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Laurie and James are a monogamous couple with an occasional lover in James’s best friend, Al. It is a casual, friend-with-benefits situation which suits them all, especially given Al’s promiscuous lifestyle.When Al is assaulted, however, Laurie and James are forced to confront the fact that their feelings for Al might be stronger than mere liking. But would free spirit AlLaurie and James are a monogamous couple with an occasional lover in James’s best friend, Al. It is a casual, friend-with-benefits situation which suits them all, especially given Al’s promiscuous lifestyle.When Al is assaulted, however, Laurie and James are forced to confront the fact that their feelings for Al might be stronger than mere liking. But would free spirit Al ever want more than what they already have?...

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  • Gigi
    2019-05-11 07:19

    I have to tell you right off the bat that I DID enjoy a good portion of this book. I thought the sex was hot, the passionate emotions were strong and I love a good love-infused threesome.BUT...Here comes my personal pet peeve that has nothing to do with anything other than my personal preference. (It sucks when you are the first one to review a book that has issues about it you can't agree with.) But I read it and this is my honest opinion.As it states in the blurb, Laurie and James are involved in a loving relationship, living together and sharing their life together. Monogamous save their best friend Al, who does NOT do relationships in any way, shape or form. He likes the variety of sex, both male and female, and has no desire to settle down. OK, all parties are on-board so it's all good. This isn't a cheating issue, it's a lifestyle choice.Now TRIGGER WARNING: Al is raped and beaten and seeks James and Laurie for comfort. Al moves in with Jame and Laurie to heal and get his head together. He shares their bed from time-to-time but also brings home dates and has sex with them in James and Laurie's house. Consenting adults and all that, yeah, I get it but.. NO! I don't want to go there. Not my thing. To make matters worse where I am concerned, he first voices the fact he is in love with both Laurie and James to a female friend while they are in bed together. No!Spoiler tag so I don't give away the whole plot and ending:(view spoiler)[And the cherry on top of this whole fidelity situation is that, even after all three men confess their love to one another, Al lets the other two know he will never be able to be faithful to only them. He enjoys his promiscuous lifestyle and has no desire to give it up, even for love. Laurie and James are OK with that and they live happily ever after. (hide spoiler)]No. I just can't with that. Throw in the fact that they dabble in weird D/s situations and hurt each other out of anger and I'm out.Galley copy of Love Plus One provided by NineStar Press in exchange of an honest review.This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Erica Chilson
    2019-05-01 08:10

