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This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B01MAZ35H0 Reeling from a motorcar accident, Captain Brody Neill seeks shelter in a derelict manor house. But the injured Captain is not alone. Haunted by horrors of the Great War, he has become addicted to the only drug strong enough to dull his tortured soul. Without his precious morphine, he cannot keep the disturbing visionsThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B01MAZ35H0 Reeling from a motorcar accident, Captain Brody Neill seeks shelter in a derelict manor house. But the injured Captain is not alone. Haunted by horrors of the Great War, he has become addicted to the only drug strong enough to dull his tortured soul. Without his precious morphine, he cannot keep the disturbing visions of his past at bay.Only the mysterious, blind beauty who inhabits the house can save him, but doing so means that reclusive, sheltered Angelica Grey must risk exposing herself to a world of lies, lust, and obsession that she is not prepared for....

Title : the solemn bell
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ISBN : 38598199
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the solemn bell Reviews

  • Jane Wheeler
    2019-05-15 10:35

    OH HEY there's a bunch of sexual assault in this book that really gets swept aside in an off-putting manner, and the rest of the book didn't do enough to make up for it. The end.

  • Carol Stone
    2019-04-26 02:29

    The Solemn BellI enjoy reading Allyson Jeleyne books. This book is so good. Yes there is a lot of sex in it. If you can't handle it don't read the book but you would miss out on a great story. I cannot wait for the next book. This is a wonderful story of a drug addict falling in love with blind girl. She helped him over come his addiction and his demons. She came from a wonderful family. His family was rich but there was no love at home. Brady's father didn't live at home but lived with his mistress. His mother had several lovers. The family was jealous of Brody and Angelica. His family didn't understand the meaning of love.

    2019-04-21 06:53

    What did I just read?? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ I actually only made it to page 70 but what the actual f*#%! So, when I started the book I actually was very intrigued by it. It seemed very unique and original. I was pulled in immediately and the writing and storytelling seemed very good. I was captivated by what was going on and the author didn't just put everything out there immediately. So I was pulled in and excited to unfold the layers of the story. Also, the early interactions between Brody and Angelica were well done. I liked their conversations and the two different worlds they came from. Especially her. She seemed very mysterious and a little eerie. It was really good. And it was interesting the condition Brody was in-sick from morphine withdrawal. And the fact that Angelica had to take care of Brody when she is used to others taking care of her. It was all really well built. But then it started to go downhill. The two continued to talk and all of the sudden Brody is saying that he thinks he might be in love with Angelica. And again I say WTF!!??? Whaaaaaa??? There are just no words! Where in the hell did that come from?? Why???? How?? He loves her?? He's known her for like 4 hours. And he should be out of his mind with withdrawals. But he somehow manages to fall in love? ๐Ÿค” Then, as the night goes on, some weird sexual things happen. I say weird but it's the writing that is weird-not the sexual stuff themselves. It was done so amateur and clumsy. The intimacy comes from out of nowhere other than the fact that Brody is thinking he loves her and he can just somehow tell Angelica is attracted to him too. So even though she is a super innocent recluse and he is violently ill with withdrawal, they manage to be intimate. It was so weird. And why would the author do this? Did she just want a sex book so decided to just hurry through an actual story? Because the events that follow this one night with Brody are even more bizarre and off putting. I have never read anything quite like it. It's not like it's some outrageous or shocking event or anything, it's the writing-or I guess maybe it's the storytelling that is bizarre. And, again amateur to the extreme. Or maybe just rushed and clumsy would be another way to describe it. And strange. I just don't get this weird and random and gross turn of events that happens after Brody leaves Angelica that first night. Oh, and I forgot to mention that he does decide that he definitely is in love with her after one night together while he was sick and injured. Yeah, seems legit. I know that its normal with people who are going through severe withdrawals to be able to be in a state of mind to fall in love with someone. ๐Ÿ™„ It's just. So. Dumb. I do not get what the author was trying to do here. Especially when it had such potential from the start. Why not have these two have a completely platonic relationship in which she nurses him back to health for several weeks. And after that time of several weeks he leaves but then returns every few days to repay her for her kindness. Have them become closer and closer in that time to where them falling in love would actually be plausible. Then have something happen in which Brody can't come back for awhile but do not have her take on another lover in that time. Maybe just have her be so angry at him that she doesn't want to have anything to do with him once he finally does return. Or maybe have Angelica finally get the courage to leave her home after waiting for Brody to return for many months and then Brody can't find her once he can finally return. Then maybe Angelica gets involved with someone else after she's been in the world awhile so when Brody finally finds her they have that conflict to overcome? I mean there are many ways to make this into an actual story. But Whatever this is, it's ridiculous the way it is. I want the author to go back to before Brody claims he loves Angelica and then continue with the good storytelling she had going. I'm not sure what happened but it's really terrible in my opinion.

