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From New York Times bestselling author, Samantha Towle, comes a new sexy, romantic suspense standalone novel... Daisy Smith has spent eighteen months of her life paying for a crime she didn’t commit. Now out of prison, she has only one focus—to get back custody of her younger brother, Jesse, who is deep in the foster care system. Desperate to rebuild her life and show theFrom New York Times bestselling author, Samantha Towle, comes a new sexy, romantic suspense standalone novel... Daisy Smith has spent eighteen months of her life paying for a crime she didn’t commit. Now out of prison, she has only one focus—to get back custody of her younger brother, Jesse, who is deep in the foster care system. Desperate to rebuild her life and show the system that she is responsible enough to care for Jesse, she takes on the only job available to her—working as a maid at the Matis Estate. On day one of her new job, Daisy meets Kastor Matis, the only son of the owners and her new boss. An enigmatic, handsome Greek god of a man, Kas is closed off, cold, and…well, kind of a bastard. The more time Daisy spends around Kas, she starts to see there might be more to him than just his cold, bastard ways. He may actually have a heart beating in that frozen chest of his. But Kas has secrets, too. Secrets that he’s determined to keep. Secrets make Daisy curious. And you know what curiosity can do…...

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  • Christy
    2019-03-07 08:30

    4 Kas-hole Stars! Unsuitable is a new standalone from Samantha Towle. I’ve been a fan of hers for the longest, and let me tell you- this is like nothing she’s ever written before! It’s much more of a romantic suspense than anything. I loved Daisy, Kas, and their story! I’m poor and a criminal; therefore, I’m beneath him. I’m beneath everyone. I’m branded for life. I was always poor. Now, I have the criminal tag to go with it. Well, aren’t I a perfect catch?
Daisy has spent the last eighteen months in prison. For a crime she did not commit. She was set up by someone she trusted. And the worst part of all? Her younger brother, who she loves more than anything, has been stuck in the foster care system until she can prove that she is fit to get him back. She has a long road ahead of her, but that’s all she cares about. All she’s focused on. Getting Jesse back. The job pool is limited for Daisy, being an ex-convict and all, but thankfully, her probation officer finds her a job as a maid at the Matis Estate. Her first day there, she meets her boss. Kastor Matis. Aka Kas. Aka ‘Kas-hole’. His demeanor is not friendly. He’s as surly as he is handsome. She can’t help be attracted to him, but man… this guy is a jerk. Now, of course, the more time Daisy is with him, the more she sees him. The real him. He has a different side than just the jerk she first met. He is very hot and cold with Daisy. He has secrets he’s keeping from her. He knows he should stay away, but Daisy is irresistible to him. I loved watching their push and pull.“You’ve made me feel again, Daisy,” he murmurs, surprising me. I shift back and stare at his face. His eyes are still closed. Then, he lets out a shallow breath. “You’ve made me feel…and I fucking hate that.” Daisy and Kas had this spark between them right from the start. You could feel it between them. And sometimes, that love-hate feeling really works. I didn’t like Kas at first, but I knew there was so much more to him than we first saw. I was right. His character is so complex. There is so much there. There is a connection I never saw. By the end of the book, I adored Kas. I understood him. Daisy is a heroine I think everyone will love from the start. She’s strong, determined, and even though she’s been dealt such a crappy hand, she’s doing the best she can. I loved her relationship with her brother and her bestie was fantastic as well. Unsuitable is one of those reads that will captivate and engage you from the start. It’s smart, sexy and different than your normal romance. I loved that there were plenty of things that happened I didn’t see coming. Both characters were fantastic and I was impressed with how well Towle wrote the suspenseful/mysterious aspect of the story. I enjoyed this one lots! It was a great read for me. I give it 4 stars and recommend it to anyone who loves a strong heroine, jerky hero, and romantic suspense!“I want you to be my issue. And I want to be yours. I want you to be my everything. And I want to be your everything.”

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2019-03-22 05:48

    ***Random tangent***I just saw this review in my feed and saw that the "2/2.5 Stars" header wasn't bold - which drives my OCD sensibilities bonkers - and when I then looked at the title, I realized I had actually NO recollection of this book, the story line, and/or the characters...and I only finished it two days ago. So that's how much I liked this book, I guess LOL. Whoops!2/2.5 StarsI'm definitely in the minority on this, but it just didn't do it for me. The suspense didn't feel the least bit suspenseful and all the tragedy just felt flat to me. Like I said though, I think this is a case of it's me, not you.Oh well, win some/lose some. On to the next.

  • Samantha Towle
    2019-03-20 09:45

    Amazon US: UK: October 1st, 2016

  • Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦
    2019-03-20 07:39

    ➦I don't really know WHY but I've always been a sucker for those stories featuring heroines who have been wronged or have been dealt a shit hand in life. And, although, the hero in this novel certainly lends a helping hand he doesn't really barge into her life as a prince on a high horse. In fact, he's a pretty major douche at the start of it all.➦The story begins with Daisy Smith, our heroine, being released from prison after serving her 18 month sentence. What sucks is that she was set up by her ex boyfriend and was locked away for a robbery she had nothing to do with. ➦What sucks even more is that she lost custody of her only family - her little brother. Now Daisy has to pull her life back together and get back what she has lost. ➦She starts a job at an estate run by a hot and arrogant man by the name of Kastor. He obviously joined a program to help recently released inmates find a job but instead of being a nice and understanding employer he adapts more of a "your vacuum is too loud" and "knock before you enter to clean a room" douchebaggy attitude. Like, seriously, knock on all the doors even though you know the rooms are empty.I really really wanted to be Batman and kick his ass at that point. Because, well, I just liked the heroine. ➦ But anywaaaaay... Kastor, of course, is the way he is because of some traumatic past. Secrets get revealed and some shit goes down at the end. ➦So the book really gave me the feels and I had no problem finishing it. ➦The writing is great and I was pretty happy with the character development. The ending has left me mildly unsatisfied and that's probably just me. I don't wanna give anything away so you should read the book and find out for yourself! Overall, a pretty great read for me!

