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They found four corpses in four days. Each more hideously disfigured than the last, the bodies punctured with dozens of tiny wounds.At first they thought it was a savage psychopath. Then they thought it was a vicious gangland war. Then they thought packs of demonic rats were escaping through the ventilation system. Then they saw the nightmare itself, in all its mottled, slThey found four corpses in four days. Each more hideously disfigured than the last, the bodies punctured with dozens of tiny wounds.At first they thought it was a savage psychopath. Then they thought it was a vicious gangland war. Then they thought packs of demonic rats were escaping through the ventilation system. Then they saw the nightmare itself, in all its mottled, slimy horror, coming after them from every direction, and they realized that the Gates of Hell had been left open......

Title : Darkfall
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ISBN : 9780425214596
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Darkfall Reviews

  • Dirk Grobbelaar
    2019-05-24 19:50

    Penny Dawson woke and heard something moving furtively in the dark bedroom.Darkfall has one of the spookiest opening sequences ever to grace the pages of a horror novel. Or at least, in my humble opinion.It would have been nice if it could have kept that momentum going.Fear brought a watery looseness to his joints.I am of the opinion that this is the kind of thing DK does best. Way back, my first real introduction to supernatural Horror stories was Phantoms. It scared the dickens out of me, but it also left me craving more. This eventually led (inevitably) to my discovering the likes of Stephen King and Peter Straub.Two radiant silver eyes glared at him from the duct opening.This particular book suffers from a severe case of Mulder and Scully, although, to be fair, the X-files was still years away when Darkfall was published. The skeptic female cop routine is taken to unparalleled (and annoying) extremes in the first half of the novel.I found it somewhat hard to warm to the characters; however the backdrop (New York during a snowstorm) was rather atmospheric and added nicely to the general vibe.Their prospects for survival suddenly looked as bleak as the winter night around them.It’s an enjoyable enough read, but it does lose a bit of steam at times, when scenes get dragged out needlessly. Initially the story finds itself somewhere between Critters and, like I already mentioned, X-Files, but it eventually meanders into the realm of Voodoo and sorcery.I have no idea how accurately the subject matter is portrayed, but it is fairly interesting for the most part.“I wait. ” It was a voice of dry paper, of sand andsplinters, a voice of infinite age, as bitterly cold as the night between the stars, jagged and whispery and evil.The one thing in Darkfall that I found silly in the extreme, and here I should be careful of spoilers, has to do with one of the protagonist’s apparent imperviousness to voodoo. To use the person’s own words: ”That’s just plain ridiculous.”And as good as the opening sequences are, the apocalyptic cheesefest ending is almost the exact polar opposite, even if it does score points for its Lovecraftian factor.If you’re looking for some early Koontz-horror, when the supernatural and the bizarre was still very much his thing, you may want to check this out, although only if you’ve already read the likes of Phantoms and Midnight since I believe they’re both better than Darkfall.From the Author’s AfterwordI do not rate Darkfall among my best work, but I’ll be immodest enough to say that I think it’s a fun read. The only ambition here was to produce a page-turning entertainment; I wanted to cross the horror novel with the police procedural, while mixing in a love story and a measure of comic dialogue.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-03 17:34

    One of Koontz’s earliest novels that was originally titled “The Pit” by his persona Owen West, has been retitled “Darkfall” and is now published along with other Koontz titles. I picked up this paperback after reading and enjoying Koontz’s “Odd Thomas” series. The writing of “Darkfall” is just as dark and evil as I had expected.Koontz’s use of imagery throughout the novel is outstanding. I was able to (unwillingly) step into the novel and be part of the action. I truly felt as if I was traveling with the characters throughout the story. The demonic characters where slowly revealed to us as the gates of hell were opened through a glowing pit dug by the evil character Lavelle. Lavelle practices voodoo, but other than a few references to his rituals, I found that there was much research lacking by Koontz.The characters Jack and Rebecca were well developed and I felt a strong connection to them, even to the evil forces of Lavelle. There was a strong story line of good vs evil that was carried through the entire book. A lesser love storyline was also present and I found myself enjoying the character development through this route.Having a 12 year old child, I found one character, Penny, who is 11 years old to be unbelievable. See seemed to present the maturity and dialogue of a much older teen. This was especially evident at the end of the novel.Overall, this was a fun read, which you should probably not read before bedtime.

