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All that glitters is not gold.New York City, 2118. Manhattan is home to a thousand-story supertower, a breathtaking marvel that touches the sky. But amid high-tech luxury and futuristic glamour, five teenagers are keeping dangerous secrets…Leda is haunted by memories of what happened on the worst night of her life. She’ll do anything to make sure the truth stays hidden—eveAll that glitters is not gold.New York City, 2118. Manhattan is home to a thousand-story supertower, a breathtaking marvel that touches the sky. But amid high-tech luxury and futuristic glamour, five teenagers are keeping dangerous secrets…Leda is haunted by memories of what happened on the worst night of her life. She’ll do anything to make sure the truth stays hidden—even if it means trusting her enemy.Watt just wants to put everything behind him…until Leda forces him to start hacking again. Will he do what it takes to be free of her for good?When Rylin wins a scholarship to an upper-floor school, her life transforms overnight. But being there also means seeing the boy whose heart she broke, and who broke hers in return.Avery is tormented by her love for the one person in the world she can never have. She’s desperate to be with him…no matter the cost.And then there’s Calliope, the mysterious, bohemian beauty who arrives in New York determined to cause a stir. And she knows exactly where to begin.But unbeknownst to them all, someone is watching their every move, someone with revenge in mind. After all, in a world of such dazzling heights, just one wrong step can mean a devastating fall....

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The Dazzling Heights Reviews

  • rachel • typed truths
    2019-03-30 07:41

    I need this book more than air right now...

  • Jasmine from How Useful It Is
    2019-04-08 15:01

    About: The Dazzling Heights is a young adult thriller written by Katharine McGee. It will be published on 8/29/17 by HarperCollins, 432 pages. The genres are mystery, young adult thriller, fiction, and dystopian. This book is intended for readers ages 13 and up, grades 8 and up.My Experience: I started reading The Dazzling Heights on 8/21/17 and finished it on 8/27/17. This book is a fantastic read! I love that there weren’t any characters purposely doing any drugs this time. I love the intensity of the drama. I like the realistic in how people put on a happy face when inside they feel broken to pieces. The deception are played in many different ways. I like how no matter how closely they keep their secret, that they don’t get away with it, that one way or another, someone will see. It reminds us that our two eyes can’t see everything and that we can only see what’s in front. The world building is glamorous just like the cover of this book.This book continues on from The Thousandth Floor with flourish. It reveals what happened in each chapter so if you have read a few books between book 1, you will be able to catch on pretty quickly. This book is also told in the third person point of view, starting with the death of a character from the first book and Mariel’s plan to find justice for that death. Then it introduce a new character Calliope Brown, a con artist. Follow that is Avery Fuller and her forbidden love struggles. Then Watt’s illegal secret, then Rylin and her luck, and finally Leda with her busy life harboring everyone’s secrets or maybe sleeping with one eye open in fear of the unknown. Reading this book is like walking on tightrope because everyone is calculating his/her next move. Watt is planning a confession trap, Avery tries not to get caught, Leda wants to make sure her darkest secret is safe, Rylin wants to win her love back despite everything, and Calliope wants it all for free. A drama of the future where they party under the sea!This book has an exciting start. I love the introduction of a con artist into the mix. I also love the forbidden love. I’m filled with adrenaline rush as I read this book. The advanced technology is still there and many of those sounds amazing. I’m looking forward to the future. I like the reminder between rich and poor and the different point of views from both extremes. I like the close calls when Calliope was almost being recognized or when Avery believes her dad was onto her. I really like Nadia, both in book 1 and 2. I still like Leda because she’s changed a lot, yet still very sharp. I like the drama in this book because it’s less drugs and more mind games. The characters are smart and they use their mind to get out of tough situations or to get what they want. It’s exciting reading this book and I highly recommend everyone to read it!Pro: forbidden love, con artists, secrets, lies, fast paced, page turner, third person point of view with multiple main characters, action packed, adrenaline rush, coverCon: noneI rate it 5 stars!***Disclaimer: Many thanks to the author Katharine McGee, publisher HarperCollins, and Edelweiss for the opportunity to read and review. Please be assured that my opinions are honest.xoxo, Jasmine at for a detailed review

  • Laura
    2019-04-10 13:43

    no one goes to a party expecting to die.What is fun about this series is each book (so far) begins with a character who dies and it doesn't tell us who. So throughout the entire book, you're trying to find out who will die at the end and who killed them (if it was in fact someone). There are several POVs and the book does a good job at making you care about each of them in one way or another. I either loved the character or truly loved to hate them. It's veryGossip Girl in that way. Think futuristic Gossip Girl.Once again the story follows Leda, Avery, Watt, and Rylin with their stories all continuing from the first book. But this time there is the new, refreshing addition of Calliope. She travels the world with her mother conning their way through fabulous five star establishments, making their way through the supertowers. I enjoyed her perspective and how it allowed us even a glimpse at what the rest of the world is like.The Avery/Atlas thing is still happening. And honestly, Avery got a lot more frustrating this book because of it all. She's very naïve when it comes down to it.And Mariel gets two chapters, once again getting glossed over. The thing is: her story would've been really interesting to read about in this book. I'm very disappointed it wasn't expanded on. It was a tease to begin the book with one of her chapters and not bring it back up until the end. I can't say more without spoilers.Most all the characters are being blackmailed by exactly who you'd think if you've read the first book. The drama is at an all-time high. It is very soapy and fun. There are romances impossible not to ship. And the stakes keep getting higher for these characters. Yet somehow, this one was a bit on the slower side than the first?(view spoiler)[I can't go without mentioning the Bury Your Gays trope clearly present in this series. I am withholding full judgement until finishing the series. But it's there. (hide spoiler)]