    I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads 3.5 StarsBelow my review is commentary after reading both books 1 & 2, and which order they should be read in. Laurie and James are in a committed relationship. Laurie has known James for a long time, as he is James' mother's best friend. So Laurie has seen James and Al- James' best friend- grow up into adults. Love Plus One features an age-gap and an unconventional relationship with Al, who occasionally visits their bed. The story takes place mid-relationship, so there was a bit of confusion and info-dumpage to explain who is who and how they are connected, written in a telling instead of showing fashion, which made it hard to digest. It affected the overall flow, and make the reading experience a bit more difficult than I prefer. Laurie and James are good together. However, I felt there was a bit of immaturity displayed by both James and Al, bickering and fighting with each other and Al with Laurie, making them seem too immature for the relationship they are engaging in with a much-older Laurie. This added a D/s bent, with Al being the bratty bottom (D/s term, not just gay term). James would bait Al, and Al would purposefully misbehave to be 'punished' by Laurie. While it was cute, slightly funny, and hot, the maturity imbalance made it difficult to buy longevity when in this type of unconventional relationship. Al is bisexual and a commitment-phobe. He's got a girl or guy in every port, meeting up for some friends-with-benefits action, or he has one-night-stands, never to be revisited. After an assault, he comes to the only people he trusts for safety and comfort- James and Laurie. ____________Excuse my rambling, inarticulateness as I try to order my thoughts. This is my impression from book one to book two- in my case, book two to book one. Offered for review, I read One Plus One first by accident, not realizing it was a sequel/prequel. In fact, I went into it blindly, not reading the blurb first. I left a comprehensive review, explaining how I thought it would have been better as a menage, not realizing it was the prequel (going back to the beginning where Laurie and James coupled up) to this book, where it shows a menage with Al. I was so pleased that that was the case, and immediately dived into Love Plus One. I'd been contemplating the best order to read the books, as the present time is book 1 & the past is book 2. At first, I was glad I read them out of order, as book 2 was heavy on the character development and relationship building between all three characters. Plus, there was a note attached to my copy, stating it was best to read out of order. What order should you read the books in, you ask... I don't know, to be honest. Read it in the order in which it was published, where you see the menage, then go back in time and not feel the frustration I felt at the ending (who was coupled with whom). But notice a difference in the both the voice of the author and the characters.Read it in a linear timeline (out of order) to be able to see the arc the characters went through over time, where you feel connected to the characters and understand their background, and won't be confused when characters are name-dropped into the story. But then experience a whiplash effect, as it doesn't sound at all like the same characters or author. The emotion of it, the level of character building and whatnot. I realize this book is narrated by Laurie and book 2 is James, but that's not what I mean. There is a difference between the voice of the author and the voice of the characters. It's not a smooth transition. Also, the D/s storyline would have felt out of nowhere, as that didn't exist in One Plus One. James was not baiting and Al was not bratty, and they did not bicker and fight like toddler brothers, and Laurie was in no way a dominant alpha male. Here is my issue, and I'm being entirely honest here. The author showed much growth from one book to the next. The writing is more fluid. While, in this book, the editing is tight and the story interesting, the voice is different. That's the best way I can explain it. One Plus One, the voice is more fluid, easier to fall into the story and connect with the characters. There is something during this book that had me feeling apart from the story itself. Slightly laundry-list feeling with details, a lack of emotion and character building, like being thrust in the middle-to-end of a story, so it's difficult to connect on an emotional level. Had I not read One Plus One first, I wouldn't know the potential, and I could have read Love Plus One as a hot menage between an established couple with an age-gap and the younger partner's best friend. I would have been slightly confused as characters were name-dropped into the storyline, but just read over it. It would have been hot and felt real, and been a quick, just riding the surface of emotions, read. But I didn't read it that way. After completing both books, this is my take on it. As a writer/editor, who can't leave well enough alone herself, I'd release One Plus One and rewrite Love Plus One (in the same direction) but with the voice and new maturity in their craft, so the transition from one book to the next felt flawlessly fluid. Both books are good in their own right, but to be honest- to me -it felt as if it was just the names/traits/plot was used to create another book, as the voice feels nothing alike. I'd read them both as separate entities, appreciating them for what they are. Love Plus One (Maths Book 1) is more sex-centric between an established couple and their third. One Plus One (Maths Book 2) is character development and relationship building, and a deeper, more emotional read. I was pleased to see the author's growth, and do look forward to reading more in the future.

