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Lui non vuole sposarsi, lei non vuole sposarlo... Eppure il destino "vuole" che debbano unirsi in matrimonio. Cassandra rimedierà così all'ammanco causato dal marito poco prima di morire nelle casse della società e Jonas Hunter si vendicherà facilmente del fratellastro che anni prima gli aveva soffiato la ragazza. Ma nessuno dei due ha tenuto conto di ragioni ben più imporLui non vuole sposarsi, lei non vuole sposarlo... Eppure il destino "vuole" che debbano unirsi in matrimonio. Cassandra rimedierà così all'ammanco causato dal marito poco prima di morire nelle casse della società e Jonas Hunter si vendicherà facilmente del fratellastro che anni prima gli aveva soffiato la ragazza. Ma nessuno dei due ha tenuto conto di ragioni ben più importanti, quelle del cuore......

Title : Hunter's Moon
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ISBN : 9780263136036
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 189 Pages
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Hunter's Moon Reviews

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-05-19 07:12

    A nice old school Harlequin Presents. Jonas has a repressed/dark/seething vibe that I found intriguing. Jonas is intense! He and Cassandra apparently couldn't stand each other. So why was he demanding marriage from her? This is one of those books that works better if you don't have the hero's POV. You have to use your imagination on what the hero is thinking and why he does what he does until the last few pages, and then you get the reveal and all is good. It's a guilty pleasure of mine, but I love the blackmail marriage theme. It's harder to pull off in the newer books because most readers aren't going to go for a book with a heroine-limited POV, and it would almost surely spoil it if you know what the hero's thinking in this scenario. I think it can be done, but it would take some skills. I liked that Cassandra decided to dive in and find out about the relationship between Jonas and his father. There is clearly something very wrong, and it very much affects her since she was married to his half-brother (she's his widow). Jonas's bitterness and lack of trust can be linked right back to his troubled relationship with his father, and secrets that come to be revealed about his father's marriage. It wasn't just selfish on her part, though. She correctly felt like it was destroying Jonas and he was missing out on a genuine relationship with his father, and she wanted to help, out of love for him.I felt like Jonas was a "still waters run deep" guy when it came to his feelings for Cassandra (or at least I read them into his interactions with her). He is very fixated on her, and has been since they first met. I didn't think it was just about her having been married to his brother (and spillover resentment for his brother). I liked how the reveal wasn't just about their relationship, but how everything in Jonas' family's dysfunctional dynamic affected Jonas and his relationships as a grown man.I liked his relationship with Cassandra's daughter, and it was an integral part of the story. You could see that he had a soft aspect to his personality in the way he bonded with her. He will definitely be a good father. He also did things for Cassandra that her first marriage didn't. She loved Charles, but Charles was kind of immature for his age, and she felt like the parent. With Jonas, he is able and willing to be the husband who is a protector and provider for his wife. While Cassandra is an independent woman, I think even self-sufficient women want a man who they feel will carry his weight as a partner/husband. This book is a good read, not just a romance book, but a book about the way that family relationships can affect our ability to relate with others in our adult lives, and that we need to seek healing so we can move on and love others in a healthy way. I was glad that even though things worked out with Jonas and Cassandra, he also reestablished a relationship with his father and knew how much his father loved him. This one's worth seeking out, in my opinion.

  • Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads)
    2019-05-10 08:13

    This book had one of the most wimpy and vacuous hs ever.Okay, I hate screechy contrary hs but this is not what I would ever want in my h.She just goes with the flow, letting people talk down to her. No one takes her seriously- not her selfish mother, nor her poisonous sister and certainly not the H who treats her like a daily verbal punching bag. And she never gives a reaction, forget a retaliation. She is supposedly a fairly good fashion designer. I would expect her to have more self-confidence and self-assurance.Yes the angst was high but only because of all the seething hatred seeping out of the H’s pores. He hits the ground abusing her and she never stands up to him. He keeps walking in and out of her house anytime of the day or night for this. I would have felt bad for the h if I could have liked her better. The H is one of those vintage typical…the walking mocking sneering type. He just hates and lives to abuse the h, guess that’s how he gets his kicks. He is her dead husband’s half brother who lands from the US as the dead guy leaves him his shares in the company co-owned with the h’s family, making him the majority shareholder and thus the de facto boss. And now, 9 months down the line he is bludgeoning the h into marrying him. And lays on the charm thus. .'And you will be giving me your shares—as a wedding present!' Only towards the end the story picks up a bit as you wait for the big family secret to be revealed, as to why the H hates so! Hates her, hates his father, hates his half brother. Of course the secret was one of usual from the HP’s bags of tricks but still at least it lifted the story. But the change in the H was too sudden almost as if the writer realized it was time to wrap up the book. Nil romance but thankfully one sex scene, otherwise it would have been a complete dud.The h also finally showed some spine and some personality.

  • Tia
    2019-05-01 02:11

    I didn't really care for this one when I read it a few years back and even now it still tastes bittersweet in my mouth. I didn't really like the hero, he was an asshole in this novel and overall most of the novel was filled with sad past times.

  • Pravana
    2019-04-27 09:02

    An author I have always loved.But......this book didn't appeal.Borrowing a few shelves from Preeti.Jul 02, 2015 Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads) rated it liked itShelves: hero-alphahole, h-irritating-bratty-boring-or-silly, he-controlling-manipualtive, moc-arrnged-forcd-mino, grow-a-spine-girl, him-tortured-past-emo-scarred, revenge-payback-vindicatn, kids-with-other-ppl, hero-cruel-abusive-asshat, blackmail, h-hurt-betrayed-by-family, angst-some, hero-sarcastic-mocking, eye-roller, hero-i-dint-like-or-connect-wid, h-non-virgin, this-is-how-i-do-luv-neproblm, hero-judgemental-cynical, 2-plus-stars, he-badtempered-or-anger-issues, he-controlling-ruthless, history-wid-sib-czn-fren-stp_parnt, hero-cruel-heartless, secrets-shockers-revelations, h-wid-one-prvious-luvr, family-i-dislike, hs-ex-older-man, h-widow

  • IamGamz
    2019-04-24 09:04

    3 Meh StarsJonas blackmails his deceased bother's wife, Cassandra, into marriage believing that her father stole money from the family business. The H is cold and uncaring. The h feels that she has no choice but to marry the H to save her uncaring mother and sister. The H's family his a lot of secrets and once the h learned of them, she was able to understand and help them move forward from the past. This book was a "meh". it was an ok read.

  • ☠tsukino☠
    2019-05-09 09:17

    tre stelle e mezzoAltro Harmony d'annata sbucato dal ripostiglio.Meno imbarazzante di “Un Mondo di illusioni (il primo ad essere ritrovato), ma di poco. Il voto è uguale sempre per motivi sentimentali legati ai ricordi.