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He watches the women from the shadows. He has an understanding with them; as long as they follow his rules, they are safe. But when they sin, he sentences them to death.A woman is found dead in a cemetery, strangled and covered in plastic. Just a few days before her death, the victim had received a flower, an unintelligible note, and a photograph of herself. Detective InspHe watches the women from the shadows. He has an understanding with them; as long as they follow his rules, they are safe. But when they sin, he sentences them to death.A woman is found dead in a cemetery, strangled and covered in plastic. Just a few days before her death, the victim had received a flower, an unintelligible note, and a photograph of herself. Detective Inspector Irene Huss and her colleagues on the Violent Crimes Unit in Göteborg, Sweden, have neither clue nor motive to pursue, and when similar murders follow, their search for the killer becomes increasingly desperate. Meanwhile, strange things have been going on at home for Irene: first the rose bush in her garden is mangled, then she receives a threatening package with no return address. Is Irene being paranoid, or is she next on the killer’s list?...

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  • Sandy
    2019-03-01 08:24

    He can be your guardian or your punisher depending on whether you follow his rules. Of course, that can be a bit challenging since you aren’t aware you’re being stalked.The 9th instalment in this series can be summed up with a big “eeewww” as we join Irene Huss & her team on the hunt for a serial killer in Goteborg. He has a preferred type & is fond of quoting the Old Testament but that’s just part of his twisted MO.Meanwhile Irene has a couple of other things on her plate. Weird stuff is happening around her home & it’s starting to get scary. And at work she has to deal with a superintendent who takes every opportunity to belittle her efforts. That may change when the case hits close to home.Like each book, this can be read as a stand alone. But there are long term relationships between these characters that are continually evolving & add so much to the plot. They have distinct & well developed personalities & part of the enjoyment comes from catching up with their story lines. It’s a proper police procedural that shows the hard work & frustration that goes into an investigation as they wait for a break. The side plots keep things moving at a steady pace as tension builds for a frightening showdown with a seriously creepy bad guy. Add a funny little dachshund named Egon & really….what more do you need?

  • Carin
    2019-03-03 09:20

    This book gave me that creepy, tingly down my spine feeling that I look for in a good Scandinavian mystery. And refreshingly the main character, Detective Irene Huss, has a good relationship with her husband, a chef, and her two adult daughters. It's a nice change of pace from the crusty old loners and sad, vulnerable spinsters populating so many mysteries. It's also nice that she's sensible and does not go off and do scary stuff on her own and set herself up for obviously stupid situations. I appreciate that.Someone is watching Detective Huss. And someone has been killing women who have been watched. It seems there is a serial killer on the loose in Goteborg and Irene could be next. Mostly the case is solved through good old solid police work, which is also refreshing. I hadn't read the previous books in the series, and you totally don't need to have as I didn't at all feel I was missing anything. Some of the Swedish names can throw the reader for a loop but I have little trouble just pushing through on those. It's a solid police procedural and I'm glad I wasn't reading it at home, alone, at night, like the last Jo Nesbo book I read where I had to put it away and read something else and I could only read it during the day. This one I was reading on a plane during the day and that was perfect. It's a solid Scandinavian mystery, and if you like those in general, you will very much enjoy this one.

