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I haven't been home for Thanksgiving in six years. A couple days before I leave to head home, I am informed that my brother's best friend, and also my huge, obnoxious adolescent crush, will be there as well.So among a shaky work situation, a newfound potato chip addiction, and the usual stress of heading home for the holidays, I have a sudden urge to prove that I was no loI haven't been home for Thanksgiving in six years. A couple days before I leave to head home, I am informed that my brother's best friend, and also my huge, obnoxious adolescent crush, will be there as well.So among a shaky work situation, a newfound potato chip addiction, and the usual stress of heading home for the holidays, I have a sudden urge to prove that I was no longer the mumbling, bumbling girl in Hogwarts robes and her nose in a book.Not that anything was going to happen between us. Those hopes had died around the time I headed off to college.But maybe....** This is a quick romance full of sweet moments and enough steam to keep you turning the pages....

Title : stuffed a thanksgiving romance
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stuffed a thanksgiving romance Reviews

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    2019-05-13 04:52

    Stuffed: A Thanksgiving Romance is by Jessica Gadziala. This is my first book by Jessica. Why I have no idea. I fell in love with this book. Callie is a bibliophile. How can I not love her. And Adam…well, I think he might just be my new very favorite Hero. There is one particular gesture he makes that simply made me melt. Callie hasn’t been home for Thanksgiving for six years. She didn’t plan it that way. First, it was her job while at college, then it was her job after college. This year, they are cutting hours at work and she finally gets to go home. She’s excited to see her parents and her older brother. But there is one person in particular she is nervous and excited to see. Her brother’s best friend and more or less adopted son of the family, Adam. Adam has been the object of her dreams since she was a little girl. First, it was adoration, then a full blown crush which eventually grew in to love. But she was always the nerdy girl with the big glasses and her nose in a book. Not the kind of girl she thought Adam would go for. Plus, he was four years older than she was. After she left home for college, they haven’t crossed paths since.What will Adam think when he sees her? Callie has developed an intense addiction to potato chips whenever she gets nervous. When she’s upset, it morphs into ice cream. Lately, she’s been going through the chips like crazy.“I had spent endless hours fantasizing about what it would feel like to kiss him, before I had ever had anything to compare it to. And I was glad for the life experience right then. Because nothing, nothing had ever compared. Nothing was even in the same hemisphere.”Adam never minded little Callie tagging along with he and Cory in high school. He actually enjoyed her company. He knew he was developing feelings for her as they got older but he never let them show. She was too young. Then she was gone. He thought about going up to D.C. to visit her but he was afraid too much time had passed. Then, six years later, in her parents house, she walked in to the kitchen and he felt like he had been punched in the gut. It was still there, all of it. This time he wasn’t going to let her get away."That's a good look on you, Callie," he said, his thumb stroking over my parted lips. "Even better knowing I put it there," he said before his head ducked and his lips sealed over mine.Adam thought maybe he could just get her out of his system. That he could finally have her and then let her go. But it didn’t work out that way. Their weekend together came to an end and Callie had to go back to D.C. to her life while Adam’s was there in Massachusetts. But after she left, she took all his joy with her. He was devastated.This book…I just loved it. It was a perfect, sexy, sweet holiday romance. I could so relate to Callie. She loved books, lived for books. She was clumsy, nerdy, and never quite fit in with the norm at school. Yes, I can relate. And then there is Adam. That man could melt an iceberg with his sexiness. I couldn’t have wanted these two to find a way to a happy ever after more. This is a quick read and will definitely leave you with plenty of warm and fuzzies, plenty of sighs, and a smile on your face. So be sure to pick this one up before Thanksgiving. It will make your holiday just a little bit steamier, and just a little bit sweeter.

  • Sabrina
    2019-05-04 08:11

    Stuffed is a short novel from Jessica Gadziala that follows Callie on her journey home for the Holidays. Once there she is brought face to face with her teenage crush, and brothers best friend, Adam, who spends Thanksgiving with her family. He's just as gorgeous as always and she realizes her crush never went away. But it's not as if Adam would ever want his friends clumsy younger sister...right?Callie was the shy and awkward girl that not so secretly lusted after Adam when she was younger but now that she's back he's the one lusting after her. Their story was a quick and easy read but didn't miss any of the romance. I loved the build-up to Callie and Adam's relationship and that we got to see it all play out. Overall, it's a super fun read and something I definitely recommend.

