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Follow Peter into the summer following his senior year to face new beginnings, new friends, and old baggage. After a tumultuous final year of high school, Peter Mandel needs a break. It's the summer of 1991, and his secret relationship with his ‘best friend’ Adam Algedi is put on hold as Adam goes away to Italy for the summer. On the cusp of adulthood, Peter has a couple oFollow Peter into the summer following his senior year to face new beginnings, new friends, and old baggage. After a tumultuous final year of high school, Peter Mandel needs a break. It's the summer of 1991, and his secret relationship with his ‘best friend’ Adam Algedi is put on hold as Adam goes away to Italy for the summer. On the cusp of adulthood, Peter has a couple of months to explore who he is without Adam at his side. Enter Daniel McPeak, a slightly older, out, responsible college guy with a posse of gay friends and an attraction for Peter. Drawn into the brave new world of the local gay club, Peter embarks on a whirlwind of experiences—good and bad—which culminate in a hotel room where he has to make the ultimate choice. But Adam will come back eventually, and there are promises that have to be kept. As autumn draws near and college awaits, can Peter break free of the binds of twisted first love? And what exactly is Daniel's role in his life - a brief temptation, or something more? Join Peter in the second book of this four-part coming of age series as he struggles to love and be loved, and grow into a gay man worthy of his own respect. *** This new series by Leta Blake is gay fiction with romantic elements. Book 2 of 4. Length: 100,000 words, 328 pages These books contain aspects of: New Adult fiction, ‘90s gay life, small city homosexual experiences, Southern biases, sexual exploration, romance, homophobia, bisexuality, and twisted-up young love. Oh, and a guaranteed happy ending for the main character by the end of Book 4....

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  • Jewel
    2019-04-22 22:18

    4.5Note: You Are Not Me is not a stand-alone novel. It is the second of a four part series, featuring Peter Mandel as he learns how to live his truth. I'll do my best to not spoil too much about book one, here, but do know that I probably won't be 100% successful. And, if you've read the blurb for book 2, you already know more than you should if you're interested in reading this series, but have not yet read Pictures of You. If that last sentence describes you, I recommend you stop reading this review right now. Still with me? Cool.This series has had a way of transporting me back to the early 90's when I was a young adult (I'm slightly younger than Daniel) and living in the southern US. The music, the cultural references, the events of the time… I tell people, I'm not nostalgic for that time period at all, and I'm not. But when I think of the things going on right now, I almost miss the innocence we had then. But then I remember the bad stuff and am glad that if nothing else, we've made it so HIV isn't a death sentence. I'll also mention that I have never cried while listening to Losing My Religion, by REM, until reading this book. In the context of Peter's journey, that song is heartbreaking.You Are Not Me picks up right where Pictures of You left off. Adam is in Rome and Peter has the summer to get some heavy thinking done and hopefully make some (we're hoping for actual good) decisions. Peter has been hurting and Peter has also hurt others, even if they don't know it, yet, and he needs this summer to just…be, and learn how to breathe again. And learn that he does have a lot more options than he ever thought he would have. He's coming into his own and it is such a beautiful thing to witness.And I want to share with you how much I loved that Peter made some new friends, through Robert and Daniel, and he got to experience what it was like to be an out gay man. Without the secrets, without the deceptions, without the fear. And he got to know what it felt like to be wanted in the open. Peter, Peter, Peter… I wanted to hug him, I wanted to shake him and I wanted to hug him some more. He's a loyal guy and he's been loyal to Adam, even though Adam hasn't really deserved it.In my review for Pictures of You, I said that I liked Adam and I really wanted him to learn how to be honest and open. I still want these things for him, but he hasn't managed it yet. In fact, we witness Adam coming apart at the seams. His desperation is heartbreaking, but at the same time, he needs to break apart. To know what he's doing to others. To himself. I'm still rooting for Adam, hoping that he finds his way to living and loving in the open, even though he's been a manipulative bastard. But I still think Adam is not good for Peter, at all. Adam needs to know what it feels like to be left behind. We met Daniel in Pictures of You and he's a real stand-up guy. A good friend and he's real in so many ways. And while there was an attraction between he and Peter, from the start, nothing came of it in book 1, because Daniel doesn't play games, he doesn't cheat and he doesn't do casual.Daniel is the kind of human being we should all aspire to be. Is he perfect? No, he's not. But he cares about people. And he walks the walk. Daniel is a student of architecture at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Architecture isn't his passion, though. His real gift is his humanity. He volunteers for ARK (AIDS Response Knoxville), and his volunteer work is directly with men and women dying of AIDS. And he's there for his friends, even when they do stupid shit, and he wants the best for everyone. For himself, though, he wants Peter. Even when it hurts him, he wants Peter. Well, now Peter is on his own, and although he didn't make Adam any promises, he didn't break things off, either. So Peter has some serious soul searching to do to figure out what he wants and who he wants to be. The summer is eye-opening for him, but he still is so conflicted. He doesn't want to betray Adam, but at the same time, he wants to find happiness, himself. But Peter is young and maybe he's not quite ready to do what's right.You Are Not Me doesn't take short cuts, any more than Pictures of You did. Throughout the book, you know that somehow, sometime, the feces is going to hit the oscillator in an important way. And it does. And I can't tell you when or how, but Peter does figure things out and though the end of You Are Not Me isn't exactly certain, I am very happy with the events as they stand. They give me hope.I'm looking forward to book 3 of this series. I need to see where these boys are and how they've coped and where they want themselves to be. I can tell that this story has come straight from Leta Blake's soul and it sings to me in ways I can barely articulate. For those that need a complete story, you should wait until book four is about to come out to read these. Otherwise, you'll be like me, camping on Leta Blake's porch all winter waiting for more words. You Are Not Me doesn't end on a huge cliffie, though, so if you're ok with knowing that this isn't the end of Peter's journey, read these and keep an open mind and remember what it was like to be that young. --------------------ARC of You Are Not Me was generously provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

