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For most people, the act of killing is intangible. Unfathomable. But not for seventeen-year-old Arden Eliri. Having been involved in Cruex assassination attempts as a mere child, killing is a natural disposition for her. Growing up without parents, in a castle ruled by an iron-fisted king, is the furthest thing from a fairy tale, as is being forced into the Cruex, the kingFor most people, the act of killing is intangible. Unfathomable. But not for seventeen-year-old Arden Eliri. Having been involved in Cruex assassination attempts as a mere child, killing is a natural disposition for her. Growing up without parents, in a castle ruled by an iron-fisted king, is the furthest thing from a fairy tale, as is being forced into the Cruex, the king’s group of hand-selected assassins. But with each passing year, she comes to enjoy the act of killing more and more. Kill or be killed—she chooses the former.A decade ago, King Darius Tymond banished The Caldari—those who practice illusié, or old magick—from Trendalath Kingdom, ensuring that no Caldari will ever step foot in his kingdom again. But Arden discovers otherwise after a dual-assigned mission goes horribly awry. Even more startling, she discovers that she may have more in common with the Caldari than she’s been led to believe.Arden wants to trust that King Tymond’s intentions are pure, but as their pasts collide in unexpected ways, the quicker she realizes the consequences and dangers of his reign. But Arden is also hiding something—something that threatens her very existence—and she’ll have to face her inner darkness and conquer it before it destroys her . . . and the kingdom she’s come to call her home....

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Shadow Crown Reviews

  • Maddie (Heart Full Of Books)
    2019-04-22 11:23

    I found this absolutely impossible to put down! The way all the characters were connected in some way was amazing, and how one or two characters worked to link the four different plot threads going on was extremely well done. I can tell there's so much potential with the world and the characters now that they've discovered who they are and what's really going on in their society, and can't wait for the next book to find out what happens next. This also works really well as a beginner's book for dark/high fantasy, like that of Sarah J Maas and Leigh Bardugo. If it's not your usual genre, like me, then 'Shadow Crown' is perfect because that's a lot going on but never so much that it gets confusing, and introduces you to the tropes of the genre too.I'll definitely be reading Kristen's other books soon.

  • Elke
    2019-04-13 14:44

    Dreadful. Absolutely dreadful. For all the reasons mentioned by other readers on this platform. I am flabbergasted at the low quality of this book. I've watched quite a few of Kristen's "writing advice" videos (which, to be honest, at this stage are reminiscent of a home shopping channel with all the advertising and mediocre content) and it's blatantly obvious that she herself does not understand what she is preaching (at least as far as writing fiction is concerned).Frankly, it's quite audacious to offer a first chapter critique service at 65 USD a pop and then throw a book onto the market whose only merit is that it provides you with plenty of reasons to finally have that afternoon of first doing your ironing and then visiting the dentist to have root canal.I will not mince my words: the woman can't write. End of story (I refuse to put it into nicer terms). She's neither sufficiently talented to create a story that will hold the reader's attention nor does has she have a grasp of the English written language (couple of examples below). She also does not seem to care about providing quality. This book can't have been edited by a professional. Not in a million years."Example number 1:"I try not to shuffle back and forth between my feet." (page 1).When I read this one, I felt compelled to consult my books on Human Biology, just in case there are any extremities between my feet with which I can shuffle, and which, hitherto, I've failed to notice. Example number 2: "I loose the breath, I've been holding."Really? Loose, as in loose woman? Rather embarrassing, wouldn't you agree?And you loose the breath, you've been holding, not the other one, the one that's off in the kitchen cooking dinner? Example 3 (a metaphorical gem): "silent shouts of victory ring in his ears". Back to consulting my Human Biology books again. Would now be a good time to talk to you about the Cochlea?And so it continues. I'll be honest, I didn't read the book to the end. I'd borrowed it via Kindle Unlimited and sent it back on its merry way at the 23% mark. Life's too short.One thing I did learn: it really is all about the "hustle" and the "pitch", isn't it? This lady did an excellent job "selling" herself on Youtube, problem is: readers are not dumb. It's the product that counts, in the end. This lady is not an international bestselling author and she's not a good writer. My advice to Miss Martin: don't give up your day job. Stick to what you know i.e. "hustling" (in "the corporate world").My advice to Youtube watchers: enjoy the vids just like you would watching the Kardashians, but don't waste your money on her books/writing advice.

  • Randi
    2019-04-04 15:36

    Though this is the first of her books I've ever read, I have followed Kristen Martin on BookTube for about a year now. Her videos on the self-publishing world are always so detailed and informative. One thing Kristen really prides herself on is being able to write an entire novel in less than 6 months. As someone who has waffled between 2 book projects for the last 3 1/2 years, this has always impressed me. Until I read this book. The short version of this review is that every thing feels rushed. It FEELS like she wrote it in only a few months. Every thing from the world building, to the magic system, to the character development feels like a drive-thru version of what could've been. And when I was done, I had way too many questions about what I had just read...Is Trendalath a town or a country in this fantasy world? It's referred to as a town in one of the earlier chapters, and yet it has a King and Queen ruling over it. I wish it had been made clear. ..What time era are we in? I know it's a fictional land, but I think it's important for the tone of the book to have at least an idea of what era it might be modeling itself after. The time and setting seemed all over the place. We seem to be in a medieval-style land with knights and king's guards, and castles. But then everyone keeps referring to military time ("I'll meet you there at 0600 hours") and using modern phrases like "Ok", "sure", and "ass-kissing". ..Why was it so hard to invest myself in Arden? Shadow Crown was marketed pretty heavily as "dark fantasy", which gave me the impression that I'd be dealing with a morally bankrupt protagonist and there is NOTHING I love in this world more than a main character who is a little morally grey. Needless to say, I found Arden less than believable as an antihero. YA authors really struggle with this. They set out to write "bad-ass females" but they either wind up writing emotionless robots or whiny women who keep TELLING the reader what a lone wolf she is, when really she's just unlikable. I don't see myself finishing this series, although (ironically enough), I still find Martin's writing advice videos to be helpful. I'm hoping maybe it's just me and that this book is a lot better than what I interpreted, but it just dropped yesterday so I may have a while before other reviews start coming in.