  • Alba and Her Secrets..♥
    2019-04-23 09:16

    4 'Potato chips' Stars!Really enjoyed this shortie about a the nerdy girl who always loved her brother's best friend. Loved the familiarity, the couple together and their hot chemistry!A good, short and light read, perfect for around Thanksgiving ;)

  • Maria...
    2019-04-29 05:46

    3,5 Stuffed starsThis was a really nice and sweet short Thanksgiving story...I enjoyed Adam and Callie...This was such a different book than what we were used to from Jessica...And I don't mean it in a bad way...I just loved that we have a chance to read a sweet story by this author...This is a different side of her and let me tell you I hope to see it again...Not that I would want her to stop writing the badass characters from her previous books but once in a while I would like to read a short sweet story from her too...Callie was such a nerd and crazy with her books...She was sweet, shy and awkward...that was adorable and Adam thought so too...I enjoyed their crush and the relationship they had since they were kids...Adam was great...he waited for so long to have a chance with her...and it was worth it in the end... He loved her nerdy side and wouldn't change it for the world...That is love!!! Enjoy! xxx

  • Jen
    2019-05-05 07:49

    4 Turkey Day StarsSo completely adorkable and thanksgivingey all at the same time! Plus, I love a nerdy heroine that finally gets her man. All in all a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend read.

  • ♡Tonya♡
    2019-04-30 12:10

    Sweet low angst book! This was my first book by Jessica Gadziala and certainly won't be my last! Adam was sweet, sexy and I loved that he finally gave Callie that push she needed to take the plunge with him. Callie was quirky and funny. She felt very relatable and I really liked her. I loved that she got the guy she had loved since she was a kid!I wanted to punch her cousin for being such a mean girl. It would have made ME feel better if Adam would have put her in her place, but they fact he basically just ignored her advances was ok.-sweet hero-endearing heroine-slight pushing away by heroine (more inner thoughts than anything else)-no om drama whatsoever -ow drama - her cousin was condescending to her and flirty with Adam but she didn't cause any rifts with the couple-steamy My only complaint would be that there wasn't much of an epilogue. We just got a look a year later. Definitely a HFN ending! Maybe we can get a wedding novella or something? ? hint hint

  • Gio
    2019-04-27 12:16

    Sweet Low Angst Story About A Nerdy Girl Who Wears TARDIS SOCKSMy Friend Carol's Review Will Convince You

  • Cyndi
    2019-04-21 10:06

    Since so many of my friends liked this book I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I have friends with such good taste because it was excellent!They have almost always been in each others lives. He is her brothers best friend and spent all his time with her family. She has loved him since she was a fourteen year old shy book nerd.She is coming home for Thanksgiving for the first time in 6 years. He’s there. Now’s their chance.A wonderful love story!

  • Ally
    2019-05-04 05:16

    Well, now I'm really hungry for some bird This was one sweet read. Makes you just go "awwwwwwwww". Setting / Time / Genre: CurrentLength: short, like 150 pagesSeries: NopeSexy times: Yep. Sweet and a little steamy. Plan on reading more by the author:I think I will. Open to suggestions if you have them. Synopsis: This is basically a childhood crush come true. Geeky hero and hunky heroine. Although, I'm not sure she's really geeky. She seemed fairly normal to me, but not sure what that says about me. Heroine: Callie. Think Harry Potter wands, hipster glasses and oversized clothes. You go girl, I'm all over that outfit. Hero: Adam. He's been waiting for Callie for a long time. And he makes his move all smooth like. And when she vacillates, he stands strong and brings it all home. Why it did or didn't work for me: It worked alright. I could have done without the nasty girl cousin. But that's a trigger. I'm not totally convinced she did or didn't need to be there. I mean on one hand, I get that she makes the story. On the other hand, I hate making women the "evil one" as it were. This was definitely a sweet story about a woman finding her way back home, learning what she wants and being accepted for exactly who she is, and accepting herself. And of course, she gets the hunky dude, because who doesn't want all that? Fun and fast pre-turkey read. Peace and happy stuffing

