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One of "Sin City's" most fascinatingly conflicted characters, Dwight, returns in "The Big Fat Kill", the third volume of Frank Miller's seminal noir comic and the inspiration for one of the segments of the blockbuster "Sin City" film! This third edition is newly redesigned and features a brand-new cover by Miller - some of his first comics art in years! For Dwight, sometimOne of "Sin City's" most fascinatingly conflicted characters, Dwight, returns in "The Big Fat Kill", the third volume of Frank Miller's seminal noir comic and the inspiration for one of the segments of the blockbuster "Sin City" film! This third edition is newly redesigned and features a brand-new cover by Miller - some of his first comics art in years! For Dwight, sometimes standing up for his friends means killing a whole lot of people. Not for revenge. Not because they deserve it. Not because it'll make the world a better place. There's nothing righteous or noble about it. Dwight's gotta kill them because he needs them dead. With a new look generating more excitement than ever before, this third edition is the perfect way to attract a whole new generation of readers to Frank Miller's masterpiece!...

Title : Sin City, Vol. 3: The Big Fat Kill
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ISBN : 9781593072957
Format Type : Paperback
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Sin City, Vol. 3: The Big Fat Kill Reviews

  • Matthew
    2019-05-04 08:48

    "You gotta stand up for your friends. Sometimes that means dying. Sometimes that means killing a whole lot of people"In volume 3 of the Sin City series, the story remains dark, gory, and creative. For those who have seen the original movie you will recognize this as the middle part of it.This is a highly entertaining mix of action, humor, and bad-ass-ery (a word that I am growing very fond of using). If you like your thrills noir, your heroines very naughty, and your heroes fighting to within an inch of their life, then this is for you!You can pretty much pick this one up without having read the previous ones if you want. But, so far they are all pretty good, so you should probably read them all.

  • Algernon
    2019-04-24 08:15

    [7/10]By the third tradeback album, readers should no longer be surprised at the excessive violence, nudity and cussing that define night life in Basin City. The question is not if things are about to go worse, but into what kind of horrible manner will the s--t hit the fan next. The Big Fat Killstarts with a case of domestic violence as a former minor character, the waitress Shellie, is battered in her own apartment by an old flame. By the end of the installment we will witness wholesale slaughter, with a bodycount that I believe surpasses the first two albums combined.Yet, I am continuing to be interested in exploring the dark alleyways and the sleazy drinking holes of Sin City, in the company of some of the most deranged and dangerous characters ever to feature in a comic book, wondering which of the side characters will take center stage next, and which old acquaintances will return for a deadly re-match. Because it becomes clear by now that Frank Miller is doing more than just simply stitching together isolated criminal episodes for the vicarious pleasure of a bloodthirsty audience. There is a continuity and a consistency of the plot and of the characters, first glimpsed in the overlapping of the timelines and of the characters in the first two volumes, and evident in "The Hard Kill" by using the same POv as in the previous album: freelance photographer and urban vigilante Dwight. In trying to help Shellie deal with her violent former boyfriend, Dwight gets thrown in the middle of a developing conflict between the hookers controlling Old Town and the corrupted police of Basin City, with a side dish of local and Irish mobsters. And that's all I'm going to say about the plot - it's better to discover the details in the book and not here in my review.Here's a sample though of the style of presentation: The cop shuts down his siren, not sure how to play it.He knows he's not the law.Not in Old Town.The ladies are the law here, beautiful and merciless.If you've got the cash and you play by the rules,they'll make all your dreams come true.But if you cross them, you're a corpse. The whole plot is more straightforward and more open ended than "A Dame To Kill For" and "The Hard Goodbye", but it gets its inspiration from the same noir roots as its predecessors, and is supported just as well by Miller's monochrome, jagged, posterized artwork. Of particular interest to the author, according to interviews, is the section of the album set in the Tar Pits, a derelict theme park in Basin City that offers Miller the chance to try his hand at drawing scary dinosaurs. His penchant for big breasted and scantily clad women is also very much in evidence, with the sole exception of the petite ninja lady of night Miho, the deadliest waif in town.conclusion: not as convincing as the first two albums, and the violence threatens to get out of hand, but I am still interested to see where Frank Miller will take the story next. I am interested in particular to learn more about the exotic dancer Nancy and about the cop played by Bruce Willis in the movie.

