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“Wicked little stories from old hands and relative neophytes.”—Seattle Times There are seven deadly sins, and in this superb anthology, edited by Elizabeth George, some of the most able and original purveyors of crime fiction explore Two of the Deadliest. These “New Tales of Lust, Greed, and Murder from Outstanding Women of Mystery” feature sterling stories from Laura Lipp“Wicked little stories from old hands and relative neophytes.”—Seattle Times There are seven deadly sins, and in this superb anthology, edited by Elizabeth George, some of the most able and original purveyors of crime fiction explore Two of the Deadliest. These “New Tales of Lust, Greed, and Murder from Outstanding Women of Mystery” feature sterling stories from Laura Lippman, Susan Wiggs, Carolyn Hart, Nancy Pickard, and George herself, as well as from other masters and exciting, tremendously talented newcomers....

Title : Two of the Deadliest: New Tales of Lust, Greed, and Murder from Outstanding Women of Mystery
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ISBN : 9780061350337
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 480 Pages
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Two of the Deadliest: New Tales of Lust, Greed, and Murder from Outstanding Women of Mystery Reviews

  • Bücherplanet
    2019-03-12 09:50

    Ich bin Mitglied im Buchclub von MexxBooks und habe 'Denn dein ist die Sünde: Kriminalgeschichten' gelesen.Ich bin ein großer Fan von Elizabeth George und habe ihre Krimis um Inspector Linley (vor allem die älteren) verschlungen. Leider gibt es die meisten ihrer Bücher noch nicht als eBook, zumindest nicht im deutschen Kindle-Shop. Daher habe ich mich sehr gefreut, als ich die Kriminalgeschichten entdeckt habe.Elizabeth George ist hier Herausgeberin, nicht Autorin. Das war mir beim Kauf des Buches bewusst. Ich habe mich allerdings von dem Gedanken leiten lassen, dass eine so großartige Autorin sicherlich tolle Geschichten auswählen wird. Leider wurde ich bitter enttäuscht.Im Vorwort des Buches beschreibt George sehr anschaulich, dass das Schreiben eines guten Krimis im Laufe der Jahrzehnte immer schwieriger geworden ist. Sie schreibt, dass früher die Wahl eines Tatmotivs, das den damals herrschenden, starren Moralvorstellungen entsprochen hat, viel leichter war als heute. Als Beispiel führt sie an, dass es früher vorstellbar war, dass jemand mordet, um sein uneheliches Kind oder eine Geliebte zu verheimlichen. Gründe, die heute aber keinen Krimileser mehr vom Hocker reißen würden. So schlussfolgert George, dass es die sieben Todsünden sind, die Autoren nach wie vor als Quelle für gute Tatmotive bleiben.Nach diesem Vorwort habe ich voller Vorfreude mit der ersten Geschichte begonnen ' und bin gleich über diese gestolpert. Ich kann in den Kriminalgeschichten (auch den Folgenden) weder einen roten Faden, noch die sieben Todsünden als Leitmotive erkennen. Gut, in der ersten Geschichte (in der es einzig und allein um eine Frau geht, die Unmengen von Kuchen backt und verspeist) kann ich Völlerei hineininterpretieren. Und dann? Die Geschichten brechen entweder abrupt ab oder haben lächerliche Enden, wie die Geschichte, in der es letztlich um eine rollige Katze geht. Bei aller Liebe ' dafür quäle ich mich nicht weiter durch die Geschichten. Auch wenn Elizabeth George im Vorwort darauf hinweist, dass sie mit diesem Buch auf noch unbekannte Autorinnen hinweisen möchte, die Auswahl und Qualität der Geschichten überzeugt mich ganz und gar nicht. Schade.Christiane für MexxBooks

  • Diane
    2019-03-01 05:49

    A good collection of short stories by some of today's leading women mystery writers and edited by my favorite mystery author, Elizabeth George. It also included 4 stories by never before published authors and their inexperience definitely showed! I was interested to realize what a glaring difference there was between the first timers and the experienced authors; I would not have thought that it would make that noticeable of a difference.

  • Ann Douglas
    2019-03-25 06:09

    A compelling collection of stories that will have you re-thinking your definition of the word "mystery." Not a weak story in the bunch.

  • Emelie 🦉
    2019-03-05 09:55

    1.5... The first 5 stories was fine but then it was just a dry run.. Read the first and the last pages of each story toward the end and i still understood what the content of the story was!

  • Marisella
    2019-02-26 06:55

    yay! EG seems to have recovered from that horrible period of time when she wrote "what happened before he shot her". Great stories

  • Diane
    2019-02-24 05:47

    A quite uneven collection. I like that Elizabeth George included some previously unpublished authors, some of whom may have been in her creative writing classes. Did I read that somewhere? One or two of the stories were very good, but too many seemed rushed, crammed with unnecessary details, or as if the author was trying too hard to be clever.