  • maggieandteddy
    2019-05-07 08:50

    1st: A BIG THANK YOU to Carol (Goodreads Addict) for her terrific review. She has an awesome talent for selecting books that she enjoys. She gave this novella 5 stars & her review got me to select this gem. 2nd: A BIG APOLOGY to Jessica Gadziala. Sorry for not giving your books a chance. I'v been a big chicken-or at this time of year-a big turkey! Gobble Gobble ;)This novella really hit me just right. The perfect story this time of year. Nobody's perfect, no one has the perfect figure, fashion sense, job, family, etcCallie is a nerdy 24 y/o woman living and working in DC. For the first time in 6 years, she's been able to get back home to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving. Adam, Callie's brother's long time best friend is invited for the long holiday weekend. Adam & Cory (Callie's brother) are 4 years older than Callie. Callie has had a crush on Adam since she was 14. Yeah, she's nervous when they see each other again after 6 years. This is dual first person POV. I absolutely loved Adam. What a sweetheart. He's very attractive and sexy. He gently breaks down Callie's shy, timid shell. Adam constantly tells Callie "Don't change Pip" (for Pippy Longstocking.)My favorite thing about Callie is that she's a voracious reader. Adam appreciates that about her. This is a novella, but it didn't feel like one. I liked Callie's parents, especially her mom. She wasn't OTT, but quietly and lovingly supported Callie. Callie's dad was quiet & I could tell that she took after him. The quiet mild mannered nerd. During Callie's childhood, she'd been a target of mean girls. Her cousin Amy seemed to continue the harassing attitude and mean comments. Some would say Callie is a door mat.It's not her fault. No one deserves to be bullied. Bullying is a bad part of human nature. Fortunately I was very satisfied with the solution to Amy. Adam doesn't fall into her clutches.Callie and Adam are friends but Callie has been hiding her true feelings for Adam. The ending was perfect. No rushing it. Perfect amount of romance and steam.This currently available through Kindle Unlimited. I did get a feeling of Thankfulness. I hope that this review wasn't too corny or syrupy ;)5 POTATO CHIP STARS *****

  • Michelle
    2019-04-23 06:09

    Really enjoyed this Callie asnt been home for Thanksgiving in 6 years with work and college it just never worked out but she was ready to go home an have a great holiday with her family but when she found out her brothers best friend Adam was goin to be there she was dreading it she had still not got over her crush an probably would never but she hadn't seen him in 6 years she new he would b still gorgeous an sexy as hell but he had never seen her as anything but a lil sister until this thanksgiving I luvd this novella it was so good I enjoyed the characters so much Adam is very sexy and the way he was with Callie was so cute the lil nickname he had for her was sweet I thought Callie was great her nerdy way we're funny as times she had to own style an luvd books like we al do even though mine a lil different haha I just really enjoy her character there actually wasn't everything that I didn't like about this it sweet cute sexy hot with a gorgeous men a nerdy girls and Thanksgiving dinner :) xxx

  • Stacie
    2019-05-08 04:08

    4 "Happy Thanksgiving" Stars!This was a super cute and sweet story. Adam was charming, funny, and sexy. Callie was nerdy, sweet and had her own bit of charm as well. Maybe endearing is the right word for her. I was happy to see her have all her dreams come true. I enjoyed their Thanksgiving romance very much. Happy reading!

