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Mags doesn't believe in making wishes. What's the point? If wishes came true, she wouldn't live in a trailer and she wouldn't have to wear fatty clothes to school. But then her sister Hannie finds an old stuffed unicorn, and suddenly Mags' luck starts to change. Mags knows the unicorn can't really be magical, but what's the harm in letting Hannie believe that it is?...

Title : Wish on a Unicorn
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ISBN : 9780140349351
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 112 Pages
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Wish on a Unicorn Reviews

  • ليلي
    2019-05-07 15:58

    یعنی اینو که می خونی دلت می خواد یه آدم معلول داشته باشی نزدیکت قشنگ. یعنی اصن عشق است این هنی. ولی به همه ی آدمایی که این فکرو می کنن می گم که زود قضاوت نکنن و اول "تابستان قو ها" را نیز بخونن. نظرشون عوض می شه کلا! البته من 6-7 سال پیش خوندمش، ولی یادمه که بعدش اصن نظر مثبتی نسبت به برادرِ معلول داشتن نداشتم!ولی واقعا واقعا خوب بود این کتاب و خوشحال کننده؛ و حال خوب کننده و کوتاه در عین حال.مرسی از رعنا در ضمن:)

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-22 19:46

    Every day after school Mags has to take care of her little sister, Hannie, who has special needs, and her brother, Mooch, who everyone is saying is a thief. Her mom has to get ready to go to work at her second job in the factory and someone needs to make dinner, do the dishes, clean up the trailer, and get the little ones to bed. Sometimes Mags just wishes it didn't have to be her. When does she get to be a kid? When does someone take care of her? Life isn’t easy when everyone at school thinks you're trash, and the school bully is trying to cause problems for you. When Mags and Hannie stumble upon an old, dirty discarded unicorn in the field coming home from school, Hannie must have it. Mags tries to explain to her that there's nowhere to put it in their trailer. But, Hannie believes the unicorn is magic, and she won't leave it behind. Finally, they take it home, deciding to hide it in a garbage bag. Mooch makes the first wish on the unicorn. Next, Mags wishes on the unicorn because she really needs some new clothes. Hannie doesn't wish because she isn’t sure what she wants to wish for. Mags thinks the wishes are silly, but then there are clothes waiting for her when she gets home. Secondhand clothes appear from her aunt, and they make Mags feel pretty good. The next day more magic seems to be happening. Is it the unicorn? Things seem to be getting better, but when faced with a big decision will Mags make the right choice? Will Hannie ever use her wish? Can wishes really come true if wished on a stuffed unicorn? You will have to decide for yourself.I really enjoyed Wish on a Unicorn by Karen Hesse. My heart went out to Mags, and I wish I could meet her and be friends with her because it's clear she needs a friend. I felt bad for her that she wants to be friends with some girls in class who may not be so nice. Sometimes we want things because we're looking at them through a distorted lens. Mags feels bad about herself and her home life, and I think this makes the popular girls seem more glamorous. My heart also went out to Mags because she has a lot of responsibility for someone her age. Kids are mean to her sister and brother, but her family is simply trying to just get along day by day. I think kids in fifth grade and up would enjoy this book and would want to be friends with Mags too. It made me realize that we often spend so much time wishing about things we don't have- that we don't see what's right in front of us. When push comes to shove we want our family and those we love to be safe and happy. I have to tell you this book made me cry. I listened to it on audio, and I definitely recommend it to others. The narrator did a wonderful job, and I felt my heart being pulled towards the characters. I look forward to reading more books by this author.