  • Tonstant Weader
    2019-02-28 03:39

    Who Watcheth is a question with more than one answer in this latest installment in Helene Tursten’s excellent police procedural series featuring Inspector Irene Huss of Göteborg, Sweden. Huss is on the trail of a serial killer who wraps his victims up in a package, a forensic countermeasure that the media uses to name the unknown suspect The Package Killer.As the victims are investigated, it seems that the Package Killer stalks his victims for a time. It also seems that someone is stalking Inspector Huss. I confess that I am not a fan of what I call the “personal jeopardy” storyline. I am happy to have my detectives investigate and capture killers without mussing their hair, to be honest. For me, the puzzle is more compelling than fear they will be hurt. After all, if they die, the series is over, so the tension is never absolute. Of course, when the personal jeopardy spreads to their family, then there is a greater sense of peril. Nonetheless it does not win points with me. That personal jeopardy applied so often in Who Watcheth made the book less compelling for me.I have a list of plot elements I like and dislike. They are not deal-breakers. Personal jeopardy is one. Another element I dislike is the interior monologue of madness from inside the killer’s head. That Who Watcheth pulled in two of my most disliked elements was a disappointment. For me, the monologue of madness is unnecessary. I prefer to let the detectives discern the motive from victimology and personal history. In Who Watcheth, the key to the motive is a message written on the “gifts” sent to the victims before their death. We don’t need the interior monologue to understand the motive.One of the most disturbing and heart-breaking stories in the Huss series is The Fire Dance from a few years back. Fallout from that mystery complicates this one. I appreciate that Tursten makes room for one story to impinge on another. In real life, a case may have ramifications long after it is solved, boxed up, and filed away. Bringing back the story from the past is an authentic action, though that story was as bleak as can be.There is nothing cozy about Scandinavian Noir and Helene Tursten is among the most noir of the noir. Her stories are often grim, disturbing explorations of twisted and broken killers. The tragic histories that broke and twisted them will sometimes break your heart. As grim and unrelenting as they may be, Tursten’s novels intrigue and capture readers with excellent pacing, characterization and imaginative plots.Who Watcheth is a good mystery. It is fair and presents readers with the clues they need. In fact, readers may catch a hint or two before Inspector Huss and her colleagues. The work place environment is realistic, with friendships, alliances, and conflicts shifting and changing as they are likely to do. I wish there were more solidarity with Huss female supervisor, but stereotypes of successful women invade books my women, too. I like that Huss has a happy home life with solvable, ordinary problems and a dog that is just too cute for words.I thought this was one of the weaker books in her series. I did not think the killer’s monologue was necessary and found it distracting. Huss relied on that far too much and I would argue that it was unnecessary in the first place. There was a bit too much personal jeopardy as well, what with Huss, a female colleague and Huss again in jeopardy. The victimology seems a bit weak, as well, as though the only trigger needed was being seen by the killer. Some interaction triggering the targeting and stalking would have seemed more real, though I know at times it can be just that random. I also think it might have been a stronger book if there were more viable suspects. However, as a procedural, the winnowing of suspects was effective and realistic.However, a weaker Helene Tursten mystery is still better than average. Even when not at her best, Helene Torsten writes a strong police procedural with pacing so fast and engrossing that you think you have just started and you’re halfway through the book. Her characters are people you will care about, even if you have not read the entire series. If you have, then you really want to know how they are doing and see them change over time. I have a soft spot for Helene Tursten’s series in particular because my grandparents emigrated from Varmland, leaving from Göteberg. Some of the books in the series take us out of the city into rural Varmland and there are place names I recognize. I like to imagine what they might have been like for my grandparents and great aunts and uncles. Tursten writes beautifully about the landscape and makes it come alive and I love that about her books.Who Watcheth will be released on December 6th. I received an advance e-galley from Soho Press through Edelweiss.★★★http://tonstantweaderreviews.wordpres...

  • Sharon
    2019-02-28 02:32

    Who Watcheth. Inspector Irene Huss. #9. December 2016. iBook. √ 4/5. Irene and her husband are talking downsizing as Sammie is dead and the twins are now independent. There are a series of murders and things start happening close to home for Irene. It's always a good read and I enjoyed this number nine. Even the new dog.So far haven't been able to find the tv series in anything but German but sure enjoy the books.

  • Bonnie Brody
    2019-03-02 06:26

    Helene Tursten has written the ninth book in her Irene Huss series. Irene is Detective Inspector on a Swedish police force. She was once the female jiu Jitsu champion in her nation. She is tall, strong, and not one to be reckoned with. Married to Krister, a wonderful cook, the two of them have twin daughters that have left home to be on their own. All is going well for Irene until she realizes that someone is messing with her garden. Things have been moved and vandalized and she is at a loss to think of who would want to do this to her.On the police front, a serial killer is on the loose. He sneaks behind his female victims, strangles them with a blue cord, and then wraps them in plastic and tape. He is given the sobriquet of 'The Package Killer'. Prior to killing each woman, he sends them a white chrysanthemum and leaves a photo of them in a compromising position with a male. He also leaves puzzling messages for the victims - letters and numbers. The only clue that the detectives have is that he has a stench about him, is around 40 years old, and is strong. They have a suspect in their sights but not enough to go on in order to make an arrest.While I thought this was a good book, it did not come up to several previous ones in this series. I knew who the killer was early on and the book tended to drag a bit in the middle. I enjoy the characterizations and appreciate the appearance of the same people in each book. It's like getting together with old friends. Each detective has their own personality and distinct relationships with one another. If you are a new-comer to this series, I recommend you start with one of the earlier books so you can familiarize yourself with the returning characters.