  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    2019-03-09 06:42

    4 StarsFuck, baby,” he groans before taking my mouth again. He kisses me with more intensity, bordering on crazy. And I match him stroke for stroke. We’re pulling on each other, both taking what we need.What. The. Heck. Was. That?!!!!I had NO idea Samantha Towle had something like this in her. This book was...something else entirely. It was nothing that I expected and everything I wanted. (See what I did there?) You know that moment when you start reading a book and you're hooked from just the first few pages? So you know, you just know you got something different and exciting on your hands. Something that will not only hook you but will keep you riveted to the pages until the end? Yeah. Unsuitable was that book for me. I was hooked, riveted, and enthralled. Kas was simply one of the most complex and magnetic heroes I've read in a long damn while. He was hypnotizing in his intensity. And let me tell you, he was INTENSE.This is so much more than just a romance with an alphahole hero and a heroine that's down in the dumps and crawling her way back. It was multi-layered, cleverly and deeply developed, and with a sexual tension so intense that it practically crackles the pages with it.Daisy is a heroine that's impossible not to like. This is a woman that has been in hell; wrongly imprisoned, betrayed by those she trusted, she's lost everything and now has to rebuild everything having had almost nothing to start with. Yet she's got sass to her, she's funny and endearing and while she may be jaded in some things, she's not eternally pessimistic. She wants to experience the good even while not believing it will happen for her.The chemistry between her and Kas is instant. And let me tell you, you'll want to hate Kas. This is a man that's a downright a-hole to Daisy. Blatantly so. But there's always something that's so clearly brewing beneath the surface with him that you just know that there has to be a good reason for his behavior and it isn't just that he's an ass.The complexity of this story blew me away. The complexity of these characters blew me away. Sure there was some cheese in some parts, and while I could have done without it in parts, it worked for me, too. It's no secret that I love a good alphahole, and Kas was definitely that. But he was so SO much more too.What I feel for you is debilitating and terrifying and exhilarating…and the best thing to ever happen to me. You are the best thing to ever happen to me. And, if you only ever believe one thing I’ve told you, then believe this; if I could love someone, then it would be you, Daisy. A million times over, it would be you.”It was a gripping romance, a story of second chances and redemption and healing. It was a fluid combination of light and dark, filled with plenty of depth. Samantha Towle seriously hit it out of the park with Unsuitable.ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on:

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    2019-03-26 09:30

    LIVE! | AMZ US | AMZ UK |LIVE! Greek god?! Come again. I think my brain might have short-circuited.Stand-aloneLIVE! | AMZ US | AMZ UK |Blurb: Daisy Smith has spent eighteen months of her life paying for a crime she didn’t commit. Now out of prison, she has only one focus—to get back custody of her younger brother, Jesse, who is deep in the foster care system. Desperate to rebuild her life and show the system that she is responsible enough to care for Jesse, she takes on the only job available to her—working as a maid at the Matis Estate.On day one of her new job, Daisy meets Kastor Matis, the only son of the owners and her new boss. An enigmatic, handsome Greek god of a man, Kas is closed off, cold, and…well, kind of a bastard.The more time Daisy spends around Kas, she starts to see there might be more to him than just his cold, bastard ways. He may actually have a heart beating in that frozen chest of his.But Kas has secrets, too. Secrets that he’s determined to keep.Secrets make Daisy curious.And you know what curiosity can do…

  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    2019-03-26 04:24

    ➳What a story filled with action and drama being brought to a totally new level of excitement!➳Samantha Towle never sees to amaze me with her writing, and she sure as heck does not disappoint with this new story of Kas and Daisy. The intensity level of drama and outstanding plot twists are absolutely incredible and such a pleasure to read. ➳Now, with the story... Daisy Smith is a pure, unique, and whole hearted human being that only looks out for the best of her younger brother, Jesse. Until that one day when she was accused of robing from her work place at a jewelry store. It all comes crawling down to her and the lack of evidence she does not have to support her statement that she did not do the act of robbery. After eighteen months of being locked in jail, she is released to start from the bottom. She is instantly hired to take the job of a maid at a house for the Matis.➳What Daisy did not realize is that the current owner of the estate is the one and only handsome, Kastor Matis- the son of Mr. and Mrs. Matis, whom are away for a sixth month trip to Greece. Their first interaction is filled with so much tension. Kas(-tor) does not make her guest fill welcomed and instantly becomes a beast with a jerk attitude. As Daisy would call him, "Kas-hole."➳Their story evolves, and when finally Kas breaks his walls to let Daisy in, he does it by being careful. But Daisy, being the snoop she is, she ends up finding the inner deeper secrets Kas is keeping from her. Secrets that could break them, and ruin both their lives...➳But when they allow each other to be together, they do not stop. Kas and Daisy are a force to NOT be wreckin' with! They are two inseparable individuals with determined minds of their own, but somehow need each other for that love and support they have long to want;➳"My whole body is awake.Like I've been in a deep sleep, and he's just touched me to life."➳At the end of the day, I enjoyed their story. It was a quick read for me that's for sure. But a quick read that I did not mind because I teared, and I had fun reading. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••➳Hero rating: 4.5➳Heroine rating: 5.0➳Sexual tension rating: 5.0➳Sex scenes rating: 4.5➳Sex scenes frequency: 4.0➳Plot rating: 5.0➳Dialogue rating: 4.0➳Storytelling rating: 4.5➳Story ending rating: 4.5➳Order Links:➳Amazon➳Amazon UK➳Also available on Kindle Unlimited

  • ♥ Jx PinkLady Reviews ♥
    2019-03-08 08:52

    *LIVE! Amazon US * Amazon UKUnsuitable surprised me in the best way possible. Such an enjoyable, different read that gave me so many aspects that I simply did not expect. It’s a Contemporary, Sexy and Suspenseful Romance about love, loss and so much more. After spending time in prison for a crime she had nothing to do with, newly released Daisy Smith is keen to get her life back on track and, most importantly, she wants to gain custody of her younger brother. To achieve her goal, she begins working as a maid at the Matis Estate where she meets her boss and the hero of this story, Kastor Matis. Both protagonists have an engaging history. Daisy's is clearly depicted from the very beginning, via her first person narrative, allowing readers to warm to her character and sympathise with her predicament. Enigmatic Kas and all his secrets are unveiled to the reader at a slower pace as the story layers are peeled away showing his complexities and motivation comprehensively. His past made my heart ache for all that he has endured and totally engaged my attention. I don’t wish to impart any more story details than I have already as the pieces of UNSUITABLE need to be put together by the reader as they come to light so the reader can experience the full impact of this story. By half way through I was convinced UNSUITABLE was going to be a 4 star read for my tastes, it’s a little wordy in places and I felt a small amount of repetition in words and sentences, things that generally can pull me out of my story bubble but at around 55% all of my picky thoughts faded into insignificance because the story brilliantly picked up pace and characterisation. I was gripped to the action and I felt for the protagonists, I found it exciting and the suspenseful element had me thinking. And of course, I fell for the sexy broken hero. This slow burn contemporary ROMANCE picked up pace at exactly the right moment and gave me a story arc I truly appreciated with development, intrigue, romance and the unexpected. I totally rooted for this couple as I raced to the finish line of this story and thoroughly recommend to readers who enjoy novels of this ilk. Advance copy received for my honest review thoughts★ Graphics created by me with stock photos I purchased from deposit photos ★

  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    2019-03-17 02:35

    4.5 STARS REVIEWI enjoyed this story more than I expected!It was a little bit different from the other books I read from Samantha Towle.There was a twist that I didn't see it was coming and that worked a lot for me!!!Both characters were complex and they had their own demons to deal.But I loved them both!!Daisy was a fantastic heroine!!I loved the fact that she was sassy and strong!Kas was somthing else!!! He was an arse at the beginning but also smart,hot and cocky!!Like I said this is a different story yet so compelling!!!I would like to see more books like this by Samantha Towle!    

