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The world's top fantasy writers spin stories and loop the loop with each other's characters in Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn, the second collection in this unique anthology series set in the amazing city of Sanctuary, where you can enjoy the quiet elegance of Ambrosia House; sample bizarre pleasures at the House of Whips; sip ale in the Vulgar Unicorn, and listen to some oThe world's top fantasy writers spin stories and loop the loop with each other's characters in Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn, the second collection in this unique anthology series set in the amazing city of Sanctuary, where you can enjoy the quiet elegance of Ambrosia House; sample bizarre pleasures at the House of Whips; sip ale in the Vulgar Unicorn, and listen to some of the most strange, dangerous, magical and deadly tales ever told... Philip Jose Farmer, A.E. Van Vogt, Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey, Janet Morris, David Drake and Andrew J. Offutt have dreamed up a world of wonders - a fabulous reading adventure! Contents:* Introduction - Robert Asprin * Spiders of the Purple Mage - Philip José Farmer * Goddess - David Drake * The Fruir of Enlibar - Lynn Abbey * The Dream of the Sorceress - A.E. van Vogt * Vashanka's Minion - Janet Morris * Shadow's Pawn - Andrew J. Offutt * To Guard the Guardians - Robert Asprin * Essay: The Lighter Side of Sanctuary - Robert Asprin ...

Title : Tales From the Vulgar Unicorn
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ISBN : 9780441805907
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
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Tales From the Vulgar Unicorn Reviews

  • Lee Battersby
    2019-04-17 09:45

    When I was a young teenager, thirteen or fourteen, I read a few of the shared world 'Thieves World' anthologies and enjoyed them. I remember them as being good, rollicking, adventure-fantasy fun, so when I found this volume at the back of my archive boxes I had an 'ooh' moment and decided to give it a read, out of a nostalgic whim for some good, simple fun.Sadly, the book is dire. Each of the volumes is sprinkled with a smattering of SFnal big names: in this issue it's Philip Jose Farmer, an author who veered wildly between interesting and embarrassing throughout his career. His story in this volume is an example of the worst kind of hackery, of the sort that would have shamed even John Jakes, and the rest of the anthology struggles to raise itself above his level. David Drake and AE van Vogt represent the old school pulp style with their usual clogging, pedestrian best-of-the-1930s efforts, and there's nothing that can recommend the efforts of Lynn Abbey, Janet Morris and Andrew J Offutt (a super-pulpy writer whose stories often have the saving grace of seeming to take the whole thing with his tongue firmly in his cheek, but who can't even bring that off in this instance.)It's fantasy of the dumbest D&D variety, with one-dimensional characters, hokey broad-brush Burroughsian cultural and social infrastructures, and that peculiar 'phat phantasy' mix of conversational English and clumsily formal sentence structures that makes the whole thing come across like some particularly uninspired fourth rate Christmas pantomime. If I'm objective I can see why I enjoyed this sort of stuff as a naive, non-critical boy of 13-- it's thoroughly escapist, without the sort of soggy character development that demands you think instead of just enjoying the thud and blunder. But I should have left it with my younger self.

  • Barbara
    2019-04-13 09:53

    I read this book many years ago in high school and remember loving it. There are some interesting characters in these short stories and in the whole Thieves' World series. One of my favorite stories from that series is in this book, and contains a plot twist that I remember fondly to this day.

  • Tom Fredricks
    2019-03-30 13:51

    2nd in the Thieves World anthology series. Like most anthologies it's a mixed bag. On the whole I enjoyed it. I think the shared world makes it a lot easier to get into each story (you already know the world, no setup necessary).Spiders of the Purple Mage by Philip Jose Farmer - Good story. The character of Smhee was worth the read alone (devotee of a foreign cult who smears himself with butter and is hunting a wizard!?).Goddess by David Drake - Another good one. An interesting story about avenging a family’s honor and a creepy local cult.The Fruit of Enlibar by Lynn Abbey - Not my favorite story, but it's short. We are introduced to the character of Whalegrin (good name!), a cursed mercenary.The Dream of the Sorceress by A.E. van Vogt - A horny doctor is unwittingly involved in the intrigues of the gods, both the old Gods of Sanctuary's locals and the new gods of their Ranke conquerors. Good story.Vashanka's Minion by Janet Morris - Story about Tempus. Tempus is Vashanka's hand in the world. As you would imagine he is kind of a bad A, but he is also addicted to the drug krrf and has some serious sexual issues. He's an interesting character, but I found the story just ok.Shadow's Pawn by Andrew Offutt - This story deals with the magical weapons that get into the city in the previous story. The main character is Shadowspawn. It's ok.To Guard the Guardians - I liked this one. It is interesting to note the portrayal of Tempus in this story as opposed to the Janet Morris story. I wonder what Morris thought of what happens to Tempus in this story. I won't spoil it. Good read.

  • Paul
    2019-04-02 11:34

    The continuing stories of Sanctuary and its inhabitants...Take a bunch of fantasy writers, give them a city and tell them to populate it.Thieves World takes place in the city of Sanctuary, but don't let the name fool you, Sanctuary is not the kind of city where you want to be wandering alone, or even in a group during nightime OR daytime... and whatever you do... do not go into that alley!Thieves, Assassins, Barbaric Warriors, all around Bad People are mostly what populate this city. But even the bad people have some (I did say SOME) redeeming values and some even have a somewhat behavioral code of honor by which they live.What's also fun about these stories is that they can intertwine, so you get multiple interpretations of what may be the same character as written by different authors.Some of the stories from this series were also adapted into graphic novel format by Tim Sale and are worth hunting down if you want to put images and faces to the city and its inhabitants.