  • Crazy4Books
    2019-04-12 08:52

    This exactly what I needed after reading an 800 page Adult Fantasy. This was an entertaining read filled with lies and betrayals.The futuristic technology was amazing. Forever puppies, tunnel in the sky, YES please! I also liked Watts sarcastic artificial intelligence. Despite all the technology, the writing wasnt difficult to understand. Now that Ive read this book, the cover and the title totally make sense. Both books start and end with a bang but the plots a little slower toward the middle. With all the different points of view I was impressed with how easily I could tell them a part. Each voice was unique and compelling.The characters are rich and spoiled, but they all have their own drama thats really fun to read about. The new character Calliope was a great addition to the sequel. I thought she added a nice amount of intrigue and treachery. I liked reading about the mother daughter relationship. It reminded me of my relationship with my mom. Not the conning part, but the partner in crime part. I also enjoyed Watts hateful relationship with another character. I appreciated the diversity, but the characters are flawed and some of them are pretty extreme. I consider myself part of some of these groups and I personally didnt mind the representation.My favorite character from the first book was the same for this one and I was rooting for her romance to work out. Im not going to say who because that might spoil which one of them died in the prologue of the first book. In both books we get to see the ending in the prologue before going back a couple months to figure out how they got there. I loved the mystery of trying to guess who died. Despite the prologue, the ending surprised me. Im still not sure how she fell from the roof in the first book though because I thought there was a railing. If you like drama, Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars than this a must read.*received for honest review consideration*

  • Cindy ✩☽ Savage Queen ♔
    2019-03-19 10:01

    Not sure how I feel about this cover... Like it is pretty, but for some reason, I just had higher expectations. Actually maybe my expectations were just too high lol ---Finally have a title! Now I just need a pretty cover =D

  • Carmen de la Rosa
    2019-03-27 15:50

    Las segundas partes no suelen ser buenas, pero este libro entra en el pequeño rango donde es la excepción, supero a su antecesor, creo que Katharine McGee se tomo el tiempo para leer la mayoría de las reseñas de "El piso Mil" porque tomo en cuenta todos esos detalles que no nos gustaron en ese libro, pulió detalles, lo cual hizo que se hiciera una mezcla perfecta con su escritura detallista y linda. Su narración es tan delicada que nos adentra desde la primera pagina en la Torre y su mundo futurista.Este libro tiene un comienzo emocionante. La trama continúa después de los acontecimientos de "El Piso Mil", se revela lo que sucedió en el primer capítulo, por lo que si han leído el primer libro, podrá entenderlo rápidamente, comenzando con la muerte de un personaje del "El piso Mil" y el plan de Mariel para encontrar justicia para esa muerte. Me gusta el drama en este libro porque es menos drogas y más juegos mentales. Leer este libro es como caminar sobre la cuerda floja porque todos están calculando su próximo movimiento. Los personajes son inteligentes y usan su mente para salir de situaciones difíciles o para obtener lo que quieren, debo destacar aquí a mi amada Leda, ella es la reina en esto. Se presenta un nuevo personaje, Calliope Brown, un estafador, creo que Katharine se inspiro en el papel de Jennifer Love Hewitt en la película de "Las estafadoras" lo cual fue bastante intrigante, saber hasta donde Calliope podría llegar. Avery Fuller continua con su amor prohibido y no es porque sea #TeamLeda pero esta chica se volvió una pesada en todo el libro, lamentaba más no tener a Atlas que a la misma Eris, de verdad todos sus capítulos, fueron Atlas esto, Atlas el otro, Avery no tuvo ningún crecimiento, hubo un pequeño momento en que me cayo bien, pero así como llego así se fue, espero el siguiente libro haya una evolución y su vida no gire entorno a Atlas (y por ultimo sigo deseando que no se quede con Atlas, sigue sin haber una verdadera química). Luego tenemos el secreto ilegal de Watt, me gusta mucho Nadia, tanto en el libro 1 como en el 2, aunque honestamente creo que no es muy confiable, pero habrá que ver que sucede, de regreso con Watt, muchas de sus escenas me hicieron reír, amaba la interacción de él y...cierta chica, solo espero que ambos terminen juntos y él no la lastime a ella, luego tenemos a Rylin y su suerte, quiere recuperar su amor a pesar de todo, pero no lo tendrá nada fácil y finalmente tenemos a mi bebe Leda con su vida ocupada abrigando los secretos de todos y durmiendo con un ojo abierto por miedo a lo desconocido, me encanto su evolución, sin duda es mi personaje favorito en la historia. Me encanta la introducción de una estafadora en la mezcla. También amo la nueva relación que se ha introducido en dos de nuestros personajes principales (no, no hablo de Avery y Atlas). Estaba llena de adrenalina mientras leía este libro. La tecnología avanzada todavía está allí y muchos de esos escenarios son sorprendentes. Me gusta la separación entre ricos y pobres y los diferentes puntos de vista de ambos extremos.Aunque contiene más de 500 páginas, no tiene contenido de relleno por lo cual, se lee bastante rápido porque no dejan de suceder cosas y los capítulos son bastante cortos, cada uno con un distinto personaje (ya sea Leda, Avery, Watt, Calliope o Rylin).Respecto al final, estoy esperando el futuro, estoy esperando como continua, solo puedo decir que estoy deseando leer la tercera y última parte de la trilogía para ver cómo se resuelve todo. Sin duda The Towering Sky (The Thousandth Floor, #3) sera de mis libros más esperados del 2018. En resumen Watt planea una trampa de confesión, Avery trata de no ser atrapada, Leda quiere asegurarse de que su secreto más oscuro este seguro, Mariel quiere justicia, Rylin quiere recuperar a su amor y Calliope lo quiere todo gratis. ¡Es emocionante leer este libro y recomiendo a todos que lo lean!¡Bien hecho Katharine Mcgee!