  • Mysza
    2019-03-25 08:51

    "You've made me feel again, Daisy. You've made me feel... and I fucking hate that."What a great story that was. I loved it. A lot of angst, push and pull, mystery, and whole lotta sexiness.I especially loved this Greek God Kastor Matis aka Kas-hole. And oh man, did he deserve that nickname! Definitely hero extraordinary.And Daisy - strong and very likeable. She wasn't afraid of him and didn't take his shit, girl knew how to stand her ground and call him on it.What started as an employer - employee relation, with Kas as a mean, rude and arrogant boss, turns into something more as our couple gets to know each other. And then around 80%, let me just tell you, I did not see that coming, so kudos to author for that.Yeah, there was definitely "Oh Shit!" moment. And then everything started to add up, his hot and cold and generally his behaviour suddenly made sense.Anyway, well written, emotional and angsty, with great characters and mystery in the background. There's some nice, hot sex too. And their first kiss, OMG that first kiss... le sigh.I recommend!ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Beverly
    2019-02-24 02:31

    I adore Samantha Towle’s books, so naturally, I couldn’t wait to read Unsuitable. I didn’t even know what it was about, I just knew I had to read it regardless. I was so surprised by Unsuitable it wasn’t what I expected from Towle, but I LOVED IT!Daisy is raising her brother Jesse, doing the best she can to take care of him and herself. The struggle is real for her, but it’s just the two of them now that her dad died and her addict mother abandoned them. Daisy will do anything to keep her family together and make sure Jesse has the best chance in life. All her hard work is thrown out the window when she is framed for a robbery and sent to prison.Now at eighteen months later she has been released and is trying to piece back together her broken life. Her primary focus is getting her brother back and making sure he is okay. As someone with a sibling, I completely understood Daisy’s desire to take care of him. I understood how she would do anything to fix this for him. The first step is finding employment and that’s how she meets Kas. For my friends who love the sexy, dominating, asshole antiheroes this guy is for you. He isn’t easy to love. He is harsh, crass and secretive most of the time. Daisy may find him attractive, but she can barely keep up with his mood swings and spends her time trying to avoid pissing him off. So now she has to maintain employment with Kas, a guy who complicates her life for so many reasons and decide how to handle her developing feelings for him. I didn’t expect this type of read from Towle, but I legit loved it. I was hooked from the very beginning. I loved how Daisy was strong and determined, she is definitely a character to admire. While Kas may not be easy to love, you can’t help but be drawn to him and I desperately wanted to know his secrets. I loved how together they truly complimented each other, but mostly put the other first. There are moments of this story I predicted with the foreshadowing provided, but even having a slight clue I was still left breathless at times. I think this book is the perfect mix of sexy, heart, and even suspense. I absolutely recommend this read!!ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

  • Dee Montoya
    2019-03-16 07:38

    4 STARS****(ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review)(BR with Mel)I really enjoyed this new book by Samantha Towle. Unsuitable was seductive, thrilling and totally unexpected. "You wreck me."Daisy Smith has been in jail paying for a crime she didn't commit, for the last eighteen months of her life. She's lost everything after trusting the wrong people, her whole life has been destroyed after she was wrongly accused, and what hurts her the most is having lost the most important person in her life, her little brother Jesse.She got sentenced three years, but after eighteen months she has been set free, with parole due to good behavior. Daisy is very focus on getting her brother, and her life back. She needs a suitable place to live and a job to start in the right path into getting Jesse back.Her best friend and parole officer have set Daisy up with both a home a new job as a maid at the beautiful Matis State. On her first day in the job, she meets her boss, a man with both extreme good looks and terrible attitude. Even days after starting the job, Daisy can't escape her boss's disdain, the man is impossible. Kastor Matis is of Greek decent, gorgeous, rich, fit and always grouchy. After a few interactions with Kas, Daisy realizes that there's more to him than what meets the eye. Her boss is quickly becoming a sweet obsession to her, and when he finally asks her out, she is more than ready to accept.But Kas and Daisy aren't simply a man and woman who like each other, and want to date to get to know each other better. They both have complicated pasts, that have altered their lives and shaped their futures. Daisy can't afford any complications while all she's trying to do is get her brother back, and Kas doesn't know how to love or trust anyone, needless to say, their story won't be neither easy nor predictable. This story is so much more than your typical sassy heroine, and hot alpha hero. There's a lot of angst, and nothing I say can prepare you for the thrill of this Unsuitable couple's story.

