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FBI Special Agent Tom Donovan is about to nail the drug lord he's been chasing, Angel Ramos, when Ramos does the unthinkable: He kidnaps Tom's 18-year-old son, Kenny. Tom's life spins out of control as he desperately searches for his son. Meanwhile, Kenny must cling to his fragile, newly forged faith to survive....

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the tiger s cage Reviews

  • JoAnn
    2019-02-28 09:51

    Without a doubt The Tiger's Cage is one of the best books I have read lately. This is my first book by Linda White but definitely not my last. I rank her writing right up there with Terri Blackstock's and Irene Hannon two of my favorites. Suspense is my favorite genre and this book is definitely suspenseful. The author has a great style of writing and character development. The plot will keep you riveted as you turn each page to see what will happens next. You do not want to miss this book. Many thanks to the author for a copy of the book for this honest review.

  • kathy miller
    2019-03-12 04:52

    EXCELLENTExcellent read. Captivating. Kept my attention. Couldn't stop reading. Excellent Author. Will read more of her books. Great great great.

  • cynthia
    2019-03-11 09:47

    Didn't think it could get better than Battered Justice...But I was wrong! This is a scary-beautifully written book. You will feel the hearts of the characters from the very beginning and will care about them until the last page. You will miss them when is over.

  • Faith
    2019-03-19 04:41

    As her fifth suspense novel, "The Tiger's Cage" is exactly what I've come to expect from Linda J. White. Fellow readers know her books as white-knuckle fiction, and there's a reason for that. Each book revolves around an FBI Agent who is working on a complex and dangerous case at the same time as a personal crisis unfolds in their lives. In her earlier books she put her characters through the proverbial wringer- and dragged the reader along!- but this is the most intense story yet. "The Tiger's Cage" is the story of a father and son- Tom and Kenny Donovan. Tom is an FBI Special Agent poised to take down a drug kingpin, and Kenny is teenager who adores his never-back-down Dad. Their life is good. Not perfect, of course- Tom's wife wants more communication from him, and Kenny does too, and the work of law enforcement takes its toll on a whole family. Essentially, though, everything is fine. Until a January night when it isn't anymore. What happens when a son is harmed to send a message to a father? For Tom, the stakes couldn't be higher. The brave man he tries to be doesn't back down in the face of evil, and the threat against his child is an evil he never saw coming. The most satisfying part of Linda's books is the way she combines layers of clues, scenes of FBI action, and sudden plot twists while steadily building realistic characters. She writes her Agents as competent investigators and dedicated enforcers of the law, and also as flesh and blood humans with fears and families. Those last two dynamics come strongly into play in Tiger's Cage. For Tom this isn't just a case anymore. Its about saving his son, rescuing his family, and redeeming the greatest wound in his past. But don't get me wrong- relationships and redemption come as part and parcel of the mystery, and they don't slow the trajectory of the case down one bit. No, this book builds steadily to a taut-wire ending scene that still draws me in even on a re-read. In "The Tiger's Cage," we see what a few good men will do when they're faced with injustice. It makes for some white-knuckle reading. I thank the publisher, Windy Bay Books, for providing me with an advance copy in exchange for an honest opinion.

  • Amy
    2019-03-15 07:01

    If a book can get you all riled up, this one certainly is the one! Linda White will have you ready to stomp those bad guys one minute, getting all emotional the next, and praying for the person in your book before you realize these are just fictional characters.Tom, an FBI agent, has hit his biggest break ever - buusting one of Angel Ramos' main men. It won't be long before Angel Ramos goes down. Or at least that's what Tom thinks. But little does he realize the danger his family is in, not only physically, but emotionally too. Ramos is not a man easily taken, and he is not going down without a fight!Tom's wife Cathy is tired of the FBI life, crime, endless work hours, an unemotional detached husband who seems to barely notice she is exists. Once their son gets kidnapped, that is the last straw for her. Even though he's been released, she is ready to leave Tom for good!With all this on his plate, Tom is feeling pretty low. Not to mention unless he finds Kenny's kidnappers soon, his son, a senior in high school, top on the wrestling team will struggle getting through his senior year. Especially since the feds now want Tom's family to leave town for their safety.Linda keeps you on the edge throughout the whole book. Kenny's faith, Cathy's emotional state, Tom's machismo all make this book come alive. Honestly at times, I felt like I knew the family, should be doing something to help the case, and wanted to scream, cry, or just pound someone all at the same time. Neither Tom nor Cathy are believers, but Kenny has a deep faith in God and he is not afraid to share it. His faith keeps him strong in the tiger's cage. It was a beautiful thing to see him shining God's light in the worst of circumstances. I loved that part of the book. There is some serious violence with the gangs, shootings, and some torture, so it is not for the faint hearted, but it is worth the read.I was blessed with a copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to review the book positively. All opinion are my own.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-11 01:53

    Enter into the tiger's cage; a dark, dangerous, diabolical place if you are the eighteen year old son of FBI Agent Tom Donovan. The unthinkable has happened, Tom's son has been kidnapped by a vicious drug lord, using Kenny as a bargaining chip; a tool of revenge against the agency's relentless determination to get Angel Ramos off the streets of northern Virginia. And time is running out. Special Agent Tom Donovan's life has revolved around his career, working multiple cases at a time and putting in long enough hours that his home life has suffered, his lovely wife virtually abandoned. Kenny's abduction has driven yet another wedge of blame and guilt between Tom and the person he holds dearest. When separation from his family is demanded by his superiors for their protection, Tom is forced to wonder if there are going to be any happy endings. Can the God whom he has ignored for decades really answer prayer; can his son's apparent newfound faith give him the strength to look the tiger straight in the eye? This high voltage suspense is a "fast speed chase" of actions and consequences, battles and victories, prayers and miracles; exalting the One who "never leaves us or forsakes us" in our darkest hours. It was my pleasure to receive a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Sharon King
    2019-03-12 03:47