  • Melki
    2019-05-09 06:12

    The best of the series so far.This time the curvy gals of Old Town have gone too far and killed the wrong man.No. Let's rephrase that. They killed the right man, at the wrong time, and in definitely the wrong place. This guy will be missed.Soon, cops and the mob will be swarming the place. Deals will be broken. And let's face it...nobody wants to see that many 38DDs shot full of holes.Now guess who's gotta clean up the mess before all hell breaks loose?Will there be enough body bags in Sin City to hold all the carnage?

  • Dan
    2019-04-22 06:05

    The events of this book were a chapter in the first Sin City movie.

  • James DeSantis
    2019-04-20 05:15

    Well this was the weakest by far for me. So the storyline is just basically a big old "oh we fucked up let's cover it up" but of course no one can be trusted, everyone is a backstabber, and the ending ends in a "well everyone might be dead" but you know they aren't. I just didn't enjoy this one as much. I didn't like any of the characters, the art makes it REALLY hard to enjoy the fight scenes, and there really needs to be women in this series who aren't whores. Like it's insane...

  • E.Y.E.-D
    2019-05-11 04:59

    This was my favorite from the series so far. The art was awesome as usual but I thought the story was much better.

  • Stuart
    2019-05-08 11:53

    The Big Fat Kill: One of the most original Sin City storiesOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureThe Big Fat Kill is the third volume in Frank Miller’s SIN CITY series, featuring Dwight McCarthy, Marv, and the ladies of Old Town delivering justice with extreme prejudice to some very deserving goons. It’s another celebration of violent revenge against some pretty reprehensible people, so it goes down fairly easily. It’s also the most creative storyline of the first three volumes, and is featured as the middle segment of the first Sin City movie.The story begins with four drunken men banging on the door of Shellie (Brittanie Murphy), one of the waitresses at Kadie’s Bar, which Marv and Dwight frequent and Nancy Callahan dances at. One of these guys is her abusive ex-boyfriend Jackie-Boy (Benicio Del Toro), a particularly odious thug who demands that Shellie let he and his goons inside for a “good time”. Unbeknownst to him, Dwight is hiding in the shower of the bathroom, and when Jackie-Boy goes to the toilet, Dwight makes him pay for his mistreatment of Shellie.This sets in motion a very outlandish and visually-inventive adventure that revels in mayhem, bodily mutilation, severed heads and limbs, Irish mercenaries, dinosaurs, torture, beatings, and of course a Big Fat Kill finale. If you are someone who gets squeamish at such things, this is definitely not a comic book for you. But if you are able to suspend your moral compass and enjoy some mean and nasty action with a subversive sense of humor, I think this is one of the most enjoyable episodes of Sin City. It’s complete lack of restraint is refreshing if sometimes upsetting, but it really doesn’t take its subject matter too seriously. It’s a celebration of the darkest elements of crime noir conventions, with a modern spin. The artwork is really quite impressive, distinctive and over-the-top, yet restrained by its strictly black-and-white palette, which is funny because the morality of the characters is very much gray-toned. The villains are very bad, so killing them is basically a service to humanity, but our protagonists are pretty bloodthirsty about it. You wouldn’t want to hang out with such people in real life, but there is a vicarious thrill from seeing them wreak havoc in Sin City.Movie Version (Sin City, 2005; directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller) The Big Fat Kill makes up the middle segment of the 2005 film version, and is very memorable indeed. Clive Owens is the brooding Dwight, Brittany Murphy the waittress Shellie, Benicio Del Toro the sleazy Jackie-Boy, Mickey Rourke is the lovable but pathological lug Marv, Michael Clarke Duncan is the imposing Manute, and Rosario Dawson is the fishnet-stocking wearing amazon with the uzi who rules the ladies of Old Town including deadly little Miho played by Devon Aoki. All the actors here really delved into their ultra-pulp characters and delivered their hard-boiled dialogue with relish. It’s the kind of story where you have to buy into the excess, and if you can do that it will be a lot of fun. The mayhem and violence are not dialed down a bit, so I had to wait until my daughter went out before watching this film. The black-and-white medium somewhat mutes the violence screen images, but not really. Often times viewers may say that movie violence is comic book-like or over the top –here the comic has been transferred to the screen with total fidelity. This film made quite a sensation when it first debuted – it was a completely new visual medium, and the splashes of color were used very judiciously to accentuate the story without spoiling the perfect black-and-white noir look, with endless thunder, pouring rain, machine guns blazing, and cigarettes glowing. It’s a bravura piece of film-making that cannot be ignored.