  • Eve K
    2019-04-17 17:25

    My problems with Shadow CrownArden is too unlikable.She's an entitled drama queen dedicated to a lack of communication, just to create petty conflict. She sulks at having someone accompany her to Lonia to protect her life.Everything is handed to her without thanks. She's hungry so Estelle feeds her. She’s alone and homeless, so Estelle lets her live in Orihia and gives her a pet fox. She has a panic attack so Estelle teaches Arden that she’s a healer. A banished book about illusie just turns up in her bedroom to introduce her and the reader to the subject of magic.Arden is deceitful in everything she does, like stealing Estelle's books instead of just asking to borrow them. None of her actions have motive. Her silly ‘inner battle’ that's way over-dramatized comes across as juvenile and emo. She thinks she's Rambo but cries when the king gets slightly annoyed with her.Though she's the protagonist, she's barely relevant. The only thing she does of impact is dispose of the Soames’ heads and even that is done without a reason.The Plot:Arden and Rydan are ordered to kill the Soames for the king. The Soames turn out to be illusie. Arden disposes of the Soames’ heads; Rydan’s only means of proving to the king he carried out the mission, so he’s put in prison. Arden finds out she’s illusie. Rydan has a conversation with a handmaid who gets sentenced to death. The handmaid’s brother, who is Caldari, rounds up the other members of the Caldari to go rescue the handmaid and Rydan. They all have convenient powers that contribute to the straight-forward and largely unchallenged release of the handmaid and Rydan and then they all go to stay at a castle. Rydan still hates Arden for taking the Soames’ heads and leaves the castle during the night, to go back to the king who imprisoned him and his girlfriend with the promise of execution, because Rydan is utterly brain-dead. None of the subplots get developed or resolved so they’re all pointless in this book. The end.The Writing:The first chapter contains an info-dump and wastes precious hook-time introducing characters we never hear from again. The middle of the book is all filler and the ending is devoid of a climax.My own grammar isn't great but even I spotted over a dozen grammatical errors in the book. There's even one in the blurb:…but as their pasts collide in unexpected ways, the quicker she realizes the consequences and dangers of his reign.There are accidental switches in P.O.V; accidental switches in tense; stilted, out of place and expositional dialogue; punctuation errors; passive voice; run-on sentences; over-explanation; repetition; bad syntax; repeated cliches and many instances of incorrect word usage that render the text nonsensical. For example:He looses a breath. – What does this mean? A character does this no fewer than 13 times throughout the book.Shadow Crown is packed with heavy-handed, clunky similes that not only drag the pace ever slower but they remove the reader from the story entirely. One example:Her tone isn’t accusatory – how can it be when it sounds as smooth as aged wine being poured for the very first time?The book is rife with melodrama and overdetailed filler that adds nothing to the plot while the things that need to be elaborated on are ignored. The most simple, mundane actions such as drinking a cup of tea or putting on a pair of boots are described in detail as though they’re part of a fascinating life-study.The Worldbuilding:It seems the author thought putting a map at the beginning of the book would suffice as worldbuilding. Nothing relevant is described to any extent. Many scenes take place inside Tymond’s Great Room. What does that room look like? Who knows? Neither of the castles are given any description. Hanslow’s inn is left completely up to the reader's imagination. The layout of the tree village or Orihia as a whole? Nope. Places that are never visited in the story are mentioned as if the reader should know where the heck it is without looking at the map.Even in the dim light of Tymond’s underworld, his new home for two years, Rydan manages to keep his head held high. The guard throws him into an empty cell. The iron door slams shut. – Even though Rydan spends the majority of the book imprisoned in Tymond’s dungeon, this is the only description given of it.The Continuity Errors:During training, I’d severely pulled a muscle in my shoulder... But after massaging the area for just a few minutes, the pain had completely subsided… – Arden doesn’t notice the shimmering light that happens during healing? And why is it not that easy to heal things later in the book?I survey my quarters, trying to think of anything I might need to bring with me. Normally I’d be clad in my Cruex uniform… – We’re told Arden hasn't changed clothes since she returned to her room after a meeting with the king and other Cruex members, where she was wearing her Cruex uniform.Dawn is breaking, a subdued canvas of yellow, blue and orange… “It must be 0400 hours,” – Just one day prior, - An oversized amethyst ring glints in the rising sunlight… - during Arden’s meeting with the king at 0600 hours.Elvira says Xerin couldn't morph into a dragon upon freeing her at the end because he can only take the form of something he's touched. But earlier in the book, he morphs into a dragon and flies Braxton across the ocean to Sardoria.Indigo sparks ignite from her hands as she turns her ferocious gaze toward him. The realization hits Rydan like a punch to the stomach. The Soames are illusié. - Rydan already knows the Soames are illusié via the magic book ex-machina he finds in his room before he even departs for Lonia.…and again, those violet eyes… - and then - Her lilac eyes glimmer…...he takes her through secret passageways... He leads her through chambers, bobbing, weaving, and turning, rushing through areas of the castle that she didn’t even know existed until now. – This is the same person who a few days prior – grabs his white cedar staff from the pillar it’s leaning against and begins to hobble over to her. It takes him a full minute to cover just half the distance… - There's no reason for his sudden change in agility so I can only assume it’s a continuity error.My trust wavers but I follow her further into the darkness, almost tripping over my own two feet. - This cave entrance between Thering Forest and Orihia is forgotten about later in the book as characters walk from their tree village in Orihia, straight into the forest. There’s no further mention of the fact they have to jump off a cliff onto a giant bouncy mushroom after walking for a long time through a dark cave to actually enter Orihia from the forest.“He (Braxton) made his choice seven years ago to leave this family and strip himself of the royal name.”Ever since he arrived in Athia seven years ago and took the position at the inn…If he hadn’t left those ten long years ago, he’d be sitting with his mother and father in the Great Room…“You fled the kingdom seven years ago because your father banished the illusie.”…the very reason he’d fled the kingdom seven years ago.“I would really prefer if you call me by the name I’ve had for the last ten years, which is Braxton Hornsby. I don’t want anything to do with the Tymond name…”“But he’s royalty. I just figured he’d be a little more composed.” “He hasn’t been royalty for ten years.”He wears a hood to ensure that no one will recognize him, even if it has been ten years since he’s been in Trendalath. - Author can’t decide how long it’s been since Braxton left Trendalath.“My sister isn’t the only one Tymond has locked up,” Xerin retorts. “Does the name Rydan Helstrom ring a bell?”I stare at him, unable to form a coherent sentence... no words will come out. Clearly, the shock is written all over my face… - Arden already knows Rydan is imprisoned as she's previously shown in a vision.The bird cocks its head toward him, then hops from the tree onto the ground. A yellow glow appears around the animal, and Braxton taps his foot as the transformation ensues. A few moments later, Xerin’s head appears above a haystack. “You look crazed,” Xerin says as he pulls a tunic over his head. – Where does the tunic come from?Just as his smile meets his eyes, the falcon swoops down and Xerin morphs into his human form, pulling on pants as he walks beside us. – Where do the pants come from?…I blow the hardened dust that has collected on my fingertips into the night air. – When Arden blows dust into the night air, according to what the reader is told later, the time is no later than 3pm.Tymond goes to Declorath to ask the leader of the savant to travel to Trendalath that night. Then, Rydan is taken to the Great Room and has an altercation with Tymond in Trendalath. Then, in the next chapter, Tymond is still in Declorath.Hanslow is rushing around stressing about a large group of travellers coming to the inn soon. Fast forward a week and the inn is conveniently empty, enabling Hanslow and Braxton to cover all the windows in dark fabric and bolt the doors.