  • Sunflower62
    2019-02-27 04:45

    Ich mag Helene Tursten und ihre Kriminalkommissarin Irene Huss sehr gerne, aber diesem Buch kann ich nur drei Sterne geben.Der Plot ist okay und recht spannend, das Ende allerdings ausgesprochen abrupt und in gewisser Weise ziemlich lieb-und lustlos daher geschrieben.Es könnte sich fast der Verdacht aufdrängen, dass der Autorin der Abgabetermin im Nacken sass und sie ein schnelles Ende sozusagen aus dem Ärmel schütteln musste.Meiner Meinung nach sehr unbefriedigend.Dann fand ich persönlich es auch nicht so geglückt, dass sie, wie schon im vorigen Band "Das Brandhaus"einen zweiten Handlungsstrang in ihren Roman eingeflochten hat, der absolut nichts mit dem Plot zu tun hat und letzten Endes ins Leere läuft.Für mich macht das wenig Sinn.Ansonsten kommt Irene Huss patent und sympathisch wie eh und je daher.Mein Fazit, kein großer Wurf, aber im Grossen und Ganzen flüssiges und leicht verdauliches Lesefutter.

  • Mike Cuthbert
    2019-03-04 08:22

    Tursten’s heroine, Irene Huss, is a bit of an Amazon with her martial arts skills and six-foot frame. She and her chef-husband, Krister, get along just fine, unlike many Nordic Noir couples, and she looks forward to coming home to his recipes. In this edition of Huss’s adventures, however, she gets in trouble as she becomes one of the targets of the Package Killer—a murderer who throttles his victims, then wraps them up in contractors’ plastic and deposit them in some meaningful place. He targets women of a certain age and always precedes his attacks with a photo of his victim and general harassment. The chase is on early and a suspect is located but, oddly enough, he doesn’t smell bad enough to be the killer! The result is a murder-thriller with side remarks by the killer that inform us as to his motivation, which is pseudo-religious in nature. There is a side-story written by a disturbed woman named Angelika in the form of a blog. She blames Huss for all her problems and it is possible that she could be suspect as an accessory, though hardly likely. Meanwhile, Irene has to put up with the snide, often obscene and seldom funny remarks of Jonny, one of her detectives. Jonny can be counted on to say something stupid at each meeting of the investigative team and is a side-issue, though an irritating one, for the indefatigable detective Huss. As usual, a good, solid, well written and frequently amusing exercise by Tursten.

  • Angela
    2019-03-14 01:16

    After receiving this novel in a good reads first read drawing, I was pleasantly surprised with an entertaining murder mystery. I reminded me a lot of the Bones TV series and I could definitely visualize the plot expand in my mind like watching a video. Irene is a middle age detective (this is in a series) who gets saddled with a serial killer case. In addition to being the cases detective she is also a target. The drama begins when an unsuspecting victim breaks the overbearing rules of a dangerous stalker. When his rules are broken the results are deadly. A body is discovered abandoned and shrink wrapped with care in an abandoned church yard. Other than the fact that the killer himself is very shallowly defined, to be followed up with a brief climax, I have few complaints. The characters are relate able and you really want Irene to pull it together. At the same time you curse at the characters in their stupidity when they do the classic horror movie faux pas time and again. It took me about 48hrs to run through this book so its a quick read, but compelling if you like sitcom style murder mysteries.

  • Jim Nolt
    2019-03-26 06:26

    I've read and enjoyed all nine books in Helene Tursten's Irene Huss series. It seems, though, that in today's world it's becoming increasingly difficult to find ways of putting the protagonist into a position of danger... without making her/him look inept. In this story Huss finds herself alone in her car in a forested region of Sweden... trying to outrace a killer. For one who is supposedly trained to be on her toes, Huss is utterly unprepared. She doesn't have a gun with her and she forgot to charge her cell phone. On top of that, she and her husband decided that to install a landline in the remote cabin to which she is racing would be an unnecessary expense. Still, this story of a serial killer brazen enough to attack even the head of the violent crimes unit is one that kept me interested and guessing. From what I understand, Tursten has written one last entry in the series that will be available soon... and I'll be standing in line.

  • Brian
    2019-03-07 02:16

    I received this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway.A nice detective story where the answers are right in front of your face, yet somehow you fail to figure it out.Detective Inspector Irene Huss is called in to try and find the Package Killer and must face a personal danger directed toward her and her family. Is the killer coming after her, or is it not related at all? The victims of the Package Killer all received a flower and a photo before they were attacked, yet the most obvious suspect seems to have neither the motive or the inclination to have committed the crimes..Helen Tursten weaves a nice little tale that will leave you guessing.A Good read.