  • Bao
    2019-04-25 20:58

    I have finished reading the Wish on a Unicorn by Karen Hesse, and it’s a non-fiction book. The book’s theme is to love what you have in hand right now and don’t wish more than what you have and its will turn out very bad. Wish on a Unicorn is about a family in Newell’s field. The main character name is Maggie. She lived with her mom, step sister, step brother, and step dad. Her step sister names Hannie and her step brother names Mooch. At the way when Hannie and Maggie going home from school and they found a unicorn at the Newell’s field. Hannie took it homes. Each of them, they made a wish on the unicorn. Maggie wishes she has the clothes she wants to become popular and pretty. Mooch wishes that he can have a lot of foods to eat. The wishes of Maggie and Mooch come true. At the next day of school Maggie wears her clothes to school and she became popular and pretty. She has a lot of new friends and they invited her to their house. After school she told Hannie to go home first and when Hannie got home, there is no one home. Hannie was scare and she make her wish for Maggie to come back with her. About half way to Maggie’s new friends’ house, Maggie thinks back if she didn’t wear this beautiful clothes and no one pay attention to her. So she went back home to find Hannie and she knew that Hannie had make her wish for Maggie to get back home with her. Maggie feels sorry for Hannie and she doesn’t want to be pretty or popular after all this happen. It’s an interesting book because it's a lesson for me to love what I have right now and don’t wish over what you have and it will turn into bad things. My favorite scene was the one that Maggie turns back home to find Hannie because she knew what she was doing and it’s not a good idea to continue what she doing. My favorite character is Hannie because she didn’t wish anything that too hard to have but it’s hard to find. She didn’t wish for herself but she wishes for Maggie to come back with her and I think it’s a good wish to wish. I would recommend this book to second and third graders because the book is not hard to read and it’s help them learn a lesson by the book too. If you liked Onion Tears or Goodbye-Vietnam, you might like this book because all the main characters of each book is wishing on something they want to have and it’s all the good wish.Wish on a Unicorn is a non-fiction book by Karen Hasse, and its theme is to love what you got in your hand right now. The book is interesting and my favorite character is Hannie and I would recommend this book to second and third graders.

  • Saundra
    2019-05-20 16:58

    In this story Mags is the main character. Mags is fed up with her family and her responsibilities. She just wants to have some nice clothes and have the popular girls like her. In the end, Mags realizes that her family is what is important. Even though their life is humble, Mags loves her family and recognizes the joy they bring to her life. The story was touching, and I enjoyed reading it. I could sympathize with Mags and her frustrations as so much is demanded of her, shouldering most of the care for two young siblings, one who has behavioral issues, and one who is disabled. Mags struggles with her feelings of anger at her siblings, especially as other people in town make fun of them. Mags feels the need to defend them, even as she struggles internally because she sometimes agrees with the mockery. At one point Mags finds her little sister has wet her pants. Mags thinks “It seemed like everyone was laughing at her. I didn’t want to touch her.” Later she thinks, “Part of me wanted to put my arms around her and comfort her. Part of me wanted to walk away like I never knew her, and keep walking.” Unfortunately, the book was slightly more simplistic and less artful in its prose than what I was hoping for. I do not think this would be a problem for young readers. The language is straightforward, and factually the plot is uncomplicated. The characters are easy to identify, and the struggles are modern, especially as the economy has recently affected many families.I don’t believe this book would pose any problems for young adults reading it. Although slightly dated in setting and details, it feels contemporary because of the issues Mags is struggling with. This book deals with single parent families, poverty and financial struggles, disabilities, crime, responsibilities, bullying, and popularity. I believe that it could be used in an elementary or middle school classroom. The book could be used from grades 4 and up, it is short and easy to read. It would be most suited to grades 3-8, but not for high school. It could be used in conjunction with a book like Out of the Dust to illustrate the struggles of young people in different times, and identify similarities in their struggles across time.

  • Gale
    2019-04-28 20:54

    "Finding the Source of Real Magic" Teenage Mags has a tough life; considered Trailer Trash by their country neighbors, she is embarrassed by not having a father, having to wear hand-me-downs, a sister who is developmentally slow and a kid brother who is branded a local thief. Working two jobs Mama doesn’t have time to be there for her kids or be sympathetic to a teen’s social problems. One day after school the sisters discover a dirty, stuffed unicorn leaning against a fence post in a field. Immediately Hannie claims the disreputable creature as her own—perhaps sensing that this throw-away animal needs her love and protection. Of course the idea that even a disheveled unicorn could actually grant Wishes has a childlike appeal. Scoffing Mags knows that this is utterly impossible, but part of her secretly hopes that it Might be true. Oh, if each one of the maligned siblings could just have one wish each… It is left up to the reader to decide if the filthy toy has any real magic, but some wishes come true quickly—or is it just coincidence? Mags comes of age as she wrestles with more responsibility than a girl her age should have to shoulder: trying desperately to be accepted by a popular pair of girls. She feels dragged down by peer accusations that little Mooch is stealing food, and by the cruel observations that Hannie--whom she dearly loves—will never be normal. Yet why is this special-needs child happier than she has been in a long while, even talking more? For it is from flawed Hannie that Mags learns the source of real magic and the most important thing to desire. Magic may be found in your back yard.(March 28, 2011. I welcome dialogue with teachers.)

