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IT'S THEIR TURN! The next generation of the Knights of Black Swan have been inducted and vested with all the privileges and responsibilities of the legends in whose shadows they took their training. They are coming into their prime as servants of The Order, but still have most of their lives ahead. Or so each one hopes.New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, VictoIT'S THEIR TURN! The next generation of the Knights of Black Swan have been inducted and vested with all the privileges and responsibilities of the legends in whose shadows they took their training. They are coming into their prime as servants of The Order, but still have most of their lives ahead. Or so each one hopes.New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Victoria Danann, brings us a sizzling new take on the Knights of Black Swan. The boys are all grown up and bursting at the seams looking for action. Black Swan believed they'd found the cure for the vampire virus, but it mutated and the resurgence threatened to be the extinction of humanity within a generation. But help emerges from a most unexpected source, a vampire. Meanwhile, the new Director of Operations is cute, curvilicious and has Falcon reeling. And he doesn't need distractions when he's busy saving the world. The epic saga that has won BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES the past three years in a row (Reviewers Choice Awards, the Paranormal Romance Guild) continues with a new crop of vampire hunters that we already know and love. Grab your copy TODAY and find out why KBS is called astonishing, breathtaking, nail biting, spectacular, unique, and a wild and sexy ride.Early Readers Say... "OMFG!!!!" - Cindy Foreman" "It marks the beginning of a new legacy to rival the original (Black Swan Knights)! " - Debera A. Smith "Gobsmacked and elated. The story was all I could wish for." - Terri Morris "I loved it. It affected so much that I dreamed about it last night." - Ann Victor "Best book of the year!" - Pam James" "Truly amazing," - Deborah D'Agostino-Gardiner...

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falcon Reviews

  • Pam
    2019-04-22 12:47

    This in my opinion is The Best Book of the Year! I so enjoyed this book. 1st time since I was in high school that I ugly sobbed over a book. (Mrs. Mike.) I Cried over Carnal. But Not like this one.I was so invested in this book. Victoria Danann took me to another hemisphere. When Jimmie (My Husband) came in to check on me, and he said is it the book. I just nodded my head. Victoria did it again. Made me cry!I want to share a quote from this book that touched me right to the heart.(The sound of laughter coming from further in the room shocked Falcon enough to cause his head to jerk in that direction. It was Elora, leaning on Ram and laughing at something he or one of the others had said. That laughter caused his stomach to clench. It also made him breathe a little faster. That was when he knew. And there it is. That thing that Monq kept asking him about in the weekly sessions he still kept. What did he want? What did he want? What did he want? That’s what he wanted. To laugh, even when there wasn’t much to laugh about. Maybe have somebody to hear it and treasure it. That laughter. It was like a little gift from the gods, a bit of stardust fallen to a world where there was little to be happy about. And he wanted it. Bad. He tried to remember the last time he’d laughed and realized it had been so long that he might not know how. His eyes slid over to Wakey who was chatting up the guy tending bar. Wakenmann had never forgotten how to laugh. He didn’t even realize it was special, magical. He just took it for granted. That’s what Falcon wanted, to laugh so long and so hard and so often that he took it for granted.):: This is what we all want. Someone to laugh with. That is why it is so touching. I also fell in love with Jaxon Kell the Vampire.. I loved his sense of Humor.I would love to read his story also! Just keep them coming Victoria! So well written. Captures your attention from the get go and keeps you enthralled to the ending. Great HEA.From a Forever Fan... Pam James.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-16 09:48

    So excited to finally get the stories of the trainees!! Well, they aren't trainees anymore! Great story, so much emotion! You can tell Victoria puts her all into her books!!