  • Sarah
    2019-04-14 08:46

    (I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.)“Even if nothing happens between you and Atlas, you aren’t really going to let that girl get away with trying to seduce him and steal from him, are you?”This was a YA futuristic story, which followed on from the first book in the series.Avery continued trying to make things work with Atlas in this book, even though he was her adopted sibling, and even though there seemed to be no shortage of girls after him. Things didn’t go too smoothly though, especially when Avery worried that her father might have found her out.Leda continued to be quite manipulative, and continued to blackmail people, especially Watt who she had extra plans for, and also continued to believe that Eris had been sleeping with her father.Rylin got a scholarship to the same school Leda attended which didn’t go down well, and there wasn’t much interaction between Rylin and Cord in this book, which was a little surprising. The storyline in this was mainly about a new girl called Calliope who was a con-artist, and was trying to con the teens in the tower out of money, and mainly had her sights set on Atlas who she apparently had met previously when the pair had been travelling round Africa. This relationship didn’t go down too well with Avery though, whilst Calliope started to have second thoughts about leading the life of a con-artist. We did get a little bit of romance in this, with the shaky romance between Avery and Atlas, and from another more unexpected source as well, but there wasn’t a lot of romance. I did find the pace in this book rather slow though, although the mystery over who would end up dead kept me reading.The ending to this left us with yet another death!6.5 out of 10

  • Dannii Elle
    2019-03-27 14:43

    This is Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars, and I am 100% here for it!Following on for the traumatic events that the first instalment, The Thousandth Floor, closed with, this begun in an altogether more sombre mood. Every character has their own secrets to hide, but that doesn't stop them attempting to out each other. Relationships and friendships seem forever severed and the charmed life of this elite cast is transformed into hell set in a thousand story sky scraper.By following the same large cast of characters, as well as a few new inclusions, and allowing each of them to record the events in their own chapter-long perspectives, this withheld the serialised TV show feel that the prior book had. There remains something... trashy about this series. But of the best possible sort. Think reality TV and your favourite TV series combined.Despite the futuristic setting and multitude of exciting and innovative gadgets that fill the lives of this elite cast, there remained something essentially understandable about these characters. Their troubles were real and their pain was authentic. Their stories might differ but heartache, grief, and love are timeless emotions experienced by characters and readers alike. I think that's what makes this series so special to me - it is a seamless blend of the exciting unknown and the relatable.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the author, Katharine McGee, and the publisher, Harper Collins, for this opportunity.

  • alice (arctic books)
    2019-04-17 08:59

    2.75 (this is the first time I've had to use quarter stars lol)This was a very enticing and quick read, but I had several problems with this sequel, some of which I failed to recognize in the first novel. Full review to come.

  • Caitlin
    2019-03-25 08:57

    This series is honestly so addicting. I cannot manage to put it down. The characters are so trashy and bitchy but I LIVE for this level of drama. I love every single character so much. I was a bit uncertain on Leda but she was such a star in this book. I love the new addition of Calliope too. THERE ARE SO MANY TWISTS AND TURNS AND UNEXPECTED DEVELOPMENTS. I need book 3 right now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you enjoy Gossip Girl or rich teen drama then this book is made for you.

