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From the mind that brought you The End of the F*cking World and Revenger comes a new psychosexual thriller. Meet Christine, a data entry specialist discovering her sexuality and her penchant for blood. What is this monster brewing inside her? See as she is introduced to Joshua. A wheelchair bound nerd with similar interests....

Title : Slasher
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ISBN : 9781942801849
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 128 Pages
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Slasher Reviews

  • Oscar
    2019-03-24 06:46

    Read as single issues!!! (#1 - 5)Un descanso de lo que hay en el mercado de comics actualmente!Slasher tiene lo que me gusta en los comics, no hay miedo de contar la historia no importa que tan loca o enferma sea. En este caso, la historia llega a ser algo enferma.El comic comienza a contarte la historia de una morra que trabaja en un supermercado. Rodeada de acoso, un mal ambiente de trabajo y su vida personal llena de estrés, encuentra un escape al conocer un morrillo en linea con el que ocasionalmente se manda mensajes y con quien comparte un gusto poco común. Lo bueno comienza cuando te comienzas a preguntar que tan lejos podrá llegar esta morra en su intento de escape de su vida "cotidiana".Al principio se lee un poco como un comic predecible pero... Sorpresa, ni madres, pishis plotwists alterados.Hubo varios puntos durante la historia en la que el comic me asqueo, no por ser malo, si no por ser muy bueno en la ejecución de las ideas. La densidad del estrés en la trama y el ambiente tenso se transmiten muy bien al lector.Este es el tipo de comic que incuye diálogos como (parafraseando): "Recuerdas cuando estaba en la primaria y un niño se cayó, se abrió la cabeza y había sangre por todos lados? Bueno, ese fue el día en que tuve mi primer orgasmo".Esta historia se me quedará grabada por mucho tiempo. Muy recomendable!!

  • Peter Landau
    2019-02-28 00:36

    My kids and I watched THE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD together. It was a bonding experience, so I started buying Charles Forsman’s comics for us to read. I guess I wasn’t the only one, because the one adapted by Netflix is hard to get, but his others aren’t. I read I’M NOT OKAY WITH THIS, and it was okay, then I read SLASHER, which is drawn in a more realistic way, with some nice brush work, and tells a story that pushes the extremes hinted at in his other work. I’m not going to judge a woman who is sexual aroused by blood, in love with a malnourished masochist, who goes on a killing spree, I’m just not going to seek it out. The work is disturbing, and artfully done, but fetishizing violence is less appealing to me nowadays. Maybe I missed some deeper intent here or I’m an asshole. Take your pick. I’m comfortable with either.

  • Audra (ouija.doodle.reads)
    2019-03-21 05:53

    I got a copy of this while awaiting The End of the F*cking World, which is almost impossible to get ahold of right now due to its (quite amazing) Netflix series. I’ll begin by saying, this is not what I expected. Forsman has a unique way of bleeding dark elements together and getting to the underbelly of human experience and interaction that I think is really valuable, if not downright chilling. Slasher is incredibly dark and I felt not redeeming for the lead character as it could have been and that I would have hoped for.The story is more complex than at first glance, but the nuance for me was undone by the lack of character development and failure to give the leading lady room to grow.

  • Matthew
    2019-03-22 00:53

    This book is my introduction to Charles Forsman’s work. I am aware of his recent Netflix adaptation, but I haven’t watched it. I mention this so as to let you know that I didn’t have any expectations or preconceived notions about “Slasher”.I admit that this book has a morbid allure to it. I can’t really recommend it though. It’s gross (but I’d wager that most people who pick it up have seen much worse), it’s too brief, it can be a bit hard to follow at times, and it ultimately doesn’t have anything interesting to say.Sometimes people are just born wrong. Sometimes people get lied to over the internet. That doesn’t necessarily make for a satisfying or worthwhile read.

  • Cat
    2019-03-03 23:55

    What...did I just read? I loved ‘I am Not Okay with this’ and I recently started the new Netflix show ‘the end of the f***ing world’, but this was a whole new level of what. Some of it was just flat out unclear so I pushed through and I just...what did I read??

  • Kelly Dashiell
    2019-03-21 01:34

    This was uh, interesting. Some things just weren't so clear

  • Katie McGuire
    2019-03-10 04:40

    Well, that was...for lack of a better word...fucked.

  • Hugo
    2019-03-16 00:42

    Starts dark, gets darker, then a mid-series development takes it into even darker territory. (Read as single issues.)

  • Ed
    2019-03-25 05:38

    It starts off with knife play and Munchausen by proxy and goes to places even wilder than that would lead you to believe.