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“THE DEATH AND LIFE OF OLIVER QUEEN” Chapter TwoIn #2, Green Arrow is betrayed, broken and left for dead. He wakes up in a world where the once-wealthy Oliver Queen has no resources and only the faintest clue what’s happened to him. Meanwhile, in a distant land, an old ally begins a quest to help the Emerald Archer in his darkest hour....

Title : green arrow 2016 2
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green arrow 2016 2 Reviews

  • Dr Rashmit Mishra
    2019-05-14 11:55

    Ok as per GR reviews every body liked it very much , I tend to differ , as compared to the previous two books this one was kinda slow and basically nothing much happened , the art still is good and I am enjoying Black Canary getting more face time however I would appreciate her teaming up with Oliver more . Also as I said before Barely anything happened in this book so grudgingly I give it 3 stars

  • Arturo
    2019-04-22 10:40

    Awesome art. By-the-numbers plot. Questionable dialogue.Update: perhaps what I'm failing to understand is that this is a Green Arrow coming from a mediocre reboot in the New52. And he's just barely becoming a decent read. But From my point of view, he's climbing, but he's not up there yet.

  • Marisa Carpico
    2019-05-05 04:41

    This is unquestionably the best Rebirth book and I wish I could read 100 pages of it every week. I wish I could live in Otto Schmidt's art.

  • Brandon St Mark
    2019-04-29 08:47

    Not as good as the others in this title have been, but still better than some of the other Rebirth titles have been.

  • R.C. Rejino
    2019-04-22 04:53

    Video review available here: out of 5 stars.Much better than the previous issue was, and it seems like it's returning to the quality we saw in the Rebirth GA issue itself. A good portion of this issue is Dinah being a Bad Bitch and investigating Oliver Queen's "death" and fall from grace herself, whilst Oliver has been recovering and the artists give us very well drawn nearly nude/shirtless scenes every few pages. Now, nudity aside, guys, I fucking love the art style of this series. Like, it's so distinct from the other DC comics out right now and is utterly fantastic. I'm literally dreading the eventual art shift, because damn, do I dig this comic's art.We see Diggle (I DID NOT EXPECT HIM TO BE IN THIS) as well, and it seems he's going to be joining our crew, especially since someone notified him that Ollie was dead (Emiko, hopefully?). I'm very excited to see where the rest of the series is gonna be going from here.

  • Marlene
    2019-05-08 04:47

    Shado & Emiko throw Oliver in the ocean to let the sharks finish him off. Emi feels bad because she was so close to him. Her mother tells her that they follow the ninth circle now.Henry finds Oliver at Emi's beacon & Henry's grandma helps Oliver recover. Oliver immediately goes to his home to see what is going on with his company, but he sees that his home is being destroyed. He realizes that he is practically homeless with no money & no house. He thinks that everyone has abandoned him even his boo, Black Canary. What he does not know is that he is doing everything she can to find him? Anyways, he goes in the jungle home to try to find some information about what happened. I hope Oliver dishes out some justice to ALL of the people involved in his brutal stabbing... yes, including Emiko. Oliver decides to put aside "Oliver Queen" & be Green Arrow to find out what is going on.Diggle is in here !!! He is a bodyguard for Mr. Kanoot who dies, but who cares because he was the bad guy.

  • John Nelson
    2019-05-10 08:40

    It's sort of silly for a grown man to update Goodreads book count with a 24 page comic. But that's what I'm doing, because I just felt like going on a rant about how awesome this series is. Unlike the new 52, I'm captivated by killer art, and better yet, killer stories. They don't feel like classic comics, they feel better than that. What I'm seeing is they're taking from the flow and cinematography of Arrow into this new series with out trying to be the show. The green arrow from the comics is a lot more sassy, fun, and way more of a rocker dude than Stephen Amell. What makes him stand out from Bruce Wayne (in the comics and in the show ) is that he started off as a spoiled brat, and was kind bro dude stupid before becoming a hero. Also, he looses his fortune and becomes an anarchist hippie because of this loss. Needless to say, we have all this classic green arrow stuff happening in the first three episodes of rebirth, and man oh man, does it rule.