  • Ele
    2019-05-14 06:29

    I tried to keep this review as spoiler free as possible, but I couldn't avoid giving away plot points about the first book. Proceed with caution.The year is 1991. R.E.M are releasing "Losing My Religion", the world is dealing with the social and political aftermath of the 80s AIDS, and people are still using a VCR. For the majority of this book, Adam and Peter aren't together on page. Adam is in Italy, and they talk on the phone frequently (with Adam promising things he can't give, and Peter trying to figure himself out). But while Adam is away, something happens in Peter's life. Something very importantPeter starts making new friends. Gay friends, bisexual friends, friends who aren't afraid to be seen with him, friends that show him the way. For the first time ever, Peter founds himself in a safe community, a place he belongs to. He finds all these things that Adam took from him, or to be precise, never let him discover on his own. It was so beautiful, seeing Peter growing into the man he was meant to be.And then there's Daniel, the new character. Daniel swept me off my feet! He is kind and confident. He's charming and know what he wants. Daniel just...loves people. And he's falling for Peter. And Peter is falling too, but there's Adam. There's always Adam.Maybe some of you will want to throttle Peter. I know you will, because I did too. But at the same time I identified with him so hard, and I know a lot of people will. You know the kind of love that you feel deep in your bones, and when it starts to fade away you try to cling to it with everything you have? It's bad for you, but it used to mean the world , and what are you going to do without it? Have you been there? If you have, you will weep with Peter. There's a scene in this book that illustrates this perfectly; it's such a simple scene, but its truth took my breath away."Adam’s chair scraped on the tile. His bare feet slapped across to me, but I didn’t look up. I noticed the hair on his toes and the tuft on his arch. I suddenly became anxious that I didn’t have any photos of his feet. Anything could happen. Things could change at any moment. Words could be said that’d end things between us right now. I might even be the one to say those words.But I had no pictures of his bare feet."As for Adam...I'm worried for him and he makes my heart hurt. I want him to find happiness, I want him to thrive and show the world what he can do. But I'm no longer on his side. Adam is no good for Peter, and his selfishness and disrespect towards him in this book, made me wonder if he loves him as much as he claims to."I already knew what happened when I combined hope with Adam: pain."The ending of the second book is the beginning of a new chapter. And that's all I'm going to say.This is such an important and poignant book. An important series, actually. I 've only used the word "epic" to describe ICoS. I'm holding myself back here because there are two more books to go, but right now I can easily see me putting this on my "epic" shelf. The author does not label this as romance, so please know this going in and don't hold it against the book.Very highly recommended!*Review cross-posted on Gay Book Reviews.*

  • CrabbyPatty
    2019-05-18 23:03

    Amazing. This book has my heart, but in a totally different way than Pictures of You. The first book was full of life events - Peter and Adam meet, they start their senior year in high school, a relationship begins, another relationship begins, Peter meets Robert / Renee, etc.You Are Not Me is more of a transitional story. Adam is away for the summer, Peter makes new friends, and starts building the foundation for his life as a gay man. The changes are subtle, but they are deep. In watching his friends dancing at the Tilt-a-Whirl:I reached for my camera but of course I’d left it at home. In my mind’s eye, I clicked, clicked, clicked, and captured dozens of beautiful shots of queer joy. Each mental photo felt more and more real, like I was taking pictures, for the very first time, of a world where I could be me. No hiding. No apologies. Just me. In reading the book, it's sometimes hard to remember that Peter is just 18. He's on the path to figuring out so many things, but honestly sometimes I just wanted to shake him and tell him Adam is NO good - he's not worthy of your loyalty or your love. But I love how Leta Blake lets Peter discover this himself over the course of that summer. Peter thinks at various times: (view spoiler)[ " [Adam] was good at big lies like that" and "I searched my memory for the moment when Adam had stopped being safe. I realized he’d been dangerous from the beginning." Peter also realizes: "But I’d always wonder what could have been if I didn’t give Adam another shot. That doubt, if nothing else, would eat away at any other relationship I hoped to start."(hide spoiler)]And then it hits me - the title of this book is YOU ARE NOT ME. We are allowed into Peter's life and so far we have seen him grow from a timid student to a young man just on the cusp of starting college. He has become so much a part of my "internal book life" that I want him to have a good life, find true love, be healthy and happy - but Peter is his own person. And in the same way, we are NOT Adam. We don't really know if he will (view spoiler)[ wake the FUCK up and realize he's a jerk - a closeted, scared boy who is terrified of actually becoming a "real boy". (hide spoiler)] And Daniel. Sweet Daniel who wants to change the world, help people and be there for them. I want Daniel to have the best of all things, and come to a realization about the decisions he needs to make for that to happen.Leta Blake has done an extraordinary job of creating these characters and fleshing them out, in all their glorious imperfection. I honestly cannot WAIT for the next book in this amazing series.I received an ARC from the author, via InDigo Marketing, in exchange for an honest review.

  • Ariana
    2019-05-04 03:04

    I was so upset over book 1. Peter and Adam’s relationship was totally putting me through the wringer, and I admit being one of those ‘Adam haters’, until I realized that Peter did have some responsibility for the way things went between them. As they say - it always takes two to tango!Book 2 left me a LOT happier, but how, Ms. Blake, how can you leave me at this point in the story with months to wait for the next instalment? I know it’s not a wild cliffhanger or anything, BUT, Good God!!! Didn’t you pick your moment to end book 2 wisely!I loved ‘You are not Me’. It was awesome to see how Peter progresses, how he makes new friends, how he learns to be himself. It was equally heart-wrenching to find him still hanging on to Adam. His perseverance to give Adam another chance was beyond the call of decency and honesty. And the urge to shake Peter senseless was pretty overwhelming at times.Particularly when he sees the truth one moment“I already knew what happened when I combined hope with Adam: pain.“to then go and tell Adam ‘I love you’ the next.To start with I had a really hard time understanding why Peter feels so strongly that HE has to give Adam another chance. (And so does everyone else in the book btw!) He sticks to his idea of ‘saving Adam’ and of making their ‘relationship’ work like broken clingfilm to its roll. This thought, however, helped me to get what the crux of Peter’s confusion is: I loved him and I hated him and I didn’t know what to do about that.” He isn’t only emotionally mixed up, but scared and not ready to cut the chords to his first love. Peter is very young, insecure and full of confused loyalty. And I did understand that. We all have things where we can see that they are wrong, and that we should do the obvious, the more sensible thing, but we simply don’t. Because something is holding us back. Whatever this may be.It’s not as if Peter didn’t have enough encouragement ‘to see the light’. Daniel is just the nicest guy. He is only a few years older, but so much more put together than Peter. I admired Daniel’s restraint and common sense when it comes to Peter. I think he handles himself and his emotions amazingly well, and I just love him for his humanity and kindness. Sigh. And I have to mention the UST between Peter and Daniel. OMG. I might have screamed slightly 'unladylike' "Just kiss him!" one or two times. LOL. Brilliantly done! This is a touching and very genuine tale of self-discovery, of growing up and becoming the person you want to be. Leta Blake's writing is sheer bliss, pulls you in from the first sentence and makes you laugh and cry with Peter. Fabulous series!ARC received from author via Indigo Marketing And Design in exchange for an honest review.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Jaime
    2019-05-10 04:29