  • Maciek
    2019-04-26 20:40

    Darkness comes/Darkfall - 1984. This is propably the most "Mastertonian" book written by Koontz, as it deals with voodoo.Baba Lavelle is a newcomer in town, and he's planning to take over the drug business. However, he's not your average thug - he's a Bocor, which basically means he can conjure the most wicked demons and send them after his enemies.Koontz's use of visual imagery is outstanding. That's one of the fact I miss in his recent works. The demons, the chases are all beautifuly rendered.The bad thing is the silly morality of the characters. He desperately tries to get readers to feel for the heroine, who wouldn't go with the good cop because...A junkie came into the shop her father owned, and despite the fact that the man gave him money that he wanted he killed him.That's a tragedy.But he returned and shot the woman's mother, who was in the shop too.That's a double tragedy, really. But here things start becoming ridiculous:She goes to be raised by her grandparents...and her grandfather dies. Then it's only her and the grandmother, won't guess...also dies. LOL ! The woman brings bad omens like the girl in Paranormal Activity. Kick her out of the house!Of course after telling the good guy all this macabre there's a graphic sex scene that's quite embarassing to read.Here are some quotes to illustrate the subtle differenes between good and evil in this novel."Hell's bells, no cop would fail to back up a partner," all said."Some would," Jack said."Damned few. And if they did, they wouldn't be cops for long.""Not all cops are corrupt. In fact, not even most of themare.""I'm a cop, for God's sake! You can't make me back down by threateningme. Threats just make me all the more interested in finding you.""You threaten my kids, you asshole, you just threw away whatever chanceyou had. Who do you think you are? My God, where do you think you are?This is America, you dumb shit. You can't get away with that kind ofstuff here, threatening my kids." - LOL apparently you can't threat people in America, even in fiction. Uncle Sam is watching.Here are some descriptions of the bad guy, who comes to help the good guys by providing them with a photo of Lavelle."Don Gennaro Carramazza, patriarch of the most powerfulmafia family in New York.(...)He had a surprisingly cultured voice." - that's a good beginning, but..."The old man looked like a lizard. His eyes were hooded by heavy,pebbled lids. He was almost entirely bald. His face was wizened andleathery, with sharp features and a wide, thin-lipped mouth. He movedlike a lizard, too: very still for long moments, then brief flurries ofactivity, quick darlings and swivelings of the head." - so, there's something about him...Now some dialogue:"There's no reason to beafraid of me, you know."Afraid? But I'm not.""When you were reluctant to get into the car, I thought-""Oh, that wasn't fear," she said icily. "I was worried the dry cleanermight not be able to get the stink out of my clothes." - girl, where are your manners ? Here it begins:"You're a thug, a thief, a murderer, a dopepeddler, a pimp"(...)You can't insult a pig merely by calling it a pig.""Remember," Jack said, "he's lost a nephew and a brother today.""Both of whom were dope peddlers, thugs, and murderers," she said. - whoa whoa whoa !"The old man's reptilian hands remained perfectly still on top of theattache case. He turned his cobra eyes on Jack." - okay I get it he's bad ! But ole Koontz doesn't stop, and his narrator joins in the bashing:"There was no veneer of gentility now. The old man looked more reptilian than ever. Like a snake in a thousand-dollar suit. A very poisonous snake."(...)His dark eyes, always disturbing, now shone with a rage so intense, so inhuman that it communicated itself to Jack and sent a chill up his spine.(...)His eyes blinked once, twice, slow as lizard eyes.HE'S A LIZARD I GET IT DAMNIT!"This murderer, this geriatric dope peddler, this ancient racketeer, this supremely dangerous poisonous lizard of a man..." thank you, captain obvious.PS. Ancient Racketeer ? What stuff you have to take to think up something like that ?Plus one special quote for the end:"Fondling his genitals, he recited a short prayer."Isn't it neat ?

