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In 1942, telegrams always bring life-altering and tragic news in a war-hardened world—and the one Maggie Marshall receives is no different. But running a restaurant with the help of only pregnant, unwed girls has taught her to be tough. Maggie’s no weeping widow, but Charlotte Penfield thinks she’s the most unfeeling woman on earth. Seventeen, exiled by her wealthy parentsIn 1942, telegrams always bring life-altering and tragic news in a war-hardened world—and the one Maggie Marshall receives is no different. But running a restaurant with the help of only pregnant, unwed girls has taught her to be tough. Maggie’s no weeping widow, but Charlotte Penfield thinks she’s the most unfeeling woman on earth. Seventeen, exiled by her wealthy parents, and working in the restaurant, fanciful Charlotte runs away with romantic notions of a reunion with her baby’s father at his military camp.It has been years since Maggie darkened the church door of her pastor and childhood friend, Reverend Reuben Fennel, and his heart breaks for the hardened woman Maggie’s become. When she seeks his help to find Charlotte, he’s happy to aid her in the chase—though it may cost him his job and reputation.Over the miles from Winnipeg to Fort William, Reuben and Maggie’s journey rekindles their affection—and their dreams of what they still could be. But Maggie stubbornly clings to her independent ways until she’s dealt another devastating loss, one that forces her to recognize that heroes can be discovered in unlikely places and love may be far sweeter than she ever dared imagine....

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Maggie's War Reviews

  • Pamela
    2019-05-21 18:16

    "You are engaged in a battle every bit as real as our young men in thick of the fray overseas. And every time you allow hatred or prejudice to cloud your thinking, you are waving a white flag of surrender . . . The enemy wins when you say a malicious word about your neighbor . . . voice an unfounded opinion . . . pass judgment based on others' ethnicity and forget we are all made in the image of God." Complex, believable characters . . . Well crafted writing . . . Totally engaging storyline . . . Atmospherically transporting in regards to both setting and community dynamics. And a GORGEOUS COVER! Overall, a reader's delight. And quite refreshing to read a WWII era story set in Canada - rather than Europe or America - which there are oodles of titles to choose from.What else can I say???? I loved it! Aside from a few overly convenient plot points and interludes, there's not much to quibble about. This novel drew me in and held me captive until the last page was turned. That's a WOW statement for me to say; I'm a hard sell when it comes to Christian-fiction-romance. Admittedly, I can be quite the romance cynic. But Terrie Todd won me over with this one. A nice blend of grounded reality and hope-filled romance in a believable package. And Maggie won me over too. In the beginning, I was prepared to dislike Maggie through and through. But behind every story there's another story. The driving-force story. And behind that story, are the private wars we wage in the survival of life. FOUR **** Gorgeous Cover - Beautifully Crafted Story - Inspiring, Romantic and Hopeful Christian Fiction **** STARS

  • Alysia
    2019-05-05 01:17

    This was the first time I read a Christian fiction novel. It was by accident, I saw this book at the library and thought I would enjoy the World War II setting and got it. When I started reading it, I realized that a Christian theme was woven throughout the story. I was always concerned that Christian fiction books would be "preachy" or "overpowering". I found this book to have a good balance of story and then the characters also shared their faith as part of overall story.The story is about a woman who tries to help unwed mothers during WWII. But then tragedy strikes her own life and she then has to reach into her past and rely on a faith that she did not know she even had to get through the hard times. When I read this, my husband was in the hospital, so this book was just what I needed to get me through a very difficult time. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to try to read a Christian based novel and enjoys books set in the WWII timeframe.

  • Kav
    2019-05-14 20:29

    Maggie Marshall's curmudgeonly ways are threatening to consume what's left of her heart. Charlotte, the pregnant teen under Maggie's care has nicknamed her Grumpystiltskin -- though she'd never dream of saying that out loud! Maggie's hard enough to please without riling her up any more. Pastor Reuben Fennel barely recognizes the sweet, carefree girl he once loved.The fact is, Maggie has allowed circumstances to steal away her joy. She's faced some insurmountable hardships and survived -- that has to count for something, right? Even if it's left her a shell of the woman she once was. Maggie isn't very likable at the start of this story but she's intriguing and Todd does an amazing job of slowly revealing why Maggie is the way she is...and then sets out to redeem her.Reuben plays an important role in this redemption story. He's a pastor but not a preacher. More like a shepherd, gently nudging his sheep back to the fold. His patience and forbearance stand him in good stead on the unusual journey he takes with Maggie and in the process he discovers the difference between faith and religion.Touching and funny and completely captivating!

