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One cabin. One bed. And the man of her dreams… Four friends. Four seasons. Four ways to fall in love. Book 2: Tempting Autumn For most of his life, Hitch has put his family’s needs before his own. Finally able to pursue his career as a nature photographer and travel the world, he’s determined to make the most of his freedom. And then he discovers that one of his best frienOne cabin. One bed. And the man of her dreams… Four friends. Four seasons. Four ways to fall in love. Book 2: Tempting Autumn For most of his life, Hitch has put his family’s needs before his own. Finally able to pursue his career as a nature photographer and travel the world, he’s determined to make the most of his freedom. And then he discovers that one of his best friends needs help. Fashion designer Rowan thought she’d accepted that marriage and babies would never be a part of her life, but when her muse abandons her she realizes she hasn’t come to terms with it at all. Lonely and miserable, she accepts Hitch’s tempting offer of an autumn adventure in the hope that maybe, in the peace of the mountains, she’ll find the answers she needs. A city girl to the core, she’s never been camping in her life, and what seemed like a great idea soon threatens to turn into a disaster. But in spite of the blisters, insects, and geckos, it’s not all bad. It turns out that their friendship is only a thin veneer covering a deep attraction to one another, and in the isolated cabin it’s not long before the cold mountain air turns sizzling hot. The time they spend together suggests that with the right man the future she yearns for is a possibility. Hitch has shown her the path to love, but she discovers she doesn’t want to walk down it with anyone else. The problem is, does Hitch feel the same way? Warning: this is a forced proximity story. If it makes you nervous to think about being stranded in a secluded mountain hut with a gorgeous guy who’s looking at you the way a tiger looks at his lunch, maybe you should buy another book....

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tempting autumn Reviews

  • Heather
    2019-03-23 07:58

    This is the second entry in the Four Season series and it follows the story of Rowan (autumn) and Hitch. In the first book, it was hinted that Rowan had definite reasons for thus far being unsuccessful in relationships. Turns out when she was a teenager, she was sexually abused by a family member but she never really told anyone. Now faced with seeing that family member again, Rowan is at a crossroads. Fortunately, Hitch who has loved her from afar for years senses she needs a little space away and invites her on a photography trip, with him, all alone in the middle of nowhere. This was a great friends to lovers romance that dealt with some serious issues while still providing a HEA. There was a nice tie in with the characters from the first book as well as a hint of the plot for the next book. Personally, I can't wait to see what is in store for Neve (winter) and her old flame, Rhett. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

  • Tanja Glavnik
    2019-04-16 15:51

    The wins just keep on coming - I loved reading Rowan and Nathan's story unfold, but most importantly I loved seeing an honest, real man react to the news she told him.Can't wait for Neve and Rhett!

  • Kasey
    2019-03-26 08:57

    I'm really enjoying this series. The characters are very likeable and the stories flow together well. Looking forward to the next in the series.

  • Lesley
    2019-04-16 11:01

    Sweet AND SteamyI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own.Although part of a series of interlocked stories about four friends who own a lingerie shop called Four Seasons, this is a standalone book. Rowan is the vulnerable girl in the group due to events in her past which she has kept hidden but she finds herself opening up to Hitch, one of the few men she feels comfortable with because he is her friend Birdie's big brother and she has known him for years. I love the premise of friends turning into lovers and I loved how tender and patient Hitch was with the girl he had been lusting after for years. The romance between the two of them was both sweet and steamy and I was rooting for the HEA ending and was not disappointed.What I didn't like was the use of swearwords (F and S) which were scattered through the book

