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The third instalment of the captivating Jersey Scene series. Event planners Izzy and Jess are badly let down when a Jersey socialite hires them for the busiest weeks of the season and then cancels at the last minute, leaving the girls with no bookings and no money. Feeling despondent, they try a night out to cheer themselves up, and meet the captivating and aristocratic EdThe third instalment of the captivating Jersey Scene series. Event planners Izzy and Jess are badly let down when a Jersey socialite hires them for the busiest weeks of the season and then cancels at the last minute, leaving the girls with no bookings and no money. Feeling despondent, they try a night out to cheer themselves up, and meet the captivating and aristocratic Ed, who invites the two on an luxury yacht cruise to Nice, together with his two brothers. Romance builds through heady days of blue sky and warm seas, but when a last-minute wedding booking is offered, the girls must return to Jersey, and real life has to begin again ... or has it?...

Title : A Jersey Dreamboat
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ISBN : 9781783757091
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A Jersey Dreamboat Reviews

  • Jo Hughes
    2019-04-22 03:14

    I would like to thank Brooks Cottage Books for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.After Izzy and Jess are let down by a selfish socialite they are offered an amazing adventure on board a luxury yacht.I liked Izzy and Jess right from the beginning when they are let down and was dying to follow them on their adventures. I loved the friendship the girls have and really hoped everything would work out for them. There are of course three hot men involved in this story. Ed is smoking hot as is Izzy's brother Alex. I really like reading about Jersey and the fact that there are hardly any train tracks there since the Nazi occupation. Jersey is a place I've always wanted to visit especially since I loved Bergerac in the 80's.This is the first book in the Jersey Scene series I have read and it can be read as a standalone. I will however be visiting the previous two books at some point in the future.

  • Paris Baker
    2019-05-17 05:24

    Originally posted on Paris Baker's Book Nook.As a born and bred Jersey girl myself, I couldn’t resist wanting to be a part of this tour as soon as I saw it come up. I have a fair familiarity with London, enough to recognise the basic places when I read a book based there, but it was awesome reading a book based in my own beautiful home island (and Jersey definitely is special enough to deserve more books being set there!) as well as France, which I also know well. I also enjoy the thought of other readers who do not know our lovely little island being transported there, so they can fall in love with it too!So the story begins with Jess and Izzy finding themselves in rather a pickle, when a bitchy bride decides to elope and leaves them in the lurch at the height of the wedding season. Downtrodden and feeling hopeless, the girls take up an offer of a boat trip to the south of France, with some rather attractive french brothers – well, there’s worse ways to nurse a disappointment, I must say!It doesn’t take long for romance to brew, but they aren’t the only guests on the trip and love is not the only emotion on board – cue complications! When the girls manage to score a last minute wedding back home, Izzy is loathed to leave things so unresolved, and even when they return, can things really work out?I loved the emotional journey I went on with these girls. They are both such fabulous characters, I really connected with them both. They are best friends but very much have their own independent characters, and work very well together – as you would expect best friends should. The girls clearly knew each other inside out, and I loved their relationship and how they bounced off each other and cared for one another.Georgina has done a great job of keeping the reader emotionally invested with all the ups and downs in this book; routing for the girls to have a happy ending, but having no idea if and how it’ll work!This is a really wonderful read about love, friendship and trust, and I will definitely be looking to read the other books in the Jersey Scene series.

  • J.B (Debbie)
    2019-05-05 00:11

    A Jersey Dreamboat has one of the best opening lines I have read! From that moment on I knew I was going to love this book. Izzy and Jess are two sassy girls with attitude. They might not have the best business sense at times but their hearts are in the right place. Devastated when the rather snobby Catherine leaves them high and dry financially when she elopes, it seems their vintage wedding stock business may seriously be on the rocks. Like any of us would, they jump at the chance to go on a sailing adventure with some seriously gorgeous men! I mean who wouldn't. Soon love is in the air with a little bit of French ohhh laaaaa laaaaaaaa! However, not everyone on board is wanted there and tensions become a little fraught. This is a great read set against beautiful backdrop of Jersey, the authors home. The story has some back stories and information around the war and I have to say that my heart did break a little when the secret behind the locked room was revealed! I won't give it away but its so sad!!!A well-written and at times quite a humorous book, I loved the interaction between the characters. Izzy and Jess just say it as it is and I really liked that about them. The story flowed so easily with lots of little twists and turns along the way and some characters revealing their true motives and intentions and appearances are not all they seem. Can Jess and Izzy pull their business out of trouble or is there more trouble waiting for them? Although this was the 3rd book in the series it can without a doubt be read as a standalone. However, I think I might just have to go read the other 2 books now and plan a trip to Jersey. Definitely a recommended read!

