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A cold case heats up . . . A dead man in Big Bay Creek, spring break, and a rogue FBI agent would be enough to drive Chief Callie Jean Morgan to drink . . . if she hadn't already quietly crawled inside a bottle of gin to drown her sorrows over a life ripped apart by too many losses.When her investigation into the stranger’s death heats up an unsolved abduction case, CallieA cold case heats up . . . A dead man in Big Bay Creek, spring break, and a rogue FBI agent would be enough to drive Chief Callie Jean Morgan to drink . . . if she hadn't already quietly crawled inside a bottle of gin to drown her sorrows over a life ripped apart by too many losses.When her investigation into the stranger’s death heats up an unsolved abduction case, Callie finds herself pitted against the town council, her son, the agent, and even the raucous college kids enjoying idyllic Edisto Beach.Amidst it all, Callie must find a way to reconcile her grief and her precious taste for gin before anyone else is killed....

Title : Edisto Stranger (The Edisto Island Mysteries #4)
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ISBN : 9781611947649
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Edisto Stranger (The Edisto Island Mysteries #4) Reviews

  • Cindy Huff
    2019-04-10 08:42

    I wasn’t sure I wanted to read another Edisto Mystery after one of my favorite characters died in the last one. But I am so glad I did. C Hope Clark takes all the grief from the death of Mike Seabrook and brings to the reader a broken woman who presses on to solve two cases. Spring Break on the beach isn’t the best time to have a murder to solve. Add to that Chief Callie Morgan’s college-age son bringing some friends home for spring break. Both interrupting her spiral of grief into a gin bottle. It’s already bad enough the whole island is in her business.This well-written, attention grabbing story kept me engaged and putting the clues together right along with Callie. I cheered her courage and her willingness to own her weaknesses. Watching her struggle to get back in the crime fighting game and learn to be the parent of an adult made this not just a who-done-it read. I loved watching this female chief of police work to separate her law enforcement persona from her mom persona. Callie is a wonderfully real character that even straight-laced readers like me can rally around.Usually I can solve a mystery just before the final reveal. Not so in this case. The ending of this book left me satisfied. If there is never another Edisto Mystery I can live with that because Callie has matured beyond the person she was in the first novel. Change is what I love to see in characters in a series. However, I’d be the first in line to buy the next Edisto Mystery and work alon side Callie to solve another crime.

  • Michanne Reese
    2019-03-29 09:09

    Fourth in the Edisto Island Mysteries, Edisto Stranger is the best of C. Hope Clark yet! I was so excited the day I got it, but refused to begin, though it nearly killed me. I knew I didn't have sufficient time to spend reading, and I've learned from experience, one does not casually read a C. Hope Clark book. She starts full speed and never slows down, EVER. I mentioned to her once that I wish she'd at least slow down occasionally for the sake of my bladder. She immediately replied, “LOL - don't like slow parts”. As excited as I was for Edisto Stranger, my emotions were still a little raw from how the last one ended. I finished Echoes of Edisto furious at Clark for making me sob; simultaneously hating her and in awe of her brilliance, and guts. She had to know her readers were not going to be happy with her choice. She did it anyway. It is the essence of C Hope Clark. She is going to grab your hand and hold on tight while she whips you through emotions, adventures, and a cast of characters as real as those in your daily life. She is not going to sugar-coat anything and she is going to bare her heart to the point your own will break as you feel her pain. You are going to want to hug her and slap her and hang out with her … WAIT! Am I describing C Hope herself OR Chief Callie Jean Morgan, her Edisto heroine? I suspect a little of both. In Edisto Stranger, Callie hasn't quite gotten her feet back under her from her whirlwind past and having had so much torn from her, there doesn't seem to be enough left of her heart to try and patch back together. The gin she tries to fill the holes with does nothing but seep through the tatters, leaving her a hot mess on the inside. She puts up a brave front for the public who are scrutinizing her every move to see if she can handle being at the helm of their idyllic island home. Only those closest to her – her son, her soul sister best friend, Sophie, a couple of her officers, and her ex-boss, Stan, know she is falling apart and she needs a case to get her mind off the past, heart out of the bottle and her whole self back into the swing of life, as well as the career she loves. In a jaded way, the murdered FBI retiree floated up at just the right, or most terribly wrong time, possible. Murder, missing/abducted kids, cold cases, FBI, college kids partying on the beach over spring break, cut-throat, small-town, southern politics, as well as totally unexpected twists and turns – rest assured, C Hope doesn't like slow parts.