  • Becky
    2019-05-22 18:24

    2.5 StarsStarting this book I actually had pretty high hopes for it. A voodoo priest comes to New York for revenge and calls upon dark spirits and forces of evil to do his bidding... and all over town, people are found dead and mutilated. It starts out with some pretty creepy scenes, and the action doesn't really let up after that. If I was just judging this book on concept, action, and pace, it would be a 4 star book at least. But unfortunately, this is Dean Koontz, who manages to take a good concept and Koontzify quite a lot of it into mind-numbing near unreadability. By this I mean that I had some rather large issues with this book. First, Koontz shows once again that he is not a character writer. He's got two types of female characters that he just switches up between books. There's the Ball Buster Bitch and there's the Miss Independent Victim (That Needs To Love Again). Well wouldn't you know that Ol' Dean mixed it up here and gave us a 3rd type?? The BBB/Ms.IndyVictim/MamaBear! Yep. That Dean's just full of surprises!Next, about midway through, this already disbelief-suspended plot got all lost on its way home. The evil voodoo dude forgot who he was pissed at in the first place, and switched targets and priorities and busted out all of the big guns for someone who was simply a sideline irritation to begin with... and not only this, but he created himself a self-fulfilling prophecy in which the sideline irritation becomes a major problem by boasting and taunting the NYPD. If he'd just gone about his business, he could have concluded it and been on his merry way without any issues at all. I guess that this is supposed to teach us that pride cometh before the fall, but really, all it taught me is that if I'm going to do some bad stuff, I should probably just keep a low profile about it and NOT tip off the cops to details of how to take me down. Y'know... Just sayin'. But again, this is a Koontz book - the tension and danger is more important than making actual sense. Finally, there are authors out there who have brilliant observations on life and love and all that it entails, and communicate this wonderfully to the page in a way that provides the reader with interesting insight to their observations in a beautiful and honest way without insulting or condescending or preaching to the reader, or engaging their gag reflex. Then there are authors who are very bad at doing this, but are deluded into thinking that they are not, and write passages like this: "...Love is the only thing that endures. Mountains are torn down, built up, torn down again over millions and millions of years. Seas dry up. Deserts give way to new seas. Time crumbles every building man erects. Great ideas are proven wrong and collapse as surely as castles and temples. But love is a force, and energy, a power. At the risk of sounding like a Hallmark card, I think love is like a ray of sunlight, traveling for all eternity through space, deeper and deeper into infinity; like that ray of light, it never ceases to exist."(This is only part of a 3-page-or-so long emotionally motivational semi-monologue, skipped almost in its entirety by me because I couldn't stop rolling my eyes long enough to focus on the page.)I did like the concept of Voodoo here, and how it is malleable to those who use it based on their intentions. It's like life in general this way - we each get one, and how we use it is up to us. I liked the resolution for the same reason. I liked the action and pace and the assassins (which I thought were cool). It's too bad that the issues I had were so large. This isn't a bad read if you're looking for something quick paced and interesting -- just don't be too picky about characterization or a logical plot. ;)

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2019-05-11 15:45

    If you have read much Koontz and have read the forwards, notes etc. you may have run across the fact that Mr. Koontz (at least for a while) was (and for all I know may still be) very...."disillusioned" with Hollywood. They did some adaptions of his work that left, quite a bit to be desired. Still there was also a period (probably before this) when many of Mr. Koontz'z novels read (to me at least) as if they were outlines for screen plays. This is one of those.My wife and both my kids read this one some years ago (my daughter still holds a prank against her younger brother as while she was engaged in the more tense part of this novel he waited behind a door and leapt out at her...causing screams, mayhem and chaos throughout the house). I didn't read it at that time, but heard a lot about it.I knew from early on I wouldn't be giving this 5 stars no matter how good. It has that annoying "love story snipping at each other" motif. It carries on throughout the book slowly cycling down as the two participants realize their relationship.If I want a relationship[ book I can get one. i don't read horror for it...though I know some do.So...not a bad book. Voodoo involved, nasty creatures, very bad villain...pour together, mix thoroughly and serve. Nothing really new or super original here but reliable stuff.Enjoy.

  • Horace Derwent
    2019-05-15 15:50

    presently all by itself, some dashy and perky horror stories are really lame in comparison to koontz's oldschool hardass horrors

  • Matthew
    2019-05-14 21:48

    This was enjoyable, suspensful, and dark. Koontz even says in the afterward that it was not necessarily his best work, but he was hoping for a page turner - so he succeeded!

  • Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*
    2019-05-13 15:28

    Darkfall, as an early Koontz novel, is chocked full of horror, straight arrow chills, and all the things that make us look under the bed at night. The theme itself (demonic creatures?) drew me immediately and I stuck to these pages like dirt on a bar of used soap.The plot itself isn’t overly complicated but it’s laid out in a way that allows it to come off as a semi-mystery wannabe. The ending isn’t shocking once it’s unraveled, but there’s no way in hell I could have guessed it the first few chapters of this page-turner. From beginning to end, I was enchanted by strong characterization, creepy deaths, an odd sort of confusion, and interest to learn more. And interest, my dear readers, is the key to making a good book. Koontz has prevailed once again.Every writer pays some sort of attention to atmosphere (although not all are impressive in their efforts), yet sometimes you don’t have to have it deep, dark, and brooding to make it work in horror. Here Koontz doesn’t spend too much time waving his magic wand to make things black and gritty; instead, his focus seems to be more on the characters. Because of this, while there are creepy moments, it doesn’t have that still sort of fear induced from other novels like his, such as "Phantoms."The main characters are two cops, an interesting pair who are just now bringing their relationship up to ‘another level’. Jack is the main lead of the bunch, being the male partner falling in love with his female counterpart, the distant and somewhat cold seeming Rebecca with a haunting secret of her own. He is also the father of two adorable children, Penny and Davey, who bring their own sense of charm to the novel. The main villain is convincingly scripted, with a creepy personality that brings forth interesting (while morbid) antics.The pace is swift and strong. From the beginning murder to the final chapter. There is one issue I had with this, though, and that was the ending. Too abrupt and cut off. A lot of steam building up for the final boil over...while it happens so quickly that if you blinked, you missed it.Koontz’s style in this one is simple and yet well written. The words all flow together well, the characters are deep, the plot is follow-able and avoids confusion, and the tension/suspense strummed tightly enough.While Darkfall delivers on many levels, it fails on a small few - one of the main issues being the ending, and the other being a somewhat light use of atmosphere when it could have been used to greater advantage. In the end though, any weakness is melted away by the strength of the book’s heat. Darkfall is a gripping, thought provoking, and moving read packed full of real people, creepy scenarios, and vivid details.

  • Andrew
    2019-05-08 22:41

    Dean Koontz is a conundrum to me. His work is commercial and accessible and very easy to find - however there are many many critics of his style and criticisms of his work and his imagination. He is hugely successful and his creations are so addictive and I just cannot put his books down once I start them. I first found his work while I was at university. The publisher Headline had just launched a number of his books with new covers and they had a huge window display at a local bookshop. The covers looked amazing and I had to go in and try one. This book was that first title and I read it in a night. The storyline although at that time it was called Darkness Comes - was a new one to me (I guess now I have read far too many books which have echoes of this story) and I could not wait to see what happened, who would survive and what became of the main characters. I was not disappointed. But as you can imagine I had to read more - and so here lies my problem. The books are read far too quickly - Midnight another one of his titles I have read so many times that I destroyed my first copy of it and now have a hardback I regularly pull off the shelf and read again and again (speaking of which the pull is there for me to read it again I must resist or thats another sleepless night ahead)

  • Brett
    2019-04-25 22:35

    Darkfall by Dean Koontz. I had no idea what this book was about when I started it, and declined to read the synopsis so I could have the "joy" of nosing the plot out for myself. Well, I'll spoil it for you: it's about a voodoo practitioner that opens the gates of hell a bit and lets out some weird stuff that terrorizes the family of a policeman that is trying to catch said voodoo practitioner for his connection to some murders. Now, this sounds like exactly that kind of thing that I might get some guilty pleasure out of, but as is so often the case, Koontz is such a bad writer and inept at characterization and dialogue that I couldn't squeeze any enjoyment whatsoever out of the experience. The characterization of the bad guy in is awesomely stupid. That Koontz remains a bestselling author through decades of poor quality work is astounding.

  • Brett Tompkins
    2019-05-24 22:22

    It is interesting to read a book this old because of the lack of modern technology in the story. No cell phones or internet. You catch yourself yelling at the main character to "call and tell them the new info!!!!", and then realize that they can't, unless they hit up a pay phone. A pay phone?!! What the heck is that?!!! If you get the newest paperback version, there is an entry by Koontz that tells about how this book was supposed to be released under a pen name because editors at the time were reluctant to let authors explore outside of their particular genre. By the time it was to be released, he was doing so well under his own hame, they decided to release it under his name and it did very well. Anyway, it was interesting to get a 'behind the scenes' look at the beginning of Koontz's career.

  • Monica
    2019-05-10 16:51

    Suspenseful. Heart-pounding. The story is about two detectives, Jack and Rebecca, who are investigating a series of crimes where the victims have been chewed, although not by any kind of animal that can be recognized by medical doctors. What can it be? Knives? No. Too small. Penpricks? Well, how does a vicious body-building bodyguard not be able to fend those off? Voodoo? No. It's not real. Or is it? With the mind games that Baba Lavelle plays with Jack Dawson, Jack soon begins to believe. But not Rebecca. She is steadfast in her disbelief. But when Jack's children, Penny and Davey are dragged into the mess, will Rebecca rexamine her views? And will they all be able to fight off the demon creatures that chase after them in the night in the walls?