  • Ishmeen
    2019-04-15 07:47

    Just read the sneak peak and gosh it gave me goosebumps! So curious to find out what happens next omgp.s high key pining for Rylin and Cord 😭❤️

  • Nikki (Book Allure)
    2019-04-11 11:56

    An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The phrase kept echoing in her mind like cymbals.A fall for a fall, a voice inside her added.I entered this book wanting to kill Leda and finished this book wanting to kill Leda some more.I was afraid of starting the sequel because I forgot 98% of what happened in The Thousandth Floor. I vaguely remember bits and pieces, but not enough to confidently start The Dazzling Heights without the fear of being lost in the narrative. These fears were placated, however, when I actually started reading! Each perspective starts with a quick recap of what happened to them in the first book, which triggered more pieces to the puzzle I was trying to figure out. I ended up being able to remember fully what had happened in The Thousandth Floor and felt prepared to immerse myself in the bedazzling (haha pun) sequel!Safe to say, it was an interesting read! We have all the same characters save for one addition that spiced up the story even more. People have described this series as Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars and even if I don’t really follow either shows, I could see the parallelism! This series is Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars in a technological futuristic setting. The details are crucial to understand just what kind of world everyone is living in because it is much more advanced than where its readers are now.For the characters, I had mixed feelings about them. I greatly disliked most of them mainly because to me they were stuck up, entitled, and rathe petty. But then again, what kind of book would this be if it didn’t have characters that made you want to pull all your hair out? Each character is its own personal headache yet they are so interesting that you can’t help but want to read more about them—even if it means losing a few brain cells in the process.I liked the projection of the story. I didn’t find any parts boring, which is a great plus because sequels tend to suffer the second book syndrome and I’m glad to let you guys know that The Dazzling Heights delivers with great results! They have dug their own graves too deeply to get out of it unscathed.At the end of it, headaches and all, I gave this 5 stars because I was able to zoom through it with great excitement. I highly recommend this series if you like modern contemporaries filled with drama, love triangles (even squares?), and most of all, people dying for what they know about those in power.Review originally posted on

  • Jano
    2019-04-12 13:49

    Reseña completa en: McGee escribe genial y es muy detallista, algo imprescindible en una novela futurista de este tipo que requiere situarnos a la perfección en este gran edificio con tecnología tan moderna. Sus descripciones son una maravilla y utiliza un lenguaje muy bonito cuando describe los lugares.Los personajes, al igual que en “El piso mil”, son bastantes aunque es cierto que en esta segunda parte el peso importante recae en 6 o 7 y los demás personajes tienen apariciones muy puntuales. Creo que esto es un punto a favor ya que en el primer libro se presentan muchísimos personajes y la mayoría no aportaban nada a las tramas. He disfrutado mucho con todos ellos y he notado bastante evolución además de una personalidad más marcada. Sus tramas están mucho más centradas y son más fáciles de seguir que en la primera parte de la trilogía.A pesar de tener más de 500 páginas, se lee bastante rápido porque no dejan de suceder cosas y los capitulos son bastante cortos.Respecto al final, solo puedo decir que estoy deseando leer la tercera y última parte de la saga para ver cómo se resuelve todo. En inglés se publicará el próximo verano.En resumen: los ricos del futuro mantienen el listón en esta segunda parte de la trilogía que vuelve cargada de misterios, nuevos personajes que dan mucho juego y una multitud de tramas que mantienen al lector pegado a sus páginas. Sin duda es una de mis trilogías favoritas. Lo tiene todo.

  • Anabel
    2019-03-19 13:07

    Puntuación: 4.5Me ha encantado, yo esperaba que este me gustara menos que el primero pero he estado mucho más enganchada desde el principio. Todas las historias me interesaban y me tenían en vilo, y los personajes increíbles. Necesito el tercero, pero ahora toca esperar mucho.

  • Melissa
    2019-04-19 14:46

    Seriously, this book was better than the first. It kept me on edge all through the story. Can’t wait for book 3!

  • Anny
    2019-04-12 15:44

    Más bien un 4'5. ¡Ha estado a la altura de su primera parte! Me ha gustado muchísimo cómo fueron evolucionando los personajes y también las historias de cada uno de ellos. Y ese aire Gossip Girl, ¡me encanta! Necesito el tercero libro y pronto.

  • Katie
    2019-03-30 15:41

    ugh such a trashy series but soooo addicting

  • Tanishq Kaushik
    2019-03-25 10:01

    I can hardly wait to read it myself.

  • Maddie (Heart Full Of Books)
    2019-04-12 07:50

    Oh, man, I completely forgot about the bordering-on-incest relationship between step siblings...ugh. What did this book do that the first book didn't already do? After finishing it, I'm struggling to see how the plot moved forward, besides the first and final chapters. Everything in between felt like things I already knew or plot points that weren't entirely relevant to the story's momentum.I still really enjoyed the reading experience of this one because Gossip Girl type characters are such a guilty pleasure for me, but if I struggled with the plot, I definitely struggled with the world building again. Literally nothing is elaborated on from the first book of why a thousand floor tower exists. (Is the tower in New York? Is the tower New York itself? *shrugs*)If there's a third book in this series, I'd recommend waiting for that one to come out before picking this one up.