  • Heather
    2019-03-02 05:46

    Well, I picked this for our mystery book club because it was a short story collection that was available in Large print. Some stories were good, some were SOOOOO creepy and others fell a little flat.

  • Dolly
    2019-03-05 11:00

    This is an entertaining (although quite disturbing at times) collection of short stories written by female authors. I really liked that the editor included a section of stories by unknown or previously unpublished authors. I liked many of the tales, but I also found most of them to be a harsh critique of society today. With the main theme of lust and greed (the two featured deadly sins), I couldn't help but cringe at most of the behaviors depicted. Only one of the stories , "Anything Helps", left me with any real good feeling (even though the majority of the tale was depressing and filled with depraved people). Overall, the stories left me feeling like there's fewer and fewer good people out there. I like cozy mysteries and I thought this would be a nice collection of short stories that would fit the bill. Most of these tales are anything but cozy, however, and I think I'll have to revert to something a little more refined, like a nice Agatha Christie tale. interesting quotes:"A man who was self-employed had to have an asshole for a boss or he'd get nothing done." (p. 33)"Need can make men desperate, but greed, in my experience, makes men stupid." (p. 93)"Men don't see women as other women do." (p. 196)My normally well-ordered mind was operating like a Roomba vacuum cleaner, pinging off every barrier and heading in another direction." (pp. 271-272)"It was the sort of thing you did when you worked for a newspaper in those days. You found people in the community who had interesting jobs, and you talked to them, and if you were lucky, they were interesting. And if they were lucky, you cared enough about their strange little slice of life to write a thirty-inch story that they could photocopy and send to whatever family member cared enough to say: 'That's nice, dear.'" (p. 371) This quote really hit me at home, since I was recently interviewed for the local paper. You can read the article here. 'That's nice, dear.'"I think I understand now what my aunts were going through. Not the direct abuse or benign indifference from their husbands. But the invisibility. The idea that once you've lost your ability to spawn children you somehow fade into that corner of the universe reserved for thick-waisted ciphers, pert nosed, or not. Single or married. Good marriage or bad. After all the years of fawning and fumbling and falling down and stumbling back to your feet, you start to feel like you're starting to crack the nut of your sexuality in all its weird glory, and that's when you find yourself in a nation of one while everyone else has gone off to Aruba for a fling with flat-bellied bikini girls." (pp. 385-386)"A customer would see the slots or the pornography or the alcohol, and somewhere back in the brain's neural tangle, bells went off, lights popped on, and the person would suddenly have the vacant mechanical look of unrequited want." (p. 397)"Blood weighted the air enough that she tasted it on her tongue. This smell was too real, too much a reminder of the carnage the human species got up to on a daily basis." (p. 439)

  • Alison C
    2019-03-13 08:05

    Two of the Deadliest is an anthology of original short mystery stories edited by Elizabeth George, creator of the Inspector Lynley series. The conceit is that each story involves either greed or lust, two of the "7 deadly sins," or both. For reasons I don't quite understand, the stories are all by female authors specifically - it's not clear to me why it was restricted in such a way, as that seems an arbitrary rule for such an anthology. Stories by Nancy Pickard, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dana Stabenow, Carolyn Hart, Marcia Muller, Laura Lippman and George herself, are mixed in with some lesser-known authors; a nice touch is that the last five stories are by either first-time authors or people whose work has been published in small publications with small readerships, all of whom were George's students at one time or another. As with any such anthology, some stories work better than others, and there were a few where I didn't think the theme of greed or lust showed up at all, but that's okay. Generally a fun read, but hardly indispensable, so a mild recommendation from me.

  • JackieB
    2019-03-13 10:58

    There were some very clever and subtle stories in here. Sometimes I had to think about how they related to lust and greed, but I don't mean that as a criticism: the authors had come up with some unusual and thought- provoking tales which made me think a bit. In many, the situation was not what it seemed at the beginning of the story. I'm really impressed that the writers could get such a lot into relatively few pages. Although obviously some appealed more to me than others,I don't think there was a single story I didn't like. I really liked the fact that Elizabeth George had included 5 stories from otherwise unknown or little known writers. In fact, no disrespect to the other writers, but the story which really sticks in my mind was from one of the "newbloods", not from the established authors.

  • Linda
    2019-02-26 08:57

    I listened to most of the selections but did not complete three of the short stories. One reader was particularly abrasive, loud and aggressive and it was not a style that was good for me. I couldn't really listen to the story as the voice was very off putting. There were about six really good stories out of 23 in the collection. I really enjoyed the story about Jack London and his death. It was a story that i had not heard and kept me fascinated. I was disappointed in Elizabeth George’s story because I usually find her a very good novelist.The collection of new and experienced authors did not work for me. I would recommend The Copper Bracelet by Deaver if you want to listen to a collection of mystery writers. I give this a three stars rating.