  • Skye Taylor
    2019-04-12 07:55

    It’s a great book that keeps me reading into the wee hours of the night, and Edisto Stranger is one of the best. I’ve enjoyed all the Callie Morgan stories and this one did not disappoint. My heart was almost as broken as Callie’s at the start of this tale over things that happened in book three, but her job called her back from the brink and gave her a new sense of purpose. As she plunged herself into solving this new death on her beloved Edisto Island, she kept me turning pages, unable to put the book down. You can almost smell the salt air and atmosphere of this place and the characters are compelling. From the heroine herself, to the young cop on her force, to the enigmatic FBI agent, to Brice and Jeb, you feel like you know these people and feel their pain, frustrations, insecurities and hopes. Then there is the supporting cast of colorful neighbors and townsfolk. The mystery has lots of twists and turns you won’t expect and others you’ll be shaking your head thinking, I should have seen that coming! A good man is dead and justice must be done, but the ending will leave you torn, injustices from long ago will make you sad, but Callie’s triumph will give you hope. I enjoyed the changing relationships that feel so real: with her young adult son home from his first semester in college, with Rayson and Thomas and even with Stan. I’m definitely looking forward to the next Callie Morgan/Edisto Island mystery.

  • Melissa Meske
    2019-04-03 11:58

    Edisto StrangerA 2017 murder mystery by C. Hope Clark and published by Bell Bridge Books, Edisto Stranger has a timely storyline, reminiscent in some ways of the real-life abduction story of Elizabeth Smart back in 2002. Clark’s victim, however, is taken at a much younger age and grows to young adulthood before knowing of her real story. Edisto Beach Police Chief Callie Morgan, still recovering after tragedy strikes her heart again, seeks solace as usual at the bottom of a bottle or glass in this fourth book of the Edisto series. This is something that, by the book’s end, is hopefully the one weakness Callie will soon overcome. And hopefully before her son Jeb develops his own.Maternal instincts kick in repeatedly as you turn the page, and it’s good to read that Jeb is alive and well—and still with Sprite—at the end of the final chapter. Other characters in the book roll out somewhat predictably as the story moves forward and Callie works to solve the latest murder on the beach.Overall, I enjoyed the storyline and the development of each character as their lives interplayed. But admittedly, I left the last page ever so slightly disappointed. I found the motive behind “Emma’s” abduction to be a bit tired, and the murderer’s character to be a bit predictable.All in all, however, I am now left wondering if Callie will have a new role, with or within the FBI. Given to me as an advance review copy by the author, I give Edisto Stranger 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Judy
    2019-03-23 07:05

    In the fourth book of C. Hope Clark's Edisto Island Mysteries, Edisto Island police chief Callie Morgan is in deep water again.There's a guy on the city council who wants her gone. She still is in mourning for her lover, killed in the line of duty. And she's drinking again. (As smart as she is, Callie is unwilling or unable to connect the dots where alcohol is concerned.)Then her phone rings. Her son Jeb, home from college on spring break, has found a floater in the estuary while kayaking with his girlfriend. When Callie learns that the dead man is a recently retired FBI agent, we're off to the races again. In the lively carnival atmosphere that is Edisto Island during spring break, vacationing college students mingle with locals and blur the landscape. Callie has two college boys her son met on the beach camping in her house, plus Jeb is after her about her drinking. The suspicious FBI guy who shows up to investigate the victim's death is not the sort who inspires Callie's confidence. And the plot is further complicated when we learn that the dead man was hired to look for a girl who was stolen from her family as a baby.Nothing is as it seems during this crazy time on the island. Edisto Stranger is a solidly paced, layered mystery liberally laced with secrets, lies, and betrayals. I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