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-02 14:02

    The Dazzling Heights is the second book in the YA The Thousandth Floor trilogy. You must read the first book before reading The Dazzling Heights as it is a continuing story.The story is set in New York City in 2118.The narrators of this book are Leda, Watt, Rylin, Avery and Calliope. The story is told in 3rd person POVs.I really liked The Thousandth Floor so I was very excited to read this new book. The Dazzling Heights has a very similar feel to the first book. So if you liked that book then I think that you will definitely enjoy book two.The book follows the same characters as the first book. But we have a new edition, Calliope and her con artist mom.The first book built up to a crazy ending. And this book follows a similar format. These books are full of secrets and lavish parties.This book is mostly focused on the Thousand Floor Manhattan building (where they all live). But this book also focuses a lot on Dubai.I really enjoyed The Dazzling Heights. There are a lot of narrators. But after two books done this way I finally got used to it. I actually ended up really enjoying all of their stories.The ending was really strong. And this book ends with a bang. I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next. Really good sequel!Thanks to edelweiss and HarperCollins for allowing me to read this book.

  • Tala Lucy
    2019-04-05 16:00

    Original Review 23/05/17Holy shit I cant wait for this to come out - The Thousandth Floor was my first read for 2017 and I just loved it.. so excited that this is being released this year!!!!New review 31/10/17OKAY so I finally got my hot little hands on this number. First all I want to say that this had a release date of the 29/08/17 and QBD didn't not have any...... like cmon. So I randomly found it by chance at Big W.. You could imagine the excitement as it was such a highly anticipated read for 2017. And the saying is the higher the expectation, higher the disappointment.... and all I can say is wow I was fucking disappointed. This book was fucking drastically long that it had me wanting to DNF at 100 pages.... HOWEVER I stuck it through and plowed on through even though it took me well over a week to read a 400 something page book. It was so boring and I felt like all I was hearing was Avery and Leda winging every single page. Like I said, not really worth the read or the 12$ I spent on Big W getting it. Maybe the third one may be better if it ever comes out?

  • Taylor Ramirez
    2019-04-19 09:43

    Please be Leda in the prologue. Please be Leda in the prolog. Please make Leda deada.“So she told him everything.”—Page 71THANK GOD! Make Cord happy!!Oh, c’mon Cord! You love Rylin.“Rylin whirled around, only to see her worst nightmare standing there. Leda Cole.”—Page 73Ledaaaaaa.“Then again, Rylin was pretty, if you could look past her disrespectful attitude.”—Page 78Leda, sweetie, YOU ARE THREATENING HER. Get off your moral high ground.“This would be fun.”—Page 82My god, I hate Leda.Skinny jeans are still fashionable after 100 years?Rylin, I’d beg Cord to be my partner before I’d ever ask Leda. That’s like walking into the lion’s with a 12 oz. steak.I don’t trust Xiayne.I’m guessing that they’re going to use this vid-cam to get Leda.Oh my god Calliope and Atlas had a thing!!! I should have seen that coming! This is going to be interesting.“For once, it would seem like a boy had chosen Leda Cole over the flawless and untouchable Avery Fuller.”—Page 122Fuck Leda.I swear to god if Leda and Watt fall for each other, I’m going to scream.Brice is such a dick.Eris’s girlfriend is at this party.WATT THIS IS INCREDIBLY STUPID!Cord, you still love Rylin.“It can’t ever work. It’s impossible. Aves, it might be best for us to just…stop.”—Page 230And, I don’t really care.“And then Leda realized exactly who she could ask. Someone who couldn’t make any demands of her, who would let her go to yoga and holo screenings instead of all the actual rehab activities. Someone who couldn’t tell her no.”—Page 235I. Hate. Leda.“MCBURGER KING! 2 FOR 1 BURGERS ON MONDAYS!”—Page 239Weird.“Yeah right. You would rejoice if I was tortured,”—Page 262I would!!Watt, you’re going over to Leda’s place? That is totally insane. Also Leda turning around and just apologizing to Avery just came out of nowhere. I think there should have been a chapter where we see this transition from Leda and Watt going home and thinking about all these things.Also, I don’t care how innocent Avery is, I would not forgive Leda for killing Eris. Leda was and arguably still is fucking nuts.Rylin this is a bad idea and I’m glad she’s handling it pretty good.Avery…you’re going crazy.“What the hell is a rodeo?”—Page 314Lol.“Maybe I’m just sick of everyone thinking I’m a coldhearted bitch,”—Page 327Well…you are.Oh great, Avery is being irrational. This won’t end well. Is she going to kill Calliope?I thought it was Atlas who had ended it first.Calliope’s real name is Beth and I think she’s going to die.“What had happened to him? When had he become the type of person who tried to trick other people into revealing their darkest secrets?”—Page 379Number 1, Leda was blackmailing you. Number 2, SHE FUCKING MURDERED SOMEONE! Eris is dead because of Leda, she deserves to be punished.Mariel drugged Leda. Guess the shoe’s on the other foot.Calliope knows that Atlas and Avery have a thing for each other.Oh shit now Mariel knows everything!! Oh shit, now she’s going to tell the truth about Eris. At the beginning I said I wanted her to be deada but I want her to live with the fact that she killed her sister.I really don’t like Watt and Leda. Avery and Watt just have such better chemistry.FUCK OFF AVERY! GODDAMMIT! I just want Rylin and Cord to get together.“I’m falling for you.”—Page 412Poor Watt.WAIT WHAT?? MARIEL IS THE ONE IN THE BEGINNING OF THE BOOK?! But…what? Why?? What just happened???