  • Clarice James
    2019-05-06 18:30

    In Maggie’s War, Terrie Todd tells her tale masterfully, just as she did in her debut novel, The Silver Suitcase. Her signature includes complex characters, rich historical time periods, and a compelling narrative. I highly recommend Maggie’s War.

  • Susan Beauchamp
    2019-05-12 19:16

    I have made new friends. I'm not sure what I will do without them. Some people come into my life and they leave and no gap is left. Not so with the characters in Maggie's War. I have rejoiced as they made brave and wise decisions. I wept at loss & guffawed at the twisting of the English language. I felt myself hesitating as the pages remaining became few. I wanted to delay my friends' departure from my life - from my heart.

  • Shane
    2019-05-01 20:19

    Maggie’s War dances off the page with the passion and energy of a Carrie Underwood country song. The feminist punch of Thelma and Louise and Fried Green Tomatoes packed with the spiritual power of a Billy Graham Crusade. The writing and plot are as smooth and quick as an up-tempo, country-diva anthem - I’m sure I heard some Church Bells ringing.I have always loved hearing about my parent's stories about the war years. It sounded like a frightening time, marked with great tragedy, unexpected joy and victory. Maggie’s War captures that sentiment and time period perfectly with a story that moves faster the winds of change. Melodic writing and a brilliant story with a clear spiritual agenda.

  • Margaret Hotovec
    2019-05-13 00:35

    I found this book to be hard to get into and poorly developed. The characters lacked emotional pull and had shallow relationships. The story takes you all over but I wish the story had gone deeper and not just more places. It is clear that the author has many ideas, they just didn't fit together cohesively in this tale. I was excited to read s story about the far north but found that with lack of setting and character development, these characters could have been based anywhere.

  • Corinne
    2019-05-11 20:37

    I recently read Maggie's War by Terrie Todd. Like her first book, the silver suitcase, I found it very hard to put down. In both of the authors books, as you read you can picture the setting these stories take place in. Terrie does a wonderful job of developing her characters and I found myself very involved in their hardships and triumphs. I highly recommend this novel

  • Laurinda Stayer
    2019-04-23 00:34

    Terri has done it again! Excellent book with believable characters and a captivating story line! (I read the book in one sitting!)

  • Wendy
    2019-05-02 01:25

    “Maggie’s War” a beautifully written and moving story begins with Maggie Marshall a tough, harsh and bitter widow in 1942 Winnipeg who runs a restaurant, employing pregnant unwed girls over the years to help her. Haunted by a tragedy and abuse in her past Maggie has lost her faith and fears loving again until she starts a journey with Reverend Reuben Fennel searching for Charlotte Penfield a seventeen-year-old pregnant girl who has been abandoned by her parents and runaway from the restaurant to reunite with her baby’s father. In a story that captures your heart not only will love and faith be rekindled, but a miracle will be born that will heal broken spirits.Set in 1942 in a war-hardened world families in Winnipeg everyday receive news of the death of loved ones while facing a decline in business and rationing. As the story heats up Maggie suffering with a crisis in the ownership of her restaurant and a memorial service for her slain husband suddenly discovers that her very pregnant ward has runaway. With the help of childhood friend and pastor Reuben Fennel they begin a chase that could cost him his job and Maggie her reputation.Fast-paced and emotionally-charged Terrie Todd weaves a tale that grips the reader from the first page to the last. Themes like the pain and hardship of war; the stigma of unwed pregnancies; parental rejection; and the unchristian values of churchgoers’ ripple throughout this story. Yet amid all the hardship and suffering faith and love triumph as hope and compassion are reborn.The characters are complex and realistic, like Maggie Marshall an abused woman who’s grouchy, cold and fiery tempered. Strong-willed and independent her loving nature resurfaces as she begins to rely on the kind, patient, steadfast and stubborn Reuben Fennel whose deep faith brings light into the darkness of her despair and unforgiving heart. In their journey love not only blossoms again, but Maggie discovers the power of prayer and unusual heroes in Reuben and the naive, impulsive but brave Charlotte Penfield. These personalities and others infuse the plot with spirit, energy and drama that makes them unforgettable.I loved “Maggie’s War” and will not only recommend it to others but will look for other novels by Terrie Todd in future.