    5 Amazing Stars! I am still - 7 days after finishing this book having trouble putting my full thoughts into a review that would do this book any justice. Leta Blake has written a one of a kind series. Peter, he will make your heart hurt. Adam, you will want to throttle him and you will want him to grow up. Daniel, he is just- perfect. Peter does a lot of growing in this book. Remember, this is the early 90's-Leta does an excellent job taking us back to the time when AIDS was everywhere, Homophobia and lack of education about AIDS was high, and it was a time of political and religious persecution for gay men. The setting and Era of this book are perfect for the story as we watch Peter come-of-age and start accepting himself, connect with other gay men, experience his first random drunken sex, and even learn to go after what or who he wants. However, while Adam isn't physically around for most of the book he is Alwayson Peter's mind and always in the way of Peter finding happiness. Yet, you can't totally hate Adam because he serves his purpose for Peter. Adam is that first boyfriend. You know the one. The one you should walk away from, the one who you know isn't what's best for you, but the one you just can't stay away from - until it's time. Adam gives Peter a lot of firsts in this story. So he is a pivotal character. This story is not a standalone and you must bring tissues while reading!5Stars! Now I am dying for book 3 - please Leta, give us book 3!! ❥❥**´¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)(¸.•´ (¸.•`*Review Copy provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review.Reviewed by Jaime from Alpha Book Club

  • Tess
    2019-05-18 05:27

    4.5 starsSo good but a really intense read for me. Peter, you're putting my poor heart through the wringer!

  • Alisa
    2019-05-17 04:59

    4.5 starsI loved the first book in the series and I went on and on, to anyone who would listen, about how great it was. I'm super happy to say that this book is just as good. This story picks up right after the other one ended. Adam is out of the country for the summer and Peter is on his own. He spends his time working and doing his photography. Peter's lonely without Adam but the infrequent telephone calls and letters make Peter start to realize that he was lonely even with Adam and their group of friends because none of them actually really knew Peter. Peter makes new friends through his employer and Daniel. This group of friends start to make Peter look at things differently. He starts to see that there are things outside of Adam (thank the heavens) and they take him along for some new experiences.Lot's of things happen in this and I tell you, the mom in me almost had a heart attack more than once, at some of the things Peter does. But, the magic of this series to me, is how much the writing makes me remember my own teen/college days. I wish I could say I always made good decisions but honestly it's a miracle that nothing bad ever happened to me. (There was this one time a friend and I went out on a boat in the middle of the night, in the middle of the ocean with two guys we had just met......gah...miracle!) Peter makes some bad decisions and puts up with yet more crap from Adam but as he does he starts really questioning the man he wants to become. He starts asking himself some tough questions and when he doesn't like the answers he starts making changes. They come slowly and painfully. For both Peter and the reader. (Your heart's not getting out of this book without getting hurt either.)I don't want to spoiler anything so I'm not going to mention much more about the plot. This book has some super emotional scenes but it wasn't as heavy to me as book one. There is at least some light at the end of the tunnel in this one. I loved every minute of this and I'm anxiously awaiting the next book. **ARC received through IndiGo Marketing and Design in exchange for an honest review**

  • Tamika♥RBF MOOD♥
    2019-05-12 00:00

    This was my Zhush!!!! Leta Blake is am Auto-buy author for me. This book just highlights everything I love about her words and characters. Definitely a favorite of 2016. I think I tried to read it in one sitting, but work got in the way! Leta Blake's pen game is sickening. She damn near had me using an entire box of Kleenex! Okay, I used about 3/4 of the box. By the end, I just wanted it to be over for everyone. This damn cliffy is going to kill me.I loved everything about this! Here's some checkpoints on the awesomeness that was book 2 in this amazing series so far.√ I am uber in love with Daniel. √ Minty should be my new best friend.√ Mike is amazaeballs. √ Peter is Peter. √ Minty, Antonio, Windy, Barry, Robert is my life. √ I loved Peter's ideal of love and hope. √ Daniel better get an HEA after all of this. √ I'm never sad to see Adam go.√ His selfishness new no bounds. √ Jeremy should die a painful death. √ I liked Bobby. √ I cried for Harry. √ I might conisder buying a tutu in honor of Minty. √ I totally wanted to hulk rage on Adam by the end of this book.I am so in love with everything that happened in this book. I cried so many times during it, and I wasn't as mad at Peter unlike book one. I think Peter did a lot of growing this book. He's on his own for the summer while Adam is away in Rome. Peter is deciding to take his life into his own hands. He wants to experience things as a Gay man. I think it was hard for me to not want to get angry at all his mistakes but they were his to make. I adore his father so much. I am even at a little bit of peace with his mother. I am happy at the progress that they were able to make as a family. I don't think Peter realizes how he lucked out on parents and being okay with his sexuality. I loved seeing Peter's vulnerabilities in this book. In book one, he showed them alot, but since this was from Peter's pov entirely I think we got to see inside his head way more.You Are Not Me is an emotional rollercoaster. It picks up immediately after book one. Peter is alone with his thoughts for the summer. Adam is still Adam. In book one, I was kinda rooting for him, but by the end of this book he's still the manipulating P.O.S that he always is. He doesn't know what he's doing mentally and emotionally to Peter. Yeah, Adam isn't to blame for everything, but he's played such a major part of his own demise that his shamefulness and guilt ways heavy on his mind! I get Peter wanting to stick with Adam to show him that their love can overcome anything, it made me so mad at times because Peter has this grandiose love mindset that he wasn't able to see that he can be this guy for someone that's more deserving. Leta does a wonderful job at creating these flawed characters who we all can relate to in some way.This was a more transitional story for Peter. He's on the cusp of being an Adult and starting school. He's ventured out of all of his comfort zones. He's gone after things he wants, and explained in absolute detail on why he wants the things that he does. I don't know if this is the end to Adam. Adam is that guy who's going to be married with children and a secret profile on Grindr. It sickens me that he doesn't think about destroying the two people he's involved with. I won't go into spoilery details on the plot. Just know that this book is definitely A+ material. I am so looking forward to book three, and more tears. I really hope a few of my guys get an Hea, or a book about them. Highly recommend this series!

  • Bev
    2019-05-09 06:03

    I'm wrecked...Leta, you've put me through the emotional wringer...again, so it's little wonder I nominated the first story in this series Pictures of You for the Best Book of the Year category in the Goodreads awards. 5 'It's nowhere near enough' stars from me.What can I say?? If you like YA and haven't started this series, why the hell not?? It's unbelievably wonderful and Peter, our MC?? Well, I couldn't decide whether to smack him, strangle him or just give him huge hugs [sometimes all three at once]. He really came of age during this story, and had to do some very painful soul searching and quick growing up. Date rape drugs, PWA's [persons with AIDS] and heartbreak...he encountered them all and lived to tell the tale. My hopes for his future continue to blossom cos he finally, finally [hallelujah] realised that all Adam wanted was for Peter to be his 'bit on the side' whilst presenting a normal boyfriend/girlfriend face with Leslie to everyone else [there may have been some inappropriate fist pumping and happy dancing in this house!! Thank heavens for Mike who could see through Adam's phony facade and realised how much it was costing Peter to lie all the time about who he is and what he supposedly meant to Adam. Leslie is still none the wiser unfortunately, but that 'coming out' scene in the gay club was fantastic, and Adam's little temper tantrums?? Well, isn't life tough, hehe]. Do I still think Adam loves Peter in his own way?? Yes, I do but everything has to be on Adam's terms and no-one elses, which is not the way love works at all and isn't fair to anyone but Adam.As far as Peter's 'future' with Daniel [<3] is concerned, well I hope to God there is one!! Now that his parents have woken up [hooray, put the flags out!!] and accept without question who their son is, how difficult everything has been for him and how little they've done to help him, they're 100% behind him and woe betide anyone who hurts Peter. All the secondary characters are fabulous [I do worry about Minty though, it seems he's hellbent on self-destruction], and so happy that Robert/Renee is a huge hit!! (view spoiler)[My only worry is that Peter ought to get tested in view of his concerns over whether or not Adam knowingly put him at risk. (hide spoiler)]