  • Leyna
    2019-04-02 08:07

    *DISCLAIMER* LOTS AND LOTS OF SPOILERS!!!!!!!PHEW WHAT A RIDE THIS BOOK WAS!!! I just....*sigh*.....this book was too good, 4.5 stars.Okay so lets kick it off with how much I HATED Leda in the beginning. Like every single time i had to read her chapters i would try my best to hold back from punching the wall. Yeah, i really did hate her. But seriously i ship Watt and her like so much. They are so cute together and just gotta be my next favorite ship of this book series.In the first book I absolutely admired Atlas. Like man who couldn't like him, he was such a sweet heart. But in this book *takes a deep breath* he just, he pissed me off so bad. Like when he was talking to Avery and saying "meh meh this is better for the both of us blah blah blah." I'm just like "YOU SHUT THE FORK UP BOY!!" Honestly Avery didn't do much for me in this book. I felt like in the first book we got so much more from her than this one, but its alright.And Watt. Ugh i feel like i love him so much now like gods, he's such a cinnamon roll and how much he cares for Leda is so cute!! And Nadia is so friken cool, like i want a digital friend thats like her!!!Now Rylin. I actually thought her chapters were pretty boring compared to the other characters in the first book, but man was her chapters in this book GOOD! I loved all the drama and chaos that came with her moving to this new school and everything. AND THAT TEACHER CATASTROPHE!!! I did want a little more from her little sister though because she is a cutie pie.And lastly Calliope. I gotta say I really liked her character. Her and her mom being con artists and everything was so creative and perfect. I love how smooth this new character introduction was and how her past was mingled with Atlas'. I liked her until, Avery confronted her, and then she saw Avery kissing Atlas, and now plots to use that against Avery. Seriously we just got rid of Leda and now we have Calliope. Just great.Now, enough about the characters. The real reason why i enjoyed this book was the plot, the drama, and the secrets. I honestly, and sadly, don't love the characters or feel any close bond or connection to them which really sucks cuz they seem to have so much more potential. But man, I loved how this book was less about drugs and more about a dangerous web of lies. It was just so good seeing them plot against one anther and ugh, was it juicy!!!!One thing I thought was choppy was Leda's sudden friendliness with Avery and Rylin. I know Leda said that Watt changed her, but we didn't get much of that, so that transition was a bit weird.And then there's Atlas leaving for Dubai and staying away from Avery. Honestly I didn't care.Once again the book starts with the death of a character and in this case it is a person who supposedly drowned. Honestly in the beginning, i thought it just had to be Avery. Like who else. But towards the end I was like no, it has to be Leda because Maribel poisoned her and Leda spilled all their secrets. I was freaking out when Leda said that Maribel was out to get them all in revenge for Eris' death. But then someone murdered Maribel and Leda lived. I feel relived that Maribel is dead but who did it? It could have been either Watt or Leda, but they were with the rest of the group, and Avery and Rylin would have never let them do it, and I don't think they would do it either since Eris' death. But all I have in my mind now is WHO KILLED MARIBEL??!?!?!?!This book was such a fun and thrilling read and i cant WAIT for the third book. I recommend this book series to anyone who is interested in dark secrets and lies!

  • Areti
    2019-04-04 08:05

    Woah. What was that? Seriously, what was that?The Dazzling Heights is the sequel of the series The Thousand Floor. I have to admit that I had a lot of expectations because the first book was really good. I am so happy that The Dazzling Heights was not a let down. It was much darker than the first one. Well, it went from Gossip Girl to Pretty Little Liars.Avery was pretty much the same throughout most of the book. I loved it when is become darker at the end. Dark Avery became a favorite.I honestly hated Leda with a passion most of the time but later I actually liked her more. Her character developped in a good way.Rylin, my favorite character, deserves more. (view spoiler)[ She should be with Cord. Both of them deserve happiness. I hope in the next book they get back together.(hide spoiler)] Her character is more developped in this book and she has more interesting chapters than before.Watt was a sweetheart. I loved him so much. The fact that he was helping Leda shows that he has a good heart.Calliope, the new character, is awful. I cannot stand her at all. She is smart and beautiful but also vicious and manipulative.In the first book, I liked Atlas. In this one, I didn't. (view spoiler)[ He was like "I love you,Avery" and the very next minute "We can't be together. It is for the better" and then "I love you, Avery". HE SHOULD FIX HIS FREAKING MIND.(hide spoiler)]The ending was really messed up. I had many theories aboout the ending but none of them were right. I was left totally mind blown.I liked The Dazzling Heights more than The Thousand Floor. It dark and addictive to the core. I honestly don't know how I will servive until the next book is released.