  • Sara
    2019-04-29 11:17

    4.5 HeartsWow. Yeah, this book packs even emotion than One Plus One and that surprised me.I am going to recommend you read these books out of listed order. I cannot imagine starting with this and not knowing the history of James, Al and Laurie. We got James’ POV in One Plus One telling his story of the unrequited crush on his mother’s friend, Laurie and how he turned to his best friend Al for comfort and sexual release. You need to understand the length and depth of friendship James and Al have and how truly beautiful the intimacy was between them in and out of bed. You need to know how much James longed for Laurie, how Laurie rejected him all the while wanting nothing more than to be with James. You need to know that Al has always been a witty smart ass who was so open and fluid with his sexuality without reservation. You need to meet them before so you understand how they could work as ménage now in this book. Trust me on this. We get inside Laurie’s head this time and I have to say how much I adore him. He’s this professional academic bloke who tried to resist the feelings he has for his friend’s son for years and finally gave in. Laurie loves the bones off James and when James brings up the topic of adding in a third in bed and it being Al, the boyfriends become monog-Al-mous and begin their three pointed relationship. This book has some seriously hot sex in it. Goodness. I love how Laurie has become dominant when the three are together and how Al has pressed this new trait in Laurie. Knowing Al, it makes sense that he would provoke Laurie to get him to be all sorts of toppy and how much Al would get off on it. We know from One Plus One that Al whined and begged for James to fuck him so him turning into a bottom brat, just fits his personality. Along with the hot threesome sex we still get the moments between James and Laurie filled with love and how respectful Al is of those moments though he covers them with humor. When Al shows up late one night at James and Laurie’s door battered and bruised from being physically and sexually assaulted, the three start to examine the truth of their emotions. Al has always been free spirited with his love and his life only be nailed down by his career as a film maker. But this assault has shaken him more than he admits though his lovers see it. James and Laurie do what they can for their friend without smothering him but the boyfriends thinks it’s time the man they both love, moves in with them, even if it’s only temporary. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate getting Al’s POV in this book. I wasn’t expecting it when I turned the page yet was thrilled to get inside his head to see how he truly feels about James and Laurie as well as their relationship. Al says he doesn’t do love and doesn’t do relationships but living with James and Laurie provides him a front row seat to the couples intimate touches that start to flow over and onto Al. As Al deals with his feelings and keeping them secret from James and Laurie, we see the side of Al that I adore and that’s the one who wants to be owned by his lovers. The kink that gets brought into their play time was scorching and was always important to the situation and how these three men connect with one another. Al is reeling with breaking his own rules of falling in love and as he spirals a bit out of control, Laurie is always there to bring him back with James by his side handling Al in the ways he needs it. The assault isn’t something that is glossed over, Al does suffer recurring nightmares from it but for me, it fit his personality as well as his lovers how they tried to deal with it and move on. People deal with trauma differently and while sex wasn’t used as a magic pill for Al, being dominated and protected by his lovers during sex was his way of gaining control again. Oh but Al just about broke my heart in this book. Knowing how his parents treated him and how as a teen he’d overheard their disdain at being parents, it’s no surprise that Al has a hard time dealing with falling in love with his best friends and thinking they can’t possibly love him back. But they love their Al and accept him for who he is including his having sex outside of their poly relationship. I adored the talk they had when he says he won’t be faithful and James and Laurie say he will and that sex is something different than his fidelity to them. Yup. This was a good one and again, read the series out of order. Then… just enjoy watching these three fall desperately in love and have some ridiculously hot sex.

  • Mollien Fote Osterman
    2019-05-21 05:37

    Title: Love Plus OneAuthor: P.A. FridaySeries: Maths Book 1Publisher: NineStar PressReviewer: MollienRelease Date: January 9, 2017Genre(s): Male Male RomancePage Count: 181 pagesHeat Level:4 flames out of 5Rating:4 stars out of 5Blurb:Laurie and James are a monogamous couple with an occasional lover in James’s best friend, Al. It is a casual, friend-with-benefits situation which suits them all, especially given Al’s promiscuous lifestyle.When Al is assaulted, however, Laurie and James are forced to confront the fact that their feelings for Al might be stronger than mere liking. But would free spirit Al ever want more than what they already have?Review:This story may not be for everyone, but I found it entertaining and I think I fell for these guys. When I first looked at this story I thought that this was a Male/Female/Male story thinking that Laurie was the Female. My bad. Laurie is all guy and he is an accomplished musician, composer and music teacher. He is in love with James a professor at the university. They have a strong monogamous relationship except for Laurie’s childhood best friend, Al. Somehow Al became not only the Thursday night dinner guest, but the Thursday night shared lover. Al is bisexual and doesn’t believe in any form of commitment. He does have a female when she is in town lover, but she is in a successful band and she is also not looking for a committed relationship. After Al is attacked he goes to a place where he knows that he will be safe and taken care of. To the home of Laurie and James. Not only is he welcomed and loved by his childhood friend Laurie, but Laurie’s partner James gives Al something that he desperately needs to feel safe and secure. The chemistry between these three men is off the charts hot emotionally and physically. This is an emotional story with so many feelings on display. This story has a very interesting ending that I am not sure would work in real life, but you never know. The author goes into great detail developing the relationship between the three main characters and delving into the past events that shaped the men that they became. This is the first book of a series. I am very interested to see how this series continues. PLOT 4 StarsCHEMISTRY: 5 StarsPACING: 4 StarsENDING: 5 StarsCHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: 4 StarsReview Copy of Love Plus One provided by the NineStar Press I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Reviewed by Mollien from Alpha Book Club