  • Oscar
    2019-04-29 20:44

    En Nueva York se están produciendo una serie de crímenes espantosos contra una familia mafiosa. La policía no encuentra explicación a los hechos, ya que los cuerpos aparecen mordisqueados y acuchillados en extrañas circunstancias. Pero el teniendo Jack Dawson está empezando a sospechar que detrás de todo anda un hechicero vudú.‘Darkfall’ (1984), de Dean Koontz, es una novela entretenida sin más, con capítulos cortos y trepidante por momentos, donde lo divertido se encuentra en las criaturas. Lo mejor el final, con algún toque lovecraftiano.

  • Saleh Tias
    2019-05-09 17:22

    ডিন কুন্টজ এর প্রথম কোন বই পড়ার সৌভাগ্য হল আজ।গত সন্ধ্যায় মেডিসিন পড়ার ফাঁকে একবার ভাবলাম, ধরে দেখি বইটা কেমন। ধরে দেখার পর মনে হল, খুলে দেখি বইটা কেমন। খুলে দেখার পর মনে হল, পড়ে দেখি বইটা কেমন। আর পড়ে দেখার পর মনে হল, শেষ করেই দেখি কেমন লাগে!এই বইটা খুবই ফাস্ট, বেশ উপভোগ্য, খুব একটা বড় না (সম্ভবত ৬০০০০ শব্দ), এবং সবচেয়ে বড় কথা হচ্ছে এর অনুবাদটা খুব চমৎকার।মনেই হয় নি অনুবাদ পড়ছি। আসল লেখক কিভাবে লিখেছেন জানি না, অনুবাদক সেটাকে অনুবাদ করার সময় একেবারে আমাদের সংস্কৃতির সাথে মিলিয়ে অনুবাদ করেছেন। শুধুমাত্র যদি চরিত্রের নামগুলো দেশি হত, আমি চ্যালেঞ্জ দিচ্ছি কেউই বুঝতে পারত না এটা মৌলিক লেখা নয়, অনুবাদ। অনুবাদ তো এমনই হওয়া উচিৎ!আমি জীবনে যে কয়টা অনুবাদ পড়েছি তার মধ্যে শ্রেষ্ঠ ছিল অ্যাঞ্জেলস অ্যান্ড ডেমনস এর অনুবাদ, করেছিলেন সম্ভবত মাকসুদুজ্জামান খান। আজ থেকে আমার লিস্টে ঐটার পড়েই আমি এই বইটার অনুবাদকে স্থান দিচ্ছি। অনুবাদকের প্রতি আমার লাল কালো এবং নীল সালাম রইল। ভাই, কি অনুবাদ করেছেন এইটা! অবিশ্বাস্য! অসম্ভব! নাইলে কি আর চার দিন পর প্রফের মেডিসিন ভাইভার পড়া রেখে এইটা দুইটানে শেষ করি!বইটার নামঃ ডার্কফললেখকঃ ডিন কুন্টজঅনুবাদকঃ তানজীম রহমানপ্রকাশকঃ বাতিঘর প্রকাশনীপ্রথম প্রকাশঃ ফেব্রুয়ারি ২০১৪মূল্যঃ ২২০ টাকা (গায়ের দাম)। পৃষ্ঠাঃ ২৫৪মাস্ট রিড। কাহিনীর জন্য মূলত নয়, আমি সবাইকে এই বইটা সাজেস্ট করছি অনুবাদের মান দেখার জন্য। আর যারা হরর থ্রিলার পছন্দ করেন, তাদের জন্য এই বইটা মাস্ট মাস্ট মাস্ট মাস্ট মাস্ট রিড।

  • Graceann
    2019-04-24 21:26

    This 1984 effort, released as Darkfall in the US, went beyond what I was expecting from Koontz - he shot right past suspense and into horror territory. The novel begins with every little kid's nightmare; the monster under the bed. Penny Dawson doesn't want to tell any of the grown-ups what she's heard scrabbling away in her room, because she doesn't want them to think she's crazy. Meanwhile, her Dad is trying to solve a very strange series of "locked room mysteries." Bringing the two threads together is one of the things that Dean Koontz does best, and he's up to the task here. The villain is someone utterly without redeeming quality, and the hero is amusing and interesting. There is an unfortunate romantic subplot which I thought was unnecessary, but I suspect Mr. Koontz's editor convinced him otherwise. He did his best with it, and his best is pretty darned good, but it just seemed extraneous. All in all, a scary, page-turning thriller. I'm only glad I had the foresight to read it when I was in a house with other people around. I think if I'd been on my own, I would have had to leave all the lights on after completing this one.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-27 14:38

    I found this book at Goodwill and thought it sounded like a great thriller. Then I got to the first scene with Jack and Rebecca and right then and there it started getting the same feeling that Phantoms gave me. Things just ended to damn conveniently for the characters. I mean, Jack can fight demons from hell summoned by voodoo because he's basically a nice guy? Really? I've only read 3 of Dean Koontz's books, but already, I'm not a fan. The Taking is an incredible book and I loved every second of it, but Phantoms and Darkfall have just ruined this author for me. Beginning to end it was just too predictable for me. And the characters are irritating. There's not enough character development in Rebecca to wash off the bitch vibe you get at the beginning, Jack just doesn't strike me as the brightest light bulb for some reason, and his kids are honestly just annoying. I didn't hate it and there's just the slightest bit of suspense to the end, but all in all, I wouldn't recommend it.

