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A shifter altered into a beast, transformed into a weapon… Subject Z-701 has few memories. Kept in a drug-induced haze and controlled through neural transmitters, he’s let out of his cage when death and destruction is what’s desired. Until an accident changes his fate. Freedom beckons, but he finds himself in yet another cage. Without the drugs, the voices get louder, pushA shifter altered into a beast, transformed into a weapon… Subject Z-701 has few memories. Kept in a drug-induced haze and controlled through neural transmitters, he’s let out of his cage when death and destruction is what’s desired. Until an accident changes his fate. Freedom beckons, but he finds himself in yet another cage. Without the drugs, the voices get louder, pushing him to the edge of his already precarious sanity. If it wasn’t for him, the one person able to calm the voices and keep him from teetering into the abyss. Samuel… Tossed between heaven and hell, he must forge a path toward Samuel or be lost forevermore. Project Zed is a spin-off series from the Bear Mountain series. Readers do not need to have red Bear Mountain prior to reading this book, but it is highly recommended. This book is intended for a mature audience. ...

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beast Reviews

  • Rachel Emily
    2019-04-02 01:16

    Oh man, I have been anticipating this series for a while now and WOW, what a way to start things!This overlaps with the last couple Bear Mountain stories, and I'm so glad that we are going to see characters from that series involved in this one. The shifters on Bear Mountain have discovered that the government is kidnapping, experimenting on, and killing shifters around the country, probably the world. They are determined to help everyone they can, and some, like Bull, have personal investments in this task. There was a lot of action and suspense to this one, it felt fast paced, and also more brutal than the Bear Mountain series, when you discover what Z-701/Cal has gone through in his life being held captive, as well as what happened with Samuel's family when the werewolves took over. These two had great chemistry from the start, and I love that they had each other. I thought that this one had a nice blend of the action and overall story with the romance. I can't wait to see what happens next in this series, what it will mean for Bear Mountain, and get to read about the other soldiers and characters. Highly recommended! If you have not read any of the BM series, I think you will be okay jumping in here because there is a great dictionary/reference guide at the start for new readers. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Theresa
    2019-04-02 02:52

    4.48 stars. Wow, Kelex has come a long way from PWP. This was the most sophisticated story of hers that I have read to date.This book had a lot of time jumps that flowed really well while describing the Project Zed program and developing Cal's character at the same time. Kelex incorporated a lot of different characters into the story. It was all very smooth. Cal and Samuel's relationship was developed very nicely. And of course, the plot was set up to continue with new human mates and a werebeast. This book could have been read stand alone, but it was really a continuation of Bear Mountain. Kelex placed a list of characters at the front of the book. I really recommend that you read the previous series to get the background and feel of this shifter community. Kelex's shifter world is a little different from the norm. The installments are short, almost bare bone, guilty pleasures - like popcorn or chips or cookies - depending if you are a salty or sweet junkie.

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-04-02 06:03

    When a specific group is targeted for their special abilities and used as test subjects, it is the worse nightmare they can suffer. When it comes to humanity, humans have proven over and over again exactly how psychopathic they can be. In Beast, the nasty, cruel and inhuman and displayed in HD colour and picture. Specifically, Subject Z-701 has been killed, tortured, dissected whilst alive and then controlled through electronic devices. But who is Subject Z-701?This story is a spin-off of another series. I have not read the other series and I followed along without issue. The theme is a common one. Shifters are targeted by the military, specifically a rogue black ops division that specializes it wet works. They are trying to create the perfect controllable soldier. It has yet to happen. The made scientist keep thinking they are going to get closer. On the flip side, shifters and humans with psychic ability band together to protect themselves. Who can blame them?Beast is the other name for Subject Z-701. When he is given a mission which takes him to this "sanctuary", his life becomes his own again, to a certain degree. What I liked about this book is the senseless rage from Beast. After all this kind of torture, it rings true that he is suspicious and unwilling to trust anyone. His murderous rage may not be justified, but it is understandable. Literally, when the Beast is calmed, a human slowly emerges.The romance aspect is needed for Beast to come out of his berserker fury. Mixing Native American mythology is interesting and one I do not come across much. I like it. Alas, the names of the characters in this book escape me as they were not memorable. The characters themselves and what they did to save themselves and each other were. This strained romance is recommended for m/m readers who enjoy angst with a happily ever after.* Provided by Manic Readers