  • Christina's Bookshelf
    2019-05-12 03:21

    I was actually consumed by this story. The hot sexual flames scorched at every turn. This story is not for the pure Harlequin lovers. This story is not the traditional HEA we've all come to know. A threesome that starts as a compromise turns into something much more. Laurie and James are in a committed relationship but James makes Laurie a deal; stop smoking and he'll get Al over for a menage. Al is a bisexual free spirit and will never full commit to someone. After he was brutally attacked he comes to realize a few things about himself. It was a journey watching all three come to terms with their feelings. Remember, every relationship is different and this is NOT your typical HEA. You can see my full review on my YouTube channel:

  • Lynn
    2019-05-20 11:25

    Menage stories can easily be a mess, especially if you're introducting a third to an already established couple. However this was done really well, written thoughtfully and with care to show their growing feelings towards one another. The three MCs were great, with well fleshed out characters and backgrounds and I immediately felt a connection to them. Their journey was both heartwarming and heartbreaking at times and their chemistry was definitely HOT. However I did feel there too many sex scenes and overtood the story too much, which was a shame as the story was done really well. I will be continuing with the series though. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher / author for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book for review.

  • Rosemary Amico
    2019-05-21 11:24

    You'll want to read this book if you enjoy:* M/M/M erotica and romance* Positive portrayals of polyamory and kink* Positive portrayals of gay and bisexual characters, as well as of queer and non-conventional relationships* Positive portrayals of casual sex and those who choose to have it* Erotica with really well fleshed out characters that you grow to love and desperately want to be all together and happySlight trigger warnings for mention of sexual assault (not graphically depicted but it's having happened is a major part of the story), for homophobic slurs being used (against one of the main characters and not depicted as being okay in the slightest in-story), and for completely consensual BDSM scenes (which I include only because even consensual depictions might trigger some folks but the author handles them beautifully).Overall, this is an excellent story with lovely characters who have hot sex and lots of feels that are fun to explore. Can't wait to read more about them in future books!

  • Natosha Wilson
    2019-05-14 05:22

    I had a really hard time reading this completely all the way through. In some ways it was a very good book where the hot sexy scenes was concerned but other times it was not so great. These three men have a very unconventional relationship with one another. I guess my biggest problem I had with this book is that not all the rules applied evenly in this three way relationship.James and Laurie are in a committed relationship and decided to bring in their best friend for some occasional fun, Al. This is all and good because they agree upon this ahead of time and after Al is attacked things change in the way that both Laurie and James feel about Al. This toonis alright because they speak to one another about their feelings and again agree that they have both fallen in love with Al and want him living with them.What bothers me is when Al realizes his feelings and finally come clean with Laurie and James about falling in love with them too, Al in the same breath tells them that he will not change his lifestyle of screwing around for them. Both Laurie and James accept this with no issues. I just find that it is unfair that being unfair because Laurie and James plan to be faithful to each other and Al but al will not commit to the same. If this is an relationship between the three men shouldn't the rules apply to everyone. I don't know, maybe it is just me and my way of thinking. But that part really made me dislike this book.Also when Al is attacked I felt like it was a turning point in this book but I also felt that it was brushed over and made to not be very important even though that is extremely important. Again maybe it is just me and my way of thinking but that also made me dislike this book.As I stated before the sex scenes were the best part of the book because they were mostly sexy but there was a few that I did not enjoy there either. BDSM is supposed to be used in a sane and consensual way but to do so when one is angry is frowned upon especially where punishment is concerned and in this book there is a scene done in anger. That is definitely something I do not personally approve of. There are some out there I am sure that will completely enjoy this book but if I am. Wing honest I am not one of them. This book was not one of my favorites but that will not dissuade me from reading other books by this author in the future.Was given this galley copy for free for an open and honest review

