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At the height of the Cold War, a Russian special forces team target New York with a horrifying new virus.Vadim Scorlenski is the sergeant in charge of an elite Spetznaz squad at the height of the Cold War. Sent by the Politburo on a training exercise to the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, Scorlenski and his men discover too late that the practice ‘weapon’ they’re caAt the height of the Cold War, a Russian special forces team target New York with a horrifying new virus.Vadim Scorlenski is the sergeant in charge of an elite Spetznaz squad at the height of the Cold War. Sent by the Politburo on a training exercise to the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, Scorlenski and his men discover too late that the practice ‘weapon’ they’re carrying – an exotic chemical agent – is all too real. Betrayed by their allies and cut down by the American police, they go to their deaths... ...and awaken to a scene of turmoil. New York City has been overwhelmed by a horde of the walking dead, a plague that even now is spreading across the globe. Somehow holding onto their identities where all others have become mindless monsters, Scorlenski and his squad set out to return to Russia, to take revenge for what has been done to them....

Title : Special Purposes
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  • Koeur
    2019-04-16 13:24 RebellionPublishing Date: April 2017ISBN: 9781781085219Genre: SciFi/HorrorRating: 4.6/5Publishers Description: World War III was over in a matter of hours, and Vadim and most of his squad are dead, but not done. What’s happened to them, and to millions of civilians around the world, goes beyond any war crime; and Vadim and his team – Skull, Mongol, Farm Boy, Princess, Gulag, the Fräulein and New Boy – won’t rest until they’ve seen justice done. Review: With the plethora of zombie movies and novels, filling up every available media-space, I have become deadened and immune to the re-animated corpse movement. As I shuffle and bounce a path through a trampled genre, I no longer have the will to groan in disgust, until…… Holy shjtsnacks, this was goooood (mmmm brains). Well these zombies are not the brain eating type, but have a vast unquenchable hunger to bite the living. I always wondered what zombies are thinking. Is there a war within, between the higher self and the animalistic? Are zombies even self-aware? Shit, are people in general even self-aware. This novel plunges into those depths and pulls out a winner. The character development was pretty good but you expect that from the author as well as his crafting exceptional movement. What sets this novel above all others in the genre is Vadim’s personal narrative throughout his ordeal. His constant internal struggle and his absolute control over a virus that constantly beckons him to give in to those baser instincts is riveting. The supporting cast was excellent as were the villains. I definitely would not want to live in this zombie world and that’s what makes this such a great read. GET IT!

  • Maryam
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  • Jim Dodge
    2019-04-17 15:45

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  • Ralph Blackburn
    2019-04-11 12:40

    Special Purpose: First Strike Weapon by Gavin Smith- I pretty much gave up on Zombie stories a couple of years ago when the glut of them started piling up and it was hard to determine what was good, what was copied and what was bad. I had read several of them but they started becoming predictable and boring. This is a zombie story and it is good, very good! A team of Russian commandos (Spetsnaz) is tasked to an undercover mission to New York city. It is 1987 in an alternate reality from our own. Glasnost has never happened. Russia and the USA are at odds with each other still. The team is suppose to go to Grande Central Station to retrieve a package- that's all they know. About a hundred Swat officers are there to greet them and the package turns out to be a cylinder holding a deadly virus. During the ensuing shootout, the team leader notices people on both sides, including himself, getting killed, then getting right back up again, but now they have an insatiable bloodlust and will kill anyone they get near. For some reason, he and his team are able to hold their humanity somewhat intact through their training and discipline. Then nuclear bombs start falling and it's time to leave America.This book starts off at a breakneck, relentless pace and keeps on moving. Yes it's bloody. Yes it's exciting and mesmerizing at the same time! I recommend it!

  • Paul
    2019-04-15 10:40

    This week’s flavour of armageddon is brought to you by a splash of nineteen eighties nostalgia, a dash of Cold War paranoia, and a big old chunk of flesh eating zombies. The latest from Gavin Smith pits a squad of mismatched soldiers against, well, just about everyone frankly. Let the madness commence!Captain Vadim Scorleski is the consummate professional soldier. He has spent years honing his craft and is now a killing machine. The captain will follow orders to the letter because that is what a good soldier would do. I found myself picturing him as a world-weary Dolph Lundgren-esque type. He has seen better days but he has nothing outside the military, he has nowhere else to go. The army, and more specifically Spetsnaz, are his de-facto family. It’s only after he dies and is then reanimated that he begins to question his purpose. All that is keeping him and his team from being the same as all the other mindless rampaging ghouls is the fact that they have already been trained to be monsters. The draw of fresh blood and brains may be strong, but the iron will of self-discipline is far stronger…at least for now.The other members of the unit are also pretty cool. Gulag is the mouthy one, all bluster and barely contained violence. I’ll admit he was a personal favourite. Skull and Princess are the snipers, both silent and both equally deadly. Farm Boy is just unlucky. Mongol is the dependable medic and I’m sure you can guess hazard a guess how New Boy got his name. Finally there is the Fraulein, Vadim’s loyal second in command. If there is one member of the team who comes close to being as much of a badass as the Captain, it would be her. While reading I had a niggling thought that the easy camaraderie/bitchy snarking between the team members reminded me of something. I couldn’t think for the life of me what it was but eventually the penny dropped. The members of the 15th Spetsnaz Brigade put me in mind of the ABC Warriors from 2000AD. Ignoring the fact that the ABC Warriors are all robots, and that Vadim and his soldiers are undead, at least the majority are, the comparison seems apt. There are characters that fit similar roles in each team. Vadim is the leader and could quite easily be the equivalent of Hammerstein, both are blind to almost everything but their sense of duty. Gulag and Blackblood share the same potentially treacherous nature. Skull could easily be Joe Pineapples, the strong silent type (perhaps minus the cross dressing). The Fraulein could be Deadlock. The list goes on and on. My ultimate point is that Smith does a great job of creating a believable team dynamic. I never doubted for a second that the ABC Warriors were a perfect team and the same is true here. There is that simple, playful banter between comrades who know one another well and work together as a cohesive unit. They squabble and snap at one another from time to time but they’ll also do anything for their teammates. Just because the majority of them are now dead doesn’t mean anything is going to change.After the dawning realisation that the world has changed irrevocably finally sinks in our anti-heroes set out to discover who is responsible. They have been used, abused and then left for (un)dead. Time for some good old fashioned hard-core vengeance. The rest of the novel follows their journey, tracking the first steps towards them achieving that goal. From New York they travel, via the Atlantic, to the Great Britain. Good news everyone, our country is completely screwed as well.This book is the sort of thing you need to be reading when you crave all the action, all the explosions and more than a little bit of horror. I do hope there will be other novels featuring these characters. The story ends with the suggestion that there is likely to be more. Sometimes when you reading you want nothing more complicated than out and out mayhem and a breakneck plot. This book has all that in spades.