  • Diana in SC
    2019-03-27 07:50

    Wow! You need to read this one! This is such an excellent friends-to-lovers romance with sizzling love scenes, breathtaking intimacy, and gorgeous places in New Zealand. Rowan is a 26-yr-old lingerie designer and Nathan "Hitch" Hitchcock is a 30-yr-old nature photographer. The two of them had secretly been attracted to each other for years, but they had never dated because Nathan's sister is Rowan's best friend; plus, each of them had never detected the other's attraction. Rowan is in some personal turmoil, and Nathan kindly offers to take her on his photography trip to the city of Christchurch and then to a cabin in the wilderness next to a glacier. Sparks fly as they acknowledge their attraction to each other and turn their friendship into something deeper. I must say that Serenity Woods has a real gift at expressing how sexy a man is. There were multiple times when I was reading this book where I felt compelled to say out loud, "Damn, Nathan is so sexy." One time Nathan actually took a shower in the pouring rain outside of their cabin in the wilderness. You will just have to read how the author described it! Also, what Niall in the author's book "A Secret Between Friends" did to elevate wetsuits to be sexy clothing, Nathan in this book does for long thermal underwear. OMG! He is one hot nature photographer. Nathan is also such a wonderful hero because he is so patient with Rowan. I also love how cute and sweet Rowan and Nathan are together. They made me laugh out loud several times. One time, they sang a duet of "Baby It's Cold Outside" as they walked past a glacier. Adorable! They also really respect each other, which is great. Another amazing aspect of this book is how great the author is at describing the sensory experience being in the natural landscape. I truly felt like I was physically there in among the autumn leaves at the park in Christchurch and in the glacier national park in New Zealand. It was rather jarring to look up from my e-reader and find myself back on my couch in the United States. For the few dollars that this ebook costs, it is a great deal to get a vacation to New Zealand like that. I swear that Serenity Woods deserves to be famous. She is a top notch contemporary romance writer whose books are just as high quality as those of the best-selling romance writers. Fans of Kat Latham and Rosalind James especially should try Serenity's books. This book really impressed me, and I highly recommend it. Also, people who love this book should also try Serenity's "A Secret Between Friends" for another hot, outdoorsy hero and travel around New Zealand. I received a free copy from the author in return for an honest review. I was not paid for my review, and all opinions are my own.

  • Lucia
    2019-03-29 12:51

    4.5 stars friends to lovers book with some heartfelt moments and plenty of steam between the sheets… or under the sleeping bags!Tempting Autumn is the second book in the Four Seasons series and was just as enjoyable as the previous book with a sweet romance in this friends to lovers book with just a little bit of drama, some heartfelt sensitive issues and moments and plenty of steam between the sheets… or under the sleeping bags!The story is set over only a couple of days and, while time frame isn’t long at all, the relationship is built up steadily in a way that feels perfect for both characters, given the sensitive issues that arise at the beginning of the book. Told from both Rowan and Hitch’s points of view, we are instantly aware of the many years of friendship that these two have and the foundation of stability that gives to both characters with their surfacing feelings and developing relationship, despite Hitch being four years older and the brother of one of Rowan’s close friends. As a reader, you can’t help but fall in love with Hitch’s caring nature and Rowan’s innocent, a credit to Serenity Woods’ realistic development of bringing realistic characters to life. Tempting Autumn is an easy to read and well written book. Throughout this book, as a reader, you truly felt like you were escaping with Rowan and Hitch through the vivid descriptions of the idyllic surroundings whether it was to Hagley Park in Christchurch or into the wild mountainside. It makes this a perfect escapism book. Also, while this book is part of a series, you do not have to have read the first book to read this as all books are standalone (obviously there will be some spoilers for previous books if read out of sync). The HEA and epilogue rounded off Rowan and Hitch’s story and set’s up the next book in the series brilliantly. Overall, if you are looking for a sweet friends to lover’s standalone romance, that has it’s own unique twists, with a HEA do not hesitate to give this book a read! *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own.

  • Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)
    2019-04-03 09:39

    Reviewed by GeminiTempting Autumn is the second book in The Four Seasons series. The series focuses on four college friends from New Zealand who open up a women’s lingerie business. Having read the first book, Seducing Summer, I can assure you these are two very different stories. The only connection being the friendships. Tempting Autumn was a great book from beginning to end. It’s a romantic and erotic coming of age story. Rowan Paterson is twenty-six-years-old but she is still very young and naive when it comes to men and sex. Unfortunately, it’s because she was molested as a teenager by her uncle and that has affected every relationship she has ever had with the opposite sex. As her friends and her twin sister begin to settle down and start families, Rowan has lost her way. She has been unable to create any new designs, she has just come out of another relationship, and she is anxious about her uncle returning to town. To add insult to injury, only one of her friends knows anything about her painful past. Everyone has always accepted that Rowan is just the quiet one in the group. When the opportunity arises to go away on a hiking trip with another college friend, Nathan “Hitch” Hitchcock, Rowan hesitantly agrees. Hitch has always been like an older brother to her since he is the actual brother of one of the other Four Seasons girls and he went to college with them as well. Rowan has had a crush on Hitch this whole time. He is attracted to her as well, but neither of them is aware of the other’s feelings. Without telling the whole story, let’s just say that Serenity Woods really makes Rowan and Hitch both admirable and pathetic. They are made for each other and never knew it. The trip incites a sexual awakening for Rowan and forces Hitch to re-evaluate his desire for isolation. I don’t generally read romances with the need for them to have a happy ending but I was very much excited that this one did. The emotion, pain, and passion between them was very real. Serenity did a great job of not making everything seem forced. I felt like everything came to a natural conclusion. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.**Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**

  • Cathy Geha
    2019-04-14 12:04

    Four womenFour best friendsCreating lingerieIn business together And…Four men to find Happily Ever After’s with…In book one Callie (summer) and Gene found one another – definitely worth reading but not necessary to read before reading book two. Left to be written and read after this book are the stories of Neve (winter) and Bridget (summer) – can’t wait till all four have found their future mates!Okay…this book was very very good. The women and their friends are having a fun evening out. Rowan (autumn) is kind of depressed seeming so Hitch heads off to see if she needs to talk to a friend. They talk a bit and then out of the blue he offers to take her on one of his nature photo shoots. Neither one is really aware that mutual secret interest has been going on for some time. That said - most of their friends are aware and eager to see them off alone together. Add into this a past that has not been easy for either of them, much to be discussed, some major things to be overcome and some glorious times together.The descriptions of New Zealand’s Hagley Park, Tasman Glacier and areas around Aoraki Mount Cook are gorgeous! I have always wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand and these descriptions have been added to my bucket list – if not for this life – the next one ;) Hitch…what can I say about Hitch? He is one of the nicest guys I have read written in a book and a hunk and a half. He is a great boyfriend and perfect for Rowan. Rowan is sweet, generous and oh so willing to work on making things better for herself and others. She is not a slacker. She is perfect for Hitch. Friends can become lovers and remain friends.Solutions to big problems can be found.Dreams can come true.Living in the moment is a grand thing.This book is worth reading – definitely worth reading! Thank you to Serenity Woods for adding me to her ARC reading group, The Kiwis, and by doing so giving me the opportunity to read this wonderful book and leave this honest review.

  • Judes
    2019-04-19 08:48

    I received a copy of this book for an honest review and now that I have completed the needful I can categorically say I liked this one more that Seducing Summer. Yup I am a romantic at heart.A brief synopsis - We met Rowan and Hitch in the first book, who know each other for years as Hitch's sister is one of The Four Seasons co-owners along with Rowan. They are attracted to each other but were too shy to do anything about it until fate and a large shove from their friends makes them face it... And face it they did with a big BANG!!!! Is it hot in here or is it just me?!?!?That's not all ... In Tempting Autumn we are exposed to child molestation and the ravaging long term effects as the child, now an adult, tries to navigate relationships and lacks self confidence. Rowan was molested as a young child and grew up believing she was the cause of it, she kept her horrible secret sharing only with her best friend Callie (from Seducing Summer) and eventually Hitch, the sweetest character to date for me, who is exactly what the doctor ordered.We are granted an up close view of true friendship and love as Hitch helps her through, and boy does he help her through... Spicy steamy!It is truly a treat to read a series that each book has its own story, it does not hinge or repeat the previous story pattern but allows the reader a whole new grasp and in this case experience of nature at its finest. The reader is never bored as we are either caught in the weave of Rowan and Hitch relationship blossoming or the beautiful scenic fabric of New Zealand and the many creatures it hosts.Again Ms Woods has granted us a nature trail vacation with new finds and good company and don't forget the spice and steam that adds that finishing touch. Can't wait for the next!