  • Becky Burciaga
    2019-04-11 12:31

    Typical of Ms Danann books, especially Black Swan Knights books, you're drawn into the story from the first page...more importantly, IT'S A NEW BLACK SWAN KNIGHTS STORY!! 'Nuf Said. Though this author is a gifted storyteller and all her books, regardless of the genre, are readily consumed as soon as they are released, the Black Swan Knights will always be my go to guilty pleasure, leave everything as is, where it is and loose myself in another world book, everything else can wait! It is such a joy to see the young men of previous BSK books grown into the knights they were destined to be. Remembering back to earlier stories of Falcon and Wakenmann, even Spaz, then reading of their heroics here, was such a reading jackpot. In place is the wry banter and smart, sharp dialog that is always found in this author's books. The author's voice may be the same, but the characters' distinct personalities shine through. Truth: When the story pertains to anything Rammel Hawkins, there will always be laughter involved. Ms Danann's characterization of the elf is off the charts hilarious...I have yet to read any other author who has created such a character who is larger than life, with a personality to match. And he's not even real! The level of levity that involves anything Ram is always beyond measure. Having so many characters from previous books as complete parts of the overall story was a real treat. Having the B Team together again, in action just added to the goodness that was this story. This author creates heroes, men and women who you'd love to meet and get to know. Through her books, Ms Danann brings to life these characters, for the reader to form an emotional bond with. Theses are stories that are easy to read time and again, they never get old. Next up is Jax's story, can't wait!This ARC was provided by the author, I voluntarily am providing my honest review.

  • Rebecca Austin
    2019-04-08 12:37

    Kristoph Falcon, (Falcon) has just received a medal for his bravery along with his partner, Rolfe Wakenmann and it is the first time that trainees have received the medal. Known as the Kid Unit (K Unit), at Jefferson the vampire hunters have had their hands full these days.Gretchen Galen is the new Director of Operations at Jefferson Unit and is immediately attracted to Falcon but his behavior towards her is unacceptable. Will Falcon be able to apologize to Gretchen and convince her to give him a second chance?Jaxon Kell has been a vampire since 1379 and he is not the typical vampire that Jefferson Unit has been watching. When he comes to Falcon with an offer, will Glenndon Catch take him up on it? Will Jaxon be able to help Jefferson Unit start taking down larger numbers of vampires in order to help them all out?This book was full of good twists and turns and some sad ones for sure. I loved the mistakes that Falcon made towards Gretchen and how well he apologized. I think it really took learning more about him to accept the mistakes that he made and realize that he really didn't make certain comments to hurt her. I loved watching their relationship progress.Right away I loved Jax and I am so excited for the next book to come out which centers around him. I love this new type of vampire and I completely understand why he wants to help Jefferson Unit. I felt so bad for him with what happened with U Unit and I'm glad he had people to support him.This series is so good and I am excited to learn more about this new unit!

  • Epiphany
    2019-04-17 14:23

    I truly loved this book. Ms Danann has a bewitching way of weaving words into the most fabulous stories. I am in awe of her talent. While reading this book I had most of the same feeling and emotions that I had when I read her first book, My Familiar Stranger. I can't wait to see what wonderful, spellbinding journey Ms Danann takes us on with this series. I can not recommend Victoria Danann enough. If you read her first book My Familiar Stranger or this book you will know why so many of us have become forever fans.

  • Nelta
    2019-04-23 12:26

    The next generation of Knights of Black Swan are coming of age and Ms Danann continues her series with Falcon's story. She gives her readers a gamut of emotions between the pages of this book. There's a mix of the old (brought out of retirement) with the new Knights in "Falcon:Resistance" as the Knights battle the war with vampire....A new hidden breed of vampire is introduced and the reader can't help but like (love even) Jax...Bravo Ms Danann for the interesting and emotionally charged continuation of The Knights of Black Swan series....Looking forward to reading Jax's story.

  • Mercedes
    2019-03-24 10:43

    The next in the Black Swan series , younger but with the same attitude.Good drama,action,angst,characters and of course romance.Didn't think I would like this book because it wasn't with the same characters but it is just as good.And the B Team does show up.Really enjoyed reading.

  • Hollie
    2019-04-08 14:52

    I loved this original series, so I was happy to see that there is now a spin-off series. This book had an abundance of new characters and we also got some follow-up on our beloved characters from the original series. I found this book to be a good read. It did have somewhat of an "insta-love" feel to it but it still made for a solid read. I'll definitely read more in the series.