  • Alicia
    2019-04-29 06:00

    -This book was provided by author via IndiGo Marketing and Design in exchange for an honest review--4.5 stars-I don't even know where to start. Once again, this story tore my heart out, it made me rage, made me want to strangle Peter, and made me smile in the end with the hope that was the start of Peters HEA. Of course their are still two more books, so I'm expecting a hell of a lot more tears and angst first. These books really do blow me away. They are everything I don't normally read, but am so glad I took myself out of my comfort zone because I love Peters story, and am so invested in seeing him get his happy ending. I don't want to delve to much in to the story in case I give anything away. If your up to book two, you know that Adam has just gone off to Italy for the Summer, and Peter has decided to embrace his summer without him, trying to find who he is on his own. He certainly does that, from the beginning to the end of the book, he makes a lot of changes, and decisions, not all of them great. There are some great characters in this one. We still have all the old ones, but with Peter embracing his sexuality, we get to meet quite a few new ones. We also get a lot more of Daniel, who I absolutely adored, and his friends who accepted Peter in to their little group. Adam is still their, although physically not until the last quarter, so expect a lot more angst and drama there. Overall, it was great to see Peter branch out, slowly grow in to himself, and make new friends. Even his parents grew on me in the end. That's all I'm going to write, no story line giveaways because you really do need to just read it yourself. Highly recommend, and please Leta don't make me wait to long for book three. I'm dying here.........

  • Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie
    2019-04-26 22:09

    5 ++ Stars!! *Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*This is a true serial. If you don't read book one, Pictures of You, you'll be lost. If you haven't read book one this review will contain spoilers. It's been just a few weeks since Peter graduated from high school and his boyfriend Adam left for Italy to spend the summer with his family. Peter struggles with still being in love with Adam, but having a crush on Daniel. As the summer moves on, Peter begins to discover himself. Without Adam around, he grows, matures, begins to flourish and he makes friends with a small diverse group of his peers. People that accept him for who he truly is. He doesn't have to hide or pretend when he's with them. He can be himself. He grows angrier at and more distant with Adam, but Adam continues to try to keep Peter in his slimy, cheating, clutches!! Sorry I'll try to calm down now. **Takes a deep breath** Peter wrestles with the guilt he feels as his feelings for Daniel deepen into something much more meaningful. I sat in pins and needles waiting for this story and hounding Leta on FB. This book was more than worth the wait. In this leg of Peter's journey, Leta manages to recapture the feeling of this time period of the early 90's. She transports me back to my "just out of high school" days. I loved watching Peter grow and explore his sexuality more openly and unashamedly. I adored watching him interact with Robert, Barry and Daniel, but I also loved seeing him make friends with Minty, Windy and Antonio. They added a depth to the story and accepted Peter into their fold so easily. I loved that Leta addresses AIDS, and getting to know Bobby was enlightening, yet heartbreaking. AIDS was such a huge issue in the gay community at the time and as sad as it is, Leta handled it gracefully and seemed informed. In fact, one of my favorite quotes of this story was by Peter. (●´3`☆★´ε`●)(●´3`☆★´ε`●)(●´3`☆★´ε`●)(●´3`☆★´ε`●)My heart ached with sadness, fear, and guilt too. There were men out there like me, men whose only crime was love, and for the expression of that love they were dying.(●´3`☆★´ε`●)(●´3`☆★´ε`●)(●´3`☆★´ε`●)(●´3`☆★´ε`●)It's so profound and true, and it touched me so much I had to go back and highlight it and share it with y'all. Now let's talk about Adam. I hated Adam in book one. He made me want to scream and hit something. Okay, I'll admit to really wanting to punch him in his face. As we move forward in the story, my hate for him intensifies exponentially. To quote my co-blogger Mari, I hated him with the fire of a 1,000 suns!! I'm hoping, but I get the feeling we haven't seen the last of Adam. The story is well-written, entertaining and paced well. I was up until 3:30 in the morning, because I couldn't make myself close my iPad until I was done. I'm so looking forward to seeing where Peter's journey takes him next. Leta has promised a HEA and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's with Daniel, whom I love and think Peter has an amazing chemistry with. I can't say enough how much I loved this book and this series so far, and I'm waiting kind of patiently for the next leg!! Highly recommend!!

  • Amy
    2019-05-18 04:21

    Pictures of You and You Are Not Me are without a doubt my favorite reads this year! And I’ve read quite a few books ;)The second book in the '90s Coming of Age series picks up right where we left off in Pictures of You. Adam is in Rome for the summer with his family. He's still hiding his relationship with Peter and dating Leslie. Peter is left behind in Knoxville trying to figure out what to do now that high school is over. He's still working for Robert and still taking lots of pictures with his Leica, but he decides he needs some "gay" friends. Some people he can be himself with, unlike his high school friends that still don't know the truth.He starts spending more time a Tilt-a-Whirl and becomes friends with Daniel's friends. You remember dreamy Daniel from the first book? Sigh. He's still just as dreamy. And he happens to have a crush on our boy Peter. Peter, who's still dating Adam and wants to give him one more chance to make things right when he returns this fall. So yeah, things are kind of complicated.My favorite quote from the book is from Bobby to Peter..."You're like a heat-seeking missile for drama, aren't you?"Isn't that the truth? Complications, lies and so much angst your heart will ache. But rest assured, Peter will find some closure and a much needed "happy for now" before his summer is over. I can’t say it enough: I highly recommend this series!!!