  • B.
    2019-04-12 07:34

    This is the second book in Serenity Woods’ Four Seasons series about four friends who have joined together to open a business selling sexy lingerie. This book concerns, Rowan, the designer of the lingerie. She’s hit a designing block related to the effect that abuse she suffered as a child is affecting her now. She has had trouble as an adult being comfortable with the guys she’s dated. Enter Hitch, the sexy older brother of one of her co-workers. She’s known him for years and they regard each other as as good friends while secretly being attracted to each other. Realizing that Rowan is feeling down, Hitch invites her to go away with him as he travels to South Island of New Zealand to photograph nature. He’s a professional wildlife and nature photographer. What ensues is a lovely travelogue/love story as the H and h spend a beautiful weekend becoming close while experiencing the gorgeous scenery and exploring the wildlife at Hagley Park and Tasman Glacier. I felt almost as if I’d traveled to South Island or that I could see the photographs that Hitch is producing. The romance seems to take a back seat to the setting. That rarely happens in a romance. I enjoyed learning about this region and its unique landscape and wildlife. Hitch is almost the perfect book boyfriend. He is kind and patient, while still incredibly hot. The romance itself is rather predictable and less involved than the previous book, Seducing Summer. I still recommend the book and am looking forward for the next book in the series.I received this book for free in return for an honest review

  • Susan Page
    2019-04-15 11:02

    I really enjoyed this story, about Rowan, the designer of the Four Seasons lingerie company, and Nathan Hitchcock (Hitch). They have been friends forever, both deeply attracted to each other but never mentioning it, or acting upon that attraction. Another couple amongst their group of friends had split up, and it had caused problems in the group, neither of them wanted to cause the same hurt. Rowan has a big secret, which has caused her to never have a proper relationship. Nathan is a photographer, gaining world wide recognition for his work, he is very much a loner, and has never stayed in a relationship for long; free to travel the world for his photography without having to worry about anyone. Returning to New Zealand on the rare occasions between assignments is like his comfort blanket. When Rowan tells him her secret he wants to help her, and surprises both of them by inviting her to come on his next assignment, which is only going to be a few days on the South Island. They are both surprised when she agrees to go! Two nights alone in a small hut half way up a mountain in the wilderness really turns up the heat in their romance. When they get back to their real lives and their friends, the romance has a smal wobble. Of course it all turns out well, how could it not when two people are so obviously meant for each other.Serenity writes emotion very well, and her characters feel very real, the events that occur are not forced or fantastical, as happens too often in this genre. Definitely an author to look out for.

  • Paula
    2019-04-19 11:59

    Tempting Autumn is the second of the Four Seasons novels by Serenity Woods. This book covers some serious issues that have to be dealt with using a sensitive hand. Ms. Woods does exactly that. I think because of that I found this to be a more compelling read than Summer’s.Rowan is a wonderful woman that had some terrible events earlier in her life. I think she would have told you that she had put it all behind her but the truth is she had buried it in her mind. So what had happened held her in agonizing captivity. Hitch is there for her as a friend and sounding board. I think it is realistic that they would fall for each other. I couldn’t have been happier that Rowan and Hitch had the time on the nature photo shoot to take their relationship further. Hitch is the perfect man for Rowan as she works to free herself from her past.As much as I was thrilled to see these two go from friendship to love, I enjoyed their photography trip to Tasman Glacier and Aoraki Mount Cook. I could easily see in my mind’s eye the flora, the animals and the land from the author’s descriptions. It was like taking a mini-vacation myself. What a wonderful place to fall in love.At the end when Rowan is face to face with the predator, the author gave Rowan a wiser conclusion than I would have. Somehow I wanted justice for her but in life that doesn’t always happen. Perhaps in this story it is divine justice that happens, I don’t really know. I did love that Rowan was free to live and love fully and that she chose Hitch. Highly recommend.The author provided a copy for an honest review.