  • Annie P.
    2019-04-19 08:06

    Puedo decir que el primer libro me gustó más, pero no puedo negar que este también tiene lo suyo.Una de las grandes virtudes que le veo a esta autora es que sabe atraparte desde la primera oración del libro, me parece una estupenda idea que los libros comiencen con la muerte de un personaje misterioso que tendrás que descubrir más adelante. Leda me gusto un poco más en este libro, al igual que Watt. Avery fue uno de mis personajes favoritos en el libro pasado pero debo admitir que en este libro me provocó mucho estrés por el hecho de que toda su trama giro alrededor de Atlas. Amor a Cord <3 Y quiero que este con Rylin :(Y todavía no logro descifrar si Calliope me agrada o no. No puedo esperar a que salga el siguiente libro, este termino con una gran incognita :(

  • Miriam Joy
    2019-04-04 11:42

    Warning: spoilers for book one. Spoilers for this book are marked, so only click on those if you want the ending to be ruined.Okay, I found this book incredibly frustrating, in the worst way. I had some issues with the first book: I found most of the characters shallow, there was too much focus on unconvincing romance, and the ending is blatant example of the Bury Your Gays trope in which one of the only queer characters is killed off for no real reason except shock value, when it could have been literally any of the other characters. However, I did like the worldbuilding, and since I was auto-approved for this on NetGalley, I decided to give it a go in case the series redeemed itself.It did not. This book has a continuation of book one's cool worldbuilding: there is a lot of cool tech with imaginative uses, and we get to see more of it at work here. I enjoyed getting a glimpse of the various uses to which futuristic technology was put, whether for communication or fashion or utility. Moreover, the characters were largely more interesting and less insufferable than in the first book, because due to what happened at the end, they had actual issues and trauma and weren't just thinking about parties and love triangles all the time. That said, it was difficult to get attached to any of them when there were a gazillion different points of view and the narrative didn't stick with anyone for more than a few pages. But on the whole, some good stuff. Intrigue. Double-crossing. Blackmail. And then. Then there are the issues, and basically all my issues are with the LGBTQ representation. First up, after randomly killing off one of, like, two entire queer characters in book one, the remaining one is given a POV chapter at the very beginning of the book and then basically disappears from it until right near the end. She doesn't even overlap with the other characters; she's just not in it. We see her grieving her girlfriend and suddenly she's not relevant for the vast majority of the narrative. Great. Way to remind us that we, as queer people, only exist in the background of your life.But that's not all! And here's where the spoiler tag comes in. (view spoiler)[You see, book one took a 'Bury Your Gays' approach and decided to make it the only queer character among the main group of highliers who died, despite the fact it could've been any of them without making a major narrative difference. BUT THEN book two did THE. EXACT. SAME. THING and killed her girlfriend, the only queer character in the book. Well, there are a couple of passing references to a guy and his boyfriend, but that hardly counts as an actual developed character when there are a ton of straight people going about their lives, experiencing character development and not getting killed off. Because burying your gays once wasn't enough for this author!! She had to do it twice!!And you know, it wouldn't be THAT hard to add in some other well-developed queer characters. Like, if you're that dead set on having some dead LGBTQ people, then at least add in some other LGBTQ people who get to survive the book, you know? It would make it less insulting. And less hurtful. But instead there's ONE, and she's the one who gets killed off. I mean, it's fairly certain she's dead; there's a little bit of ambiguity, but given the prologue at the beginning, I'm not expecting a surprise resurrection in the sequel. Which I don't intend to read, to be honest. I'm not suggesting that being LGBTQ should make a character immortal (although, plot twist...), but when it's your ONLY queer character in an ensemble cast and they are not only the least developed but also the one who dies -- not just once but TWICE in consecutive books... well, it's a lazy, hurtful, and bloody annoying trope, and I'm sick of it. I stayed up late to finish this book, and that's how it rewarded me. By reminding me that people like me are meant to be background characters who get killed off. Not that I want to be in a boring love triangle with an adopted sibling, mind you, which is what the straight people get, but...(hide spoiler)]I very much doubt I'll be picking up the sequel to this. The author had two chances to make an interesting narrative decision, and instead on both occasions made the same unpleasant and unoriginal choice, one that hurts LGBTQ teenagers who want to see themselves represented in fiction. So why should I expect any better from a third book? If you need a palate cleanser after reading this, I have a shelf called "Unbury Your Queers" that you might want to check out. I'd begun to think it was too low a bar to set to require queer characters merely to survive a book, but apparently not.