  • Lori
    2019-05-15 22:19

    I have to admit to some reluctance to starting this book, mainly because I remembered how complicated the relationships were from the first book in the series. It's not a simple read. The characters are complex, not all good, not all bad. I know that this is something I love in my reading but sometimes I just want an easy read. That said, when I actually started reading I was once again hooked.Peter is facing a summer without Adam, and we see how he starts to deal with life without Adam. We see him grow into himself and his confidence. Anyone who read the first book can't help but have some dislike for Adam and want to see Peter without the blinding light of his best friend/lover by his side. It's interesting to watch. It's interesting to see him venture out on his own, to learn his own self beyond Adam. He still looks t life through the lens of his camera, though he is starting look at it without that barrier at times too. I truly liked the Peter we saw emerge in this book. Not all his decisions were great - in fact, some were downright stupid - but they were his decisions, made for his reasons, good or bad. I like that this is set in the 90's, this was my era, I must be of a similar age to Peter and I am finding revisiting this time particularly interesting. Especially with regards to attitudes towards homosexuality. For personal reasons it has made me reflect back on that time, a time which feels all too recent to me, yet in many ways also seems a lifetime ago. For this reason I feel I understand Peter and Adam better. It helps me know where Adam is coming from, even if I don't always particularly like him.This is a great second part to this series and I am looking forward to reading the next part. I'm enjoying seeing how these characters develop and grow - and I can't wait for the HEA promised at the end of the series!!

  • Erika
    2019-05-12 00:07

    When I read a book of any genre, I need for the author to make me feel like the characters could be real. I need to not be able to put it down because I'm so interested in what's going on. I need to be invested in the character's lives. Leta Blake does that for me in every one of her books; she writes in a way that leaves me feeling like I happened to be eavesdropping/spying on real people.This series, guys... this series is Leta Blake's masterpiece. No, it's not your typical romance. Yes, there's difficult subject matter. Yes, you'll be forced to think and feel strong emotions and you'll very likely cry. I even cried, dammit. You'll even be angry at times. But you know what? It's totally worth it. Not reading this series because it's "different" or has (view spoiler)[cheating (hide spoiler)] in it or because you'll be forced to feel real emotions is extra silly, in my opinion, because that's what books are supposed to do. A really good book should make you smile, laugh, cry, yell, want to throw it but not want to put it down, and make you feel sad that it had to end. That's what this series does. Read it.

  • AnnMarie
    2019-05-19 06:09

    I received a copy of this book from the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design in exchange for an honest review.So I had a dilemma while thinking about writing my review of this installment in Leta Blakes’s 90’s Coming of Age series. I absolutely loved the book; the story was beautifully written, made me feel all the feelings, but OMG the main characters! I wanted to smack Peter upside his head for most of the book, give Daniel a kick in the pants to get him to act on his feelings and punch Adam in the balls even though he was off page, on a different continent for most of the book. Don’t think because Adam is out of the US for most of the book that he is out of the picture, he is “present” the entire time and I hate him. After the first book I thought Peter had decided to end things with Adam so I was unpleasantly surprised that he was still committed to giving Adam another chance after the summer ends and they start back to school, despite how unlikely that was to work. I mean Peter was unhappy after Adam started dating Leslie, thinking that he would be okay with Adam in another state at college with her was just dumb. See why I wanted to smack Peter? So how do I write a review about a book I loved despite the main characters giving me agita for most of the book?Peter continues growing as a character, gaining confidence in himself as a person and it is so nice to see his transformation from shy boy who is most likely to hide behind his camera to someone willing to put himself out there and interact with the people around him. Peter’s parents finally unbury their heads out of the sand and while the familial relationships is not perfect, I think they will end up fine. His gay friends are such a wonderful group, I love all of them!!! Robert/Renee, his boss and close friend, is there to encourage him when he is down, prop him back up when he screws up, support him and not be judgmental when he does dumb stuff but still offer solid advice as Peter grows up as a gay young adult in the 1990s. Barry, Minty, Windy & Antonio are awesome too. I loved his interactions with Bobby and although I think it is likely that AIDS will take Bobby and perhaps affect others in Peter’s world before the series ends, seeing Peter in these scenes was so nice.The blurb for the 2 books so far have all stated that Peter will get a HEA at the conclusion of the series and after reading book 1 I thought I would be okay with him ending up with Adam if he has a major change and deserves having Peter in his life. I no longer feel this way, Adam is a total douche who deserves to be alone and miserable. I cannot see how he could redeem himself in my estimation, not after his actions in this book. I am a little concerned because there are 2 books left and I would love to see Peter & Daniel end up with the HEA, but 2 books is a lot of ground to cover. I was talking with a friend (who was also reading a review copy) about the first 2 books in the series and what we think will happen in the next 2 books. To me that says so much, that we care enough about these characters that we are trying to imagine where the story is going. I am certain that Peter will not have a smooth time of it. I can see King Douche Adam making life difficult, I can see AIDS having a devastating effect on the group, I can see Daniel’s family issues causing havoc, but I can also see Peter confronting the adversities, shining in the good times, growing more as a person with the love and support of his family & friends, and I can’t wait to see how his story plays out.

  • justanya
    2019-05-07 06:16

    4.5 Angsty filled stars!Leta! Leta! Leta! I just can't with you but you keep pulling me back in like a moth to a flame. Let's jump right in shall we? As we know from Book 1, Adam has left our poor Peter in a lurch. He's going away for college with Leslie and he's spending the summer in Italy leaving Peter unsure of where he stands in their relationship.I was so happy that Peter was a bit disappointed but also anxious for Adam to leave, Afterall; I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that thinks Adam is a major first class douche. I was dying for Peter to break Adam's control over him and to finally experience how life without Adam's manipulation and constant emotional blackmail may be better for him. Our little Peter blossoms while Adam's away. Peter makes friends and gets a glimpse of what life could be like if he were out and proud. Well, I shouldn't say "out". He and his mom have one of the best heart to hearts I've read in mm and I cried for both of them and their individual pain. The only people that don't "know" of Peter's sexuality are his former Kingsley friends but that doesn't really matter since Peter doesn't really see them over the summer. Peter, spends his time with Robert and Daniel's friends. Peter agonizing over wanting Daniel but determined to be faithful to Adam frustrated me to no end. The sexual tension between he and Daniel was as torturous for me as it was for them! There were times I wanted to slap Peter upside the head. I had to remind myself that he was only 18. He's supposed to be young and dumb LOL.There is so much I'm not revealing in this review because honestly, it's best you read it for yourself. Still waters run very deep and once you learn more about Daniel, you'll fall as deeply in love with him as I have. He's a keeper.....So what happens when Adam finally comes back you ask? My lips are sealed :) I will say that when he FINALLY physically appears in the last 100 pages My heart rate skyrocketed. I couldn't wait to see how everything would play out. I was biting my nails the entire time and boy it was good!Lots of things are "resolved" in this installment and even though You are Not Me didn't end on a cliffhanger, it felt cliff hanger ish.This book is deep and chock full of pivotal moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat.Leta! All I want for Christmas is Book 3 please! Don't reduce me to that fangirl camping outside your front door with her hand out begging for a book. Peter and I deserve closure Damn It! In case you haven't guessed it yet, I highly recommend this series! I love the teenage dramz :)

  • Camille
    2019-04-30 22:59

    This was an emotional read for me, a powerful story of being true to who you are. I cannot wait for book # 3!