  • Katie
    2019-05-03 10:33

    *I received the copy on NetGalley in an exchange for an honest review*~Brief mentions of graphic violence and oral gang rape after the fact~Just putting the warning at the beginning so that everyone knows what they are getting into. It is copied from the beginning of the book. I loved the first sentence in the book. 'Laurie and James were monog-Al-mous.' It is from the first part, obviously, which is told from Laurie's viewpoint. However, I disliked the fact how thrown into the book I was. The only character that was really, at least partly, introduced, was Al. And that Laurie and James slept with him together.Laurie is later introduced as a professor and has a good relationship with his boyfriend's mother. Which was actually how he knew James. And while it was nice to read about their relationship, it bugged me a little that he's known James since James was really young? I mean it does get through this and all is well, but it just felt a little weird to me. I also felt like the characters were not introduced or described enough for me to really care for them, and at first I did not even know who's who from page to page.There is a lot of sex in the book and I must say that I enjoyed it. What bothered me the most is that Al has oral sex with Laurie reeeeally soon after he was sexually assaulted. I think the book did not deal with it enough. It looked like more of a way to get Al to live with Laurie and James than an actual plot thing. I think that there is a better choice to do just that than mentioning sexual assault, and if it is mentioned, it should somehow be dealt with more than it was. The author pretty much just breezes by it and it did not sit well with me. It wasn't a great book, but it wasn't a bad one either. I just did not know the characters as well as I would have wanted, that sexual assault thing wasn't dealt with enough or in the best way, but the sex scenes were good and I DID like the ending a lot.

  • C.L.
    2019-05-09 11:13

    3.5 stars, rounded up to four because I loved Al.There were so many things I liked about this book. One was Al’s unapologetic bisexuality. I loved that we got to see him with both men and women and he didn’t show a preference for one or the other, appreciating both for what they had to offer.Another was James and Laurie’s relationship. I liked the way they loved each other but both knew there was room for Al in there too, at first just as a friend who sometimes sleeps with them but later as more. Though Al was probably my favorite character just because he’s fun and flirty, I think Laurie is the one who grabbed my attention anytime he was on page. He was very well developed and I never questioned his motives when he did things because they seemed like something he would do.The sex was hot! I’m usually bored with most sex scenes and tend to skim but P.A. Friday gave them some kinky spice that kept them exciting.The only thing that bothered me about this book, and the reason it wasn’t a solid 4 for me was, (view spoiler)[ after Al’s attack, he seeks out sex with Laurie to “wash the taste of those men out of his mouth”. To me this just rings really false.(hide spoiler)] It actually bugged me quite a bit and I considered putting the book down, but I wanted to see how it ended, so I pushed through and tried to forget that part happened. I was happy that I did but it still irks me enough to knock the rating down.

  • Valeen Robertson
    2019-05-14 07:29

    Love Plus One is a different kind of story.James and Laurie are in a loving, committed, monogamous relationship, with the exception of their sometime addition of James' best friend, Al. Al is a free-wheeling guy who doesn't believe in love, commitment or relationships. His only close relationship at all is with James, his long time best friend. He has fwb and ons's with both men and women, but is always up front with them about not wanting commitment or a relationship, so at least he's honest.When Al shows up at Laurie and James' home one night after having been assaulted, it turns the tide in the relationship among the three. Throw in some random light BDSM elements, and the mens' relationship ends up being steamy, intense and emotional.For the most part, I enjoyed Love Plus One, but I definitely do not like the ending, and it's why 3 instead of 4 stars. I respect that not everyone has the same views about relationships as I do, though, so I can't fault them too much, even though my first thought was to 2 star this simply because the ending irritated me so much. For the most part, Love Plus One is an enjoyable, steamy MMM story. It's not particularly romantic, but it has some sweetness and I like all three leads a lot, especially Laurie. If you're looking for something a bit out of the box, give Love Plus One a try.I received an ARC via NetGalley for an honest review.