  • JustJen
    2019-03-29 04:55

    Review by The Blogger Girls.I’m a fan of Kelex, so I’m not sure why I have yet to read the Bear Mountain series at this point. But, since this could be read as a stand alone, I figured I’d give it a try. Though not totally necessary, it is highly recommended that you read the Bear Mountain series first, and I have to agree. There are a lot of established characters/couples/throuples that took some time to get straight that would have otherwise been known to me. And, I already would have had the lay of the land where this world is concerned.That said, it didn’t take me long to catch up to things, and when I did, I was reminded of why I enjoy reading Kelex’ work so much. A whole world is created and easily shown somehow without bogging the story down with too many details about it. Before you know it, you are smack dab in the middle of the story and excitement.Here, a few of the men of Bear Mountain have been, for various reasons, trying to track down and destroy Project Zed, an operation that has been taking shifters, mutating and experimenting on them, turning essentially them into monsters that they are able to control through implanted transmitters to kill and destroy. Cal Miller is one of those soldiers who was taken at an early age, his family destroyed. He has struggled for many years with the things he is made to do, and everything is slowly driving him crazy. When his last mission goes bad and their plane crashes, they are captured by the Bear Mountain team.In addition to wanting to destroy Project Zed, the Bear Mountain crew has also been working on ways to help rehabilitate the victims of Project Zed. They have created a serum that helps calm the beasts in a way that will allow them to finally have freedom. Cal is one tough cookie to crack though, as it takes much more to get past what has been done to him. It is with the help of Samuel, a sort of Shaman, that he is finally able to do so. The two share a connection and realize they are mates. But, there are a few things getting in the way, not the least of which is vengeance and revenge against Project Zed and the man who runs it. And while everyone comes together in time to see the big picture, the story is far from over.This was a very interesting and exciting story. I loved learning the little details of how things work on Bear Mountain, with the mates, the pregnancies, etc. And the actions of going after and taking down the evil Project Zed had me wanting to fight right alongside them. This was everything I have come to expect from Kelex, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for these guys next. I definitely want to go back and read the rest of the Bear Mountain series, and I expect you will too. For those who have already done so, I think you will love this spinoff that appears to be more of an expansion of that world.

  • Nile Princess
    2019-03-27 05:55

    3.5 I always admire this author's willingness to try something different. This is a spin-off of the Bear Mountain series, and it took a little getting used least for me. I will admit to a fair amount of skimming of the military/lab/creation of the werebeast stuff. I do enjoy military romances, and The Bear Mountain series has some military action of course, but they have a certain rhythm that I like, and I'm really mostly about the romance, the mates, cubs and family. Also, as the author mentioned in the blurb, parts of this book are a repeat of the last Bear Mountain book because that's really where the Project Zed focus kicks into high gear. So, again, some skimming happened there. Having said that, I did love Samuel and Cal, and I'm looking forward to reading about the other werebeasts, and the grizzly family with the human and omega mates. Yum.

  • Tracey
    2019-04-08 03:08

    This book was jammed packed with so much interested details this book truly kept my interest the whole time I was reading I didn't want to put this book down great shifter mm read

  • Heidi Benson
    2019-03-22 05:12

    I was hesitant to read this book. I am always leary of spin off series. I have to say I loved this book. As always Kel Ex sucks you in and you see the story. When the suject about what happened to Cal in captivity your heart hurts for him. I like Sam too. As you read you realize he is more complicated than he appears at first. I look forward to see where the eesg of the series takes you.

  • Tina
    2019-03-20 06:03

    Beast starts off the Project Zed series by author Kelex. This is a spin off series from the Bear Mountain series. I did not read the Bear Mountain series. I will say it made me slightly lost, but not overly. I still could really sink into this story. I think you would get a whole lot more out of this first book if you knew the Bear Mountain shifters and such first though.This is the story of Cal and Samuel.Cal or Z701 has been tested on, caged, abused. He has also been forced with a chip in his head to do terrible acts. He now is rescued from Project Zed but still has the trauma of flash backs and PSTD from it. He really is not in the space of mind to have a mate yet. But love doesn't always work the way we want it. He fights tooth and nail to be free and to have vengeance on those that messed him up in the first place.Samuel knows Cal is his mate. He wants to help him recover. He wants his mate whole again. Samuel can sense emotions of others, he also has a slew of other cool powers that you have to read about in this book. He doesn't know where his powers come from but he is one kick ass character.Over all there is a ton of information in this book. I suggest reading this one when you have the time to really sink into a story. There is much more than sex in this book which I love. I loved to see the recovery of those abused. I would really like to see where this series goes next. There is a lot of potential for more and I cannot wait to read it.Five Shooting Stars

  • Kragthang
    2019-04-10 06:55

    *I won this book in a Love Bytes Reviews giveaway.*This was my first book by the author, but the blurb sounded intriguing. And the book did not fail to deliver. The warning that it would be best read after the Bear Mountain series is well placed, but it was easy to follow the story without knowledge of the series. Plus, there was a glossary in the beginning, where a few things were explained. I liked the way we got to know Z-701/Cal step by step. It was easy to condemn him as an aggressive and angry beast from the way he behaved. But the glimpses into his past presented a different picture. Sam's past was also not easy to digest, but maybe his experience was what was needed to get through to Cal. The romance between the two was a bit underwhelming for them being mates, but the pace of the book and the action was enough to keep me occupied. Maybe there will be more of them in later books. I will definitely read more from Kelex in the future. I have already set my eyes on the second book, since I want to know more about Cutler Morrison, after how he was introduced in Beast.