  • Katerina
    2019-04-29 21:59

    How did love die? In fits and starts and then all at once. Out like a light. Poof. Before the summer ...... and then during that ...... and when the summer came to an end.Oh man. That was so damn good. I can't wait for Daniel and Peter to go on. It was such a great trip. So much heartache. And it's so good to see that Peter is growing up.I am now anxiously waiting for August and hope to read more about Peter then ... and Daniel ... and Peter and Daniel T O G E T H E R ... hopefully.

  • Jules Lovestoread
    2019-04-25 02:19

    4.5 stars. Leta Blake is killing me with this series! I liked this even better than the first. Cuz it hurt a little less. lol So good. See my full review here:

  • Veronica of V's Reads
    2019-05-17 01:26

    This is the second book in a series and best enjoyed when read in order. It's June 1991, and the AIDS epidemic is at it's peak, as is tension with Middle Easterners, as we're in the midst of the Gulf War. Peter Mandel is nearly nineteen, and just graduated from high school in Knoxville, Tennesee. He's gay, and out to his parents and a few friends, notably his boyfriend, the BF's siblings, and his drag queen boss. Peter otherwise keeps a low profile because he's been attacked for his sexuality, and to spare his mother pain; as a child she'd seen her elder brother brutally killed for being gay.Peter's boyfriend Adam thought he had a fool-proof plan to shield them from scrutiny: he got a girlfriend, Leslie, who he maintains a sexual relationship with, as well as with Peter. It killed Peter for their time together in senior year, but now it's summer and Adam's gone to Rome to live with his parents until college begins in the fall. His letters and calls to Peter all describe the big changes that will happen when he's back, but Peter's not so convinced. He's not comfortable being a piece on the side any longer, and he cares for Leslie, too--feels like a big jerk for lying to her, in fact.Peter meets Daniel through Robert/Renee, the lovely black drag queen he works for. See, Peter's a photographer, and he does Renee's publicity, as well as helps edit his filmography of famous drag queens. Daniel is a college student at UT, just like Peter, and they develop a good friendship, as well as an attraction. Daniel doesn't want to make a move, though, knowing Peter is holding out hope the he and Adam will build a stronger relationship when Adam returns--despite the fact that they'll attend different colleges in different states--and Leslie will be with Adam. So, yeah. There is a bit of romance, as Daniel and Peter spend more and more time together. Peter gets to know all of Daniel's close friends, and he sees how important it is to live his truth. Plus, he's filling out of his gawky-awkward stage, and finding that men are very much attracted to him whenever he gets out to the gay clubs. Should he wait for Adam? Is he only prolonging the heartbreak?This book is really rich with description of the times and occurrences. I love the throwbacks of corded phones, answering machines and film cameras. Developing!! Argh! There's also some really poignant moments regarding HIV/AIDS because Daniel is an outreach volunteer, and he gets Peter involved in some home care visits with a man who's dying of AIDS. Wow! That was so freaking intense, and I only expect it'll get more so in the next book. The context of HIV/AIDS is such a strong element of the book, with every person advising Peter on his safety, and some serious problems when risks are unnecessarily posed. Emotionally, Peter struggles with doing what he believes is right, and what is right for him. So many times I wanted to just pull him in for a long hug, and tell him to Get Rid Of Adam!!! Alas, I'm but a reader, and I must follow the path he chooses. The good part is: all of it. It's gritty, and scary, and captivating living life through Peter's opened eyes. He finds unlikely allies, and builds true relationships--even repairing a lot of the damage within his own family. His parents' benign neglect was more damaging than they realized, and they do a lot of soul-searching and reconnection in this book. That was fabulous. Peter does make mistakes, and I think he gets pretty lucky in some parts--particularly dealing with some substance use he wasn't quite ready for. While the romance is almost incidental to the story, it does exist. Expect it to be bittersweet. The end is upbeat, and I'm eager to see how Peter takes to his first semester in college.

  • The Novel Approach Reviews
    2019-05-14 06:15

    4.5 Stars ~ You Are Not Me picks up right where Pictures of You left us. Adam has gone to Italy for the summer, and Peter is back in Knoxville, trying to figure out how to spend his summer. It’s his last summer of freedom before starting at UT in the fall. But, really, it’s a summer free from Adam and the pressures of their relationship. A summer free from lying about who he is, and what he and Adam are–or aren’t–to each other. An opportunity to find himself.It’s also an opportunity to make new friends and hang out with new people, which Peter does at the suggestion of Robert/Renee. Though his first outing to Tilt-a-Whirl is a humiliating near disaster, in which he basically gets roofied, Peter eventually finds his footing and begins hanging out with a new crowd. A crowd that also includes Daniel McPeak. Yep, the same Daniel who Peter has had a crush on since meeting him at Robert’s house.Let me just state emphatically right now that I am one million percent Team Daniel. I don’t know how anyone could not be after reading this book. Daniel is kind, smart, loyal, trustworthy, responsible, sexy as hell, and maybe most importantly, EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE. What?? *blinks innocently* I wasn’t taking a pot shot at Adam. Ok… Yeah, I was. Sorry, not sorry. Adam deserves every dig he gets. Team Daniel, remember? Adam is still the manipulative dickhead we met in Pictures of You, and, in my opinion, doesn’t deserve any of the faith that Peter puts in him. Unfortunately, Peter is still holding out hope that things really will be different between he and Adam in the fall, and spends basically the entire book trying to put his feelings for Daniel on hold.There were a lot of things I loved about this book, not the least of which being that it hurt a lot less than the first one. And, most of which having to do with Peter’s relationships with everyone besides Adam. He gives his parents, particularly his mother, a second chance at becoming close to him again; he opens himself up to new friendships; and, his bond with Robert and Barry becomes even stronger. I love how Robert and Barry love him and look out for him, each with their own brand of counseling.This part slayed…“…But what I want to know is this–have you learned your lesson, Peter?”“Yes,” I whispered.“And that lesson is what?”“Don’t do drugs.”“Are you sure it’s not ‘anonymous blow jobs while high on unknown substances are awesome’?” Barry asked.Everything about them is completely fantastic.I also loved the storyline involving Bobby, the PWA (person with AIDS) for whom Daniel is a caretaker. Daniel does this through a volunteer program he wants to get Peter involved in, and it is such an important part of the story that is so rich and well-written. Good, good stuff.Leta Blake is killing me with this series, man. Killing me. I’ll tell you what, though…Coming of Age is the PERFECT title for Peter’s story arc in the series so far. In You Are Not Me we literally see Peter growing up; hitting so many highs and lows and making all the mistakes someone his age makes. I don’t know about you guys, but when I was nineteen I was at the clubs with my fake ID, drinking too much and trying not to do things I knew I’d regret later; I so understood Peter’s emotional rollercoaster at so many points in the story. BUT, I also wanted to just shake him so many times! Shake him and yell at him. And then hug him. Because he’s Peter. Haha. Read the books. You’ll understand.