  • Barb Klein
    2019-05-23 21:29

    The war has touched Maggie Marshall’s life in more ways than one. Maggie has received word that her husband Doug, fighting for the Canadian Army, has been declared dead. Maggie experiences a deep sense of relief at this news because her husband was abusive and she wanted a way out. Because of events in her past as a young girl, Maggie has taken it upon herself to help young girls who have found themselves in trouble. She arranges for the girls to live with her, work in her restaurant, and then helps them give their babies up for adoption. Her life has made her bitter and hard.Reverend Reuben Fennel is a childhood friend of Maggie’s. He has always had much affection for her, but has been too intimidated to do much about it. Reuben steps in when Maggie needs help finding a runaway girl. Their escapades result in some hard lessons for both of them. In “Maggie’s War” by Terrie Todd, this story unfolds gradually and eventfully. Although the reader may presume the ending, the meat of the sandwich, so to speak, is quite satisfying.I received a complimentary Kindle copy from and was under no obligation to post a review. You can read this review on my blog at Check out other book reviews at

  • Phyllis
    2019-05-10 22:12

    Maggie, an abused wife, has become hardened and cold. When she receives a telegram stating her husband has been killed in the war, she only feels relief. To the young unwed mothers who work in her restaurant and live with her until their baby is born, she is a harsh boss. Charlotte Penfield is the current unwed mother who hates working for Maggie. However, when Charlotte runs away, Maggie decides to go after her and this decision brings her back into contact with her childhood friend who is now a pastor. All three are changed by decisions and find they need each other. The setting is Winnipeg, Canada in the 1940s; the imagery of the people, towns and countryside are great. The characters, main and secondary, are wonderful and draw your interest to find out what happens to them; reading about Maggie’s thawing and Charlotte’s maturing is touching. The narrative reads easily, keeping your interest until the end. There is romance and intrigue. Terrie Todd is a very good storyteller. I received a free Kindle download through Goodreads.

  • Clarise
    2019-05-23 23:35

    Terrie Todd's second novel Maggie's War is proof that her first, The Silver Suitcase, was in no way a highly successful fluke. This talented writer has woven another tale that within the first few pages gives a clear picture of the characters, their environment and the war time in which the book is situated. Through all the adventures and misadventures, the tough choices and plot twists, we see the key characters mature, heal and grow into their best selves. It's one of those books you are sorry to put down when you reach the final page. (Note: I was offered an early copy of this book in exchange for a review, but before that happened I was planning to purchase this book for myself.)

  • Stacy
    2019-05-12 21:40

    Overall I enjoyed the story and found the writing easy to read but still interesting in details. I enjoy historical set stories and this appealed in that way as well. However, I felt there were maybe a few too many 'side' stories that dragged on a little by the end, like did the drug-dealing brother in law really add much to the story...? As I was reading the kindle version, a few times I felt the story was wrapping up only to look at the page count and see there were many more chapters to come. Maybe some like this as finding a new twist as you go. I liked having perspective from different characters. *disclaimer I received a free copy through goodreads giveaways

  • Line Daigle
    2019-05-19 23:15

    What a wonderful book. I won this book with the Giveaways and, at the time, I did not know the author. The book depicts the hard life of women in Winnipeg during the War. It is well written and goes to show women have gone a long way from having to hide the negatives (that often become positives) and yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I will certainly read more of Terrie Todd's books. thanks to Goodreads and its Giveaways for giving me the opportunity to read new authors that otherwise I would not have know. It is truly a very good read.