  • Mizuki
    2019-04-22 10:59

    My review for volume. 2: girls all know the score. No escape. No surrender. No mercy. We got to kill every last rat bastard one of them, every last one. Not for revenge. Not because they deserve it. not because it'll make the world a better place. Sharp, awesome artwork in simple black and white! Crime-noir with a lot of action scenes and gun fights! Breathtaking gang wars! Hardass hookers and a crazy male lead! Tons of quotable lines! Sassy dialogues and a dark sense of humor! Deadly little Miho doing her super-cool ninja thingy! What more can I ask for?Miho. You're an angel. You're a saint. You're a blessing from above. You're Mother Theresa. You're God.

  • Carmen
    2019-04-24 08:08's the MC again, and I don't like him.Also, I have some questions:1.) Why didn't Dwight take care of the men BEFORE Shellie got beaten?2.) Why didn't Shellie tell him Jackie-boy was a cop before? Like, way before?3.) Why didn't Jackie-boy, when in Old Town, being threated/maimed by the whores, tell them he was a cop? It would have been a simple, quick solution to his problems and it's RIDICULOUS that he didn't mention it. I mean he was drunk, but not THAT drunk, and getting hurt/scared sobers you up quickly. So don't use that excuse, Miller!4.) Now Miller's trying to tell me that Dwight has feelings for Gail, too? But they can't be together for some cockamamie reason? Like: The world has no place for us. Our fire burns too hot. Or some crap like that. WTF?Dwight is the same kind of jerk who insults people who are helping him. The whores get him a car. As soon as he starts driving away, it's all, "Dumb, dizzy whores! Why didn't they fill the tank!" Miho saves his life. She frickin' saves his life and he's all like, "Thank you. But if you just got here a little earlier, we'd have what we needed and the bad guys would be dead!" Oh, there's gratitude for you. Ungrateful prick. I hate him. Miho should have let him die.Not to mention - he's still a woman-beater. Yeah, nothing's changed from Volume 2 when he punched Ava in the face. In this one he backhands Gail when she gets in an argument with him. And of course, she loves it or it makes her respect him or something, and the next thing you know they're making out. Disgusting. One good thing I can say about this book: The pictures are wonderful.

  • Fiona
    2019-05-14 05:51

    I already new part of the story from the Sin City movie but it was still really interesting. I was missing a bit of backup information. But I have to admit I don't now much about the series and it is a while ago that I read the first two books. All in all it was again a really entertaining story with awesome pictures and a lot of violence and good written texts.

  • Felisberto
    2019-04-29 12:12

    Surpreendentemente fabuloso. É, "Sin City"!!! Este volume de "Sin City" é qualquer coisa de espectacular. Vi-me mergulhado no gosto pelo perigoso; mortalmente envolvido pelas vicissitudes da vida criminosa. "Temos que matar até ao último destes cabrões. Até ao último.Não por vingança.Não porque eles merecem.Não porque vai tornar o mundo num local melhor.Não há nada de justo ou de nobre nisto.Temos que os matar, porque precisamos deles bem mortos." (in Sin City, pp. 61 & 62)É assim, em Sin City não se escolhe: ou se morre assassinado ou vive-se assassinando. É a cidade em que o amor à própria vida arrasta consigo o sabor do crime e da morte.

  • Dave
    2019-05-05 06:45

    Sin City volume 3 is as dark, bleak, and violent as the Sin City series can be. Despite the few color pages in the front, the darkness of the black and white art permeates it. Noir as a graphic novel.

  • Michael Benavidez
    2019-05-15 11:12

    While I do enjoy this volume, it seems less focused on the characters and more on the action filled plot. Where as the last two were focused on the character's state of mind, this one seems merely content to let the action push them forward. That isn't to say it isn't a good part, the best moments come when there is no action and merely reflection on the events that are taking place. 3.5

  • Tom
    2019-04-27 05:59

    More of the same...I'll probably finish the series just to satisfy my inner completionist, but Frank Miller's style can grow tired after a couple of these. His characters aren't complex or rich enough to make this series something special.