  • Eleanore June
    2019-05-10 10:50

    Frankly my entire review is going to be a spoiler, but one that should be noted. You've been warned. I felt like this big needs a blaring trigger warning:(view spoiler)[Blind girl get sexually assaulted...A LOT.And then struggles because she's been so starved for him contact that she doesn't hate it enough. There is a ton of Madonna/Whore stuff going on in this book. (insert eyeroll)It really started off well. WWI vet dealing with a morphine addiction meets blind girl who has been living alone in secrect for years. YEARS.It could have been good, it could have gone in lots of interesting ways. Instead it got all rapey - if not actually rape, something very close to it. And it kept happening. Seriously, more than once, by more than one person. What?! I know the description other reviews inform you that there is a lot of sex. And there is, but it's not erotic -- for me at least. Infact it just angered me.(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]For me, the romance and HEA couldn't save it from all that. By the end I was anger reading this book just so I could finish it. So many horrible people being horrible. Ugh. (hide spoiler)]

  • Caty Young
    2019-05-15 09:35

    I wish I could give this no stars. It was awful. Started out okay and then a little less than halfway through it gets unbelievable and I stopped caring about the characters. She gets raped and then learns to want sex? She literally had her first kiss 20 pages before that. Unrealistic and annoying, not to mention she's whiny. Didn't like it. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ

  • Deanna
    2019-05-10 03:42

    This wasn't a bad book, just not for me. It's grittier and darker than I tend to prefer. Definitely NOT the gothic it was advertised to be.

  • Natalie Dennis
    2019-05-02 07:28

    This is the first Book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it. It was a very quick read. -1 star because I feel that there wasn't complete closure about Angelicaโ€™s inheritance and the disappearance of her mother.

  • Betsi J. Cox
    2019-05-16 02:53

    Another great read by Allyson Jeleyne..enjoyed the characters and the story line. Well written!

  • EsteeLTeng
    2019-04-28 05:26

    It was okay...

  • Monica
    2019-05-09 06:47

    Engaging Characters Underneath the Fabric of a Romantic Mystery with a Period Drama FeelI have to admit that I almost stopped reading this when I reached the first erotic encounter because I didn't realize it was going to be that sort of romance. Lol. I typically like dark, brooding mysteries with romantic elements ( think Wuthering Heights). This story seemed similar, but if you have issues with "relations" (lol) on the page...steer clear. I decided to give it a chance past that because of the writing where the author does a fantastic job of making you care about these injured, abandoned characters as well as the intense surroundings. (It was a dark and stormy a haunted Anyway, it has a period drama feel to it along with a hint at a ghost story and budding romance for two forgotten souls. It does shock you in some spots, but it also develops the characters past just their romance. You find out the "Why" behind some tortured moments and get introduced into a family drama which will unfold for a series of 2 more books. It's a guilty pleasure read if you can stomach the erotic portions to enjoy the atmospheric tension and evolution of characters you get invested in.

  • Cherie
    2019-05-07 08:29

    A love story with forgiveness, redemption and second chances!Both hero and heroine persevere through extremely harsh conditions, they both struggle with moral decline and learn together to forgive and move on. Good plot with plenty of twists and turns. The character development was complicated and interesting as they changed due to circumstances. Nice ending with the possibility of a sequel. Some language and graphic sex, it may have been necessary for the story but felt unpleasant and crude. But the world both main characters were in is so different from mine, it may be just uncomfortable to see how awful life can be for some people. I will read this authors work again.