  • Talltree
    2019-04-28 08:03

    Second chance romance ( kind of - h knew H as her brothers best friend) that didn't work for me.Pluses:- the h was adorably geeky- during the 6yr separation she dated and moved onMinuses:- the H was kind of wishy-washy. From teen years H knew the h was infatuated with him. He was kind to her but that didn't stop him dating. Everyone also knew about h's crush.- h/H met again after 6 yrs by chance. If that hadn't happened they would never have gotten together even now. I much prefer H's who go after h and make things happen as opposed to them coming across h by chance.- even after they sleep together and H knows that h loves him, he doesn't think of this as anything except a fling to get some closure. Its only after the h's brother has a talk with H that suddenly H realises its love and he should go after her.Without this talk its evident that the status quo would have stayed the same.- plus the H seemes quite experienced. In his POV we get some thoughts of OW and its clear he's had some relationships in the separation:( It seems it was a case of out of sight out of mind for H with the h, even though he claims he was always into her.In general the h was very passive and waited for the H to make the moves, but the H wasn't that into her. It took years and scheming and pushing by people around them for the H to actually chase the h and she fell into his lap immediately. Even then it took the end of the book for the H to even think of offering her something semi-permanent like a relationship. Meh.

  • Celestine
    2019-04-26 05:08

    Cute storyThis was a cute story about nerdy girl loving her older brother's best friend. Years pass and they see each other at Thanksgiving and old feelings get explored anew. The narrative was missing some of the push-pull expected in this trope. The physical part moved at a quick pace, but it was clear love was in the air. I liked how everyone around them knew how these two actually felt. It was cute. Short novella perfect for a quick holiday read.

  • Tricia
    2019-04-24 04:49

    A light, easy read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Their Thanksgiving was about traditions, which was refreshing to this Canadian who has never experienced an US Thanksgiving outside of what the news has showed me.The romance was sweet and perfect for a holiday background.I always marvel at how authors can put so much into a short novel and have it work where you're not left feeling like you needed more, but Ms. Gadziala did a great job of telling a story that was well-rounded and complete.

  • Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥
    2019-05-04 08:08

    What a sexy, sassy, sweet, HOT read! Loved this book! It's been six years since Callie has made it home for Thanksgiving, but she'll be there this year . . . and so will her old childhood crush, Adam. That knowledge is enough to send her deeper into a bag of potato chips, her go-to stress food! Callie is a book nerd, sloppy dresser, and a bit of a "fumbler" while Adam is a successful lawyer who wears the part and his gorgeous looks well. He's everything Callie has ever wanted and knows she can't have. When these two reconnect, sparks fly. The tone, pace, and writing in this book were spot on. I was laughing one minute and fanning myself the next. Every book nerd girl deserves her own Adam! A fun, sizzling story! A Must Read!

  • Ann Lou
    2019-04-28 12:06

    One of my favorite tropes. Falling in love with your brother's best friend. In here, we have the h (Callie) who is nerdy and clumsy. I love nerd heroines and I can totally relate the references. She has been in love with her brother's best friend but hasn't seen him in six years because of work. She works as a graphic designer in D.C while he is in Massachusets. The H (Adam) is a lawyer. He has always treated the h kindly. When she was fourteen, he bought her a wand. A Hermoine wand. The nerd in me, fell for him when I read this. *giggle*. Aaaaaand so, they met again after 6 years during thanksgiving day.This book maybe short but it packed a punch plus there's an epilogue people!!

  • Renégade ♥
    2019-05-19 04:05

    Just a quick heads up that 'Stuffed' is currently free on Amazon:'ve been hearing some good things about this one as of late so I thought I'd take a moment to share.

  • Lua
    2019-05-18 04:14


  • Carol
    2019-05-06 10:00

    I totally loved this short romance centered around thanksgiving. Callie returns to her family home for thanksgiving a holiday that she has missed for the last six years because of school or work even though she always manages to get home for christmas. Her older brother's best friend Adam has spent all these thanksgiving holiday's with her family since the passing of his parents but Callie hasn't seen him in six years. Callie the book nerd always had a crush on the sexy Adam but with a four year difference in age it was never a reality. Adam had never minded Callie trailing along with him and Cory back then, in fact he had always been fond of her and enjoyed spending time with her. His feelings had began to change as she got older but she was just to young and then she was gone.Six years later when Callie walks into the kitchen of her parents home they both felt it. Thank you my book friend Carol for introducing me to this sweet, quirky romance with such adorable characters.

  • Brooklyn JoJo
    2019-05-11 11:52

    This was a short and hot one! The hero Adam was a sweet yet aggressive alpha who'll make your toes curl with the way he pursues Callie, a shy, somewhat insecure and nerdy old childhood friend. I would've liked it maybe a tad more if it had been longer but still u had no complaints as Adam made up for it lol! A light, fun, steamy read perfect for this time of year!