  • Martha
    2019-05-07 23:32

    A great story during WW2 that showed the culture of the time towards unwed mothers, as well as the bias against women. This book speaks of domestic violence, without a lot of details as well as hints at sexual adventures by young women, bringing up two very powerful topics that are not often addressed in how they were handled in that time period. I completely enjoyed this book and will be reading more by this author.

  • Cheryl
    2019-05-08 19:36

    I so enjoyed this book. I had listened to the silver suitcase and just wanted to listen to another book by the same author and I was not disappointed. I enjoyed not having to cringe upon hearing foul language and enjoyed the scriptures and lessons learned throughout. This author is my new favorite ! Maggie Marshall and all the characters feel like family now.

  • Gayle
    2019-04-27 22:29

    I enjoyed Maggie's War as much as I loved the author's debut novel - The Silver Suitcase! I now trust Terrie Todd to produce meaningful, enjoyable novels regularly! (At least I hope they appear regularly!) The characters are engaging and I don't want to put the book down! There are unpredictable events occurring throughout that keep me captivated! A very enjoyable read!

  • Leila Kuhlmann
    2019-05-15 18:19

    MiraclesTerri Todd writes a sensational story of God's love for all of us. If includes His guiding words from the Bible and also those He sends to us in other ways. Maggie's War is a tale of people suffering from various heart aches from choices they have made in life and of God's forgiveness. Beautifully told story. Thank you Terri Todd.

  • Donna Bagby
    2019-05-23 20:33

    SurrenderAnother enjoyable story by Ms Todd. It was a story that showed the consequences of harboring bitterness, even if it seems justified; as well as the triumph of surrendering. Such bitterness to the Lord. Since I had read Ms Todd's book " The Silver Suitcase ", it also reintroduced familiar characters and settings. Look forward to reading other books by Ms Todd.

  • Gloria Sherwood
    2019-04-25 19:16

    Good clean historical novelI loved the story and how our Lord was central in so many lives. The mercy of God and His generosity towards us. This book is so worth reading, it blessed me. I recommend the author and I commend her courage to write this type of story without sexual content.

  • Maureen
    2019-05-21 20:38

    Way too much preachingIf you're fond of preaching and praying, you'll love this book. Me, I don't like to be preached to when I read a novel. Decent story, although the end was pretty predictable.

  • Elaine Marini
    2019-05-16 23:34

    Great read!Maggie's story reminded me that the Canadians also experienced war and in that era women didn't speak out about abuse and unmarried mothers were shameful. I was surprised and pleased that it had a pastor and God as leading characters,

  • Marcia Sleeper
    2019-05-16 20:22

    FaithA story during the war of a woman who has suffered abuse and loss who goes on to learn to have faith and forgiveness. It is also a story of an unwed Mother who learns how to grow into a mature woman and making good choices.

  • Patricia
    2019-05-13 18:31

    Maggies PeaceAfter reading the Silver Suitcase by MS Todd I was an instant fan. Maggie's War did not disappoint..Tough Hard a shelled Maggie..Dreamer Schemer Charlotte...Baby Darcy..Reverend Fennel..Great Book!

  • Elaine B. West
    2019-05-19 20:12

    Nothing is ever as it appears at first glanceMaggie's marriage was unhappy and painful. At first the war telegram seems to be a blessing. However, Darcy, a gift from God, brings love and happiness to several.

  • Harry McClellan
    2019-04-26 02:17

    Maggie's WarI thoroughly enjoyed this novel, the storyline and chacters were perfectly portrayed. The turmoil that Maggie went through was horrible. I'm so glad I found this little gem. Thanks

  • Donna M. King
    2019-05-23 00:30

    Very good bookThis is an uplifting story of two women overcoming so many heart wrenching betrayals in their lives. It is set in Canada during WWII. There is a lot of excitement fearful times but they are learning that they can depend on each other and their Heavenly Father.

  • Debbie
    2019-05-04 20:22

    Couldn’t put this book down. Well-written, interesting, touching.

  • Judith Farnam
    2019-04-22 19:36

    Really a good book. Sweet, well written I will read more books from this author