  • Dilek VT
    2019-02-27 06:40

    “I once thought of Kas and me as totally unsuitable for one another. We were unsuitable.”UNSUITABLE took me by surprise. I was expecting something good, having read the blurb, but the book far exceeded my expectations. It was amazing. Sometimes a book starts so well that I feel afraid something will happen and spoil it all for me and I was scared that would happen here too because everything was so good all the time. But despite my worries, it just got better and better and there was nothing to criticize about it. Every moment of my reading experience was perfect... And the ending, oh that ending... UNSUITABLE is a romantic suspense and the suspenseful aspect of the book was very well planned and the plot twists were very good. I didn’t see any of them coming. I hate it when writers use cliché plot twists (such as unplanned pregnancy etc); and here we see how plot twists should be like, this is how it is done. Bravo Ms Towle, thank you...This is the story of an ex-con heroine, Daisy, who works as a maid for an as*hole of a boss, Kastor Matis, aka Kas, or as Daisy calls him, Kas-hole!Normally, I do not favor the as*hole type of hero but Kas is no typical as*hole. He is cold and rude but there is more depth to him than that. He can be kind and compassionate, too. This “cold” and “hot” versions of Kas really confuse Daisy.Kas has dark secrets that have made him the man he is now and revealing of them comes much later in the book, so you will understand why he did what he did or why he acted the way he did much later. Just be patient with him... Just know that I cried for him... cried hard. Now, I will write a spoiler-free review because I do not want to spoil any of the plot twists for you. You have to experience them all by yourself without having a clue about them so that their impact feels good. Please avoid spoilers for this book if you come across them in other reviews. Leave them "hidden".****************************************The book is told by Daisy’s point of view except for the first chapter. The first one is told by Kas, even though it is written nowhere. But you understand it soon.Daisy is such a lovable heroine. She is beautiful, hot and sweet. Dark hair, amber eyes...And it was good to be in her head because she was mostly hilarious. “My stupid stomach is doing cartwheels at the thought of going out riding with Kas. My head is suffering with severe confusion as to why my stomach is so happy about it.”Even when she was in a terrible condition, the way she put it into words always made me laugh. “Jesus. How stupid am I? I must have dumb bitch written all over my face. I mean, Jason saw it written there. I thought I’d cleaned it off. But, apparently not...”***“I fell for a liar before. It didn’t turn out so well for me. Fool Daisy once, stupid Daisy. Fool Daisy twice…yeah, not going to happen. I won’t be so dumb to let that happen again. So, I’m going to find out exactly what Kas is hiding from me because I won’t be anybody’s fool ever again.”***“Questions? Do I have questions? Of course I have fucking questions! But, right now, I’m trying not to piss my pants, and I need to restart my heart to normal function because it’s decided to stop working properly.”Daisy has been really unlucky in life. Her dad dies at a young age.Her drug addict mother disappears, leaving Daisy alone with her little brother.She works hard to look after her brother and herself.She trusts the wrong guy.This so-called boy-friend sets her up.She finds herself in prison for a crime she didn’t commit: Theft!Whatever she says or does, she cannot make people believe that she is innocent.So, 18 months of her life is stolen away from her.When she is released from prison on parole before she completes her 3-year-sentence, she has to start from the very bottom and prove that she is trustworthy to be able to get the custody of her little brother Jesse.However, Daisy also has the best luck with regards to her friend, Cece. She is amazing. She is like her family, being there for her all the time. When her probation officer finds her a job as a maid, she feels that things are finally getting better but when she enters the Matis Estate, where she will work, she meets the owner of the house, Kastor Matis, who mesmerizes her by his hot and handsome looks. However, this hot boss of hers acts incredibly hostile towards her, warning her immediately not to steal anything... Daisy starts to call him Kas-hole in her mind but no matter how much she hates him, she also finds him incredibly attractive. She can't help but stare at this Greek god, swooning and drooling. Kas has dark hair and dark eyes... Stone-cold black eyes! But sometimes, there is also something else in his cold stare... something hot... something blazing... "Kas is staring at me. The look in his eyes almost undoes me. No one has ever looked at me like he is right now. Like I’m all he can see."Kas is a complete puzzle. One day, he acts as if he loathes Daisy, yelling at her, being very rude and cruel and one day he makes you think that he is doing everything in his power to resist his attraction to her but slowly failing. When Daisy tells Kas how she ended up in prison, Kas believes her without asking twice. That is a total shock for her. Especially after that, they start to get closer and begin to surrender their attraction for one another...Their push and pull was breath-taking, I forgot to breathe while reading those moments. The build-up of angst and sexual tension was off the charts. The way they finally found a way into each other’s hearts was endearing. “I’m not alone. I’m with the cute bartender—” “Exactly. Stay right where you are. Don’t fucking move, Daisy. And tell that bartender, if he puts a hand on you, I’ll rip it off.” Okay… Is it weird that I found that totally hot? “Kas…” “What?” he snaps. “What if I need the toilet? I’ll have to move—” “I said, stay the fuck put. I’ll be there soon.”The closer they get to each other, the more heart-warming their interaction becomes.The more Kas reveals himself, the clearer his earlier actions become.“I want you like you wouldn’t fucking believe. You’ve made me feel again, Daisy,” he murmurs, surprising me. I shift back and stare at his face. His eyes are still closed. Then, he lets out a shallow breath. “You’ve made me feel…and I fucking hate that.”The more they felt, the less they were able to resist...After their short-lived happiness, things start to get darker and darker. I was on the edge of my seat, my heart beating like drums, bum bum bum, wondering what other secret would be revealed and how explosive its impact would be. There are incredibly painful scenes. I cannot tell you how sick those scenes made me. I couldn’t sleep for a while thinking about them, shivering, trying helplessly to delete them from my memory... in vain, of course. The book doesn't have one dull moment. It is like a roller coaster ride, getting faster and more dangerous all the time.I cannot recommend this book enough. Until the very last few pages, I didn’t have an idea about how things would end or if there was a HEA. So, I was biting my lips, tapping my feet, holding my breath... doing all the nervous stuff to be able to cope with the anxiety. And when the book ended, it was worth it all.“I just wanted something of his, some connection to him, to remind myself that he was real. Because, sometimes, it felt almost unreal. Like Kas had never actually existed. Like he’d never really been mine. But he had. I’d had him for a brief moment in time, and then I’d had to let him go. Kas was never meant to be mine forever, and I had to come to terms with that. And I did. Kind of.But, as I’ve learned, you don’t get over a man like Kastor Matis. You just learn to live without him.”Do not think that this book is one thing, it is many things all in one.It will make you laugh.It will make you cry.It will make you angry, frustrated and disgusted.It will make you feel hot and it will make you swoon. It will make you question “the right” and “the wrong”, the notion of “justice” and all.It will force you to your limits, asking you how far you can go...Or asking you how much you can forgive...IT WILL BREAK YOUR HEART MANY TIMES...THEN, IT WILL STITCH IT TOGETHER...BUT IT WILL LEAVE SCARS, MANY SCARS...HOWEVER, SOMETIMES THE BEAUTY IS IN THE SCARS...5 solid stars and more...P.S.I couldn’t judge neither Kas nor Daisy for what they did when they did it; who knows what we would do in their shoes????Like in the saying:

  • Snow
    2019-02-28 05:49

    4.5 "...a million times over" starsWell, this was quite different...I liked it, even though at parts i wasn't instantly swept away, but it merely gradually entered my soul *sigh*About the story...Daisy May Smith had a rough life, parentless, taking care of her little brother Jesse from when she was 16 years old, but she made it somehow – working beside schooling, making Jesse her no.1 priority. But then she made a mistake, of falling for a wrong guy, of falling into a trap of misconception and devious ploy of crime, and all of a sudden her life is taken away from her, she lost everything, she lost Jesse when she was set up for a crime of theft which ended her in prison.18 months later Daisy is out on bail. Eager to set her life back on track, to start fresh and most of all get her brother back out of a foster care. With a help from a faithful friend Cece, she turns a new leaf of her life starting with a job as a maid on a Matis estate. Never expecting that the fate had its own pages already written for her from the first moment she stood face to face with Kastor/Kas Matis.He is a complicated, complex young man with scars from his heart-breaking and devastating past, that are so deep he's tormented within, to the point of being empty of emotions. Basically giving away the shallow frame of reactions of an inconsiderate, cruel, arrogant, dismissive recluse. But he's also a man who will stir Daisy's nerves, inner awakings of dormant sensations and feelings, making her whiplash with his mood change, the thin line of forbidden they both walk trying to deny the chemistry between them.We're pulling on each other, both taking what we need…fucking the hell out of each other's mouths.But no matter the mutable and moody exchange of reactions Daisy gets from Kastor/Kas, she's sticking onto the job cause her goal is to get her brother back and she's grateful for the chance, even if Kas's not giving her any extra reason to be, as he's interfering with the lines of an empoyer/employee frame by default.„I'm the last person you should be thanking.“And he's not immune…no matter how damaged he actually is…„You've made me feel …and I fucking hate that.“But that might not be enough, as they embark on this road of getting to know one another, cause there's a hidden pull Kastor/Kas holds for Daisy and it goes way beyond the reasoning or the notion of what she could have ever imagined.She can't put up with his outbursts/then making amends in kind, soft, friendly manner and she slowly gives in to each of the physical tension between them until the secrets, deeply covered beneath the pain, grief and shattered soul driven only for revenge for the shattering event of the past come to the surfice and change the outcome of the game… and those secrets might be too heavy to deal with….but even then, Daisy in not willing to give up…„Be with me, for however long that is. Then, be with me again. And again. I'm here. I' not going anywhere.“But it's not easy, or simple, or in plain sight…I'd had him for a brief moment in time, and then I'd had to let him go.or not…when the roll of the events takes another hit on their lives making the hard choices even more harder - will the waiting, the sacrifice, the forgivness show them the way to another beginning?I don't think I'll ever deserve you, Daisy. No man ever could. But I'm closer to getting there than I was before, and I'm done being without you…And I'm back to claim what was always mine.The storyline was gripping and suspenful inspite the slow-ish pace, it was meant to be so as a way to build up atension and mystery…and that worked fantastically. I found a bit difficult in making a connection with Kastor, even though his mood swings and the complex, torn personality was vividly portrayed, I didn't quite „feel“ him, he was way elusive for my grasp until the very end as oppose to Daisy, who was a formidable character growing from every single paige - from a naive, vulnerable young woman towards a strong, open hearted, warm and apprehensive woman, who fought against the shity ordeal and stood straight through the pain, hardship, sacrifice for her loved ones, only to be torn apart by love…until she accepted it and owned it…all over again.I liked the atmosphere in the book, but given the crime aspect refered in it and the resolving matter of it, didn't leave a space for me to apprehend it in a more acceptable way. But that's just me, and even with this said, I' d still recommend this story as an enjoyable experience.For more info and reviews visit

  • Katy Loves Romance ❤️
    2019-03-03 02:31

    5+++++ AH-MAZING starsOmg omg Sam has outdone herself here. I love sams books she does emotional, angst in the best way and raw love and well we totally got her best here... I am not joking when I say I haven't been reading a great amount recently that said once I started this I couldn't stop until I finished, it was delicious and unputtadownable.. So what's it about? Daisy has spent the last 18 months paying her time in prison for a crime is didn't commit. She lost her little brother Jesse and everything she had and was now she's out its time to get her family back. So she gets a job as a maid on an estate with the one and only 'Kas'.... Kas Kas Kas is a lovable asshole. Kas-hole he has given Daisy a job, a mindless job but a job is a job and she is a hard worker. But Kas-hole has that name because he isn't nice to Daisy at the beginning, there is definitely a love/hate thing going on here. Thing is Daisy is gorgeous and Kas is HAWT with lots of angry tension so ummmm that equals to lots of arguments that yes I wanted them to get together.... butttt Daisy is doing all this for her family she needs to keep Jesse, she needs to get him back. She needs to gain the respect of everyone who's important around her. So she's 'trying' to be professional in the best way... Gah what I loved about this without giving anything away is the way Samantha pulled at my heart. It felt so real while reading the 30% mark, the 60% and the 90% mark there are certain parts that had me in floods of tears. There was moments of angst, moments of emotional pain. Moments of lust and down right sexyness. Yet there was true LOVE throughout the story. This book was a story about two broken half's that made a whole. And I'll be holding these characters close to my heart for a good while. There was a good plot integrated into this love story, and I'll tell you that Sam put this story together so very well. It's different that anything she's written before. I cannot tell you anymore but it was brave for her yet she pulled it off soooo very well.. omg I have tears just thinking about it. I am surely involved in both characters and their outcomes. I loved every page and word that was poured into this book. And if nothing else it'll make you feel... Read it people. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! Enjoy Xoxo ARC generously gifted via the author in exchange for an honest review For more reviews and blog posts

  •  Sonya ♕Chatterbooks book blog♕
    2019-03-08 03:43

    ★★★★4 Stars★★★★When I first read the prologue, I knew this was going to be a completely different read and you know what? I was right. A strong heroine accused of something she didn't do, a complex hero that tested my patience but made me feel for him, and a mystery that connected them years in the making had me flipping the pages so fast, my arms got a work out. At the age of Sixteen, Daisy has been on her own raising her little brother and trying to provide a good life for the both of them. After going through some struggles, she finally catches a break and gets a good job. Now being financially stable, Daisy is looking forward to her future and being able to take care of her little brother. But in the blink of an eye that all changes when she's accused and convicted of something she didn't do. Eighteen Months. 547 days, 21 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. That's how long Daisy has gone without her freedom and being able to see the one person who she would do anything for. Now released, she's determined to get her life back in order and have a future she's always dreamed about. Landing a job as a maid at an Estate, she's on track to getting what she wants. But when she meets the complicated and brooding Kas, she's about to see just how different her life will become. Kas is not someone that you want to be around constantly without having alcohol around. He's mean at times, bossy, and as Daisy so eloquently put it, he's a KASHOLE. But when he's not being a stright up douce, his kindness and charm melted the ice that I had surrounding him for a bit. He wasn't perfect but he acknowledged and accepted that and I really liked that about him. Meeting Daisy and falling for her was something he never planned on and knowing that he has a few secrets of his own, getting involved with her is not going to end well. I really liked that this storyline was different. We had a strong and determined herione who knew her limit and didn't take any crap from Kas( most of the time) and I loved that. Did I get frustrated at times? You bet I did. Kas's hot and cold demeanor was off putting and I could've done without Daisy's inner dialogue at times. But aside from those things, this was an enjoyable read for me. If you're in the mood for something different then this one is for you.*Arc kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • NMmomof4
    2019-03-25 09:48