  • Llaph | No Frill | No Shill
    2019-03-27 15:44

    I really liked this one. It was an interesting change to have the vampire hunters ... like ... actually be hunting vampire. That is instead of being told how and what they did while they took care of other stuff that cropped up. It still seemed to be a bit light in the whole combat/how they took care of hunting said vampire, but it wasn’t too important to me since I didn’t really use that as a reason to fall in love with this series to begin with.Gretchen and Chris were just ... well I thought their back and forth were cute and enjoyed their love story for the most part. It was nice to see a guy actually be inventive when it came to getting what he wanted instead of relying on the old tried and true methods. I love how Gretchen took care of the flowers … that might’ve worked with Genevieve but not her.The advent of a formerly unknown strain of vampire was just a little too coincidental to me, but it was still entertaining to read about. I’m thinking that there is a new direction things are going. I did find it a bit weird that the really hard and difficult things were taken care of by a team from Edinburgh that we never were introduced to or actually talked to beyond them “taking care of it.” I’m looking forward to reading Jax’s book and seeing what role these new vampire play in things from now on.My only complaint that I noticed in previous books too in a smaller way is the fixation on a girl’s weight. Seriously talking about diets and the like when you have male characters eating whatever they want, for the most part including Ellora, is just silly. Up until like the previous couple of books the guys didn’t give much care about what they ate either and now they are all about eating healthy, for the most part at least the older knights. Which … you know over 30 is getting up in age and all. If things keep going that way in regards to age I might just read something else since I basically “grown” with this series and I’ve aged along with B team and constant reminders of how people near my age are old … gets pretty damn tiresome and doesn’t make me want to keep up with the series.At least those stupid references need to stinking go since I don’t find them too funny and I’m not usually the type of person to be sensitive about my age. I’m only 37 for Paddy’s sake.

  • Pamela Talley
    2019-04-09 15:40

    FALCON: Resistance (KBS Next Generation Book 1) FIVE STARS!November 1, 2016By Pamela TalleyOnce more Victoria Danann has done it. The Knights of the Black Swan are special stories that Falcon Next Generation took to new emotional highs. I laughed out loud and cried like a baby. Back is the K Team, Sin, Spaz, Wakey and Falcon but they are faced with a mutated virus ridden vampire. The Black Swan knights are faced with an overwhelming number of vampire but help will come from an unexpected source. Victoria's characters seem so real. I so hated for the book to end. Master storyteller Danann takes you on a rollercoaster ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Also included are those sexy bits that keep you reading late into the night.Black Swan Knights series fans will love the Next Generation stories. Falcon will reintroduce you to old friends and you will make new ones. Thank you, Victoria, wish I could give you more than FIVE STARS!

  • Robyn
    2019-03-30 10:29

    Ms. Danann never fails to draw the reader into the amazing world she has created. So like ours, but just a little different. The characters are complex, infuriating, brave, intriguing, honorable and a whole bunch of other adjectives that would take up the entire review. In Falcon we are reintroduced to K Team-all grown up and doing what they've been trained to do-fight vampire. There's laughter, joy, sadness, love and lost. There were times I wanted to toss my Kindle out the window in frustration, there were times I had to turn it off and walk away to pull myself together before continuing. And the ending...heart-breaking, heart-wrenching and, heart-hopeful. Grab your favorite beverage, turn off all your devices and settle in for an afternoon of reading. And be sure to have tissues nearby-you're gonna need them. I look forward with anticipation to the next installments of this amazing series.

  • Rebecca Stigers
    2019-04-22 12:35

    Victoria Danann had yet again given us a trip back to Jefferson Unit...we get to visit with not only the famous B team but we get to see the new kids, who are NOT kids anymore. This story takes you places that make you laugh, cry, feel things deep inside. As with all her stories she makes you open up and feel. This was one if those stories. You need to know the history of these young Black Swan Knights. That's why I recommend you start with the first book in the series My Familiar Stranger, the first book. Trust me you'll have all the feelings with this story, you'll laugh, cry, get mad, laugh again and most of all you'll love these young knights just about as much as the famous vampire hunters we met in the first book. Thanks Ms.Danann for bringing us back and reminding us why your one bada** author!