  • Pates
    2019-04-27 23:07

    Peter, Peter, Peter!!!! Even though I wanted to shake him...numerous times. *nods* I seriously adooooooooore him! Seeing him grow and be more comfortable with himself was wonderful. Finding friends who know the real him was heart warming. Even if they are a crazy fun bunch! *ehem* Minty, I'm looking at you! Lollll. I adore them too. But I gotta tell you, the one who stole my heart was DANIEL!!! Gah! I loooove him! So much. His heart and soul is just soooo sweet and loving. And he is just so good for Peter. <3 And then there is Adam. He is still part of Peter's life throughout the story. He is in Peter's thoughts continually. Adam is still doing everything he can to make himself happy. *sighs* Here's the thing, once I started this, I couldn't put it down. The way Leta writes hurt, angst, need, and love is so amazing. You get entranced and enraptured in the characters and what's going to happen, you don't even realize the book is almost done. I gotta say I want more. I want more of Peter, more of Peter's parents, more of that crazy fun group of friends, more of Robert/Renee & Barry, and I definitely want more of Daniel! And I *may* even want more of *some* of the Kingsley Crew, just from a distance though. ;) Because without all of these characters Peter's story wouldn't be sooooo damn good. That being said, I cannot wait for the next book! Eeep! I have a feeling my heart strings are gonna be pulled even more!

  • damnit, liz
    2019-05-01 01:04

    This series is brilliant. I think Leta Blake is doing some head shrink stuff on us. Every time I find myself angry at a character, I stop and think "what am I recognizing about myself in various points of my life?" Peter is painfully, and often annoyingly naive, but I think this comes from massive insecurity and not having figured out who he is. Daniel can be a bit of a preachy, save the world, white knight, but this is the role he's assigned himself to keep it together, and his heart really is that big. Adam comes off as the obvious selfish bad guy, but he has a deep need to be wanted and please everyone. The plot doesn't revolve around extravagant storylines to keep you invested- rather it's relatable, real life stuff. Leta manages to take all the emotions of growing up, first love, first heartbreak, and make you feel them all over again. Sometimes it's good to have that reminder when we often dismiss teenage emotion as being melodramatic and excessive. This is possibly the most well done love triangle I've ever read. It's easy to empathize with each of the characters, and Peter is in a place where he needs to make some big decisions. I can honestly say I don't have an idea where the author will take us in future books, but I know it's going to be satisfying. Whether a comforting, healthy relationship with Daniel, a redemption story with Adam, or something else completely unexpected, I know it's going to be good. My only complaint about this book is that it ended.

  • Snowtulip
    2019-05-07 00:14

    Ugh!!! Just like the first book, I was screaming non-stop at Peter!!! Then I'd put the book down, walk away and say no more tonight...only to go back to it and start screaming all over again.I love/hate this series! Peter kills me every time, he is sweet, naive, and utterly adorable...and I need to remember this. I adore Daniel, and thus why I'm always screaming at Peter :)Adam, no words...seriously...Needless to say, I'll be soothing my voice as I anxiously wait for the next one.

  • WhatAStrangeDuck
    2019-05-09 22:02

    3.5 stars. I like the series but I kind of think that book 1 and 2 (with some judicious editing) could have been combined into one. The ups and downs are a bit exhausting. Then again, once upon a time in the olden days my life used to be a soap opera as well, and unfortunately it does take some time to get one's head screwed on straight again after all that drama. I grudgingly admit that the pacing makes sort of sense. It's still a little exhausting.Anyway, I'm glad Peter seems to be starting to use his big head a little more.

  • Suzanne
    2019-04-25 01:18

    Re-read of both books in the series....I have devoured both books in the last couple days and I now have a major book hangover!! This has never happened to me during a re-read. I am even considering reading them again right away because maybe then I’ll get them out of my system and not feel so bereft? I really want the next part of Peter’s story asap!A few things stuck out to me while re-reading these books. The main thing is that I really dislike Adam! I don’t want to say I hate him but I realized that he is such a crappy person. He’s manipulative as fuck and obviously it runs in his family because his sister is just as bad trying to contrive all these stories and lies to hide the fact that her brother is bisexual. Their parents are horrible people too because if they were caring and understanding then their children wouldn’t have to act this way. Peter and Leslie are the people suffering from Adams actions and I don’t even know who to feel more sorry for! Leslie is in the dark about all of it and she’s a really nice person. I want her to be told about what a lousy, cheating scumbag her boyfriend is but then I know she’ll also be hurt because she cares about Peter and his part in all of this will be devastating to her.My heart broke for Peter in the first book because he’s experiencing his first love and first sexual experiences as a gay man but they are being dampened in a way because he has to hide it all. It isn’t just a case of protecting himself from the homophones in his high school but hiding this important part of himself from his friends because he has to watch his boyfriend be with someone else day in and day out. Adam doesn’t have to hide his relationship with Leslie so he flaunts it in front of Peter, even if he doesn’t realize that’s what he’s doing. If Peter was more experienced and older and more sure of himself I know he wouldn’t put up with this. However I remember being in high school and not feeling comfortable with myself and being afraid to speak up and accepting things for myself that I shouldn’t. At that point in your life you take what you can get from someone you love and unfortunately sometimes all you get from them is scraps. I wanted to scream at Peter so many times to just tell Adam to go screw himself and not give into him! But when you’re in a toxic relationship that’s not what happens. I know because I’ve been there and it can take years to finally realize you’re better than that. Luckily Peter sees the light faster then I saw it when I was in a toxic relationship and he meets some amazing people who get him. He learns that he’s worth more and even though he holds onto what little he has with Adam until the end if he didn’t do that he would always wonder “what if”. I did feel unsatisfied with the ending of Peter & Adams relationship. I wanted Peter to tell him off even more and I wanted to see Adam suffer. I hope he doesn’t just go on to live his life with Leslie and not get what’s coming to him. I’m so interested to know if this is the last we see if Adam. I want to pick apart Leta’s brain and know what she’s planning.At least we have Daniel, who is a breath of fresh air. He’s an actual good person and Peter knows it. I look forward to seeing what develops with them and I hope there isn’t too many bumps in the road for them!!!!!What can I say about this book? Are there even words to describe how much I love Peter's story? I simply adored this book! I read it way too fast and I know I'm going to wish I didn't but how could I not? I really loved getting to know more about Peter without Adam around. He's such an incredible person. In the first book my heart broke for him and in this book I was getting fed up with him but I know I've been in a toxic relationship before and I wanted to give him just one more chance (or 4, but don't judge)! I understood where Peter's mind was because he loved Adam and he truly was so torn, he wanted to make sure before he gave up on him that they couldn't have the relationship Peter had hoped they could. Unfortunately he broke Daniel's heart in the process but Peter is a quick learner! Daniel is beyond mature for his age. He is so good for Peter, but will Peter lose him as a friend and possible lover? That remains to be seen. I will now be waiting impatiently for the next book and I cannot imagine what Peter will be going through next. I love that we get to see him grow. We all do it but when we are in the midst of these situations that teach us so much we aren't able to watch from the outside. Watching Peter is something special, it's almost too special, like I'm not worthy of watching him grow from the self proclaimed nerdy loser into what looks like a possibly amazing man! I'm just so honored to be on this journey! I graduated high school in 1992 and reading this book I squealed so many times at the memories! Flavored Zima at the 18 to get in, 21 to drink club after my friend knew the bouncer and we were let in as 21! Those bad decisions and the headaches in the morning! The music which was so good and just invokes a feeling of nostalgia for times that seemed so much easier! I truly loved Peter's parents and the relationship they are working on. How lucky is Peter to have these parents? He doesn't know it yet but their love and guidance is a gift. Barry is a favorite of mine! He's so funny in a tongue in cheek kind of way. Robert is great with his advice and telling Peter just how it is. Minty, Windy & Antonio are hilarious! Bobby is a gem! My heart broke for Harry! There's just so much I felt reading this. Of course I wished Adam would die a slow death many times. What goes through his mind that he thinks his treatment of both Leslie and Peter is ok? I feel sorry for him that he feels it's ok to live this way but I was extremely happy at the end! I just hope he gets his in the end and doesn't get Leslie and his happy ending. He needs to learn a thing or two!