  • Laura
    2019-04-26 08:39

    Reading these are so great after the train wreck that is a certain cw tv show that shall not be named

  • Diana
    2019-04-22 09:54

    A man that has lost it all, his money, his home, his name and his "friends" (aparently money can't buy you those, good to know).That is how this chapter ends with Ollie searching for a way to save himself.Henry, you duchebag, just hack!Dinah still belives, me is happy about that!But the big question are: --> Why did Ollie had his sister signal with him? Did she put it on him? Did he grabbed it by chance? -->How the hell does this Ninth circle people burn the others?For me it was more fluied than the last one, reason as to why I give it a highter score!

  • Paul
    2019-04-22 05:35

    My favorite DC read of the week. I just really like where this story is going and the focus on the redemption of Oliver Queen. I think the art is my favorite of all the new DC comics so far, Schmidt is hitting it out of the park. I've read that some fans think the story is too similar from old Green Arrow stories, so maybe that is why I'm enjoying it, because I'm not familiar with those old stories. I just like where we are currently at in the story and can't wait to see what happens to Oliver.

  • Owen Williams
    2019-04-22 06:36

    Rating: 8.4/10 I am really astounded by how good I find the art. It is simple and yet so fun. I like it a lot. The plot was pretty simple, it is kind of like a rebirth (excuse the pun). The arc as a whole starts off with Oliver having a lot of people, then he "dies" and then everyone abandons him and it needs with him alone. I'm liking where this is going, this issue was mainly set up but that's okay, it allowed for everyone to be on the same page.

  • Charity Tinnin
    2019-05-09 06:46

    I continued to fly through this issue and into the next. The art is, for the most part, GORGEOUS - my one critique with it is the changing look of Dinah; everyone else seems consistent. The story is shaping up well character-wise, so much so that I don't care that I see the twists coming or that our main villains are gory, skin-less bankers.... So that's definitely an achievement.

  • Eugene Tan
    2019-04-28 08:58

    A RORSCHACH pattern of blood, Black Canary? A RORSCHACH PATTERN OF BLOOD? HMMMMMMM?????? Another great issue of the Green Arrow. Funny how the comic book is mirroring a lot of the things that happened in Arrow and yet the tv show is suffering so much while the comic is thriving. See what happens when you do things well, Marc Guggenheim? Get your shi together, man.

  • Eric
    2019-04-22 06:35

    Dead already?Issue #1 left Ollie on his death bed. This one finds him being dumped into the ocean to die...again. He has lost everything. His company, his money, everything.There isn't any action in this one, but it furthers the narrative started in #1 and a familiar character makes an appearance in a panel. I'm ready for the next one.

  • Brendan Nicholls
    2019-04-30 09:52

    Arrow is by far the best rebirth series out, this issue is no different and looks set to deliver the goods. I attempted the new 52 Queen books but they were frustratingly weak. This series has a distinct tone and style that is working, I just hope they keep working on the character and the bigger threat at hand.

  • mike andrews
    2019-05-15 12:37

    Oliver Queen is murdered and only the Arrow can avenge him

  • 20hrsinamerica
    2019-05-02 12:40

    I am thrilled to see Diggle. Happy Emiko may not be entirely evil. Loving the Dante references.

  • John
    2019-04-26 11:57

    Oliver Queen loses everything in this one.Time for Green Arrow to get it all back.

  • Mayank Mrug
    2019-05-14 05:37

    Queen's lost everything and everyone? Would be interesting to see how Green Arrow recovers it.

  • Kirsten
    2019-04-26 12:56

    Oh hey Diggle.And none for Felicity, byyyyye.

  • Tar Buendía
    2019-05-20 07:58

    Me ha parecido más maduro que el anterior. Gran dibujo y color y me encanta la trama de los círculos del infierno. Pinta bien.

  • Ch
    2019-04-27 09:39

    Bring the hurt.This is actually good. I love where the story is going and can't wait to see moooooooore. Also, did I mention Dinah is good, again.