  • Jeb
    2019-04-26 20:27

    This seems to be a pretty typical Koontz book. His chase and discovery descriptions are probably the best I've read of any author. He completely draws you in to the story line of horror discover:The template is pretty straightforward:1. seeing the gruesome facts, 2. applying conventional explanations3. discarding the conventional explanations, 4. accepting the supernatural, 5. discovering the nature of the supernatural, 6. supernatural discover that it's now being hunted, 7. short meeting of good and evilThe first six are always solid, Koontz is a master. The 7th is always lame. Where Stephen King draws out number 7 to the point that the reader loses what's going on, Koontz is too short and unsatisfying.Since this book encompasses voodoo...I would have liked to know more about voodoo...a little more research and relating would have been good.

  • Julie Powell
    2019-04-26 22:50

    I enjoyed the philosophical aspects of the story regarding the concepts of heaven and hell and how we choose to live our lives, although the gooey bits were less so, I realised the necessity due to the subject matter.A good read with great characters.

  • Fahmida Altaf
    2019-05-04 18:26

    আজই প্রথম নাম জানলাম, আজই পড়ে ফেললাম। এক নি:শ্বাসে শেষ করেছি। চমৎকার অনুবাদ!সমালোচনা হবে যে বিষয়ে ~ প্রথম ও দ্বিতীয় খন্ড ভালো লেগেছে, প্রথমাংশ বেশি। ভেবেছিলাম যেন ক্লাসিক মুভি দেখছি। দ্বিতীয়াংশ চলছিল, ভালোই। কিন্তু তৃতীয় খন্ডে এসে সব বেমানানভাবে দ্রুত হয়ে গেল। টিপিকাল ভয়, গাড়িতে পলায়ন আর দুর্ঘটনা, আর সমাপ্তিটা সাধারণ মানের হরর ফ্যান্টাসির মতো লেগেছে। জ্যাক বিশেষ কেউ কিনা তা মাঝের দিকে প্রকাশ করার দরকার ছিলো না। আর জ্যাক শুধু পবিত্র পানি দিয়েই নরকের দরজা বন্ধ করে দিল এতে বিশেষ হবার কিছুই প্রকাশ পেল না, হ্যাম্পটন নিজেই তা করতে পারতেন। লাভেলের গুলির ব্যথা সহ্য করতে পারে না এটাও কেমন লাগল। লাভেল আসলে সাইকোপ্যাথ, সে নিজের স্বার্থে নরকের দরজা খুলেছিল, প্রতিশোধ শুধুই বাহানা। কিন্তু বারবার প্রতিশোধ শব্দটাই আসলো।চার তারা দিতে গিয়ে কমিয়ে দিলাম।

  • Tim
    2019-05-20 21:36

    My latest quarterly Koontz fix. This is another of his earlier ones (1984), combining several genres. This includes a very, very nasty hit on a Mob boss, and the ensuing murder investigation, with detective Jack Dawson and his partner/romantic-tension-source, Rebecca Chandler. Behind all this mayhem is a voodoo wizard of the dark arts (“Bocor”), Baba Lavalle (who is also in competition with the Mob for the drug trade). By contrast, we also have a “good” voodoo wizard (“Houngon”), Carver Hampton. Plus we have Mr. Koontz’s hooror/minions of Hell, powered by Lavelle, smallish aggressive creatures with sharp and luminescent eyes, who are after Jack’s children Penny and Davey, as well as being instruments of mass destruction in general.In some ways, “Darkfall” is reminiscent of Mr. Koontz’s “Dragon Tears,” pitting a detective pair against the forces of evil, though the latter is a better book. I did, however, find the characters in “Darkfall” appealing, especially the plucky Penny. While “Darkfall” does present voodoo as able to be good as well as evil (in contrast to the stereotype of it as being only evil), Mr. Koontz goes a bit heavy-handed and preachy about spirituality and Churchiness. Also, while Mr. Koontz is at his best with scenes of horrific suspense (there’s a chase scene through the snowy streets of New York that’s exhausting) and things that go bump in the night, I found the ending to be too abrupt, without a denouement that would have pulled things together better. So I’m going to give this one 3 stars, although it’s more like 2½.