(Some of) The Logical Fallacies:Not too long ago, Rydan was assigned a mission in Miraenia... to assassinate a thief who had pillaged half of the town’s food, leaving more than twenty dead over the span of three days. – It takes far longer than three days for a human to die of starvation.Xerin alone could have easily rescued his sister from Trendalath castle long before she's ever arrested.Why don't the Caldari use their powers to overthrow Tymond instead of only using their powers when it's convenient to the plot?Xerin morphs into Gladys and visits Rydan in prison to tell him Elvira will be told of Arden's whereabouts. This never goes anywhere but after this, Rydan can't figure out how Xerin was able to visit Elvira in prison too.How does Clive know someone has unsuccessfully tried to heal the fawn's internal injuries using illusie when all Arden does is put her hands on it? Does Clive brush the fawn for prints?Inverters, also known as time turners, had vanished centuries ago… - Unless Delwynn is immortal, how is he qualified to train Opal in her “time turning” ability if the magic died out hundreds of years ago? Also, the term ‘time turner’ is lifted from Harry Potter.Author also helps herself to the Beauty and the Beast magic mirror idea.Theirs was a powerful and dangerous gift, one that not only allowed for travelling back in time, but one that also held the capability of changing the events of the past. – Then why does Cerylia not stop Aldreda from killing Dale? She has ample opportunity when Opal takes her back in time 15 years.The silence between us is deafening, but strangely enough, it doesn’t feel awkward. In fact, it’s surprisingly comfortable. – Then how is it deafening?Everything’s frozen except for my eyes. They shift to the little boy. He’s staring at me. I can’t move. I’ll be damned, the child Is illusié too. – After the child escapes, the only other mention of him in the book is when Braxton knocks him out and drags him to Hanslow’s inn. The child then morphs into Xerin. Is the child Xerin all along or is the child just another thing Xerin has been impersonating? If the child is Xerin all along, why does he have two powers instead of one like all the other Caldari and what is he doing in the Soames’ house?“I have the ability to cloak myself as well as those I touch, making us invisible to the human eye.” – Estelle cloaks Arden while Tymond’s guards walk right upon them in the forest. Even though the sack containing the Soames’ heads is not cloaked, - I look to my left and locate the bag containing the Soames’ heads – the guards don’t see it. Also, this rule is broken later on when Estelle cloaks people she's not physically touching.…she took it upon herself to lead me to a nearby cliff where I could finally dispose of the Soames’ decapitated heads... - Even though Arden knows disposing of the Soames’ heads will result in Rydan being put to death, there’s no explanation given as to why she does it. It only serves to create conflict for the plot.Tymond wants to get Arden back so he doesn't appear weak but in doing so, allows his wife to openly flirt with the man she had an affair with, in front of his own friends.Rydan has been an assassin for Tymond since he was 8 years old... Sorry, but no.Braxton is out fishing in the woods at night. A little boy emerges from the trees so, without any reasoning behind it, Braxton knocks the kid unconscious and drags him back to his lodgings. He then waits for the kid to wake up before bothering to ask 'Who are you?'I almost drop to my knees as I follow Estelle through the entrance to a hidden cave… what we’ve just walked into is absolutely magnificent. Breathtaking. Surreal… A deep blackness surrounds us to where I can’t even see my own two hands in front of me. – If it’s pitch black, how does Arden know the cave is beautiful?Why/how does Felix captain Arden and Rydan's ship to Lonia if he doesn't work for Tymond?I come to a screeching halt as a pebble catapults over the edge into the abyss. – Unlike cars, people aren’t made of metal so they don’t come to a screeching halt when they suddenly stop running.“If the queen finds out that you’ve been able to travel back to her desired timeframe all along, lords only know what she’ll do with us…” – The allegedly intelligent members of the Caldari have an expositional dialogue, audible to the queen, the second she leaves the room.It’s quiet and still, though, and the sun is setting – Orihia is described to be inside a cave. - I remain rooted to my spot, as if I’m one of the long-standing trees I’d just witnessed moments ago in the cave… - If Orihia is inside a cave, how is there any sunlight at all? Or does the cave have its own sun inside it?Xerin morphs into a dragon and carries Braxton on his back, in a hurry to catch the queen before she goes to bed. But instead of flying all the way to the castle, he stops and morphs back into a human while they’re still a fifteen-minute walk away.Elvira is sentenced to death for having a brief conversation with Rydan. The king knows this because Elvira takes too long delivering his food. She’s replaced with Gladys who stays in the dungeon even longer than Elvira does, staring at Rydan while he sleeps. Does Gladys get sentenced to death? No.Arden thinks she’s exempt from judgment while Rydan should accept his fate, though they're both responsible for the same crimes.Gladys risks her own life multiple times to allow Rydan and Elvira to talk to each other, with no motive or explanation given.From their discreet spot in the forest, she can clearly see the castle in all its glory… Opal guides her to a nearby barrel of hay… - Hay bales are made on open stretches of farmland, not inside forests.One day soon, he hopes to rid each of the cities, making Trendalath the sole kingdom in the territory. – Are they cities, or are they kingdoms?Illusie is banned in Trendalath, not Lonia, so why do the Soames need to be killed?For fans of Marie Lu and George R. R. Martin. ...Good joke.In Summary:There’s no serious opposition to the Caldari in this book and Arden is never in any real danger. The few tiny sparks of action we get are snuffed out by either the opponent being completely incompetent (the Soames) or other illusie immediately jumping in to save Arden (Estelle and Arden’s conveniently local father). If this book built up any tension at all, the ending would be a huge anti-climax because everything the Caldari plan to do, goes ahead unchallenged and then it ends.But because there's no real conflict, the book just flatlines from start to finish and the stagnant plot leaves many of the glaring writing mistakes even more obvious.At no point does Arden embark upon a self-altering journey. She’s just as deceitful and self-serving at the end as she is at the beginning. At no point is it critical that she not fail in her endeavours (whatever they are) and at no point do I as the reader care if Arden drops dead or not because I don't get the chance to empathise with her. I don’t know any of her life experiences, her fears, hopes or dreams. She never displays any relatable characteristics, she just mopes her way through the book, waiting to see where the Caldari will take her next, without autonomy of her own.I don’t think the timelines and backstories of each character were planned out individually to give them a realistic and supportable cause (as evidenced by the fact Braxton doesn’t even know how long it's been since he left Trendalath). Everyone does things because it suits the plot, not because it makes sense to their own ends. There are so many unanswered questions as to why certain characters behave as they do. Even if those stories are going to be elaborated on later in the series, I would expect even a hint at their reasoning now.Because the plot is stretched so thin, there’s not enough material for the author to drop clues or foreshadow anything so that kills any chance of tension in the book. Usually the reader is told of the protagonist’s plans, knowing full well they won’t go smoothly, because then it would be a boring story, right? But at least we know what’s supposed to happen, and that makes it all the more jarring for the reader when things go wrong. The author of Shadow Crown couldn’t even afford us that because the plan the Caldari makes, IS what happens. We're given no twists, turns or near-misses to keep us on the edge of our seats.Few of the Caldari communicate with each other. We don't get to follow their thought processes as they formulate their plan and go along with them, feeling the anxiety that they must be feeling at the prospect of something going wrong. Instead, we get to watch as an outsider with no emotional investment because along with not knowing what their plan is, we don’t know what the consequences might be if it goes awry. The Caldari's plan being told to the reader would give away the whole plot so the reader pays the price by not being included in anything.Aside from the ending, the horribly written, inane and utterly irrelevant mass of crap that makes up the bulk of the story is frankly offensive. There’s so much promised in this book that doesn’t even nearly come to fruition. All the other members of the Cruex… why are they introduced when they play no part in the story? The apparently fearsome king’s savant that everyone’s shaking in their boots over… they do nothing. The little Soames boy, who can freeze people in time, what happens to him? Why are Opal, Queen Cerylia, or any of these characters even in the book? Why does it matter that Aldreda is pregnant or that she killed Cerylia’s husband? There’s no development or pay off for any of it. I get leaving a few threads loose to be picked up in the next book, but these are ALL THE THREADS.This book is just a set up for the meat of the series. That’s not fair on the reader who paid money for it expecting a decent story. The debut of a series is supposed to grab the reader, drag them in, knock their socks off and dump them on their butt, hooked and wanting more. But the complete lack of substance and the abundance of literary mistakes in Shadow Crown makes me shudder to think of what’s coming next.