  • Sailor Dowden
    2019-04-17 12:42

    This was just as addicting as the first novel and the drama reached even new heights. It was still full of petty, back-stabbing, and deceitful teenagers that are too caught up in their own problems to care about anyone else's. In this one there was a con artist who goes by the name Calliope, and she really added a new level of intrigue to everything.The futuristic setting is still incredible to read about and honestly, it could totally be like that in 2118. Katharine's writing is wonderful and she has such a creative mind. I can't wait to get my hands on the third novel!GRADING SCALECharacters - 17/20Plot line - 14/16Originality - 16/16Writing Style - 16/16Pace - 14/16Ending - 13/1690/1005/5 starsIf you enjoyed the television show Gossip Girl, then I would highly recommend you give these books a try. Plus the covers are absolutely beautiful, so who wouldn't want that on their shelf?

  • CatcherR
    2019-03-23 11:04

    Things I want to happen: -Cord and Avery to be a thing.-Eris to be okay -Leda x Pain (she sucks)

  • bedelevingne
    2019-03-22 10:01

    De verdad que no se que me pasa con estos libros, son un continúo sí pero no, pero sí. Me paso la mitad del tiempo pensando que son muy absurdos, una versión futurista de Gossip Girl, pero a la vez estoy enganchadísima y no puedo dejar de leerlo.En especial, Vértigo me ha gustado mucho más que El piso mil. Y creo que la historia ha ganado notablemente centrándose más en Leda que en Avery. En el primer libro la protagonista, casi indiscutible, de la historia era Avery, el giro de este, el apartarla a un segundo plano (y bien merecido por lo pesada que resulta ser) ha mejorado notablemente la historia. Leda es un personaje tan maravilloso, tiene de todo, para mí es como una mezcla entre Blair Waldorf y Serena Van Der Woodsen, de una coge la mente maravillosa para guardar secretos y usarlos a su favor, y de la otra toda la locura de vida. Además con ella se ve una clara evolución del primer libro a este segundo, se la conoce un poco más y terminas por encariñarte con ella, tanto ha sido así que en sus últimos capítulos llegue a pasarlo mal por ella. En cambio Avery no, se ha estancado, se limita exclusivamente a vivir por y para Atlas, el resto le da lo mismo, y la sensación que he tenido con ella es que no la importa usar al resto (view spoiler)[(ejem Cord) (hide spoiler)] para no sentirse tan mal consigo misma ni con el mundo. No he visto evolución en ella, ni arrepentimiento por absolutamente nada, al contrario que Leda, que se disculpó con ella por lo que había pasado y Avery jamás le pidió perdón por lo de Atlas. Tampoco lo hace con Watt, al que utilizó en el primer libro, y más cosas, no sé, solo espero que en el tercer libro su historia de un giro.Del resto de personajes, mencionándolos brevemente, Watt es maravilloso, lo mires por donde lo mires, y me encanta todo lo que hace en este libro y en especial durante el final, para mí uno de los mejores. Rylin me da pena, así de simple. Me gustaría que la pasara algo bueno de una vez, aunque me gustó el cambio que sufre su vida en este segundo libro siento que su personaje ha quedado en un segundo plano, dedicándole algún capítulo, pero sin llegar a centrarse en su historia. Cord, el eterno amigo de Avery, ¿soy la única a la que le gustaría algún capítulo de Cord?. Me encantaría que se centrara un poco en él, que hubiese algún capítulo contado por él, sobretodo después de como termina su aparición en este. Calliope, el nuevo personaje, a mí no me ha gustado nada, ni su historia, ni nada, no entiendo este personaje, creo que Leda le da mil vueltas como conocedora de secretos, Calliope simplemente me parece una aprendiz a su lado. Para mí es un personaje que ni fu ni fa. Un poco como Cord para Avery, pero ella para Atlas, el plan B, a la situación de los hermanos. Bien podría ser la mala malísima de la historia, pero nada, simplemente esta ahí y justo al final averigua algo a su favor (que es el secreto menos secreto de todos los que hay en la historia) y ya. No sé, a mí este personaje no me ha gustado, casi hubiese preferido más protagonismo de Mariel, intentando resolver lo que ocurrió con Eris. El resto sigue igual, el mundo divido en dos clases, los ricos y los pobres, toda esa tecnología futurista que rodea la trama. El libro se lee muy muy rápido, no tiene capítulos de relleno, en todos ocurre algo, y le final es muy bueno, te deja con mil incógnitas. He leído que tendrá adaptación televisiva, espero que la hagan pronto, necesito esta versión futurista de Gossip Girl en la televisión.

  • Samantha
    2019-04-14 15:09

    Dit boek las ik samen met Odette en Suus!Wij waren alle 3 al heel enthousiast over deel 1, waardoor het nog leuker was om samen dit deel te lezen. Lekker samen raden en voorspellingen maken!Ik vond deel 2 eigenlijk nog leuker als deel 1, mogelijk heeft de Buddyread hier aan bijgedragen! Dit was spannender en minder voorspelbaar. Je kent de karakter beter en kunt je meer in ze inleven. Calliope is echt een toffe toevoeging aan het verhaal.En dan de cliffhanger, die zorgt er voor dat ik heeel veel zin heb in deel 3!