  • Noshin Syara
    2019-04-30 14:28

    My second one of Dean Koontz !Thrill, romance & a whole lot of Super-natural things !Okay...!That's my type !Koontz is awesome *_*

  • The Muser
    2019-05-21 19:41

    My Review:Characters: I am always surprised by how well Koontz writes from the viewpoint of a child. Always. I loved his child characters in this book, Penny especially. I’ve written a few short stories before, and have always struggled with writing from the viewpoint of a child, so my imaginary hat of awesomeness gets tipped to Koontz.His adult characters are also well done, as always. I like that he can portray a person in a few simple sentences, and allows the dialogue to portray even more without needing to explicitly state things. He does very well with the idea of “Show. Don’t tell.”Plot: I’ve read quite a few of Koontz’s books, and was surprised by this one. Usually, Koontz delves into the realm of aliens or psychology, so I was a little surprised when this book took on the subject of voodoo. And portrayed it brilliantly (at least to my untrained eye. Despite some background information on Pagan religions, voodoo was never something I studied or learned about, so I apologize if my opinion of this book portrays voodoo in a way it’s not.). It certainly gives me a desire to read about voodoo more. I’m not sure about the difference between voodoo and hoodoo (if there is a difference). I’d be more than happy if someone could guide me to the right things to read.It’s a little refreshing, in my mind, to read something by Koontz that doesn’t deal with aliens or psychology, so: Go you, Mr. Koontz! I’d like to see more paranormal based books.What I got out of it:Suspense. I definitely felt the suspense in this one. I read this in about a three hour period with no stops. I picked it up, and forgot everything. I had planned on writing another book’s review this afternoon, but that got swiped to the side because of Darkfall.Anywho… If you want a good, fast-paced read that will keep you riveted, try Darkfall. Books like this have me checking my closets before I go to bed, or, I guess in this case, my heating ducts.Conclusion:I’m not sure there’s much re-readability in this one, but it was certainly well worth reading at least once. Maybe instead of picking this one up on the Kindle or Nook, go to your library and check it out there. As most of my books are secondhand, I don’t mind spending a dollar to read something once. I like owning the book, knowing I can get it whenever I want. Who knows? Maybe I’ll want to read it again in a year or so?

  • D. Jason
    2019-05-23 21:43

    As I was reading this book (which is interesting in view of Koontz's larger career, as it goes against something I had previously believed about his evolution as a writer), something clicked for me. I finally realized why I can only take Koontz in small doses. He has many flaws, most of which I already knew. He's not nearly as funny as he thinks he is. He's nowhere near as deep and insightful as he seems to believe. He is incapable of subtlety, yet seems convinced that he is uncommonly subtle. He will never, ever give you two words where two hundred will do.And that last flaw is actually key to what I find so aggravating about him (more so in some books than in others).He's patronizing. Worse, he's patronizing toward both his readers and his characters. He goes on and on not because he has logorrhea, but because he clearly thinks that he's waaaay smarter than you, and has to make sure you know it.The clearest example in Darkfall is this: To the water, he added a number of substances and items that he had brought upstairs from his shop: dried rose petals; three bunches of parsley; seven vine leaves; one ounce of orgeat, which is a syrup made from almonds, sugar, and orange blossoms; powdered orchid petals; seven drops of perfume; seven polished stones in seven colors, each from the shore of a different body of water in Africa; three coins; seven ounces of seawater taken from within the territorial limits of Haiti; a pinch of gunpowder; a spoonful of salt; lemon oil; and several other materials.See? He stops in the middle of the list to tell you what one of the items is made of, because he knows and is sure you do not. Patronizing.The book in itself is not terribly interesting, except as a marker in his larger career. It is an early instance of a straight-out supernatural tale, where nearly all of his early works that I've read strive mightily (if clumsily, and often not at all believably) to keep some kind of natural explanation for everything that occurs. I had thought that mysticism only began to come into his work in the late '90s or so, but this is a clear counterexample to that.

  • Laura Thomas
    2019-05-11 14:48

    Ssshhh! Did you hear that? The stealthy movement under the bed? What about in the walls, or in the basement? Or in the sewer?This was creepy on so many levels. People are found mutilated, riddled with wounds. What puzzles investigators is how the killer or killers got in. There’s no signs of break in or other entries.Right from the get go I had the shivers. Creepy critters are slithering around in the dark. Hissing, snarling, and whispering in blood chilling voices.All to soon its running, screaming, and more running as these creatures find their targets, killing them off one by one. And then, time runs out.This was a super fast, really creepy tale. Not being able to see what’s stalking you, knowing it’s not human, and then actually seeing the nightmares that want to kill you. I can’t imagine anything more terrifying.I loved it from the beginning, to each horrifying attack, to the relentless chase and finale.I own a copy of this book. My review is voluntarily given.