  • Bee (Heart Full of Books)
    2019-04-04 13:41

    I've been following Kristen's channel for a while, and was desperate to read one of her books, and 'Shadow Crown' sounded like something I'd love! It was a great introduction to the characters and set the tone for the rest of the series. I was a little confused by Arden's chapters being in first person and everyone else being in third, and I feel like Arden moved very quickly through her emotions, but I still really enjoyed it. It's fast paced, with so many things going for it, and overall felt like a splicing of 'Throne of Glass' and 'The Young Elites'. I'm really looking forward to the sequel and the rest of the world building!

  • Cindy ✩☽ Savage Queen ♔
    2019-04-10 11:27

    There's a fantasy book, with a beautiful cover, and the word "crown" in the title that I haven't heard of? That seems near impossible lol

  • Alwia Al-Hassan
    2019-04-14 15:33

    Spoilers-I was hesitant to post a 'negative' comment because I do follow Kristen on youtube and respect her hard work but there were just so many plot holes in the book. Like Xerin can shape shift to visit his sister but he can't use his powers to then break her out of prison. He supposedly knows everything but for years his sister has been dying to know where he is and he just decides to show up when she gets into trouble even though she too is Caldari. So why did he leave her to work in the palace all that time? Why didn't she summon the dragon to save her a long time ago?Arden's mission is a category 8 and the king picks two assassins for the job even though the Soames are super weak and don't put up a real fight. Their kid watches his parents die then disappears when he could have disappeared right in the beginning. Instead of just killing them quickly Rydan wastes time double checking their identity AFTER breaking into the house. This didn't make sense.Arden is supposed to be strong and dark but she doesn't do anything to highlight her skills as an assassin nor does she do anything dark. She just follows the Caldari and does some healing.Rydan shows no disgust when Vira says the Caldari will save her but then when they save him he has an illogical negative reaction. That brings me to another thing: why did they need to save him? Arden didn't know he was in prison until the Caldari told her. Saving him didn't benefit them. Then there's the whole magic is banished. Why was magic banished? It was difficult to understand the King's motives. Despite magic being banished for a decade, Arden finds a magick book in her room inside the palace itself. That made no sense. As for Braxton, how was he able to hide from the Savant when he was just 10? Plus at that age, how could he have had enough awareness of the unethical nature of his dad's reign ?The voice in this book is better than in the Alpha Drive but the characters used modern terms and expressions that just didn't fit the world. Also, emotions were expressed in a very melodramatic way that wasn't necessary. Then at other times physical movements are described in a mathematical way that sounded strange and confusing. I would really recommend editor Ellen Brock on youtube. She talks about all these kinds of issues.I think the real issue is that Kristen writes her books in short time frames. Four books in two years is a lot unless you're a pro who has been writing for decades. Because of this the book felt rushed and under-developed. With more time and revisions a lot of the mistakes could have been avoided. That being said, I truly wish her the best and hope she can build on her writing skills in the future.(less)

  • Anna
    2019-03-27 16:32

    I follow the author on youtube and she is really good at marketing and producing video content.Overall a sweet woman.I ordered this book from abroad trusting her as a writer (so not only I have paid the book but also the expedition of it to my country - about 30 euros!!!).I really trusted her and not only i wasted money but also I got so angry and offended.How can she call herself a bestselling author when she barely can write? How can she offer OVERLY EXPENSIVE WRITING SERVICES - not to talk about the cost of Valiance which it's just ridiculous - and again she doesn't even edit her manuscript before printing it out!If I were her I wouldn't be proud at all. She totally broke the trust I had in her (I've been a follower for a long time) and stole my money!The only thing she has to learn from this flop novel is that she has to be more RESPONSIBLE for the stuff she publish because people not only invest expectations on it but also MONEY.Very smart. She is so good at marketing herself that people would still pay and trust her writing advises when not only she demonstrated to have no talent (at least not yet. She can ONLY get better and I hope she will!) but also she's not entitled to give paid classes at all - since writing is STILL her hobby and not a full-time successful career.When or where did she study first of all?What's her curriculum apart from self-publishing?People who can give paid classes are people who are fully entitled to do so.She has no right to make them so expensive in my opinion.To me, a program like VALIANCE - supported by a novel like SHADOW CROWN - is a good way to steal money from people. No sane person would pay someone who is not able to write (facts speak for now) to be thought how to write!