  • Konny
    2019-04-12 17:47

    My Heart Is BleedingFalcon: Resistance Knights of Black Swan Next Generation Book 1is the next book in the installment of The Knights of Black Swan series by Victoria Danann.When you like The Knights of Black Swan Series, you will love this (next in series or new series) book.It´s their turn. - And what a turn !!Kristof Falcon a young Knight meets Gretchen the new Director of Order Office.Kris is lonely and adores her but Gretchen is stubborn.In Falcon- Resistance we meet old acquaintances as Wakey, Ram ,Storm, Lady Laken ,Glen and others. And there are new enemies and allies.There is Jaxon- oh Jax. I hope he gets his own book !Falcon is a book that stays with you for days.I Highly-Highly recommend this book.5 teary eyed stars and a big Thank you Victoria Danann

  • Anna-marie
    2019-04-01 15:37

    What a cracking book this was! I absolutely loved it and couldn’t put it down. It was action packed and thrilling and was packed with laughter & a few tears.I enjoyed hearing more from the next generation of Black Knights, Falcon, Spaz, Sin & Whakey. They are a fantastic bunch of guys & had me in stitches. Falcon especially impressed me with his maturity and foresight (possible future Sovereign material me thinks?).We cannot forget our new resident Vampire Jax, he had such a great sense of humour and is perfectly suited to his role, and he was great.We also get to hear from our old favourites, who never disappoint.Ms.Danann has managed to start us on a whole new journey with The Knights of the Black Swan, with new knights to fall in love with, but never forgetting our first loves.I thought this was an amazing story.

  • Crystal
    2019-04-10 13:43

    Terrific addition to the Black Swan world, as usually you will laugh, cry, scream, and be shocked while reading this book. You get to catch up and learn new things about Falcon, Wakey, Sin, and Spaz and some wonderful new characters get introduced, including the beautiful and curvy Gretchen Galen, a love interest for Falcon. Also, a mystery character will throw the whole Jefferson Unit for a loop and will change the fight against vampires forever. But things are never as easy as they seem, especially with life and death situations such as vampire hunting, you never know who will live and who will die. This is a must read for any fans of the Black Swan Series or for anyone who loves a good butt kicking, vampire killing, romance.

  • Terri
    2019-04-06 11:48

    Victoria has yet again opened the door to this incredible world and I'm just as enthralled with this installment of the Black Swan Knights as the first story. Revisiting this crew is better than any family reunion you can imagine. The boys are back is the perfect opening song, and the story draws you in further, giving a deeper glimpse of how these people became and continue to be a family. Old favorites, matured youngsters we met, and the ongoing fight (and sadly bigger and badder strain) against ancient foes keeps you engrossed. I just wish she could publish a book every week, she's that talented and good!

  • Deb Smith
    2019-04-14 14:52

    5 starsFalcon is the next generation of Black Swan and what a beginning it is. With all the smart and sometimes quirky dialog and characters so full of life they jump off the pages and grab your heart and soul, it marks the beginning of a new legacy to rival the original Black Swan Knights!!! This made me laugh and cry and get angry. It does everything that a great book (story) is supposed to do. Danann is a stellar story teller and never ever disappoints. She has kept the faith with Storm, Ram, Elora and all the rest and done it in superb style. I loved it!! Get started with the Black Swan epic with My Familiar Stranger and just keep going. I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

  • Bobbi
    2019-04-13 15:45

    So many emotions with this book, always laughter but there are tears that will flow along with many, many surprises. Love the title for the 'ugly' vampire, "deadheads". I seriously felt for Sin and Spaz, I’m not sure I could’ve done or handled what they had to do. Definitely wasn’t expecting that. The tears fell and I was screaming “NOOO!!!!” in my head right along with Falcon's outward screams. This book runs neck in neck with Solomen's Sieve for me. As always Victoria Danann really knows how to pull me into her world and she definitely never lets me leave.

  • Stacie Russom
    2019-04-11 14:49

    This is the best book I have ever read! I love all of Victoria Danann's books, but this one is my favorite. I say that after every one of them, but I mean it this time too. I smiled and cried the entire time I was reading this book. I shut out the world and sunk into a new world. You get to know these characters in previous books, so you will already feel a connection to them. I love love love the conversations between them. each one is funny or unique in its own way. I did not want this book to end! I want more! I can't wait to read her next book!