  • Jennifer☠Pher☠
    2019-04-25 09:13

    I loved this. Honestly I only picked it up because it was Thanksgiving themed and there is so much Christmas in my feed already I wanted to rebel.It was just a perfect Thanksgiving romance and I think I smiled the entire read.So sweet!!

  • Heather Blair
    2019-05-17 05:55

    Sweet, cute & just plain yummy.

  • Malinda
    2019-05-02 03:48

    4-4.5 starsThis was a very enjoyable Thanksgiving romance and I do love how it ended. This is a long-time-coming romance between Callie and Adam that doesn't feel nearly as short as it really was. Callie is a graphic designer that lives in D.C. Callie went to college majoring in Literature because of her major love of books...she has a book (at least one) with her anywhere she goes. Graphic design was her minor that was supposed to be a backup but became her career...much to Callie's consternation. Callie is a geek girl who loves everything from Doctor Who to Star Wars to Serenity to Harry Potter (and most everything in between) yeah, I feel a definite kinship with her. :DAdam is a lawyer who is 4 years older than Callie and has been best friends with her brother since they were very small. Adam grew up with both Callie and her brother and he was always very kind to her. Adam lost his parents years ago and has been somewhat "adopted" into Callie's family and usually is at every Thanksgiving dinner.Callie finally gets some time off for Thanksgiving but she's worried because there's a chance her time off may be because of financial problems within the company, which could mean her job. Callie heads home for the holiday but is nervous about seeing Adam after so long. Callie has had boyfriends and all while they've been apart but she's never been able to get past the "crush" she always had on him. When they see each other again, Adam is just as hot as he used to be (if not more so) and Callie is pretty twisted up about the situation and him. However, as the long Thanksgiving weekend progresses, Callie is surprised to find that Adam is making moves on her. As confused as she is, Callie does respond to Adam and they share something...something that neither wants to give up but they live in different cities and have separate lives. Things look kind of sad for a bit but as they say...distance makes the heart grow fonder (or maybe more despondent in this case) and Adam decides to make a move that works out well, with him and Callie happily together and heading towards a HEA.This was a very enjoyable story. I liked Callie and since she was a bibliophile and a geek girl, I felt a major kinship with her. Adam was a good guy. It was kind of hard to tell at first but we got more of his PoV and insight into him as the story progressed and I really liked him by the end. Overall, I was very please with this story and thought it was a great holiday romance to read on Thanksgiving. :D

  • Alina Thomas
    2019-05-01 10:01

    Warning, I am going to rant!Maybe it's because I am not in a good mood but...No I did not like this one, it was not the sweet I liked.I prefer sweet, geeky, strong, funny heroines, not heroines who take the whole damn book to realise how so many people walked over them.The nickname 'pip' annoyed me I mean it kinda sounds like pimp.(H called her that all the freakn time)The H only wanted a fling and she just accepted this ( though they did not discuss it she understood his subtle hints that it was a fling)she is the burying her head under the sand kind of girl, which even the H mentions..I have absolutely nothing against book loving , quiet heroines but to me it's about being strong, which she was not.The H wanted to' get her out of his system' and obviously he had an amazing sex life when they were not together while she had a lousy one. (that's what bugs me about childhood sweethearts and brother's best friends books, the Hero has an active sex life while the heroine is a virgin or has had a shitty ex)She had a mean cousin who I'm pretty sure she does not confront. Her mom's can you encourage your daughter to be with someone who didn't really want to be with her , granted she did not know he just wanted a fling but still,Anyway rant over guess I just need to blow some steam.I have been reading some really annoying books lately so..if anyone could recommend a book about a strong ass but quirky heroine and an awesome hero I'd really appreciate it.Thanks :)

  • Romazing Reader
    2019-04-27 10:46

    Everything about this lovely, adorable, sexy, story makes me laugh, cry and swoon from the first word to the last... I absolutely loved it! It thrilled my bookworm-heart completely many emotions, so many feels, and so much at stake as Callie faces her fears of unrequited love for Adam, and to trust her could be so good between them or it could go so wrong...and then Adam's secret passions and sweet devotion to all of Callie's cute bookwormy! This was just so amazing! NOW I'm crushing on Adam, so hard!! What a dreamy dream guy! I swear Jessica can not write anything but wonderfully touching and fantastic romances that are just so endearing and steamy hot at the same time! I can not recommend this book highly enough... so just get it already and enjoy all the bookgasms!