  • Roberta Blablanski
    2019-05-20 08:33

    There is a warning at the beginning of the book that alerts the reader to "[b]rief mentions of graphic violence and oral gang rape after the fact." It's a good warning for those who would benefit.Laurie and James are in a monogamous, committed relationship. About once a week they add Al, James' childhood friend, to their mix. Al enjoys playing the field and doesn't want to settle down.Al gets sexually assaulted one night and turns to Laurie and James for solace. He eventually comes to the realization that he is in love with Laurie and James and wants to be an exclusive part of their relationship.For me, this book was just weird and uncomfortable. Laurie is older than James and met James through his best friend, Gillie. Gillie is James' mother. Yeah, weird. The age difference doesn't bother me so much as the whole bff/mother-in-law thing.The morning after Al's sexual assault, Laurie and Al engage in oral sex. That was uncomfortable for me, but I guess that fits the book as more than half of the pages are dedicated to some sort of sex act. While I do not have an issue with lots of sex in the books I read, the frequency of the sex in this book felt excessive. The emotional connection between the three seemed to be absent. I needed more feeling.I'm sure this book is perfect for others but it wasn't for me.**Copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and impartial review.**

  • Karen
    2019-05-04 11:38

    this is one of those YMMV books. i knew going in that there would be smut - it's erotica/romance, after all - but i think i underestimated it. as somebody who prefers fade to black or the smut to be kept to a minimum, this was simply too much. i just don't care about smut, and for the smut to be close to 70% of the novel's contents...well. those who do like smutty novels will like this, i'm sure. it's just not for me.i thought the writing was a bit bland as well - it just didn't grab me.what i did like about this book, is the polyamory aspect. i picked up this book because of that alone, and i read it to the end because i wanted to see how the three of them would handle it all. and i have to say here that i love that al - the third party to be brought into an existing monogamous relationship - was allowed to continue to be promiscuous. he's somebody who enjoys no-strings-sex with different people, but who's also in a committed romantic relationship with these two guys. that's something i think that's important, that polyamory and relationships can come in all forms and shapes, and that it can work without compromise. that was really lovely.

  • ~
    2019-05-10 04:39

    i love mmm books but I'm gonna dnf this book at least I'm on 82% but i can't read it anymore i hard a really hard time reading problem with this book has nothing to do with it but everything to do with my personal preferences.. These three men have an unconventional relationship.. Laurie and James are in a loving relationship while Al joins them from time to time.. Al who loves sex, doesn't do relationship and loves to party.. What disturbed me most was, Al was raped this was supposed to be an important aspect in the book but nooo it was just swept under like it never happened.....and the infidelity issues and the bringing home dates to Laurie and James house and the fact that they hurt each other out of anger just not for me *got an copy from net galley for a honest review

  • KD Eviant
    2019-04-28 07:29

    I wanted to love this a lot more than I did. The sex was definitely hot, but since I never felt like I got to know the guys, it didn't resonate. I genuinely liked James, Laurie, and Al, but I could never connect with them. Looking at other reviews, it seems like maybe I should have read book 2 first. This also seemed quite a bit long, which could be because I wasn't connected with the story. When books are great, I never want them to end. I did generally like this author's writing style, and this was well-edited, so I'll definitely give P.A. Friday another shot.*Provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Dannielle
    2019-04-28 11:29

    This was a hot book that includes a lot of sex between a gay couple and their mutual male friend. I liked Laurie and James, and they were an awesome couple. When you add Al to the mix things really get interesting. Laurie’s Dom personality comes out and Al’s submissive side and James enjoys the ride. I was disappointed that there wasn’t more follow up with Al’s assault. It sorta seems that leaving the case hanging doesn’t give Al any closure or feeling of security. I liked the ending and I’m glad that Al didn’t change who he is to be happy.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-26 05:17

    I love the concept of this book. But I just couldn't get into this. The writing style (telling instead of sharing) was hard for me. The second half which was more Al's POV was easier. ~I volunteered to read this provided by NetGalley. If not it would be on my Did-Not-Finish list