    3 StarsOverall Opinion:Eh, this was just ok for me. I thought the overall premise was interesting, but it just didn't fully engage me like I wanted it to. I was frustrated with the ending for sure (see below closure section), but that was really my biggest complaint. I'm not sure how to describe it other than -- I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either...just meh really.Brief Summary of the Storyline:This is Daisy and Kas's story. Daisy just got out of prison after being wrongly convicted, and she is set up with a new job as a maid for Kas. Kas definitely isn't pleasant to be around, but Daisy desperately needs the job in order to get custody of her little brother back. They dance around each other and share some heated words, but eventually they give in to their attraction and fall in love. There are some big secrets revealed, some suspenseful moments, a few sexy times...and they get a HFN ending.POV: This was told in Daisy's POV.Overall Pace of Story:Good until the end. The ending felt rushed and didn't provide enough closure. Otherwise, it flowed well and I never skimmed.Instalove: No, more of a hate-to-love type scenario.H rating: 3 stars. Kas. He was just ok. He had some major damage and secrets. He went through something tragic in his past, but I didn't feel like it justified his a-hole behavior TBH.h rating: 4 stars. Daisy. I liked her. She was pretty strong considering what she went through. I also appreciated her giving the H sass when he was being a jerk.Sadness level: Low/moderate. I never cried, but it does cover some heavy themes.Push/Pull: Yes! (view spoiler)[The H runs hot and cold big time! He does something like making out with the h, and then pushes her away. They both pursue the relationship at times.(hide spoiler)]Heat level: Moderate/low. They take a good while to be intimate, and there aren't that many scenes.Descriptive sex: YesSafe sex: Yes. Mentions of birth control and STD status. The h had been celibate for ~2 years and the H had been celibate for ~7 years. I don't remember mention of past practices.OW/OM drama: A little. (view spoiler)[ The h's ex that set her up shows up again, and he causes a little bit of drama. (hide spoiler)]Sex scene with OW or OM: NoCheating: NoSeparation: Yes (view spoiler)[ The are separated for ~3.5 years. The H says he wasn't with anyone during the separation, and I felt like it was implied that the h wasn't either. (hide spoiler)]Possible Triggers: Yes (view spoiler)[False imprisonment, violence - murder and assault, rape and attempted rape, loss of a partner, and mentions of a drug addicted parent. (hide spoiler)]Closure:This didn't have nearly enough closure for me. (view spoiler)[ It had their separation ending in the epilogue! They said their "I love yous" and that was it!! I really wanted to see them as an official couple and getting a HEA(hide spoiler)]. I would say this one had a HFN ending.How I got it: It was part of my kindle unlimited subscription.Safety: I'd call this one either Safe or Safe with exception depending on personal preferences.(view spoiler)[- Does Not have cheating- Does Not have a descriptive sex scene with OW/OM-Does have the H pushing the h away-Does have a ~3.5 year separation between the h and H-Does Not have abuse by h or H-Does Not have OTT sad parts- Does Not have a HEA ending (hide spoiler)]

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2019-03-26 03:26

    UNSUITABLE by Samantha Towle blew me away!!! The author has created a compelling story of love, heartache, loss, healing, pain, compassion, and characters that damaged, complex, broken that moved and touched me.This is the story of Daisy, has suffered some really hard knocks in her life. Abandoned by her mother, she's left to look after her younger brother. When she's set up by her boyfriend for a crime she did not commit, she's imprisoned for 18 months for the crime. When she's released, she's determined to get her life together and get the custody of her brother, who had been placed in care when she was imprisoned.I absolutely adored this character. She's strong, determined, loving, quirky, funny and hard-working. What I admired the most about her was how she didn't allow bitterness or regret of the past but rather accepted what happened in her life before. Instead she works hard to getting her life together and to a future with her brother and friends. It's not easy going.She's hired to work as a maid for a rich family in the countryside. When we first meet Kastor Matis, we don't really warm up to him. He's rude, brash, cold, sad, lonely and secretive.... but we can sense that there's something underneath that behaviour that makes you think that he's hiding something from the world.His behavior is really confusing.....poor Daisy...he blows hot and it any wonder that she thinks he's a bit of an ass......Daisy and Kas are perfect for each other. I loved watching them surrender to their feelings How they seem to bring out the best in each other. Growing closer together....The build-up of the sexual tension,........At first, I was unable to understand why Kas fought against his feelings for Daisy. Why did he try to push her away, even when he tells her that he feels so much for her..And his decision at the end, just blew me away!!!! What the hell was he doing? How could he not see the amazing person Daisy was?The storyline is absolutely amazing. The first chapter broke my heart and pulled me into the story and never let me go. Suspense filled with twists and turns and totally unexpected revelations. There were so many times that I couldn't understand why Kas acted or behaved in a certain way and when eventually all the pieces fall together, I was left totally speechless. A beautifully written story of two well-developed, flawed but lovable and endearing characters and their journey to finding love, redemption and happiness.Such a great story and I loved it.Here's one quote that I liked (and there are a lot of them that!!)"God, the man can kiss. I could write songs about how well he can kiss. But then, that would be weird. And, also, I can't write for shit."-Daisy