  • Eleanor
    2019-04-25 07:04

    4 Pip Stars Stuffed was not a norm book for Jessica even with that it was just what I needed this week to snap me out of my book funk. This book was a nice enjoyable sweet read and is just the book for snuggling onto the couch with the fire lighting and have no where else to be for a few hours. Callie is a little Nerdy, She kinda reminded me of myself with a book in bag at all times. Adam is a lot hot haha Such a nice holiday read.

  • *~* Susie
    2019-04-23 04:56

    Really enjoyed this sweet little thanksgiving read!! Gotta love a nerdy book worm who gets her dream man.

  • Colleen M
    2019-04-23 11:02

    You know that warm, comforting, fully satisfied feeling you have sitting around with your friends/family after Thanksgiving dinner? Yeah, this whole story is exactly like that feeling. Title: Stuffed: A Thanksgiving RomanceAuthor:Jessica GadzialaGenre: Contemporary RomanceCallie has been living in an anxiety-induced, compulsive-potato-chip-eating fog lately - her job is on the rocks. Said rockiness is the only reason it seems she has the weekend free to attend Thanksgiving dinner with family for the first time in six years. It only gets worse when she realizes that she’ll get to see Adam Gallagher all weekend - her brother’s best friend and the love/crush of her young adolescent life. This could be her chance to show him she isn’t the gangly teenage nerd anymore… but that would only be partially true - she is totally still a nerd. What she doesn’t plan on is Adam seeing past the nerdiness to her own particular brand of genuineness and realizing it's what he has been missing for the last six years. What I loved about Callie:-She shares my healthy respect for anxiety binge eating.-She named her cat Albus-Total and complete nerd, including Bronte references, Tardis socks, and R2D2 paperweights.Callie lives in her safety net. She got a degree in literature, her true love, but minored in graphic design to help pay the bills… only to spend her days in a job she merely tolerates, in a city with few friends, slowly being crushed with loneliness. Watching her come home and find that whole “home-and-hearth” feeling was heartwarming. Adam… Adam was adorable and sweet but totally hot at the same time when it came down to sexy times. While he knew Callie had a crush on him as a kid, he acknowledged and discarded his own attraction to her due to their age difference. Then he just assumed she had moved on in college. Seeing her walk into her childhood home dressed in goofy casual clothes and messy hair has him thinking that he has to try to see if they could have something real.This was all fluff - but good fluff. There was only minor drama - a bitchy cousin who tries to stir trouble, as well as the inevitable we-live-in-different-places-this-isn’t-going-anywhere problem that gets resolved in a cute way. A great feel good story with some erotic hints that entertained me for a bit. Definitely a recommend.Favorite Quote: I was clumsy and nerdy and tended to ramble about strange topics. Luckily for me, he found it charming. The freak.

  • Liz
    2019-05-21 09:15

    There's nothing better, some days, than short and sweet!! Having her job to keep her from going home on hollidays, Callie has lived the last years of her life, thinking she got over Adam. Long gone is her teenage crush. NOT.With her job being in danger she gets the oportunity to finally return home which makes her face real life.Real life where she still dislike her cousin.Real life where her brother still tease her about her books and clothes.Real life where Adam is pretty much alive in her heart as he was years ago.Knowing that finally Callie is at the age when he can openly admit his feelings for her and do something about it, Adam takes advantage and goes after the girl he always wanted. Which was adorable and sweet and oh-so-hot!I really liked the book and found it quite refreshing because of how different the characters were in comparison with The Henchmen and Savages series.Quite lovely!Favourite quote:"Girls who have loved a guy since they were both kids don't throw it in his face when he shows up and says he feels the same way!"Thank you, Jessica!