  • Laura
    2019-04-01 15:41

    How can you not love Hitch!?!?! This was a sweet friends to lovers romance. Hitch is such an honest friend to Rowan and she was most comfortable with him as a dear friend. However, he had been her secret crush for so long that she thought he would never have any interest in her other than friendship. Rowan had a rough upbringing and she was able to confide in Hitch about that, along with all of her troubles with finding Mr. Right. He suggested that she come away with him for a few days so that she could clear her mind and hopefully find her muse again for creating new lingerie.Serenity depicted all of the beautiful locations that Hitch took her to. I really felt that the descriptions brought us right to these magical places. As well as the reader, Rowan was awestruck by natures beauties that she had never been to. When evening came, Hitch and Rowan began exploring the magic of that of a romance. Rowan began to become comfortable and at ease with herself and with Hitch (or Nathan at these points in the story).I really loved the relationship that they started out with and the relationship that blossomed that they never thought possible. Looking forward to the next book!

  • Aunt Bee
    2019-04-10 08:44

    The Four Seasons Book 2 Rowan and Hitch.A friends to lovers romance with little angst, big on heart.Rowan is the designer of a lingerie line. She is the reserved, shy, one of her group of friendsSomething is going on with her, she's lost her muse and hasn't been able to design.Hitch is part of their group of friends and has been hoping for a bit more than just friendship with Rowan.She confides in him something she's worried about and the reason behind it.He invites her along on his trip to Christchurch and the Tasman Glacier to give her some peace and quiet.Hitch catches a glimpse of desire in Rowan's eyes, giving him confidence that he isn't the only one who wants more than just their friendship.BOOK 2 Rowan and Hitch ends with a beautiful HEA.I encourage you to take the journey with them on the way to their HEA.You'll fall in love with Hitch for his patient, gentle, loving ways.You'll want to book a trip too by the journey's end. Serenity Woods' very descriptive vision she leaves you with, will have you itching to be there!ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

  • Donna
    2019-04-04 09:34

    Tempting Autumn is a wonderful story of two friends finally admitting their true feelings for each other. Rowan and Hitch are a delightful, mature couple who realize hiding their love for each other has left them with a huge void in their lives. Hitch is such a sweet man. I loved the way he offered Rowan an escape to reconnect with her creative side knowing how hard it would be to "behave' when they were alone in a remote mountain hut. Her happiness was more important than his hardship. Rowan was so strong going outside of her comfort zone and keeping any problems to herself so Hitch wouldn't regret asking her along. To me, putting the other person first out of love is a sign the relationship will last.Tempting Autumn kept my attention from the beginning with an interesting plot, likable characters, beautiful scenery, and a seamless flow from scene to scene. It is Book 2 in The Four Seasons Series. I highly recommend you read Seducing Summer (Book 1) as well as Tempting Autumn. They are both terrific books. They are also standalones. YAY!!

  • Margaret McGovern
    2019-04-15 08:54

    Another awesome book by Ms. Woods. The book focuses on 4 women who have been friends for many years. They helped each other to grow and get past hardships. Now the women are business owners. Rowen does most of the lingerie designs but seems to have lost her muse. They are friends with a group of men who have always watched over the girls. Hitchcock has always liked Rowen. He knows she's in her late twenties but is shy and innocent. Hitch/Nathan is a nature photographer and likes solitude. He knows something's troubling Rowen so asks her to go on a weekend camping trip. Rowen has always had a crush but realized it was one way. The weekend will be enlightening for them both. The author is excellent in giving enough background information so that it helps the reader understand why the characters are who they are now. Personally, it's like becoming friends with the characters and feeling part of their story. I received a free copy of this book solely in exchange for an honest opinion. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Woods books especially those in this series.