  • Kb
    2019-03-02 07:54

    The problem with a short story collection around such a narrow theme, with only women authors, selected by a lone editor is that there is not enough variety to make it memorable. In the end, the stories were so alike that they all blended into one another. Also, I confess that I much prefer realistic and plausible plots, which made many of the stories in this collection (including the one by Elizabeth George herself) unsatisfactory. I kept hoping to find a gem in the dross. Ultimately, I was disappointed.

  • Jan
    2019-03-24 10:55

    This was a collection of short stories. As with most collections, some were really good and others were poor. Hence the 3 star rating. However, they were fun to listen too, and a few of the authors were good enough that I will look to see what else they have written ans maybe read some of their other work.

  • M.C.
    2019-03-21 02:44

    Some stories were terrific, others fair to middling. Of the new authors, Z. Kelley's short brought tears to my eyes and was beautifully written. The story by a non-Irish author, Lisa Alber, although it caught the flavour of Eire, was laced with American terms and required, at the very least, an Irish beta reader.

  • Diane
    2019-03-21 03:12

    It took me a while to finish listening to this book of short stories. Since it is compiled by Elizabeth George, a favorite author of mine, I expected more from it. Instead, I was left, as often happens with books of short stories, enjoying some, some not particularly, and some not at all. I'm thinking I should stay away from short stories. It was just ok, in my opinion.

  • Jill
    2019-02-26 10:08

    This was a really interesting anthology of short stories. Some of which I had read before and some were new to me. Overall it was a page turner for me, I could not put it down. There were some already established mystery writers and some that some new established authors. Its a really interesting take on two of the seven deadly sins.

  • Cyn Armistead
    2019-02-24 07:57

    This was one of the books in my first "mailbox books" shipment from the library, and the only dud.To be fair, I only read part of the first story, and quit. It seemed to be building up to something from the point-of-view of one of those women who cracks and kills all her children, and I just didn't want to go there. Ick.

  • Katey
    2019-03-21 06:54

    I will be honest. Since this was a book on tape, I fell asleep in the middle of it. But I did listen to the story by Allison Brennan on full alert and it was very good, I thought. But I will never listen to another book on tape again, unless I also have a copy of the book to follow along. But I happened to get this copy for free, so I took advantage of that.

  • Denise Dougherty
    2019-02-27 07:14

    This was, for the most part, an entertaining group of short stories. Most of the authors were new to me and will certainly read more of their work. Some, as is to be expected, were sort of meh. The narrators were not equally talented and some stories I skipped simply because of the narrator's voice. Test it for yourself - it was (mostly) [email protected]

  • Isabella
    2019-03-05 05:00

    Steht groß Elizabeth George drauf, sie ist aber Herausgeberin, nicht Autorin, nur eine der Geschichten ist von ihr. Ich find die Stories durchwachesen, ein paar wären durchaus drei Sterne würdig, die meisten aber nicht.

  • Valissa
    2019-03-25 07:11

    I'm not one for short stories, but this is the perfect type of that kind of book. Chewy, interesting, but not annoyingly short. Vignettes that offer mystery and shock, plus an introduction to characters and writers I'd not experienced before.

  • Judy
    2019-03-21 10:07

    Edited by Elizabeth George, this collection of eighteen short stories, which were all written by female authors, deal with greed, anger, jealousy, sloth, lust, pride and any other deadly sin that you want to name.

  • Helle
    2019-03-20 06:48

    Short story collections have never been a favourite of mine, but usually there are a couple of stories that I really like. Not in this collection. Maybe one or two that were somewhat amusing at best, but most left no impression whatsoever and a few I actually found appalling.

  • Leslie
    2019-03-06 07:11

    Perfection! George's compilation of mystery stories centering on Lust and Greed of the seven deadly sins is the ultimate summer read. Each story is enjoyable - some do leave you wanting more than others - each is the perfect length to finish off before bed or at the pool.

  • Russeller
    2019-03-07 09:08

    a collection of short stories that was good at the start then feel flat...

  • Nancy
    2019-03-12 05:44

    Easy-to-read collection of short stories by known and new authors. The art of the short story is underappreciated since magazines stopped running them.

  • MB (What she read)
    2019-03-11 06:04

    Some very enjoyable stories in here.

  • R H
    2019-03-10 06:58

    Read because on E G. Found some very good authors I am now following. Some stories could have been given more thought before being submitted, for the others, they were good to very good.

  • Bettynz
    2019-03-13 05:46

    hmmReally not in the mood for this. Read the 1st 2 stories, but then put aside for now.

  • Connie
    2019-03-10 10:07

    A collection of diabolical short stories, all with interesting plots.I liked the brevity of each more than 20 pages, which made ita perfect bedtime table book.