  • Carol
    2019-04-02 10:34

    As any reader of Victoria's books will know, expect the unexpected! This new arc where the original teams are brought back to fight vampire along with the new up and comings has twists and turns that are Victoria's signature story telling - you just never know what is coming next! One minute I'm hoping the outcome goes a certain way, the next minute I'm dreading the very words I read, even shed a tear or two! Love your work Victoria, can't wait for Jax!

  • Sher
    2019-04-12 16:49

    The next in her great Black Swan series....Am so excited to see how she brings these younger members into the series. This follows the younger and up and coming members of the Black Swan..Falcon, Wakey, Spaz, and Sin.. And also brings back glimpses of the older B team members.. It has love, danger and lots of excitement..Can't wait to see where she takes this series next..Definite 5 star rating from me..And she is always on my pre order lists..

  • Lisa Lopez
    2019-04-08 11:51

    Falcon is the newest generation of the black swan knight series. For those who started with My Familiar Stranger will recognize B team. But Falcon and the members of K team who star in this book are in fact our beloved trainees all grown up and now Knights themselves. This is a book of growth, loss, and a few twists. As with all this series, you need to expect it to be emotional.

  • Shootmupintx
    2019-04-17 14:43

    Great new seriesWhat can I say ... a terrific new series for all Black Swan is here. Can't wait. I have loved this series for a long time. Have all the series and read them all again just because I love the characters, the plot and premise, and the action.

  • Ken Liljengren
    2019-03-25 09:36

    I am so much in love with the KBS series and now I can continue reading about the Next Generation, which is equally good.Now I am looking forward to Jax's book. Can't wait :-)Thank You Ms DanannKen

  • Cindy Foreman
    2019-04-23 13:33

    The next generation of Knights have come of age and it's a wonderful thing! Loved Falcons story so much. I laughed and I cried . Victoria Danann is one of the BEST world weavers out there . I highly recommend her books to all that will listen. Grab this series now! You will not regret it!

  • Victoria
    2019-04-19 13:48

    Absolutely loved this book. As with all Victoria's books I couldn't put it down. I laughed, I cried and I was on the edge of my seat. Can't wait to read Jax.

  • Lucy Lawrence
    2019-04-13 13:31

    Fast becoming my favourite author. Love the story. Love the characters. Love the humour and writing style! Can't wait for the next one!

  • Fawn
    2019-04-17 12:40

    First I was excited, then ready to cry. Darn you Victoria I was left breathless! Black Swan is back. I loved the mix of old and new. So ready for Jax now. Give me more.

  • Catherine
    2019-04-01 09:40

    Just when you think there is no way for this series to get any better, Danann finds a way. This book was absolutely amazing. I couldn't put it doen. I laughed I cried and I llove every minute of it!

  • Ellen Sandberg
    2019-04-05 17:30

    The boys we first loved in the The Knights of the Black Swan series are now young men and knights themselves in the KBS Next Generation series. We have watched them grow. We have lived through their actions, some heroic and some unwise. You can read it alone, but as I say in almost all my reviews, why deny yourself the pleasure of reading the whole series and really getting to know these characters?This book centers on Falcon, Wakey, Spaz, and Sin. They are now the K Team. Ram came up with that name because they were kids. Brave kids, but kids. The vampire problem has gotten worse. Even the retired knights are being called back to help with seems like an ever escalating threat. Morale is down and hope is dwindling. The stress is being to show on everyone. Enter a new ally named Jax. But could he just be luring the knights to their destruction?This is an exciting story about trust, love, friendship, loyalty, forgiveness, and sacrifice. It wonderful to see the old (relatively) favourites Ram, Elora, Storm, Kay, Glen, etc. Getting to know the K Team better is also a treat. Meeting some new characters, especially Jax, is a joy. I can't wait to learn more about him.There is romance. Falcon is running away from love. The full story of why was told in JOURNEY MAN. Let's just say he loved not wisely, but over the top too well. Then he meets Gretchen. She sets off all his danger signals. Luckily, Wakey will do anything to help him. We would all be lucky to have a friend like Wakey. The relationship between Falcon and Gretchen is something wonderful to watch develop.So be prepared to laugh, cry, and meet a cast of characters with whom you will truly enjoy spending time. Thank you, Victoria Danaan, for another wonderful book. I am counting the days to the next one.