  • Raven_Blake
    2019-04-07 15:39

    Same Review Also Posted On My Blog: Dreamy AddictionsThis book was so disappointing! Its appealing cover is the first thing that grabbed my attention and when I read its premise I totally fell for it cause I love reading assassin books. I really expected this to be a good read because it has an intriguing synopsis and it was written by an amazon bestselling author. Kristen Martin is a famous booktuber. I don’t follow her channel and I never read her Alpha trilogy so I didn’t know what to expect from her but this book was average and she needs a lot of improvement in her writing skills. The premise said perfect for fans of Marie Lu and George R.R. Martin – Seriously? Are you kidding me? This really felt like a book for middle graders. It has so many plot holes and underdeveloped characters.Since young Arden Aleri is a member of Cruex, a group of skilled assassins of King Tymond. She’s a ruthless assassin who killed many people without any hesitation. All the members of Cruex are under the iron grip of King Darius Tymond. The Cruex assassin’s major job is to hunt down the caldari, people who practice illusié. On a high level mission, Aleri and another assassin named Rydan were selected to hunt down soames family. But at the time of assassination everything goes horribly wrong when Alderi realizes that the Soames are pretty much harmless and their only crime is being an illusié. She also discovers a power that is inside her. With this new discovery, Alderi suspects that King Tymond’s intentions aren’t really pure. So, she flees away from the scene without fully completing her mission which was certainly betraying her king. When she meets a group of Caldari, she decides to join them and she trains with them to control her new found power and also the darkness that is inside her. For a dangerous rescue mission, Alderi and her new friends needs to go back to the Kingdom which means she has to face the king she has betrayed and also her friend that she has left for dead.All the characters in this book seemed underdeveloped and I couldn’t connect with any one of them. As an assassin, I expected Arden to be a kickass character with dark personality but she was nothing like that. She’s quite fragile and has lots of insecurities. She was looked after by Estelle, an illusié who totally seemed like a babysitter to her. She feeds her, trains her and she was always there for her whenever Arden gets panic attacks. Rydan, Arden’s friend and also one of the member of Cruex seemed like a fun guy at the beginning but he turns out to be a total douche. Braxton is the only character that I liked in this book but he wasn’t fleshed out well enough. Xerin is the leader of a caldari group who has some interesting powers but he can’t even save his sister by himself. The villain, King Tymond wasn’t strong as I expect him to be instead he was pretty boring. He has no magic powers, he isn’t smart and without his assassins this guy is pretty much nothing. The plot was okay-ish but not engaging enough to hold my interest. After half way through the book I found myself counting the pages left to finish it. It’s a fast paced read but nothing exciting happens until the ending. The real action is found at the last ten percent of the book. The twists in the book are pretty predictable. The author didn’t gave any background info about how the magical system was formed and why the King hates the Caldari so much. Maybe it would be revealed in the next book but I won’t be picking it up anytime in the future. The writing was okay-okay. There are some grammatical errors, repetitive sentences, and I also found some modern terms in this book which definitely not fit in this world. I honestly felt like reading a wattpad novel and I can’t believe it was a published novel. I usually love multiple POV’s in fantasy books, but sadly I didn’t enjoy it in this book. I really wished this was written in a single or maybe a dual POV. The world building and the magic system are good. They’re the only aspects that I liked in this book. Overall, this was an above average fantasy read for me. It really has a great potential but the execution of the story, and the poor characterization and their development was its major downfall.

  • Daja
    2019-04-04 17:31

    I'm reading a preview of this book and the editor in me is already noticing problems in the first two chapters. This just makes me question whether her advice on YouTube is even worth listening to because this book is not doing it for me just like her other series. Dang and I want to like it because she's literally an inspiration for me but I just can't so far.

  • Daphne Kelly
    2019-04-15 09:35

    I'm a HUGE fan of Kristen Martin and love her YouTube channel, as well as her podcasts. I was super excited to win an ARC of Shadow Crown after reading an excerpt from the first chapter in her monthly newsletter. I liked the book. I thought the descriptions were great and gave me a clear image of the world Kristen created. The pace was good and the author has a great imagination. After finishing it, I wonder what's going to happen next.However, some things kept me from completely loving it.(view spoiler)[First, there are so many unanswered questions. I understand that this is the first in what could be a 6 or 7 book series, but still. I would have liked some explanations, especially about the magic system. Where do the Caldari come from? Do they all have different powers? Also, are Xerin, Felix and company the only ones left? I was confused at some point when Arden reached Orihia, because I thought she would find a whole community there... But it's just her and a few others. Also, this is a personal opinion, but I would have prefered if the whole novel had been written in the 3rd person. Having only one character's chapters in the first person didn't work for me. I didn't really make me sympathize with Arden more.And, again, it's expected since this if the first book of the series, but I would have liked more action. For such a lenghty book, a good number of pages serve as exposition and only in the last chapters does the action really pick up. At one point, I found myself wondering what the "quest" actually was... Was it to save Rydan? To save Elvira? If it's the former, why? If it's the latter, we only meet her halfway through the book and don't know much about her... (hide spoiler)]All in all, I give this three stars. I liked it enough to keep reading and I do want to read the next installment. I truly hope some of my questions will be answered in it. I'd say it's more for teens than young adults/adults and can be a good entry into the fantasy genre.The best thing about this novel is that it pushes me to keep working on my own. Kristen really is an inspiration and if she can do it, so can I! ;)

  • Elysa Weatherbee
    2019-04-07 15:39

    I enjoy Kristen. She's sweet, clearly very successful and has a great Youtube channel, but I didn't enjoy this book. That's why it has a 1 from me. I got this on a free 30-day subscription to Kindle Unlimited and I didn't finish. However, I still plan to start reading The Alpha Drive so perhaps that could inspire me to pick this book back up again!I'm just going to explain why I couldn't finish. To me, the perspectives changed too quickly, which was jarring. It also made the book seem rushed. Arden's perspective is first-person while the others are third person which is an interesting creative choice, as it reminds us that Arden is the main character of the story and really, the focus is on her. However, I felt that this inconsistency pulled me out of the story rather than immersed me. This is because I would notice the change and, as a reader, usually I prefer to be immersed in the book rather than reminded that I am reading. As for the grammatical errors, I did see some in the Kindle version, but I really don't think they are as big a deal as some people make them out to be. Mistakes happen and I think the story quality matters above all else.Finally, I was hoping for a little more world building and character relatability, but maybe I would have got both of those things if I actually stuck with the story. I'm not sure how credible I am in writing a review without finishing, but I read about halfway through the book before I called it quits.