    I enjoy Linda J. White's books because they are crime/suspense with a Christian twist. The Christian twist is not too heavy so anyone would enjoy her books; not just Christians. I was immediately engaged in the storyline of The Tiger's Cage and enjoyed the main character of Tom Donovan. What prompted me to read Linda's books was a book she had the setting in Chincoteague, VA and it is so ironic in this current book, she talks about Paoli, PA which is one town over from my hometown of Malvern. I drive through Paoli everyday! Just thought that was so cool!! I hope to see more books with the main character, Tom Donovan. I think his character can be developed much more and I think that his walk with God could also be developed. I wonder what his next case will be!!This story was based on a father/son relationship that was very heart-warming, and I could really relate to it because my twin boys are the same age as Kenny in the book. My boys have a similar relationship with their dad and are about to embark on college this fall. Kenny had a similar experience.Overall, I thought the book was very good and I can't wait for Linda's next release!!

  • Penny Mcguire
    2019-03-15 09:00

    "The Tiger's Cage" is the first novel I have had the opportunity to read by Linda J. White. The book revolves around a FBI agent who is dealing with a personal crisis as well as focusing on stopping the bad guys from terrorizing his family and the community. Tom is the FBI agent. There is a good possibility that his son, Kenny could lose his life as well as Tom's wife, Cathy straying from their marriage vows. Tom takes his work responsibility very serious and has let the communication with his family go by the way side.This action packed, page turner book will grab you by both arms and not let go until the finish. Linda is very detailed in her descriptions that you feel you are right in the midst of the action. You experience the ups and downs in the characters lives as well as feeling Kenny's pain as he is tortured but befriended by the enemy. I can see "The Tiger's Cage" easily being on a best seller list. I did not want to put this book down! Highly recommended and I will be reading more from this very talented author. This is a crime Christian novel.

  • Gloria
    2019-03-21 05:41

    I have enjoyed all of the books by Linda J White that I have read and I believe that I have read them all but one. Wow! I didn't want to put this one down. It is full of action and edge of the seat suspense. Faith helps Kenny, the young son, of FBI agent, Tom, get through his time of being held captive by a dangerous drug lord named Angel Ramos. Tom has been working to find a way to arrest Ramos and his gang. Ramos is using Kenny to get to Tom. Ramos takes pleasure in tormenting Kenny physically and Tom emotionally. There is a wild ride as the FBI works to get Kenny back. I recommend any book by Ms. White.

  • Pat Whitworth
    2019-03-19 08:01

    A five star read. and evil of men come together, the heavenly Father makes His presence known in subtle ways. A young boy finds his way to heaven, and Kenny' s parents are called to support each other in the midst of their grief leaning on each other they learn to trust in their heavenly FatherThe good and evil of men come together and the heavenly Father makes His ways known in many subtle ways.

  • Elizabeth Lopez
    2019-03-22 03:02

    Fantastic plotting that draws you deeply into the story and into the hearts and minds of the characters, buy this book now. If you like Criminal Minds and FBI investigative stories...if you like books that show the importance of God, buy this book now. I read this book through the Amazon Prime Lending Library; now I have to go buy the rest of Linda White's books. Destined to have many books on the NYT best sellers list. Fantastic story that refuses to let the reader go.

  • Sarah Sundin
    2019-03-03 06:07

    What a nail-biter! The Tiger’s Cage is a thrilling suspense story, enriched with an engrossing drama of a family in crisis. You’ll root for the hard-nosed FBI agent who learns to be weak and for the young hostage who finds strength he never knew he had. As always, Linda J. White has written an excellent FBI tale—with depth. Not to be missed!

  • Peggy
    2019-03-15 06:06

    **SPOILER FREE**There truly are no words to express how good this book really is! Highly recommend this book! It's an on the edge of your seat type of read! The ... you can't turn the page fast enough... kind of read! A book not to be passed by! This is an amazingly talented author and now has made it to my all time favorite author list! *Received for an honest review*

  • Marla
    2019-03-14 03:46

    I love books with mystery and suspense and The Tiger's Cage had lots of both! The characters are great and very believable. The FBI agent is dealing with real life problems besides trying to solve a horrible case. I was given a copy of the book in exchange for reading the book and providing an honest review.

  • Beth
    2019-03-12 08:42

    4 1/2 stars.I am a huge Linda White fan (and not just because I know her). Highly recommend this book. Linda has a way of drawing the reader in with her intriguing story line, complex characters, and her faith. Faith is always present in Linda's writing, clearly important, and always making a difference in people's lives.

  • Patricia
    2019-03-17 06:39

    I did not finish this book. I read about 35% of it and just gave it up. I had trouble connecting with any of the characters. The only character I liked much was Kenny and I particularly disliked Cathy. I have read several other books by White and really enjoyed them so I do not know how this one is so different. Who knows?

  • Julie Holdsworth
    2019-03-04 04:49

    Another winner This book kept me on the edge of my seat. I kept reading even though I had a terrible headache. Linda knows her stuff and it shows. Looking forward to the next mystery by her.

  • Toni Shiloh
    2019-02-22 06:02

    Review to come

  • Paul W. Lusher
    2019-03-05 06:41

    Constantly changing and upliftingAnother glorious, spellbinding novel. You feel you know the characters,you are in the setting and pray along with the circumstances.

  • Deb
    2019-03-02 07:54

    This was an intense read, one that kept me turning pages & often on the edge of my seat. Good storyline and plenty of twists and turns.