  • Ana
    2019-04-17 14:38

    Loved it! I was looking forward to reading Hitch and Rowan's story when I was reading book one. Before I read the synopsis for Tempting Autumn, I thought the story was going to go in a different direction. I was wrong but not disappointed at all. So far, this one is my favorite.Rowan is the shy one of the bunch. She designs the lingerie for the business runs with her friends. Rowan has a few demons she doesn't know how to overcome and believes she is stuck with them for the rest of her life. Lately she is having trouble designing and is a little down.Hitch is a photographer who loves to travel and can't stay in one place. Both have feelings for one another but think it's one sided. Hitch wants to help her and invites her to go with him to his week trip. I love them so much. Hitch tries to help Rowan overcome her fears and spending time with her doesn't hurt either. They are very supportive of each other and of their careers.I can't wait to read the next book.I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Ericka
    2019-03-30 08:43

    I received this free book in exchange for an honest reviewFriends to lovers, victim to surviver, Serenity takes us along during the transformations affecting Nathan and Rowan. I enjoyed the book, I read about local fauna and places in New Zealand that I may never get chance to visit, I enjoyed the introduction about photography; but I felt robbed because the characters were too made-up. Nathan was too dominating and sometimes Rowan was too naive. There was too much of everything but at the same time not enough of what makes Serenity's books amazing.The 1st book had me holding onto it until the very end - I needed to get to the last page because "I had to." I could not go to bed without reaching the happily ever after for Callie and Liam. But with Nathan and Rowan, it was sometimes too painful; the excuses for not being together, the looks, the shyness - I felt like screaming at both of them for wasting time.Maybe I am a bit harsh but even the sweetest honey becomes too sticky and too sweet after 1 too many spoons.

  • Randi
    2019-04-21 10:44

    This is the second book and n Serenity Woods' Four Season series. The series is about four friends who own a lingerie business. Each of the books can be read separately, but the overall enjoyment of the books is enhanced if read in order. This book is about Rowan, the designer of the company. It is a sweet, sexy, emotional friends to lovers story between Rowan, and her long time friend, Hitch. When Rowan is having some problems due to events in her past, Hitch invites her to go away with him for a few days. The both realize their mutual attraction for each other, and their friendship blossoms into more. Serenity's writing grabbed me from the very first page, and I had a hard time putting it down. Her descriptions of New Zealand make me want to plan a vacation there! I can't wait for the next book in this series!!!I was given a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

  • Amanda Ludholtz
    2019-04-10 07:38

    The second book in the Four Seasons series is a great follow up to Book 1, Seducing Summer. We were given a sneak peak at Hitch and Rowan in the first book that left me wanting more! I wanted to know why Rowan was so shy around men and if Hitch was as good as he seemed! (He is.) Hitch and Rowan have known each other for years and have become close friends. They each have deeper feelings for the other, but don't know it. Rowan has a past that has made it hard for to have a fulfilling romantic relationship and Hitch has a healthy dose of wanderlust. Can these two figure out their feelings for each other? What will happen to their friendship? I don't want to give it all away! I enjoyed the book and didn't always see how it would all work out (which is a good thing!)I'm already looking forward to Book 3 coming out! I received and advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Natasha
    2019-04-01 12:47

    Another cute addition to the "Four Seasons" series. I thought Rowan and Hitch were great, interesting characters. "Tempting Autumn" has a more serious conflict than a lot of other romance novels. This particular issue prevented Rowan from having romantic relationships with or even speaking to men. I loved how gentle and kind Hitch was when Rowan confided in him, something she hasn't done with some of her closest female friends. Hitch even took Rowan on his photo shoot, which he intended to be his solo trip. Hitch's need to have alone time doesn't come off as selfish, considering he had to give up his late teens and early twenties to care for his sister after their parents died.The comparisons between Rowan and the autumn season got to be a bit much at times, to where it almost felt like it was pushing the nod to the title. I received this book for free in return for an honest review.

  • Jackie Wright
    2019-04-08 09:48

    4.5 Star ReviewBook 2 in the Four seasons Series is about four girlfriends who own and run a sexy lingerie business. This book can be read as a standalone but I think you will get more out of it if you have read book 1.Hitch and Rowen have been friends forever after all he is the older brother of one of her business partners. Rowan has always been the shy one and only Callie (Summer) knew the reasons why but when Hitch is home for a short break he senses that his friend needs to get away to take a break and may be get her muse back for designing.This is a true friends to lovers story with some hot sex from a very patient romantic man but one of the things I loved about this book was how well the scenery was described I felt like I was sitting on a rock watching the wildlife of Hagley Park. I have never visited New Zealand yet I feel like I know it well. Well written beautiful story looking forward to Spring and WinterI received this book for an honest review