  • Heather
    2019-04-10 17:25

    Overall I liked the complexity of the plot and world, the weaving together of subplots, and for the most part the characters. However, there were a lot of issues that distracted me from just reading and enjoying the story. I kept stopping throughout the book to question plot points, character inconsistencies, and wording or grammar mistakes. Here's a summary of some of the major reasons why I knocked this down two stars, with examples *WARNING, SPOILERS GALORE*:1.) Character development/inconsistencies-Rydan was shocked ("the realization hits Rydan like a punch to the stomach") that the Soames were illusiae, yet previously on page 43 he literally reads a list of households who practiced illusiae and the Soames name is on it...why wouldn't he have told Arden beforehand and then they would have prepared for how they would react (either more cautious at the house, or refuse to do the mission) as a result? Why was he shocked during the mission when a few days earlier he had already read that they were illusiae? It doesn't make sense.-The book hypes up Arden to be a killing machine, yet in the very beginning she is hesitant to kill a child. Regardless of whether or not she'd done it before, if killing and darkness is all that she knows, she would have killed the Soames family without hesitation. It also didn't make sense why she took the heads- it would make more sense if she didn't want to be followed/hunted down (even though they would still want to try to find her in general). She is also very hesitant to follow Estelle, and seems so timid and would seem more in character for her to think "Oh I don't know if this lady is telling the truth or not but if she's lying I can just kill her" or something like that. Also, Arden's features weren't described until probably 3/4th of the way into the book- when I read it, I was like, "Oh, she has brown hair and green eyes?" I also couldn't really relate to her or sympthasize with her at all as the main character. -King Tymond is described as ruthless, yet he doesn't banish or kill Clive for sleeping with his wife? It doesn't make sense why he would continue to allow them to interact. Also, if the King knew about Arden's abilities (I forget what page that's on), why didn't he kill or banish her already? It doesn't make sense for him to have been aware of that and not have acted on it.-It didn't make sense why Clive would release an injured deer into the forest- how could he expect someone to heal it? It just seemed way too convenient.-Why didn't Elvira just summon a dragon to save herself earlier? Or why was she even working as a maiden for Tymond when she can summon dragons? None of this is explained.-Sometimes emotions or reactions are listed with no further reasoning, such as page 126: "...but SHOCKINGLY, the guards ignore the boisterous young lad. THIS IS SURPRISING, especially since Tymond is known for doling out punishments for..." I'm like, okay what's the point in having this scene then and WHY did the guards ignore him then if that is totally against how that character should act?2.) Plot issues- It seemed way to convenient that Arden learned about illusiae and Caldari through two books (one in the bookshelf conveniently in her room, and the other while in Orihia.) I don't mind people learning from books, but it just seemed too "set up" in these scenes. Might have been better for someone to explain those things to her in Orihia and then show her where the books are for more details. - People kept secrets for no reason: especially in the beginning in the forest, Estelle is very cryptic and just assumes Arden will follow her and trust her. Others said "attack me" with no further explanation to Arden until afterwards. It would make more sense to explain things to Arden to get her full commitment. -Why didn't King Tymond send the Cruex to search for Arden? When I first read that he sent soldiers out, I was confused because in the beginning the Cruex are introduced and then not one character is mentioned again or shows up in the story except for Arden and Rydan. I thought they were supposed to be his livelihood, and without them he would 'cease' to exist (pg 17) yet they are useless (at one point the King mentions that the Cruex is getting impatient, but that's it). There's no point describing the other members Percivel, Ezra, Elias, Hugh, Cyrus, etc. and not have them show up at ALL throughout the next ~440 pages.-The magic system is not fully explained. It appears that people get tired when using magic without being properly trained, and that's fine. But other parts of the system are unknown- such as what dictates when someone can use their powers or when they realize their powers? Characters seem to discover they are illusiae as teenagers- is this typical? 3.) Wording/grammar issues-I did a lot of editing while I read. I was hoping for a little bit more description at certain scenes. It doesn't have to be overly saturated, just something more (and ideally not just visual, but also sound and smell and other descriptors which were lacking). Or sometimes the placement was off, such as on page 154 their surroundings in the cave are described as "magnificent, breathtaking, surreal view, etc." and then a full page later the details are given. -Several redundancies, such as page 300: "Like a ravenous beast, Rydan scours through the food like a baby bear discovering meat for the first time." Could remove 'Like a ravenous beast' or 'like a baby bear,etc.' and the sentence has the same effect. -Lots of telling and not showing (telling has its place, but not where it was used in many instances here). Example: page 141, "I've come to learn that Estelle is not fond of superfluous conversation...but I have so many questions that need answering." It would be better to actually have Arden try to ask her questions, and then Estelle doesn't answer/mumbles yes or no without going into further explanation/is tightlipped, etc. Arden instead tries to make light conversation with Estelle, which doesn't make sense...she should just ask her the questions that she has! She's following a stranger for goodness sakes, she should have a right to ask her questions...Anyways, sorry for the long-winded review. I felt like I needed to justify those issues. I do want to know where the story goes, but I'm really hoping that there is improvement in the second book and beyond.

  • Farren
    2019-04-13 14:46

    How did I not come across this before release day??? It's beautiful!

  • Erin M
    2019-04-14 14:32

    Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Dark fantasy is one of my favorite genres, and this reminds me why. Loved every minute and couldn't put it down. If you love YA now. :-) I need book two NOW!