  • Nicolo Yu
    2019-05-19 08:05

    The Sin City movie made me want to check the original graphic novels. I found this lone Sin City hardcover at a dealer table at a discount and I just got to have it. I like the story but I found myself preferring the movie over the book.

  • Hilary
    2019-04-19 09:14

    I previously mentioned my love of the Sin City film and how it was what spurred me on to read the books. This was by far my favorite plot in the movie, and indeed, the comic delivers in spades. All the humor, all the suspense, and all the ridiculously noir proclivities are here in spades. Dwight is back, as are Gail, Shellie, and deadly little Miho. Old Town is in trouble, and it's up to Dwight and the lovely girls to save the day.Dwight, now dating Shellie, is not amused when she gets some rather boisterous visitors. When violence is threatened Dwight moves to teach them a lesson, and happens to follow them all the way to Old Town. Sure enough, the girls are onto the trouble these men represent and Miho makes quick work of them. It's only then that Dwight realizes one of them is a cop... murdered in Old Town. The tenuous peace between the girls and the city is threatened, and either way, blood will be spilled.This comic is a quick read with plenty of twists and turns. The humor is on point, and black as ever, and through the bloodshedFrank Miller's writing shines. The art is gorgeous, and even knowing the outcome I had trouble putting this volume down until the last bullet hit the floor. The adaptation was great, and this is one rare time when whether you read or watch you will love it all. Definitely my favorite volume. Love Dwight. Love his warrior woman. Love The Pits for all they are. How often you get to see a man turned into a Pez dispenser, anyway?

  • Jack van Riel
    2019-04-29 05:10

    Graphic Novels are hard to rate. This gets maybe 2 stars for the story, 5 for the art.Brutal pulp noir story filled with with half-naked bad-ass prostitutes with guns, a nihilistic cold-blooded bastard of a hero, mercenaries that kill for pleasure, abusive drunks, swastika-shaped ninja stars that slice off body parts, severed and exploding heads, and lots and lots of shooting and killing.What is it with highly stylized, uncompromising, visually striking ultraviolence that's so fascinating? Why do we enjoy movies like Kill Bill and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (and Sin City)?The art is stark black-and-white only, and might be the best I've ever seen (although admittedly, I'm a graphic novel novice). It isn't easy on the eyes, but it is extremely impressive. It works so well because it lets the story feature graphic violence while maintaining a clean look (in color there would be a lot of sickening blood red pages), without softening anything or taking away form the visual impact.Not exactly a pleasant read, but it's a fascinating visual masterpiece.

  • abatage
    2019-04-23 12:07

    By now it's easy to know what kind of deal you're getting into with a Sin City book. The art is consistently stark and dramatic, while the story runs the gamut of noir possibilities. Fortunately though, this doesn't seem to matter.Part of me is glad to see how well the books were translated into film version, as most of the scenes and dialogue are carbon copies. Although, while the film was incredible, it has nothing on the books. There's just something about the way Miller collects panels and dialogue and then arranges them on the page. A lot of the time, there's nothing signifying which words go with which panel, but it gives a fluidity that otherwise would be missing.This book could be criticised for the same short comings of the others, but once again it doesn't really matter. Miller makes it very easy to look past the one-dimensional characters and instead drenches you in the world of Sin City, which grows and deepens with each story being told.

  • Liz Whitehouse
    2019-05-10 10:47

    This graphic novel has all the grit and darkness expected from a Miller Sin City book, but for me, it has an extra level that wasn't in the first 2 volumes.In the previous stories, the protagonist has influenced how much I liked the volume, and the story is almost solely focused on their plight. In The Big Fat Kill, I feel like the dynamics and politics of Old Town, the prostitutes, the mob, the police, are at the forefront and make for a fascinating dimension to the otherwise stellar graphic novel.I really need to actually buy the other volumes, I am going to struggle without them.

  • Vivienne
    2019-04-27 10:12

    Sin City is considered among the best noir comics ever created. Based on volume three, I don't know why. The storyline seems to be an excuse for pseudo-porn images of gun-toting prostitutes, and the monochrome art style is hard on the eyes. It was an entertaining short read, but I'd forgotten I'd read it within 24 hours, probably because I had zero emotional engagement with the characters. They were as one-dimensionally violent and underdressed as the cast of a Michael Bay movie. Vol 3 does nothing wrong, but nothing special either.

  • Jonathan
    2019-05-14 12:03

    Further proof that Sin City is the truest movie adaptation of comic book source material. This series might be my favorite in comics. Period.