  • MiekeReads
    2019-04-08 08:56

    Tempting Autumn is the second book in the Four Seasons series and my favorite in the series so far (I'm keeping my mind open for the next two, though). Autumn is a guileless young women with a limited and unpleasant track record with men. Nathan is a nature photographer and an all around good guy. Both characters are genuine and the type of people who you'd love to have as a friend.The supporting characters are also really well fleshed out and I am looking forward to their stories down the line as well. The journey of Autumn and Nathan's relationship is very enjoyable as are the descriptions of the New Zealand country side, and animals, when they are on their photo trip. (Maybe because I am a gecko fan.)I highly recommend this book if you are in the mood for a sweet and lovely romantic trek through New Zealand. I can't wait for the rest of the series to come out.I received this ARC book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jacky
    2019-04-10 08:52

    Sweet, sexy romance.Hitch was such a good guy, you can't help but push for a HEA with Rowan. After everything that Rowan had been through, you were able to fully understand her personality traits, her shyness, and her slight withdrawal from groups of people.I love stories that do not have a huge amount of angst, and this is a romance with little to no angst. Rowan was sweet and strong, without realizing she had that inner strength. Hitch was so patient, sweet, and loving with Rowan, the natural progression was to fall in love.If you are looking for a good romance with just the right amount of steaminess, this is the book for you.I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own.

  • Rhonda Brant
    2019-04-03 14:36

    This book was in two parts for me, before the trip and after the trip, and I definitely enjoyed the second half of this story. The first part seemed to drag on, I got that Rowan had her issues and challenges, but it seemed to go on forever for me. Once Hitch took her on the trip with him, the story took off. I loved the way he carefully lead her through her challenges, very lovingly, sexy and romantic. The way they realized they were in love with each other in that beautiful setting was pretty amazing. Loved the ending, definitely a Kleenex moment for me! The relationship Rowan had with the other gals from the Four Seasons was pretty special, love it when friendships come through like that. Looking forward to Neve and Rhett's story.I was given this ARC book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Debra
    2019-04-07 07:37

    Tempting Autumn by Serenity Woods was about one of my favorite relationships, friends to lovers. Hitch and Rowan have been friends for years. Rowan is creative, designing lingerie for her business, yet with men she is very shy. All her friends thinks this is the reason she doesn't keep a boyfriend, but the painful truth lies in a family secret she has never told anyone until she goes on a trip with Hitch to a remote cabin to photograph nature. Hitch is determined to help his friend learn that she can have love, marriage and children with the right man! This is a great story that I highly recommend.

  • Nancy Gonzalez
    2019-03-21 14:36

    This was a great friends to lovers story. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Great read. So much chemistry between Hitch and Rowan. Both are good friends but always had a crush on each other. When Hitch notices Rowan a little down in the dumps, he invites her to trip he was going to take alone. What happens when two friends with so much attraction are alone for a week? Well, they open up to each other about their past, which brings them closer. Rowan is shy and with a painful past and Hitch is there for her and helps her out. They are both good for each other. Read it to see what happens next.

  • Trish
    2019-03-26 07:55

    When I was reading the descriptions of the mountains and wildlife areas that the two main characters were in, I felt like I was there. Serenity does such a great job with this. I so want to visit New Zealand now. What Rowan went through as a teenager and how a loving man helped her get over it, wow, tore at my heart. Great second book in the four seasons series but also great as a standalone novel. Love, Love, Love Serenity Woods' books and am anxiously awaiting the next one. Great romance, hot and sexy, definitely recommend.

  • Valerie Worster
    2019-04-06 10:40

    Friends to loversAfter reading book one with hints to the chemistry between these two, I didn't hesitate to buy. Loved that they started out as friends. Love that Hitch is the one to help Rowan overcome her past. Excellent read! On to Neve!

  • Noha
    2019-04-11 13:53

    I want a free-spirit person like Hitch to wander Earth; my soul is never meant to be grounded in Jeddah!! What attracted me to this book other than the others in this series is the intimacy issues Rowan had, I don't think she had the final closure she deserved to be honest!