  • Holly Davis
    2019-04-07 17:29

    I've never been so conflicted when reading a book. There were times I was really into the plot and characters and other times I wanted to flip a table at all the writing errors. I found myself editing the book as I read, which is a very bad thing. I'll start with the good. I thought the illusie's powers were cool and liked how Kristen weaved all the characters and subplots together. There were also quite a few surprises in the plot I didn't see coming. I think I enjoyed the chapters with Cerylia and Opal the most, oh, and of course Juniper! (Although I doubt they would've said 'fur-parent' in the land of Trendalath). Ugh, now onto the bad. ** spoiler alert ** The first time I noticed this book was off was on pg. 199, when Arden tells herself 'I am darkness. It's all I know." Wait, what? SHE was the one who didn't want to kill the Soames just for being illusie, while Rydan was the assassin gung-ho on killing them! I was so confused because other than Arden's history of being a successful assassin, she had yet to show a shred of darkness. I felt like Kristen was trying to force the 'dark' part of 'dark fantasy'. I know she loves and drew a lot of inspiration from The Young Elites by Marie Lu, but Marie Lu knew how to have a dark protagonist. Arden is being force-fed it and those parts where she was 'tempted' by the darkness just never made sense and seemed awkward and out of place.Another thing, the story lacked setting descriptions and worldbuilding i.e. page 399: 'Still decadent and rich behind the castle wall; filthy and sullied in every other direction.' Do you know what this city looks like? Me neither. She often TELLS us things instead of SHOWS us, which honestly makes me cringe. I hate seeing such obvious mistakes in a published book, things that Kristen herself teaches us in her YouTube videos. Another thing that irked me is that she'd show us a character's emotion and then tell us about it in a sentence right afterward. Don't do that! We are smart readers. We get it. I was also put off by the many plot holes throughout the novel, such as Clive's, Elvira's, and Xerin's powers not being used sooner for their benefit. I was also irked by King Tymond and couldn't understand how he was the villain. If he was truly evil, he wouldn't be setting up this whole execution for Vira for just talking to Rydan, while Rydan who failed his mission is left in prison. And we never see or hear anything of the other Cruex assassins. Did Tymond's kingdom know about the Savants and that they were illusie? Wouldn't they question why he isn't using his assassins to find Arden? Other than banishing the illusie years ago, what has Tymond done that is evil?? He never went out to search for his son, but then when he's gathering the Savant, all of a sudden now he's searching for him? The King actually seems very weak, as he didn't kill Clive for sleeping with his wife, and even allows him back with the Savant! Why???I REALLY wanted to like this book more, but I said the same thing about Restitution. I admire Kristen Martin as a YouTuber and person but I think she needs to spend more time on her novels. It would do her good to enlist more beta readers and critique partners and go through more rounds of revisions/edits before sending her book out into the world. I will likely read Book 2 of this series, Renegade Cruex, for I did enjoy the story, but only if the writing has drastically improved.

  • Jade Young
    2019-04-15 12:20

    I'm already a fan of Kristen Martin and religiously watch her YouTube channel and listen to her podcast. I already own her other three books, but they're buried in my ever increasing TBR pile. When she announced that she was releasing another series, I decided to read this book first. I enjoyed reading this book. It was not as dark fantasy as it was marketed to be. Arden does struggle with the desire to kill due to her training as assassin, but I felt that she didn't struggle enough to make it believable. However, she is a relatable character and I'm eager to see where Kristen takes her next. Honestly, this book was a great introduction and setup for the rest of the books in this series. It introduced the major characters, gave some backstory, and set the tone for the rest of the series. Also, can we talk about the cover?! It's gorgeous and upped the excitement factor for me. However, I will admit that I had some issues with this book. For one thing, it felt rushed. I wish Kristen would have spent a little more time planning, writing, and editing before she published this book. Arden's chapters are told in first person while the other chapters are told in third. This was a little jarring as I started to read, but I was used to it by the end of the book. However, I would have preferred for it to be written in a consistent POV throughout the novel. There are also several grammatical errors; more than I expected. I also felt that there were a lot of plot holes in this book. Arden is supposed to be obsessed with killing, but she didn't want to kill the Soames at the very beginning of the book? Xerin can shape shift and visit his sister in prison, but can't release her from prison? His sister, Elvira, is a member of the Caldari, but can't save herself? Rydan doesn't care that it's the Caldari that saves him until after they save him? Magic has been banished for a decade, but a magic book just happens to be tucked away inside the MC's bedroom? The King's son runs away at the age of ten and the all-powerful Savant (seriously, they have awesome powers) couldn't find a ten-year-old? Is the King truly evil? I don't really understand how or why he's a villain. Did Braxton flee his father's kingdom seven or ten years ago? Why did Arden take the Soames' heads when she knew it would result in Rydan being put to death? What happens to the Soames boy who can freeze people in time? I would have preferred for Kristen to devote more time to answering some of those questions. I eagerly anticipate the sequel where hopefully some of these questions can be answered. 

  • L.B. Silva
    2019-03-25 13:39

    Me gustaba mucho esta autora en youtube pero ahora leyendo en comentarios que es bastante falsa, bloquea lectores y demás... me arrepiento.

  • Meghan
    2019-04-23 15:36

    Did not finish. Too many characters who were not fully developed.

  • Kassie
    2019-03-25 11:25

    I follow KM on YouTube and think she gives very motivating advice for writers. However, Shadow Crown was very disappointing for me. I wanted to love it but couldn't force myself to read on and DNFed it at 200 pages. I had huge issues with the writing style of this book and could not be immersed by it. There was a whole range from being very vague world-building scenes to being over dramatic descriptions and character reactions. What ended it for me was the annoying similes that became more noticeable and I struggled to get through those 200 pages. In addition to not connecting to the writing, I could not connect to the characters. The protagonist did not seem to propel the plot. A big reason I did not connect to her was the lack in character development. With being nearly halfway through, I should have been given an inkling of her backstory. However, I had to learn from the back cover that she was raised parentless in the castle but I still have no clear picture as to why. Also lacking, was clarity on her desires, struggles, and other characteristics that make Arden who she is. Most of the other characters' personalities seem to blend into one another, giving them no distinction of their own. The exception to this would be Queen Aldreda, who clearly displayed immoral behavior. Though my experience with Shadow Crown could have been better, I encourage you to give it a try. Since I did not finish the book, it's possible each of the problematic areas I mentioned could have improved with the conclusion.

  • Pg Yons
    2019-04-03 11:44

    I loved it. I couldn't put it down once I started reading. I found the characters interesting and the story well paced. I am impatient to read the sequel as I do have a few questions that haven't been answered. I find the magic system a bit confusing at times as I don't really know how a child can use it and other can live without knowing they have it and not have "accidental" uses. Then I think some of those questions could be answered in the next books. I love the relationships between the characters and think that there is a lot of possibilities for them to deepen and change. All in all a very good read, I recommend.