  • Katie
    2019-05-22 02:17

    Voluntary and honest review of an Advance Review Copy generously provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design.Aqz23wSX4Grrrrctg7nhy8MUHuh? No... that's not my wifi password. That was just me exerting a little bit of…well, not frustration, exactly, maybe enthusiastic stupification, onto my keyboard. DAMMIT PETER!Also, I might be a wee bit vexed that there is not a whole lot I can say about this book without dropping some MAJOR spoilerage. To that I say (with the utmost respect): DAMMIT LETA BLAKE!We’re just two books in and this series is shaping up to be a sweeping, epic, and timeless coming of age tale. It has gripped my heart to the extreme, and I am pent up with overwhelm at the magnificence and beauty of it all.Some big words and feelings up there.It’s true, though.This is the ongoing story of Peter who’s finding his way, getting his feet under him as he enters adulthood. He’s in love. Maybe. But, is it really true love, that first love? The kind that can go the distance? Will it even survive the summer? And, what then? And what if…what if there’s someone else? Someone who might hold his heart with more care?We’re entering love-triangle zone with this one, folks. On one acute corner is the guy who’s familiar, the first love, the one who tugs at loyalties — even when there’s so much uncertainty as to that devotion going both ways and evidence suggesting the contrary. On the other corner stands the possibility of someone new and shiny, someone who seems really sweet and kind and good to the core, plus soooper-duper hot.Oh, Peter.Peter is still figuring himself out in some monumental ways. He’s had troubles with his parents, his friends, and all is not easy as a Sunday morning with his love life.And God, adolescence/young adulthood sucked back in the early 90s, probably now too. But before texting and cell phones, IMs, DMs, PMs and such --  and so many ways communication is easier now, the questions and uncertainties just lingered for days and weeks on end because there was no alternative. I remember those days — waiting by the phone that was attached to a wall, waiting for a letter to arrive in the mail, something that would assuage the wondering faster, even if by just a tiny bit.But, Peter’s got some great folks in his circle. And his parents are trying, even if it’s a little better-late-than-never. He’s spreading his wings in his outness by making new friends who’re also queer — cautiously (most of the time), with folks he can trust (usually). But definitely with folks who will have his back — and tell him when he’s fucked up, keep him on the right track, accept him for who he is.Y’all, I said this was epic. It’s a saga. There are no great sweeping resolutions to be had quite yet. There’s still lots of growing to do. Lot’s of lessons to learn. Strength and confidence to gain. AND WHO WILL LOVE PETER THE WAY HE DESERVES?It’s a journey, that growing up business. I remember it well, and not always so fondly.But, two books in, and I am all over this series for all the places it will lead and all of Leta’s beautiful words. As vexed as I am, marinating in this stupification, I can’t freakin' wait to see what happens next.Also posted on

  • Joyfully Jay
    2019-05-04 05:06

    A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsYou Are Not Me is the second story in Leta Blake’s excellent ’90s Coming of Age series. The four books will ultimately be one long story of Peter’s journey, so this book really needs to be read after Pictures of You, and while there is a discreet ending, the overall the story is left unfinished at the halfway point of the series.As with the first book, this story is carried on the strength of Peter’s shoulders. I couldn’t help but love him as he is finding his way and figuring out his life and his relationships, even as he sometimes makes decisions that make me want to scream. Blake so perfectly captures Peter as a young adult on the verge of manhood. He is at times impetuous and makes bad choices. He is so caught up in his feelings for Adam that he can’t really think straight or look at the situation with perspective. At the same time, he knows and fully understands his role in the mess of a situation and unflinchingly accepts responsibility. And he is trying so hard to figure out life, the person he wants to be, and how to sort out the tangle things have become. You can’t help but love him, honestly, and Blake makes him so shockingly real. That I think is what draws me so much to this story. It all just feels so real, the good and the bad. And through it all, I just wanted to hug Peter and help him find his way.Read Jay’s review in its entirety here.

  • Otterpuss
    2019-04-23 02:25

    Peter, Peter, Peter...What are we going to do with you?!Oh the feels! So. Many. Feels. Peter is still trying to find his feet in this world and is still hung up on Adam (or Adam-the-arsehole as he's known in my head) but he's starting to be able to separate the wood from the trees. Robert and Barry are their adorable selves and Daniel is as gorgeous as ever. There are also a few new characters introduced. This installment is mainly Peter trying to  accept himself and making new friends. With a few amusing interludes along the way. My heart ached for Peter while at the same time I wanted to shaken some sense into him!! The writing is, as always, first class. I love Peter and am fully invested in his story, I hope so much that he finally gets his HEA. It will certainly be a long time coming. I cannot wait for the next installment. I received an ARC of this book from the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design in exchange for an honest review.

  • Melissa
    2019-05-03 03:20

    I'm so happy Peter finally left Adam. I also like how this book focused a lot on HIV and AIDS because they were (and still are) important issues in the early 90s. Peter was so damn naive in the first book about sex. He needed to be scared because he was making some stupid decisions. I'm glad Barry and Daniel stressed how important it was to get tested because Robert was being too nonchalant about the issue. Speaking of getting tested, I don't think Peter ever did, which makes no sense to me. I would have liked to seen him actually get tested for his peace of mind. I hope another book follows this one.