that they just happened to be able to fit straight into a 24/7 D/s relationship - but that is kind of the set up of the series and I can live with it. All the couples so far have different types of relationships - with no one size fits all description of D/s BDSM etc. The books are fun and well written, and I hope we see the characters again (particular Red who is probably one of my favourite fictional Doms)

  • Girlnextdoor
    2019-03-19 05:08

    M'kay...I've gotta get my head past the 20 minute diatribe against circumcision in chapter 4. I mean, seriously? I'm sorry, but when a books tags include BDSM, erotica, bye bye butt virginity, I'm not listening so I can get educated on the horrors of botched infant wieners. I mean, if I'm reading m/f stuff, a chapter written by The LLL about the merits of breastfeeding just because the book has tits in it seems like an opportunistic way of pushing an agenda that's not really relevant to the story, and kinda puts me off the flow. I don't know, maybe it's just me. I am the kinda person that gets unusually annoyed at product placement in tv and I GET IT, THE MC LOVES DIET COKE! It's like with this story, the message is don't circumcise your boys, and take oral care seriously. Anyway, that's my gripe. For the record, I don't have a penis and have zero opinion on cut or uncut. At my age, functioning and nonfunctioning are the relevant differences.Also, while I usually like this narrator, his Rino voice sounded congested and whiny.

  • Lynnette Hartwig
    2019-03-06 06:12

    4.5 StarsI was given this book by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.I’m amazed. I have bought several books by this author but they continue to sit on my Kindle unread. Why I have no clue because I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The writing was excellent and the story well thought out and very compelling. This is the fourth book in the series but can be read as a stand-alone. It has made me decide to go back and finally read the first three books in the series.I was captivated by Rino from the first time saw him as a young boy of 6 when his mother was working to get them out of their country. We then meet Rino as a child of 12 when his mother was killed her husband for raping Rino, where Rino first meets Ethan. Then we finally meet Rino as an adult when he again meets Ethan. Rino is clearly a complex individual and clearly has many issues. Ethan is also a complex individual who can’t seem to find a sub. The BDSM in this book is very light. I would have rated it 5 stars but the ending was just too abrupt. I want more details about their ending. I think if the author would have included an epilogue I probably would have given it the full 5 stars.

  • Kittykills
    2019-02-21 04:53

    This book just topped a banner day for me. If I've read the other three books in the series they were forgettable. Child rape not a fan of it in any form but in my escape it sucks all my escape right out of reading. That being said...Never developed any type of feelings for any of the characters in this book. A few things I didn't care for- how stringent the dr was about circumcision being mutilation (preachy), and how he was going to not do them in his practice even to the point of being sued. How he spoiled himself, there was no depth to him. The other character had Hella lot of issues/baggage, the story got preachy with him also but again no depth. I don't care to read about how his inner turmoil of being gay conflicts with his religious beliefs. And the whole one weekend and it's let's sign the longterm contract. The abrupt ending cemented for me this authors place in my DNR folder. This was a very depressing book. (any oddlly placed words are completely the fault of auto correct)

  • Nicole
    2019-02-26 07:14

    I didn't read the others in this series so I didn't really appreciate Robin and Scott taking up such a big part go Ethan and Reno's story. Reno wasn't a favorite of mine and I really wished for more focus on the main couple. A lot of promise in the beginning but about 45% the book lost it's way.

  • Diane Dannenfeldt
    2019-02-25 06:48

    Wait, what!? That is not a way to end the book. I hope that there is a continuation in the next book as we are just starting their journey at the end of this book. I enjoyed this book and watching Rino overcome his demons and go for what he wanted.

  • Libbsmm
    2019-03-06 07:52

    3.25 stars

  • Inca
    2019-03-20 07:54

    The first few chapters was a bit sad and painful to read. But the book picked up and turned hot fast enough. I had expected a little more hot stuff, but it was a great addition to the series.