  • wanderonwards
    2019-03-23 17:39

    Do you know those books that are just satisfying to read? Those books that have a combination of elements working in their favor that make you want to read and finish them? This is one of those books for me.For starters, the cover is absolutely gorgeous and even more so in person. I’m not usually one to stylistically arrange my bookshelves, but this is a book whose cover looks good displayed on my shelf. Shadow Crown is also large enough and thick enough that I’m drawn to reading it - I like books that are large enough that they can promise a worthwhile read. While this was not my favorite book after I finished it, it’s still one that I’m glad I purchased and I look forward to the next installment.The style in Shadow Crown took some getting used to, but overall I found it a quick read and hard to put down. The chapters for the main character, Arden, are in first person, but the chapters with other points of view are in third person. I’m not sure why Kristen chose to do this, because sometimes the third person chapters read rather awkwardly and would have better benefited from being in first person. Kristen also chose to not number her chapters, instead labeling them with the character the chapter was centered around, which took awhile for me to get used to since I like to mentally check chapters off.I thought Kristen did a great job of interweaving many different points of view (there are 5), and I thought the plot flowed well. The plot’s climax seemed to be rushed in the last portion of the book, and I would have appreciated if Kristen had spent more time wrapping up, answering questions, and laying the groundwork for the next novel in the series. Overall, I found it very enjoyable and it was clear Kristen had put a lot of thought and effort into world building and the story itself. I’ve been following Kristen’s Youtube channel since the beginning of 2017, and so I’ve been able to watch the videos where she explains parts of her books. Shadow Crown is very personal to her, and I applaud her for her strength to share some of the struggles Arden faces with the world.The entire time I spent reading Shadow Crown I kept thinking I could do this - I could be holding my book. I found reading Shadow Crown to inspire me to work on my own writing projects, which was great timing right before NaNoWriMo.Unfortunately, there were several typos, inconsistencies, and plot holes that I was very disappointed to find. There were several terms and expressions that did not fit the world Kristen was trying to create - such as using modern time keeping methods. After creating an entire world and magic system, I’m not sure why Kristen stopped short with these details. I feel spending more time on this book would have allowed for further plot, setting, and character development, and it would have fixed most of the mistakes I came across.I do look forward to seeing where Kristen takes this story in the sequel - there is so much potential and an entire world is waiting to be unlocked.In response to some of the reviews (posted on Amazon and Goodreads) that absolutely trash Kristen, I don’t understand why they feel the need to be so negative. Kristen is still a new author (her first book was only published in 2015), and she has a lot of passion for writing and the potential to be a great writer. I agree she still has a lot to learn, however, she’s also human, and learning that perhaps she should spend more time editing her manuscripts (or even hiring an editor) is just one of the things she will need to learn. Attacking her is not the way to offer constructive feedback.Kristen seems like a genuinely good and caring person, and I enjoy watching her Youtube content and listening to her podcasts. While I don’t always take away life-changing advice, she does frequently offer good advice that can be applied to more than just writing, and she has a professional style and consistency that many Youtubers don’t. Her videos never fail to inspire me to be more productive, and she is incredibly inspirational in that she has made her dreams into a reality instead of letting life pass her by. If she can do it, what’s stopping you or me from accomplishing our own goals and dreams?

  • Kim Chance
    2019-04-11 15:25

    Review coming soon!

  • Vanessa
    2019-04-10 14:32

    Overall, I found that this book was extremely quick and easy to read. It was easy to get immersed in the story from the beginning. There are multiple points of view and I thought that this might chop up the story and make it difficult to flow throughout, but Kristen did a good job of tying everything together.I think that the only thing that really bothered me about the book was that it was fairly predictable. From the first few chapters, I already had an idea of what was going to happen at the end. Maybe the foreshadowing was a little obvious or maybe I just took cues from the "dark fantasy" genre and figured it out on my own. Although now that I'm thinking about it, the multiple points of view did lend a hand to the predictability of the plot. Every time there was a new point of view, it just cemented my theories. Even with the predictable nature, I did like this novel. I look forward to reading the next book!

  • Gabriella Slade
    2019-04-21 16:49

    I actually really enjoyed this book!It was a very different flavor of book, compared to her Alpha Drive Series. It was a more mature book than I'm used to reading, but it was very intriguing to read. My favorite characters were Braxon and Rydan. They were very interesting, and I want to know more about who Rydan is. My favorite one of his lines is: “No one handed me a rulebook for dungeon etiquette.” Love it. I'll defienetly be picking up the sequel. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars, was because of the minor swearing, which I didn't think was necessary for the story.

  • Ronen Elishaev
    2019-04-03 16:33

    This book might be unknown to many of the genre, but hopefully it is getting famous now when Kristen has become a Bestselling Amazon Author.This is an exquisite one, bringing a new ingridient to the Fantasy genre with a great world building and character development with precise reasoning for each act they conduct.From the start I dove deep into the huge world of Aeridon, where I found myself fascinated by the detailed areas and locations that are set, such as the Kingdom and Lonia/The development of Arden throughout the book is well-written while her motives, opinions, inner-demons and friendships are explained.One thing bothered me, the book is built up on scenes, rather than following the MC the whole time, it is separated to scenes and in each chapter you dive into a different perspective. Of course it has it's goods and bad, and Kristen sure considered it, but from a personal vision it prevented my deep relation with Arden, I wanted to see, know and feel more of what she goes through even in the betweens. Indeed, the book shows us the important things that support the plot, but I feel like I didn't get enough of Arden.Overall, its an amazing book that is worth your while if your dedicated enough to the Fantasy genre. The darkness of it will open your mind.

  • Lucy
    2019-04-09 17:39

    Really enjoyed Shadow Crown. The story flowed nicely, I enjoyed the chapters being the main characters, it made it refreshing and easy to read. It's a great way of seeing different sides of the story, parts which you sometimes miss out on and end up never knowing the full story. I'm looking forward to Renegade Cruex's release. I want to know where Rydan ends up. I hope Arden reunites with her dad. And I hope Darius gets what's coming to him!

  • Veronica Thomas
    2019-04-23 09:44

    Great start to a new series. I really enjoyed this one. Each chapter leaves you wanting to know what happens next. I felt the story flowed well with no lull or boredom. I look forward to the next installment! I really like the short chapters and the type setting on the paperback makes for a fast and comfy reading experience. My favorite characters were Juniper and Cerylia.

  • Samantha
    2019-04-18 14:28

    While I agree with most of the 3-star and under reviews, I enjoyed the story and look forward to the next book. My biggest complaint about the book is "looses". I wish the book would have gone through a few edits from someone besides the author.

  • Brandy Walker
    2019-04-23 09:42

    Good story but there are some things that made it a little hard to fully immerse myself into the world.The time system. For an assassin....Arden was kind of bad, maybe because she was 13?Redundant dialogue (sometimes)Overall not bad but I think she should have taken a bit longer to edit and such. And I will be continuing to read this series as I am interested in where it's going.