  • JewelsyGoolsy
    2019-02-26 01:44

    3.74999 StarsI swear, if I could draw up a bar graph or a pie chart to demonstrate exactly what I loved and what I didn't love about this book, then no one would question why my rating is so kooky. But because I can't really be assed calculating numbers on on a systematic flow chart to create this stupid imaginary graph; I'm just gonna have to try to explain this in rambly words. So forgive me for yet another useless review ahead! But just for the record; my pie chart would have been the bomb.Firstly, I'll start with the positives:From that glaring and heartbreaking prologue, I was hooked. And no matter how hot/cold the knob-head H was, and no matter what a shit-for-brains, dumbass the h was; I still turned every page and devoured the heck out of this book. There were times where these idiots made me lose some of my hair from frustration, simply by being idiots! But I never stopped rooting for these MC's and still found the knob-head H redeemable (due to his horrific and painful background) as well as sexy too... but damn, he was so hot/cold like All. The. Time!Now to touch on some negatives:At the beginning I had no beef with the h... until she became TSTL and more of my hair fell off my head. I won't go into much detail or divulge any spoilers, but let's just say; she makes some super frustrating and stupid decisions throughout the book that had me like:My last deduction of star ratings goes to the ending (view spoiler)[conflict resolution that results in a mutual 3 year separation, straight to epilogue, short make-up scene, The End (hide spoiler)]. Yeah, a bit miffed bout that one, but I have finally calmed down now, so all is good. Told solely in h's POV. I would have loved if we got glimpses into the H's knob head. For me; his POV would have shed a much needed light on his turdcanoeing (that one was for you TheresaDK). Standalone story with HFN, recommended for those who like a bit more suspense with their angst. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Sabrina
    2019-03-06 02:43

    3.5 StarsDaisy's plan is to just keep her head down, work as hard as possible, and pray she can get her little brother back. After serving eighteen months in jail for a crime she didn't commit, she has no time for anything other than making sure she stays out of trouble. But her new boss has the ability to push her limits and makes her job one she wishes she could walk out on. Especially when she learns Kas's secrets and they put her in more danger than she ever dreamed she could be in."You've made me feel again, Daisy. You've made me feel... and I fucking hate that."Kas was an asshole, true. But an asshole that I wish was mine. He had that whole dark and broody thing going on that just makes me swoon and even sigh a little. It may be a little cuckoo to like such a character, but honestly I couldn't get enough of him. And when his motives behind everything became clear my heart became his and only his. Daisy was iffy for me, but I did enjoy her most of the time. I don't actually know what it was about her but I never fully connected with her character so it made it hard for me to like her. There was a lot of her inner dialogue that I just didn't think was necessary to the story, so maybe that was my issue with her. What I liked most about the story was how intense the connection between Kas and Daisy was. It wasn't even always a sexual tension kind of thing, just their everyday interactions were crazy intense and involved. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that these two characters belonged together and I loved that I became extra invested in them. I couldn't wait to see them get their HEA and finally be able to put the drama behind them and just be together. And the fact that the journey to that was very intriguing was just a bonus to the book. Bottom line, I am a fan of this book and the different direction Samantha Towle went in. I know I haven't read all of her book, but I definitely haven't read something like this from her, but I liked the new direction she went in. I do wish I could have enjoyed Daisy a little more and that her character didn't bring down the story for me like it did, but either way it's still a recommend from me.

  • Bindi Boo
    2019-03-09 02:40

    4.5 starsWOW! This book was fantastic! I was super intrigued by the blurb and decided to just jump into it although i had a very long list in my TBR list to get through. I have only read one book by this author and have kept a close eye on her books since then. Her writing was amazing. I've only had rare occasions where i get super- involved in the main characters, but my eyes actually brimmed with tears many times reading this book. Daisy, is no doubt my favourite character in this book.Recently released from prison after serving a sentence for a crime she didn't commit, Daisy embarks on a journey to get her life back again. One of the conditions of her parole is to find a job; she gets a job as a maid in the Matis estate where she meets Kas Matis, a rich, arrogant, rude jerk. Or so she thinks. Over time, Daisy gets to know both sides of Kas (the asshole side AND the sweet side) and starts to feel emotions she promised herself she will never feel again. Told in Daisy's POV, my heart broke for the life that was handed to Daisy. She took it all in stride and i admired her for her strength and courage. Despite trying her best to make the best life for herself, life kept throwing her challenges. She remains sweet, kind and funny despite her situation and i enjoyed being in her head. Kas Mathis; from the start of this book, you'll know he's gone through a horrendous situation. Dark, brooding and SO COLD, he gives Daisy the hardest time and repeatedly kicks her while she's down. I knew from the get go there was more to his story. He hides a very deep, dark secret and my heart absolutely broke(as Daisy's did) when everything was revealed. I LOVED Kas's warm side. He had his super sweet moments but it was always shadowed by his guilt and regret. There were many push- and- pull moments that left me as confused as Daisy was. I also had many moments where there were actual tears in my eyes as i felt emotions Daisy did. So kudos to the author for that.Why not 5 stars? Well, i didn't appreciate Kas's temper tantrums(and there were many!) I wished Daisy had given him a harder time and ripped him a new one instead of forgiving him so quickly. But at the same time, i sort of understood that was just what made Daisy special to Kas- her kindness shined through at those moments. I also would have loved a longer epilogue, especially after all the dark times they've been through. Overall, this book was something totally unexpected and had everything i like to read in a book- drama, suspense & romance. The plot line was clever and intriguing, it shoots straight into my favourite shelf. HIGHLY recommended!

  • Jodi Bibliophile
    2019-03-17 08:32

    I've just finished Unsuitable by Samantha Towle and my heart is so full right now.Seriously this bird has been fucking superwomen with this book! Seems like only yesterday that I got emailed chapter one.But what a fucking ride it’s been.Kas and Daisy!These two have literally stolen my heart. They have both been through so much that it had me on the edge of my fucking chair.I was nervous as fuck, like sweating nervous reading some scenes. I just wanted them to be together god damn it! They deserve to be TOGETHER!!!Daisy was such a fun character! She went through some shit in her young life that wasn’t her fault and she had to live with the consciences. I was so ANGRY for her!!And then we meet Kas – or as Daisy calls him ‘Kas-Hole’ – because that is exactly what he is a FUCKING ARSEHOLE! But a really, really HOT ONE!! Oh he made my nipples hard with his broody ways! But apart from that you will want to cry for this gorgeous, Greek broken man.This story had me crying and stabby all at the same time! A few scenes were hard to read but I pulled my big knickers on and soldered through.I loved this story and was sad to say goodbye to two wonderful characters.The Epilogue was PERFECT! Couldn’t have imagined it any other way.DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS BOOK! You will want to roll it up and shove it up your vagina and just let it live there FOREVER!1st October 2016! ♡♡

  • Hanne
    2019-02-26 01:49

    After loving The Ending I Want, I couldn’t wait to read more books by Samantha Towle. I loved Unsuitable, but The Ending I Want is still my favorite. This novel was hot, beautiful, a little mysterious and a little suspenseful. Daisy and Kas are incredible characters. Daisy is just released from prison where she was for a crime she didn’t commit. She wants to rebuild her life and get her little brother back. Daisy is determined, sweet, sassy, friendly and loving. Daisy isn’t afraid to say what she thinks to Kas. Kas wasn’t very nice at the beginning, but he grew on me and I absolutely adored him at the end. He’s rich, passionate, determined, strong, possessive and a little arrogant. It was clear that Kas is hiding something and I wanted to know what it was.It took a while before Kas and Daisy were a couple, but that was Kas’ fault. He keeps pushing her away. When he finally admits his attraction to her, sparks fly. They are hot together. I loved Kas and Daisy together. Daisy is perfect for Kas, because she makes him realize some things and makes him move on from his past. Kas loves Daisy likes she is and he believes in her.