  • Heather Martin
    2019-05-07 04:14

    *Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*Laurie and James are a monogamous couple but, one night, James makes a proposition to Laurie. If Laurie gives up smoking then James will consent to them inviting Al into his bed. Al is James' best friend and one-time lover. Al does not do monogamy or relationships and usually sleeps with anyone who gets his attention, male or female. He flirts with Laurie all the time, but James' knows he can be trusted and would never do anything to harm James and Laurie's relationship. Al fits the two men in on Thursday nights and they all seem to enjoy their weekly threesome. One night Al is assaulted by a group of men, and he goes to Laurie and James' for comfort. The men love Al and insist that he move into their spare bedroom so he'll feel safe. But, all that time together makes Al start having feelings for the men, though not enough to consider monogamy. I have read several M/M/M books and have enjoyed all of them, but for me, this was different. This was about a couple who loved their friend and just added him to their relationship to spice things up and were fine with their friend sleeping with others. And Al won't give up sleeping with other people for the two men he claims to love. So, don't go into this book looking for a sweet HEA. There is a lot of sex in this book and it's steamy with some elements of BDSM thrown randomly into the picture. If you're open-minded enough to recognize that everyone's relationship ideas are different, that every HEA doesn't look the same or have the same results, and that sometimes relationships don't requirement exclusivity, then you'll enjoy this book.Rating: 3 stars

  • Janis F
    2019-05-09 05:23

    This is the first book I've read by PA Friday and I truly enjoyed it. It's a male romance with three very different male characters who's chemistry is totally off the charts. The beginning of the book started a bit strange for me. I felt like I was starting in the middle of the story but then things evened out and I really got into it. There is a scene that deals with rape, so please be prepared for that. I had tears in my eyes during a few of the scenes. It's a pretty quick read, just a little under 200 pages. Congrats on your release P.A. I looked forward to reading more of your work. I received a copy of this book directly from the publisher. Check out my blog to see some of my other reviews:

  • Hart
    2019-05-06 08:37

    I have mixed feelings about this book, so I'm not going to give it a star rating. So this is erotica, and the plot is basically about Al falling in love with the couple for whom he's sometimes a third. There are a lot of sex scenes. Coupled with Al's traumatic experience, the plot has a feeling of "magical healing cock(s)." I really only like that trope when it's ridiculous, like sex has actual magic properties in a fantasy world. In the real world, I think it's a dangerous concept. Of course we can and should all help each other along through life, but you can't fix your own or someone else's problems with sex alone. From the very start of the story, even before Al's traumatic experience, I had the sense that there was something really wrong with Al, that he was carrying a ton of personal baggage. It does all come out in the end, but I don't think a loving relationship is going to solve all his problems. He badly needs therapy. I am pretty sure that there is meant to be a link between his promiscuity and his emotional problems, and that concept troubles me as part of a story about a promiscuous and bisexual man. There is nothing inherently wrong with being promiscuous, nor does it necessarily mean that a person has a mental illness or an excess of emotional baggage. So, in a way, I feel this book affirms harmful stereotypes about people who are promiscuous and/or bisexual. About the traumatic experience, trigger warning: (view spoiler)[Al is raped early in the story, and we see it from his perspective near the end. Although the attack is not meant to be sexy, both mentions are pretty explicit. It made me very uncomfortable that the other two characters had sex with each other (without Al) so soon afterward. I mean, their best friend is suffering, and they can't keep their hands off each other - and he does walk in on them.(hide spoiler)](view spoiler)[I also don't know if Laurie ever told Al, or the police, about the guy who made the hateful remarks about Al. Maybe the guy would have had some info on who attacked Al. I thought this was a strange detail for the author to leave out. (hide spoiler)]On the positive side, the quality of the writing is very high. There's also an interesting female character (another of Al's partners). The sex scenes were varied and never boring in themselves, although there could have been slightly fewer of them. Overall I am not sure I would read this author again, but it isn't a bad book. I think it's meant to be a love story between three imperfect people, and it definitely works in that sense.