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Callie is not looking forward to Christmas - not since her relationship with her long-term boyfriend Max, came to an abrupt and bitter end. Left devastated by the break-up, she's not really looking forward to anything, and she's certainly not in the mood for the annoyingly handsome and 'full of himself' stranger that she meets on the train home. The 'sparks' fly in more waCallie is not looking forward to Christmas - not since her relationship with her long-term boyfriend Max, came to an abrupt and bitter end. Left devastated by the break-up, she's not really looking forward to anything, and she's certainly not in the mood for the annoyingly handsome and 'full of himself' stranger that she meets on the train home. The 'sparks' fly in more ways than one, and despite Callie's desire to ignore him, his intense manner and strange promises have awoken another desire within her, and when her journey comes to an end, she finds herself disappointed to see him walking away, without her even knowing his name. Though she doesn't expect to ever to see him again, she can't get him and his strange promises out of her mind. Who is he, this mystery man who haunts her dreams and invades her consciousness? Did she imagine the connection that she felt when their eyes met? Surrounded by the love and laughter of her family, and the warmth and sparkle of their Christmas traditions, Callie finally manages to put her cares aside, until her Christmas Day is interrupted by the arrival of the man her mother thinks would be perfect for her. Will he prove to be the 'perfect' man? He insists that he always keeps his promises, and he demands honesty, but is it all a lie? Can Callie trust him or are his promises as empty as the bubbles in the champagne he wants to share with her? This is the first of a two-part story that concludes in 'A New Year's Tryst' - already published and available. The full story is also now available in one complete volume: 'Champagne Promises, Christmas Lies & A New Year's Tryst'This is an adult romance, and as such contains strong language, and descriptions of sexual encounters, including spanking....

Title : champagne promises christmas lies an adult christmas romance
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ISBN : 32804908
Format Type : Hardback
Number of Pages : 162 Pages
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champagne promises christmas lies an adult christmas romance Reviews

  • carol
    2019-05-18 08:55

    Have chosen this as BOM for December and review to follow. However, it ends in cliff hangar and some may be put off by this. I am in process of reading the follow on A New Year's Tryst now. Okay, This is part romance and has a rich dominant or alpha male - Kit. Successful, but something seems not quite right...and he threatens spanking. Then there's Callie, trust damaged and hurting from prior relationship where infidelity has occurred, she is often self deprecating, lacks confidence and as I read it I understood why. There is something Bridget Jones' Diary about the Callie character in my opinion. If you like that story I am pretty sure you will enjoy this.I enjoyed this enough to get part two, A New Year's Tryst Part one this book does end on a cliff hanger, however, this is also available as a combined story now, which in my view is better. Some of us were fortunate enough to have this part when on a free offer so A New Year's Tryst is must to find out what happens. There is a twist, is Kit trustworthy or is Callie in line for more heartache?Do join me from December 1st on the BDSM group as I have chosen this as BOM Dec 2015.Good four stars from me to end of first part.

  • krissi
    2019-05-14 07:14

    well written story that kept my interest even when it seemed a bit predictable.there's definitely a cliffhanger ending.very loose connection to bdsm -- i'd consider it more contemporary romance and not so much bdsm-centric as the only elements were alluded play kink. Kit is definitely a hot alpha male with a lining of mystery.Callie is at times wishy-washy, but i felt if i left out more of the italicized text (nagging/weak/doubtful inner thoughts that questioned things that had already been resolved) i was better able to avoid feeling that way about was a lonnnnnngggggg wait for the sex, but the story kept my interest until the "cork was popped" in a very hot way. :)i'm looking forward to reading the next book to find out the results of the cliffhanger and to read more about Kit and Callie.

  • Steelwhisper
    2019-04-22 10:10

    This manages to get an extra star for its excellent prose, otherwise it was meh and included the currently so typical non-con BDSM, where some dominant simply starts beating up a woman, and she doesn't even go to the police and file a complaint for abuse. Also talking heads.

  • FantasyLiving
    2019-05-19 12:18

    DNF @ 39%The good stuff first ---This story is well constructed and well written. There are no errors or style changes. It is very consistent from what I read. Unfortunately this story didn't work for me. I did try and come back to it three times over December but I just don't enjoy the story.The dialogue between Callie and Kit is constantly antagonistic and holds too much information without actually saying anything meaningful. I can't imagine the amount of talking these two characters do in three brief meetings, and yet nothing is said... How does that work? I just wanted them both to stop. Show me more, rather than telling me that Callie is damaged, and Kit is an arrogant A-hole and neither of them are very good at communication.I stopped when without invitation, or thorough discussion, except some teasing remarks, Kit whapped Callie's arse... AGAIN... without permission. They have no agreement. They haven't even discussed it in any great depth. Callie has verbally told him no when he suggested it in previous conversation. It has been nothing but a tease up to that point, and he just feels he has the right to lay it on her. He is still a stranger, and if any stranger ever put their hands on me without asking permission first, I would consider it assault. If this was a different story, I might buy it, but Kit is not Alpha enough for me to accept this, and the chemistry is just not there. And I think that is what it boils down to really. Kit is not Alpha enough to get me to feel this relationship building, and Callie is too inside her own head to give anything to anyone. The story is too sophisticated in the writing style for it to be gritty, and raw, and what is happening, and what they are saying, really doesn't gel for me.Life is too short to read things I do not enjoy, but maybe one day I will feel differently, and I will finish this and be able to move on to the next story. I've heard it all makes sense in the end, but right now I don't have the patience to find out.

  • lynn❤️lynn
    2019-04-21 03:52

    I really loved this first book in the series. It's a lovely easy read, and lovely at this time of year.Kit and Callie meet by chance on a train, then fate throws them together again at Christmas at a family get together. Passion fuels and a relationship develops.i love the cliff hanger to this book, and the dice, in the form of the mystery and intrigue, I can't wait for the next now...bring on New Year!!!!

  • Lyndac
    2019-04-29 05:54

    This was a well written book with a little bit of everything in it. There was angst, humor, great characterization. I was actually surprised when I realized the first sex didn't occur until 73% point in the book! Missed the part that this was a cliffhanger though.

  • Mousiechan
    2019-04-23 09:54

    A story needs a narrative to draw the reader through the book. Ideally, more than one thread is needed so that the reader can store something to be resolved by the end of the book. This book's narrative is so thin it is almost transparent. Callie, unprepossessing, insecure but pretty ( what, had she been plain would there have been a story?) Kit (beautiful billionaire who would not have featured had he too been plain and penniless) get together and have lots of sex, in facts pages upon pages of sex. That is pretty much it. So what? There is a tiny bit of mystery added towards the endwhich gets resolved in part two. Fifty shades it ain't. I regret wasting my time on this tripe.

  •  Joyce
    2019-05-17 10:54

    Cliffhanger so just continuing on withI just have a feeling he is hiding something. More then just the playroom in the basement.

  • Serena
    2019-05-06 10:16

    Read for 12.2015 BDSM BotM.