  • Matt Jerdan
    2019-03-24 06:52

    After finishing Echoes of Edisto, I was interested to see where C. Hope Clark took Callie on her continued road to recovery in her ever-present acclimation to being a full time Edisto Island resident and police chief. In typical, complicated Callie Morgan fashion, Edisto Stranger opens with her juggling the struggles of personal loss, Edisto Island's small town politics, its power-players, her son stumbling across a fresh body, and the constant desire for the just-out-of-reach drink or two.Taking place over Spring Break, Edisto Stranger allows for the opportunity to step out of the shadow of its usual cast of characters and explore some new, younger faces. The book's title cleverly describes the new victim, FBI contact, neighbors, and Jeb's circle of friends in one fell swoop. The plot's pace does have a different feel than other Callie books but I thought it was appropriate and expected, given the turn of events in Callie's life up to this point.I'm very excited to see Callie continue her journey and hopefully catch a personal win to accompany her many professional accomplishments in the stories to come. It's always a delight to return to one of C. Hope Clark's books and continue to explore the charm of Edisto Island's residents.

  • Kim
    2019-04-19 05:41

    Edisto Stranger is the fourth book in the Edisto Island Mysteries. I will say up front you don't need to read the previous books in the series to enjoy this story but you'll want to. It's that good. It continues the story of a female police chief in a beach town with colorful residents who put up with vacationers invading their beaches. This time, her son and his girlfriend discover a body in the water so the investigation begins. Police Chief Callie Morgan is one tough woman with her own set of scars and personal foils. Abhorring the loss of life but at an all time low, this murder is just what she needs to get herself together before she loses her job to alcohol and grief. As Callie searches for the killer, she finds out the victim is a retired FBI agent who was in the area working on a seventeen year old abduction case of a small child. The appearance of another FBI agent and a venomous town councilman make her life more stressful. I won't spoil the ending other than to say I enjoyed the way she wrapped up both cases. If you like murder mysteries, this is the book for you.

  • Kathy
    2019-04-07 06:04

    Edisto Stranger is the 4th Edisto Island Mysteries by C. Hope Clark. I have read the 3 earlier books in the series and enjoyed them all.Callie is grieving and has buried herself in a bottle of gin. And a body is found by her son Jeb and his friend Sprite who turns out to be a retired FBI investigator. The investigator was obsessed with finding a young girl who was kidnapped. He had an important lead to investigate on Edisto. Did he get to close to the truth?A very interesting story revolving around the young people on Edisto for Spring Break. Could one of the young people on the island be the missing girl? Callie has help from an FBI agent to solve the mystery. I enjoyed the story and the setting. The writing is excellent. Hopefully Callie gets some help for her drinking before the next book.Great series!

  • Caleb Wygal
    2019-03-29 09:59

    In Edisto Stranger, Clark picks up on the life of Edisto police Chief Callie Jean Morgan where her previous novel Echoes of Edisto ends. That novel in particular was one of the best novels I read in 2016. This one grabs you from the start as Callie continues to cope with the consequences from Echoes of Edisto. While I didn't find Edisto Stranger as captivating as its predecessor, I did enjoy the mystery, the surprises, and the characters inhabiting Edisto Island. I suggest you grab a beach chair, your beverage of choice, and plant yourself in the sand somewhere with this book. This is a great beach read.