  • Tena
    2019-03-20 05:02

    This spin off from the Bear Mountain series shows promise. As the author urges, reading the original series first will enhance this new storyline. But this first story gives notes and replays portions of the last installment in the other series, so a new reader wouldn't be totally lost. (For those of us following from Bear Mountain, I would just say be patient, it moves along into new territory.) I'm hoping both series continue alongside each other as they move in parallel but slightly different directions.

  • Rabxi
    2019-04-07 07:09

    As a first book of this spin-off series, it should have had more introductory paragraph on wth was going on. Rather than jumping on conclusions set by the original series. A spin-off should have its own world and the characters reintroduced. I was confused who was who in the beginning, and later, with the book being so small, the constant POV shifts didn't help its stance at all.

  • april
    2019-03-21 01:56

    Powerful, loved it!When trouble comes for you, I hoped you can run quickly. This story had me from word one. I felt for both Cal & Sam. Both dealing with pain and loss. Love will out! A great read

  • 315
    2019-04-15 01:11

    I don't agree that you can just pick up this book without reading the previous series.DNF

  • Amber
    2019-04-01 05:02

    Full review available at: 4.5*sBeast is the first book in the Project Zed series by Kelex. It’s well written and nicely edited. TheProject Zed series is a branching off of the Bear Mountain series, and so if you have read the Bear Mountain series, then you know the background of most of the characters in the book. However, if you haven’t read the Bear Mountain series as I haven’t, the author does a great job of explaining all of the important people and who they are mated to under the author notes at the front of the book. I found this to be tremendously helpful, and I had no problem reading the book.Project Zeb’s a top secret government project where shifters, were and full, are hunted and executed without the knowledge of the military/government as a whole. Covertly, some creatures have been captured and experimented on, with the desire to breed a super army. While it pulls from the U.S. military for operations, there’s a rumor it’s not run by the government at all.Cal Miller or Subject Z-701 was kidnapped and experimented on. After splicing different DNA onto his bear shifter DNA and putting in a neurological device to be able to control him, he was made into the perfect soldier. Cal was kept in a cage for 40 years and only allowed out when death and destruction are what’s desired. All he could focus on is the revenge for the ones that have done this to him and the numerous voices in his head that are driving him insane.Samuel’s a shaman for the reservation that’s north of Bear Mountain. He helps with enchanting the cage so that it can stand up to the monstrous beasts that they rescue. He also has an agreement to house the beast as they are rehabilitated, if they can be rehabilitated. Samuel’s drawn to Cal and wants to help him. And with the help of Bull, Killian, and Finn, they are able to calm the voices in his head and help him. But Colonel James Lore, who’s the head of Project Zed, wants Cal back.I loved the chemistry between Cal and Sam, and I can’t wait to see who their third mate’s going to be. I do love that it looks like most mates are triad relationships between two shifters and a human. And I need to see what happens with the next beast to be rehabilitated. And what happens with Colonel Lore. I can’t wait to read the next book when it comes out to find out what happens next. 4.5 OptimuMM's***The ARC was provided by Twisted E Publishing. My review is an honest opinion of the book***

  • LeeAnn
    2019-04-02 05:07

    ExcellentAnother great addition to this series. To get to"see" some of the characters from the previous books is always fun.What happened to these two men in the past is horrific, the fact that they were able to come together, beautiful. Samuel and Cal's chemistry is off the charts and their connection extremely deep.Samuel is what Cal needs to survive and visa versa. Hoping to see Cal's two brothers find their mates and home on Bear Mountain. I also look forward to Lore being ripped limb from limb in the not too distant future!

  • iDreem2
    2019-04-12 05:05

    4.25 overall starsCouple 4.0Plot 4.5Story 4.25Sex 4.0Series 4.25Great start, can't wait for the next story!

  • Donna
    2019-03-30 03:51

    Cal's story nearly broke my heart. I'm happy his body is free but I can't wait until his heart and soul is free as well. Love him and Samuel together. I hope he gets his revenge as does Bull and everyone else who treated them wrong .Fantastic story Fantastic kick off to a new series LOVED THIS

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-10 00:03

    I love Kelex's Bear Mountain stories! So I was so happy to see this spin off. I love it. Great start to the new series. My heart hurt for Cal with what he had to endure during his captivity. Then Samuel with what happen with his family. I think they are perfect for each other. Kelex just draws you in the story and I couldn't put this book down. I can't wait for the next one.*I voluntarily reviewed this advance read copy of this book.*

  • Karen
    2019-03-23 23:54

    I loved this book. This book is a spin off of the Bear Mountain series and I would suggest reading those first if you never have. This book was well written with well developed characters. I am looking forward to what comes out next in both series.

  • Shannon
    2019-03-25 06:04

    BeastThis is a good start to the new series. I liked the characters and direction its going, but at points it gets confusing. The point of view jumps around alot more than the another bear mountain books and doesnt seem to focus as much on cal and Samuel as I would like. Overall, its good and I have already bought the next book savage.