  • ashlee
    2019-05-20 08:15

    this sin city volume is a more in depth look at "old town" and we are introduced to all of the girls. We meet dwight's "valkyrie woman" and "deadly little miho" and they're both equally badass! there is lots of action, great art and vulgar dialogue, everything essential in a great sin city comic :)

  • Jerry
    2019-04-19 03:51

    I love the book, the story kept me hook. The book is full of action and surprises.

  • Julio Bonilla
    2019-05-06 11:53

    "Revenge is a dish best served cold" - The Godfather. Prostitutes walking the streets at night makes me wonder, why didn't these young ladies just go to school and learn something new? The climax is reminiscent of "Sin City," but in very-slow-motion. This story is full of action, suspense, betrayal and a whole lot of payback.

  • Karla
    2019-05-01 10:01

    Se me pasó muy rápido. Los personajes aquí son geniales *-* Pero me quede con gusto a poco

  • Saleh MoonWalker
    2019-05-11 05:59

    Onvan : Sin City, Vol. 3: The Big Fat Kill (Sin City, #3) - Nevisande : Frank Miller - ISBN : 1593072953 - ISBN13 : 9781593072957 - Dar 184 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1994

  • Joseph
    2019-04-29 07:00

    I remember this story from the movie. Dwight was never my favorite character but I think reading this after the last puts him in perspective. Gail and Mijo will always be my fan favorites. Great story.

  • Trey
    2019-05-01 12:04

    A few random observations three volumes in:1) The first page of issue five is an explanation of King Leonidas of Sparta's defense against the Persian army. Is this the first time Miller wrote about this in a comic? I bet researching the info for this page got him excited for 300, which came out about four years later. 2) For someplace supposedly in a desert region, it sure rains a lot in Sin City. It's rained in each volume so far. You know, the kind of rain "that doesn't hit Sin City more than once a year." (I think Miller times his stories to coincide with the infrequent desert rains because it looks awesome in his patented black-and-white style.)3) There is an uncomfortably high level of casual swastika usage, including Miho's throwing stars, an Irishman's forehead tattoo, and a hooker's earrings. It's a bit of a crutch. I realize it's a often a shorthand Miller uses throughout his comics to show us who the bad guys are, but it's so unnecessary. I get that the Irishman fighting the protagonist is mean even without his swastika tattoo, okay? These people don't need to be Nazis to be bad. When some of the hookers use them as fashion accessories, it kind of clouds the issue. At that point, I start thinking, maybe Miller just likes drawing swastikas...

  • Luis Reséndiz
    2019-04-27 09:02

    este es probablemente el tomo mejor tramado de sin city --de los tres que he leído hasta ahora en mi relectura. plantea su set-up con cuidado (la tregua entre policías y prostitutas de old town, susceptible de romperse con la muerte de un oficial o una prostituta), articula perfecto detalles que más tarde serán significativos, como el grito de shellie o la afición por las detonaciones de uno de los mercenarios. esto va creando la sensación de que todo en la historia tiene un motivo, de que las cosas suceden porque existe un equilibrio y de que la muerte de jack en verdad hace peligrar ese equilibrio. es una sensación que no existe en los tomos anteriores y que aquí aparece, creo, por una mejorar en la técnica de miller.el dibujo, como en los anteriores, me gusta mucho. el momento del parque con dinosaurios es quizá la secuencia mejor dibujada de sin city --tal vez porque es la que se desprende más del imaginario de la serie. además, trae una pequeño vistazo de la batalla de termópilas, que miller abordaría unos años más tarde en 300.

  • Manuel
    2019-04-29 05:10

    Storia deboluccia rispetto ai due volumi precedenti. Mentre nei primi due episodi Miller si concentrava a lungo sulla psicologia dei personaggi, in questo caso lascia da parte qualunque approfondimento e ci presenta esclusivamente la solita storia di violenza. Divertente, okay, ma oggettivamente di qualità inferiore. Oltretutto è il volume più breve finora, e ci sono un sacco di vignette che occupano una pagina intera senza alcun dialogo e spesso senza neppure chissà che disegni impressionanti. Stringi stringi verrebbe fuori la metà di uno dei primi due volumi, che erano belli corposi. Carenza di idee? Speriamo che si sia ripreso coi volumi successivi.