  • George Newport
    2019-03-24 05:57

    Another in the Edisto Island series. Edisto is a real island. Callie Jean Morgan is the Chief of Police. The Town Council is overloaded with male chauvinist pigs. A man is murdered. This will effect their tourist rating. Callie has to solve this mystery yesterday. They have a small police department. She has already has too much loss in her life. Read the whole series. You are missing out on a great writer in C Hope Clark. She also has her Carolina Slade series. Only Jessica Fletcher has killed more people than C Hope Clark's books.

  • Bobbie Munro
    2019-03-22 07:44

    Still mourning the loss of her law partner and lover, Callie must prove to the town, her family, friends and herself that she can rise above grief and alcohol and still do what she does best. And does she ever!Another riveting whodunit by Hope C. Clark! Adding JUST enough from her past books to add some clarity to some facts but not so much that it loses a newcomer, this book keeps you going from the first page. Murder, kidnapping, teenage attitude, small town bureaucracy….this book has it all.

  • Tomi L.Wiley
    2019-04-14 03:44

    I only recently really got into mysteries, and C. Hope Clark is one main reason why. Her characters are deliciously, realistically flawed in many ways I deeply identified with. Besides being brilliant mysteries - plot twists and red herrings abound - this is a very literary series. Her talent with dialogue is to be admired. These books are fun, intelligent and pure enjoyment. Hope is a luminous example of the craft.

  • Barbara Tobey
    2019-04-09 11:01

    Loved this latest addition to the series. Great progression of the characters. There are references to past books and incidents that help put things in perspective, but this can be read as a stand alone. Of course, once you do, you will want to go back to read the previous three books. All have lots of heart, excitement and suspense. Eagerly awaiting #5. The book was provided via NetGalley for my voluntary review.

  • Rebecca Rodgers
    2019-04-13 06:09

    I really enjoyed this series. It was a real emotional roller coaster between hope, loss, and pain. This is the last book in the series and it did an excellent job of wrapping everything up in a realistic way. Ms. Clark is excellent at keeping her stories about real people and their challenges. It is not all fantasy and about happy endings. Callie Morgan's journey was all about healing and moving forward despite life's obstacles and being true to yourself in the process.

  • Loralee Lillibridge
    2019-03-30 04:00

    Better and better!Real people. That's what the characters in this series become through each book. For me, Edisto Stranger is the most intensely plotted so far. The characterization delved deeper as more and more emotions were revealed. I felt Callie's pain. I became invested in the lives of each character as if they were personal friends. I can't recommend this current book in the series highly enough.

  • Bonnie Tharp
    2019-03-31 05:08

    Clark's latest Callie Morgan novel, "Edisto Stranger" does not disappoint. Callie has her hands full with her own demons, the town council, a killer on the lose and a missing person. And when her friends back away she takes the unwanted help of an FBI agent with his own agenda. I loved this book and think you will, too.

  • Olivia Pariset
    2019-03-27 06:52

    Edisto Stranger is the perfect mix of emotional upheaval and fear and danger and mystery. I intended to stop reading after one chapter each night so I could be in Callie's Edisto as long as possible! Then I couldnt stop and the pages flew by. Like all good things, it ended far too soon!!

  • Mary
    2019-03-21 11:57

    I have read all of Hope Clarks books and I love all of them. Of all of the Edisto books, I think that this is the best.

  • Patricia Romero
    2019-04-07 05:50

    Callie is flawed in the most human of ways, and find ways to deal with their pain and anger in a bottle of Gin. It's not like she's falling down drunk, but her son and her co-workers know. But now she has to find a way to crack this case without a crutch.I personally like the Edisto books because my family has had homes there for generations. My Mother was born in Walterboro and lived between there and Charleston. So I feel a deep sense of home and familiarity with this place and these people. I actually called her and asked about Edisto not having an ME and she said Oh no, we're too small for that, you have to go to Walterboro. This book actually has two crimes, an old cold case kidnapping of a two year old and the murder of the retired FBI agent who wouldn't let that case go.Give it a read and let me know what you think! Today is Release Day!!