  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    2019-03-15 03:47

    4 ★'s After Daisy is released from jail for serving time for a crime she didn't commit, it doesn't take long for her to find a place to live and a place to work. Little does she realize that her place is employment is going to bring her a lot more than just a paycheck. Daisy's parole officer gets her a job being a maid at the Matis estate. Cleaning she can do...dealing with a jerk is definitely trying, that is, until she sees a different side of Kastor Matis. Kastor Matis has quite a history and a whole slew of secrets. The chapter that was seven years ago certainly doesn't pull any punches but the story had a way of making me forget about it until it didn't. I really liked both Daisy and Kastor. However, I also loved how close Daisy was to her best friend (and what a best friend she is!), Cece, and I especially loved her relationship with her brother, Jesse. It takes a bit to find out what's going on with Kastor. For the first half of the book, I had a real Jane Eyre feel about it especially with that secret door! I just really needed his POV. And Kastor is a Kas-hole as Daisy likes to call him and it was hard to warm up to him. And they both did things they shouldn't have. And the "connection" was pretty eerie...but their chemistry was too much to ignore. When the drama finally unfolds, it's quite intense and way more graphic than I expected. Then there's that epilogue...the time lapse was hard for me to accept. It just seemed too long but I really loved everything else. I certainly recommend this if you want a love story that's not always easy and that's definitely filled with drama.(Prior to review...)this looks really good! 9/22 Teaser:“You want to do that…to me…in here.” Glancing around the small interior of his coupe, I shake my head, licking my lips nervously. “You can’t.” “I can.” Kas reaches over and pulls me into his lap. “Anything is possible with the right motivation.” His face is close to mine, his breath brushing over my skin, a dirty grin appears on his lips, as his hand slides up my thigh. “You’re flexible…right?”

  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*
    2019-03-06 08:25

    4.5 Stars! (ARC provided by author)(BR with Patty & Dee)Daisy Smith grew up in London & didn't have much opportunity in life. Her mother leaves Daisy & her brother Jesse when Daisy is only sixteen. Daisy raises her little brother alone trying to avoid foster care. She adores Jesse & thinks of him as her child. When she makes the mistake of trusting the wrong person it costs her her freedom & her brother. Daisy is arrested & spends eighteen months in prison for a crime she didn't commit. She is released early on parole & is ready to get her life back, & that includes the only person who has ever truly mattered to her, her brother Jesse. Jesse is now in the system, & Daisy's main goal is to get back custody of him. Daisy's probation officer informs her he's lined up a job for her working at the Matis Estate as a maid. It's a big estate in Surrey that is a stable business. She is looking for a fresh start & happy to have a stable job. On her first day she meets her gorgeous, Greek god of a boss. His name is Kastor Matis, & he runs the estate while his parents are in Greece. Daisy quickly labels him Kas-hole because he's such a moody jerk. She never knows what she's going to get with Mr. Matis. He's always got this brooding, intense scowl on his face, & Daisy can't figure him out. She just tries to do her job & stay out of his way. Even though Kas is a bastard half the time, Daisy still can't help lusting after her boss. He's absolutely stunning to look at. All the constant clashing they do has built up more sexual tension between them, & eventually it explodes. They want each other desperately, but Kas keeps pulling away. He's mysterious & tuns so hot & cold with Daisy she can't figure him out. He can be closed off one minute & then kind & warm the next. There is so much Daisy doesn't know about Kas. He has so many secrets & parts of his past that have left him broken. He hadn't let himself feel in over seven years, & he's trying to make sense of his feelings for Daisy. She makes him want to live again, but he doesn't think he's good for her or deserves her. I really loved this book! We get a sinfully hot, damaged, beautiful man, & a sexy story full of suspense & danger. We also get a fabulous story about love & healing. I couldn't get enough of this book & flew through it. I hope we get a book for Jude next!!!-He's the hottest thing I've ever seen. -He feels like nothing I've ever had before and everything I didn't even know I wanted. -All of him is against me, and even still, I don't feel close enough. I want more of him. I want all of him. -"I... care about you."- "I want you like you wouldn't fucking believe."- This is what heaven feels like.

  • Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads
    2019-03-01 01:44

    I liked this.. but I didn't quite love it. I had a hard time connecting to Daisy and Kas. Kas more than Daisy. The plot line was good. Lots of twists and turns. And there are things you just don't see coming, but I just... I don't know... I struggled. That said, I would definitely recommend you try it. I think I'll be in the minority. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

  • Jan
    2019-03-12 08:26

    I don't know... it might be me.It was OK.My last two books were so disappointing.I also don't feel like writing a review about this :(A better get back to M/M action.

  • Maria...
    2019-03-07 03:23

    3 Kas-hole vs Kas-nice starsI don't know how I feel about this book. I have mixed feelings, and I can't decide if I liked it or it was just a mehhhh kind of book for me!My review isn't really helpful, I know guys but I can't put my finger what didn't work for me in this book!I liked how strong and determined heroine was and I think she overshadowed the hero so Kas was an ok character for me. And the storyline was a mix of drama, action and too meany details for my liking. I was hoping to read Kas point of view but that was shut down pretty quickly. Also I liked how intense their interactions were but they were few as well as their sex scenes so...I know! I know! Not helping here! I just leave you to it and....Overall this was an ok reading for me and I thought I would like it more from the blurb. "Trouble" is one of my favorite from this author as well as "Revved".Enjoy! xxx

  • Hulya Kara Yuksel
    2019-03-06 02:43

  • Bev
    2019-03-09 01:50

    Really enjoyed this little gem. Kas was the epitome of an arsehole for a while, and I loved him for it. I love this trope, it's total catnip :DThis could have done with a little input from his POV, as well as a lot of fleshing out between the last chapter and the epilogue. (view spoiler)[A 3.5 year jump was way too long with way way WAY too much happening in that time for it to be mentioned as an aside in the epilogue.(hide spoiler)]A chapter from his POV catching us up with how he managed to move forward and come to terms with the horror he suffered as a teenager would have rounded off their story perfectly without leaving me wanting more.