  • Pranta Ghosh Dastider
    2019-05-03 20:28

    ডীন কুণ্টজ এর গল্প এর আগে কখনো পড়িনি। এমনকি তার কোনও বই আমার কাছে নেইও, কেবল এটা বাদে। তবে শুনেছি ভদ্রলোক হরর-সুপারন্যাচারাল থ্রিলার ধারার অন্যতম উল্লেখযোগ্য কিংবদন্তী, তাই বইটা পড়ার আগ্রহ ছিল অন্যরকম।সত্যি কথা বলতে বইটা যতক্ষণ পড়েছি মজাই পেয়েছি। দারুণ দ্রুতগতির বই, কোথাও এতটুকু ঝুলে পড়েছে বলে মনে হয়নি। শুরুর থেকেই একটা রহস্য ছিল যেটা ধীরে ধীরে সত্যিতে বদলে যায়, এবং পরবর্তীতে নায়কদের পেছনে ঝাঁপিয়ে পরে মৃত্যুরূপে। তবে গল্পের সমাপ্তি আপত্তিজনক না হলেও একটু দ্রুত মনে হয়েছে। কাহিনী গঠন হতে হতেই শেষ হয়ে গেছে, পাঠক হিসাবে আমার আরও অনেকটাই আকাঙ্ক্ষা ছিল। মনে হয়েছে লেখক আরও অনেকটাই লিখতে পারতেন, এবং সেটা যথেষ্ট তৃপ্তি দিতে সাহায্য করতো। অনুবাদক তানজীম রহমান বেশ ভালো কাজ করেছেন। কিছু অতিরিক্ত সর্বনাম পদ বাদ দিলে অনুবাদের ক্ষেত্রে তেমন অভিযোগ তোলার উপায় নেই। অনুবাদকের প্রশংসা শুনেছিলাম এবং হতাশ হইনি।

  • Parajunkee
    2019-04-29 18:31

    This book scared me silly and stuck with me ever since. If you are looking for a spine-chilling horror novel - go for this one.Koontz is by far one of the best writers that I have had the privileged of reading, I started reading horror with King, but Koontz sealed my love of the genre.The book covers the story of a blizzard that closes down a town completely and as the residents deal with being cut off completely - they also have to face something evil that is lurking in the ventilation systems, killing people.The dramatic suspense is top notch and will leave you sleeping with the lights on for a few nights.

  • Nicholas Beck
    2019-05-03 16:43

    Darkfall was a great example of how Koontz can write an amazing horror story. This one had some fantastic elements with the voodoo angle that Koontz was writing. Some of the scenes were so startling and terrifying that I couldn't put down the books until I knew the characters were safe. The thrilling tale was a non-stop paced story that didn't slow till the very last page. This also contained some of the most thrilling chase scenes that I have ever read in a Koontz book.

  • Nazrul Islam
    2019-05-20 14:25

    বইয়র কাহিনী মোটামোটি চলনসই। আহামরি কিছু না । শুরুটা প্রেমিজিং থাকলেও পরে এসে নরলাম হয়ে গেছে । প্লট শক্তিশালী ছিল না । ইংলিশ পড়লে শেষ করতে পারতাম না । কেবল অনুবাদের গুণে একটানে পড়ে গিয়েছি । অনুবাদ ফাস্টক্লাস । দারুণ............ আফসোস বইয়ের কাহিনী যদি অনুবাদের মত দুর্দান্ত হত :/ রেটিং - বইয়ের কাহিনী - ৩/৫অনুবাদ - ৫/৫

  • Sifat
    2019-04-28 18:25

    At first the police thought they were managing a maniac or an awful gangland war. At that point, they heard the scary sounds in the ventilation framework and saw the silver eyes in the night. In a city deadened by a snowstorm, something watches- - something whose extreme casualties are youthful and guiltless.

  • Lee
    2019-05-06 17:47

    This earlier Koontz tale is about voodoo, and opening the Gates to Hell. A NY detective, trying to convince his partner, that the killings might have something to do with black magic. His 12 year old daughter had seen the "goblins", but keeps quiet, afraid that everyone will think she's just a baby. She should have said somehting earlier.:)It was an OK read.