  • Sharayu Gangurde
    2019-05-05 08:48

    My heart went out for both the characters, Angelica and Brody. It seemed like both needed major help in overcoming their demons. I got interested in this book partly because the blurb mentioned an injured captain who served in army in the world war and I am an avid reader of world war literature. This book however falls short on a number of levels. The book leaves behind many questions about other characters. The end really humbled me as a reader. It was a reminder of the dire times people lived in, their struggles for a livelihood and a good life away from the horrors of a war. Disappointed with the book because it's nowhere close to the blurb description. Although, I did like the author's writing style. She offered some insightful and meaningful peek into the battered human soul.

  • Gail
    2019-04-25 04:41

    The story line was intriguing, but I don't enjoy reading about sexual relations. Some of the story was also unrealistic. I hardly think a blind woman could stay hidden for years in her home and manage on her own to find food for herself. I also don't think a drug going through withdrawal could perform as described in the book. Some of the writers writing was so realistic I felt I was there in the conversation with Angelica and Brody and then she'd go off and the writing was very unrealistic.

  • Ingrid Spera
    2019-05-08 05:25

    This book was so dark and depressing, but definitely fit the feeling of the 1920's. Anyone who enjoyed The Glass Menagerie or Great Gatsby would probably enjoy it, but I found it dark and depressing and wasn't my thing at all. It was a romance, but far from cute and only a little 'sweet'. Not my thing at all.

  • Sharonb
    2019-05-10 04:34

    Well I finished it but didn't like it. It was not that there was a lot of sex in it as that doesn't bother me. I think it was the attitudes about sex that I found unpleasant. I also can't understand how the h could go from a reclusive, innocent virgin to a sex addict in the space of a few weeks! Won't be reading the next in the series

  • Karen
    2019-05-10 06:50

    Captain Broderick Neill smashes his car on his way to seek out his next morphine fix. Angelica Grey finds Brody staggering about her home. Being blind, she stays hidden in the shadows and doesn't let people know she is there. But Brody pulls her out into his world of nasty family and "friends. " Will their love for each other save them?

  • Jackie Brackett
    2019-04-27 07:38

    Thankfully this book only took me a few hours and I got it for free. Characters fell flat, were poorly developed and frankly dumb (but maybe just seemingly so because they were poorly developed). This story had great potential! Dark, gritty plot points that were glossed over, and underdeveloped, leading to poor overall pacing. Could have been a great book, instead was a waste of my time.

  • Renea L Kline
    2019-04-26 08:54

    A beautiful love storyThis was a different kind of story about two lost people locked in their own miseries. I really enjoyed Angelica and her young man, and how they finally found what true happiness really is.

  • Trudy Ray
    2019-04-22 10:48

    Good! .The story was good. I would have liked to not have the detailed sex scenes, but the story was fairly interesting.

  • Reforming
    2019-05-08 08:26

    Markedly different, but then I haven't been keeping up with the new hypererotic romances.

  • Karrie
    2019-04-26 04:47

    Just glad it's over

  • Janette
    2019-05-08 04:26

    The saddest romance I've ever read.

  • Mary Herzog
    2019-05-02 03:51

    MehToo explicit for me. I found the characters shallow and the story was not very entertaining. Not my cup of tea.

  • EileenNH
    2019-04-30 10:48

    This story contained interesting characters. Very good story.

  • Cheryl
    2019-05-05 08:49

    I had no clue as to how this story was to end.The author kept my interest I had to find out what happened to the main characters.I had no idea that it would end as it did.I loved it.

  • April Wilson
    2019-05-04 07:41

    Interesting story. Two broken people find each other and along the way, redeem themselves as well as the other person. The ending was a bit abrupt, but it made me want to know more.

  • Diana Amov
    2019-04-26 07:28

    It was a good read.

  • Lori Lavin
    2019-05-04 08:27

    I couldn't finish I loved the idea of gothic & post WWI but I got as far as chapter 12 & I couldn't read anymore. I just couldn't get into the story.

  • Sally
    2019-04-27 06:45

    Sappy and unrealistic with a rotaganist who doesn't fight rape.