  • Clearview Library District
    2019-03-20 08:42

    Who Watcheth? Who watcheth indeed. This is the crux on one of Helene Tursten's intriguing mysteries. Tursten's intrepid Detective Inspector, Irene Huss gets more embroiled in an investigation that she thought. In the search for a stincky perpetrator who stalks and then strangles women, cleans them and packages them before dropping them off in a cemetery. The investigation ramps up dramatically when the perp attacks and nearly kills Irene Huss' boss. As in all good mysteries, it gets a satisfactory conclusion. I love a good mystery, and Tursten writes outstanding mysteries. Oh, by the way, this takes place in Goteborg Sweden where Tursten lives.Bruce

  • Deborah Klein
    2019-02-23 06:15

    Generally speaking I really enjoy Tursten’s books. So far, not this one. She appears to have run out of ideas. The serial killer comes from central casting, w/ a textbook religious/sex fantasy. Everyone has chills running down their spines. Disparate average women are in danger. The two separate “sexy”women in the story are dressed in red sweater dresses and black boots. Really a snooze. It’s as if Torsten wrote the book by drawing cards, i.e. weapon, killer type, victim etc. There is a naive rant about the internet opening up to scams and trolls. And, let me add, I know every hero needs a protagonist, but it is inconceivable that Irene’s colleague Jonny would be employed as a detective any where on earth.

  • Resalo
    2019-03-06 01:29

    I have always been a Helene Tursten fan and this 9th in the Inspector Irene Huss series does not disappoint. After 2 women in their 40s are found strangled and wrapped in brown paper, Inspector Huss is brought in to solve "the Package Murders" as they are now labelled. The killer is not done yet and brings his hunt all too close to Detective Huss's home and family. The strength of Tursten's books in my opinion is her character development. Across the novels, I really feel like I know all the characters.

  • Frida Hultgren
    2019-03-10 02:18

    Good book with a mystery. More exciting the last part of the book. Easy to read and fast as well. Not suprising. I'm thinking I need to quit reading crime stories for a while. I am never suprised by them anymore. Is there still books out there with a suprising ending that is about crime? I prefer thrillers nowadays. Lacking in descriptions and language.

  • Sherry
    2019-03-14 04:35

    I've read 4 or 5 of the Helene Thurston books and keep coming back for more. I like her characters because they see realistic. They're strong and yet vulnerable.. This story got to me because of threats that keep reoccurring. It was hard to put the book down when I absolutely had too. It's a good idea to read books in order to keep u with the characters as they keep redeveloping.

  • Connie
    2019-03-21 07:44

    3.5 stars. This is another good book in the Irene Huss series. The author is excellent with her police fiction and Irene and Tommy's relationship undergoes some strain in this one. I've read many of the other books in the series and have enjoyed all of them.Recommended.

  • Jean
    2019-02-25 07:41

    Tursten delivers as alwaysThis was one of the tightest Huss stories while including big transitions for Irene and others for which I look forward to Tursten addressing in the future. Huss series is among best of Mystery/crime and they just get richer with time. Grateful for Tursten.

  • Michael Quillin
    2019-03-08 03:35

    Good plot while working in previous book. With any series you should be able to start with any volume, but here it's a spoiler for Fire Dance if you read this first. Nice how she works that one in, but she reveals the villain.

  • Andy Plonka
    2019-03-12 04:33

    Unknown killer targeting middle aged women. Obviously a serial killer as his method is almost identical and he leaves a flower as a signature to his work. When he targets the series main character, Inspector Irene Hess things get much more interesting.

  • Lois Flatley
    2019-03-25 08:17

    This new book in the Irene Huss series does not disappoint! She is a great character and the bleak weather is always a presence in this series! Love Swedish Crime fiction and this one is not too dark fir me!

  • Debbie O'Mahony
    2019-02-27 02:38

    Gripping story. Enjoyed the read!

  • C
    2019-03-03 07:26

    Actually, I decided to terminate my reading after about 20 pages. To me, the text was bland...transitions between scenes were brittle and awkward. Dialog was a bit cliched.

  • WR
    2019-03-06 02:42

    In typical Torsten style, this was a good, rather eerie story. The side stories helped too.

  • Dayna
    2019-03-12 06:24

    Narrative is focused & tight (unlike Golden Calf, which was all over the place). The dachshund made it even better.

  • Patricia
    2019-03-02 03:33

    Another winner, second last in the Inspector Irene Huss series. I will be sad to bid this character and her family/colleagues goodbye. Thank you, Helene Tursten!

  • Lois
    2019-03-10 02:45

    Good as usual

  • Kathleen Freeman
    2019-03-04 05:20

    I am a fan of this series, I really like Irene as a character. This story was quick and engaging, I am a little sad that there is only one book left in the series.

  • Kathy J. Bible
    2019-02-23 06:27

    Great mystery as alwaysLove Tursten's writing and well developed characters. This novel does not disappoint. Excellent atmospheric procedural from an excellent crime writer.

  • Marni
    2019-02-23 02:22

    Ending feel totally flat for me. Character development of the killer (the why of it all) was almost completely missing.

  • Druie
    2019-03-03 06:41

    O this was a really good mystery--I never read out of order...until I do! This is the latest in the series. I just checked out the first. I love the liberry!!