  • Books Kids Like
    2019-04-29 21:40

    Mag lives with her mother, brother and sister in an old trailer near the highway where her father was killed. At twelve years-of-age, she shoulders the responsibility of caring for Moochie and Hannie each night while their mother goes to work. They live a scant existence so when Hannie finds a beat-up old stuffed unicorn and declares that it’s magical, Mag wants to believe that it can bring them more food or better clothes. Mag knows it can’t, but as she wrestles with life’s daily struggles, she begins to feel differently about her siblings. She begins to feel more love. It’s as if the unicorn changed the very atmosphere around them, or maybe it just changed Mag. Hesse creates a realistic world of single parenting in which the oldest child must share the burden of raising her siblings. Mag’s ambivalence makes her a believable character. Though mentally challenged, Hannie proves to be the wisest person in the story. By the way, I listened to the audio version of this book and loved the way the narrator brought Hannie’s character to life.

  • Honya
    2019-05-13 18:47

    Karen Hesse is a wonderful, insightful author. I first discovered her books when I read Music of Dolphins back in middle school; it blew my mind. Wish on a Unicorn is more subtle–or rather, its uniqueness is less obvious–because it deals with topics closer to home. Maybe we can relate to Mags’s situation personally; if not, I’m sure you’ve known folks in similar circumstances. Regardless of the familiarity, Hesse’s take on this story is actually rather remarkable. She draws out the individuals as well as the complexities of the emotions they’re dealing with in a very touching and believable manner. And–this is something I almost didn’t notice while reading, it’s done that subtly–she writes the entire story in Mags’s own accent and style, complete with intentional grammatical errors. I guess what I’m getting at is that, while many writers could write a story similar to this one, only a master writer could form it so skillfully and movingly. I truly would recommend Wish on a Unicorn to anyone, say, 10 and up.

  • Linda Lipko
    2019-04-27 21:48

    Written with clear insights into the world of poverty and its impact, Hesse once again wrote a stellar tale of a young woman who is weary of clothes that don't fit, a fatherless household, a mother who works menial jobs that don't net enough for food, housing, clothes and simple necessary items, a brother who reminds her how hungry they are and a sister who is developmentally challenged.Hesse accurately portrays the feelings and thoughts of Mags who simply wants to fit in with her sixth grade classmates and to have a respite from the heavy load that a young child should not have to bear.When her sister Hannie finds a dirty unicorn stuffed animal, she becomes inordinately attached to the object and believes that wishes can come true if only they hold the unicorn when requesting.Desperately wanting to fit in, Mags make choices that don't include her family. Paying a high price, she realizes the importance of family.Recommended.Four Stars

  • SusanDunn
    2019-05-25 18:01

    This is short but sweet. It reminded me a lot of The Hundred Dresses. 6th grader Mags and her two younger siblings live with their single mom in a trailed across the freeway from their school. Money is tight, and mama works nights at the mill, leaving Mags to supervise her brother and sister. One day on the way home from school her sister Hannie finds a stuffed unicorn in a field. Hannie insists on taking it home, and she also insists that the unicorn is magic. Mags makes a wish upon Hannie's request - and it comes true! Is the unicorn really magic? And can it save Hannie when trouble arrives?

  • Mrs Bond
    2019-04-25 14:44

    Mags desperately wants to fit in with the other children in her school. The only thing that stands in here way is family: a father who died when she was 2, a mother who works the night shift, a younger brother (Mooch) who has has a history of stealing, and a mentally challenged sister (Hannie) who clings to Mags. It doesn't help that the boy down the street despises the family and takes great joy in pointing out all of their flaws. When Hannie comes across a 'magic' unicorn and insists on keeping it, Mags can help but believe there is a little magic in that ratty toy. Wishes don't always turn out the way you expect.

  • Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy)
    2019-05-22 15:38

    I had a group of students who recommended this to me and I read it while waiting for an appointment. I like Karen Hesse's work but I did not feel like this was one of her stronger pieces. I did like the way she dealt with the sibling/family issues for the most part. However, the book seems too short to really develop anything. It seemed over before it really started. I wonder if it was intentional (making it so short)?!

  • Lindsay Collett
    2019-05-12 21:43

    3.5 stars. Great story, but the use of regional dialect bothers me, especially since it's mostly used by the poorer characters.

  • Andrea
    2019-05-11 14:45

    This is a sad little novel, the debut of Karen Hesse. I love the lesson of the importance and power of love for family--no matter what. A young adult book.

  • Gina
    2019-05-17 21:01

    Really easy read. Good book for younger readers 4th grade and up that are getting started with more realistic fiction.

  • Kesha
    2019-05-11 15:33

    Beautiful, quick read that explores classism, family, and special needs.

  • Chante'
    2019-04-29 15:53

    I LOVED this book. I cried at the end but I was in fourth grade when I read it. This was the book that made me love books.