  • Joanna Lambert
    2019-05-18 23:15

    I really enjoyed A Jersey Dreamboat. Although Issy and Jess's characters are very different there's an unbreakable bond of friendship between the two girls. As the story begins, they've been let down badly by a wealthy client, leaving them in dire straits. Salvation comes in the form of a hotel fire, which enables them to take over the wedding arrangements for a couple who were planning their reception there. The gorgeous Ed, who Jess has more than a passing fancy for, arranges for the reception to be held at his godfather's mansion. Everything seems to be going well until there is sabotage and the finger points at one person in particular. But are they really to blame? And what about Ed's beautiful ex-wife Marie who works at the mansion? Although they're no longer married, somehow Jess suspects he still has very strong feelings for her. Feelings that, despite his protests to the contrary, could affect their own budding romance.This was a lovely lighthearted story with lots of twists and turns and some great characters. Nothing was as it seemed and the plot threw up some interesting surprises.I would liked to thank the author for donating a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

  • Julie
    2019-05-22 02:01

    As always with Georgina Troy, there is a wonderful backdrop of Jersey coupled with romance – pure escapism. I always look forward to reading her books and this one was no exception. If you add in a smattering of France too then there is a heady combination. What I really enjoyed though was the relationship between Jess and Iz, who run an event planning business. The characters are never black and white but grow on you. Likewise the spoiled little rich girl who cancels at the last minute leaving Jess and Iz pretty much without an income has hidden depths. By stripping away the layers we get to see these characters for better and worse. I must admit to being quite smitten by romantic Ed myself! After all, how many people are invited out of the blue to go on a cruise with a handsome Frenchman and his brothers? Of course, it’s not all plain sailing but that’s what develops the characters. Lovely, escapist read best enjoyed with coffee and chocolate for maximum effect.

  • Tracy Shephard
    2019-05-14 23:56

    The 3rd book of Georgina's series is wonderful.A believable plot with fabulous characters and friendships makes A Jersey Dreamboat an enjoyable read. With a couple of twists this is a book that transports you to the Jersey that Georgina knows so well.I just loved it, Who wouldn't want to be sailed away on a yacht by a handsome man. It's definitely on my bucket list.I can't really tell you much about the book as I think the reader needs to find out for themselves and I don't want to spoil things, but i do suggest a LARGE cup of tea and some snacks as this will take up your whole day. This book is that good.A story of an emotional journey and a great friendship, this is a book to devour.I haven't read the first two but I'm going to read them, just to capture the story and the mood and I absolutely cannot wait for Book 4.

  • P. Reads
    2019-05-01 06:12

    As the 'subtitle' reveals it - it's a third book from Jersey Scene series and the story mainly goes on Jersey Island, but not just there...Everything starts with an elopement that almost caused Izzy's and Jess's business as the event planner to close down. But as it's said, when you reach your bottom the only way is to go up - so it's in this story. With ups and downs - at the end...Well, I'm not spoiling anything for you. You pick that book up and read it for yourself. I really enjoyed reading it. And if you haven't read the first two from the series - take them too...

  • Nikki Brown
    2019-05-20 06:20

    Another wonderful book in the series set on Jersey. I have read all they other books in the series and this one did not disappoint, the writing was great and the characters strong. ..loved the ending. ..cannot wait for the next instalment.

  • Deborah (Debs) Carr
    2019-04-22 01:10

    Two girls are invited to join a group sailing to the South of France and accept the invitation unaware that their decision will change their lives forever.

  • Barbara Leuthe
    2019-04-28 02:58

    I loved this book ,Izzy and Jess are such fun characters.I did not want this book to end .I cant wait to read the rest of the Jersey books!!!I received this book free as part of goodreads giveaways.

  • Rebecca Baudains
    2019-05-12 22:16

    Fantastic story. I find the more of the Jersey series I read the more I want to read. And it leaves you itching for the next book to come out.... Can't wait

  • Anna
    2019-05-16 06:24

    Lovely to read a book set where I grew up.

  • Georgina Troy
    2019-05-03 02:16