  • Jsrott
    2019-04-09 09:32

    Some stories good, some stories merely meh. There are definitely contributors who I'm glad I haven't read more of given their style and prose in their particular story. One more note- the stories, even the good ones, sure feel depressing. None of the recurring characters have much in the way of redeeming qualities, and their lives seem bleak and joyless.

  • Boyana Yordanova
    2019-04-07 16:46

    sub par.

  • Бранимир Събев
    2019-04-05 15:32

    Странна, противоречива, на моменти много интересна, на други – скучновата. С една дума – наистина нееднозначна книга, това е „Разкази от Кръчмата При Еднорога”. По същината си това са седем разказа от седем автора, които се развиват в един и същ фентъзи сетинг. Може да ви прозвучи натруфено, но ми стана приятно когато разбрах, че подобно на „Мечове в Леда”, които съставихме с колегата Александър Драганов, и големите имена в жанра са имали подобни проекти десетилетия преди. В случая Робърт Асприн е съставител, подхванал няколко от колегите си и са създали… това.В Сенкчуъри, общо взето, не е препоръчително да се разхождате насам-натам след залез слънце – по уличките бродят не само съмнителни личности, но и всякакви незнайни и страховити създания; Затова пък винаги можете да поседите в кръчмата „При Еднорога”, да опитате виното и да послушате някои от най-странните, вълшебни и ужасяващи разкази за незнайни божества, смъртоносни магии и невероятни приключения…Нека видим какво се крие между страниците на сборника:1. Филип Хосе Фармър – Паяците на Пурпурния Маг: откриваме сборника с един разказ, чието заглавие е, меко казано, бомбастично. Творбата не е лоша, даже никак - една отчаяна жена в комбина с един странен и невзрачен мъж ще се отправят на опасна мисия, там, където царува могъщия Пурпурен Маг и зловещи твари пазят чертозите му...2. Дейвид Дрейк – Богинята: нелоша творба, макар доста, да не кажа прекалено напомня за приключенията на Конан на Робърт Хауърд. Един благородник слиза буквално в Ада и се изправя безстрашно против могъщо божество не толкова да отмъсти за смъртта на сестра си, колкото да спаси поруганата чест на своя род.3. Лин Аби – Плодове от Енлибар: тази дама е втората съпруга на съставителя на този сборник. Между другото, книгата е едва началото на огромна поредица от творби, които изграждат тя и Асприн, за Сенкчуъри, Светът на Крадците и т.н., писани както от тях, така и от доста други автори. Не е кой знае какво творбата, няма да задълбавам в нея.4. Джанет Морис – Наместникът на Вашанка: ммммм, май това е най-доброто в книгата, моите почитания към авторката. Темпус е един от Копоите - елитната дворцова гвардия, най-добрите сабльори в Сенкчуъри. Но той е и нещо много повече - с произход, забулен в мрак, криещ много тайни, той не е обикновен човек. Ала не само свръхспособностите му са важни в случая - той е още поборник на Вашанка, могъщият бог на мълниите и войната...5. Алфред ван Вогт – Сънят на Пророчицата: очаквах повече от фантаст от подобен ранг. Но, може би фантастиката е неговият жанр, не фентъзито. Главният герой е скучен млад самотен знахар, чийто коронен номер е вместо с пари да иска жените да му плащат в натура. Това е Сенкчуъри, никой не отказва подобна сделка. Боговете обаче слизат и крачат сред хората...6. Робърт Асприн – Копой на Копоите: съставителя на сборника се е постарал, признавам. Акцентът тук пада на Копоите и Темпус, мръсните кални номера, които си въртят едни на други. Кой ще излезе сух от водата? Добър разказ, макар краят му да ми се видя доста претупан.7. Андрю Дж. Офът – Изчадието на Мрака: става разказът, проследява съдбата на един от най-известните и странни крадци на Сенкчуъри, известен просто като Изчадието на Мрака. Много дебнене, криене в сенките и безшумно промъкване, бива.Не ме хареса факта, че въпросната кръчма, на която е кръстен сборникът присъства съвсем фигуративно в разказите. Просто се появява за момент и нищо съществено не се случва в нея – акцентът не е върху й, може спокойно и да я няма, или да се казва другояче.Друго – оригиналното заглавие на сборника е Tales From The Vulgar Unicorn. Защо вулгарен ли? Ами, защо на табелата на кръчмата въпросният еднорог е изобразен не само с едно нещо, което стърчи. Правилно познахте – освен рога му въпросното копитно е навирило и оная си работа.Въпреки ясно изразените ми негативи би ми било любопитно да прочета още приключения от този сетинг – личи си, че потенциалът има накъда да се разгръща, доста книги са изписани по света, но дали са излизали други в България от Света на Крадците? Едва ли.Ако мога да се изразя по-крайно – Сенкчуъри е бледо копие на Хейвън, където се развиват приключенията от „Хоук и Фишър” и „Победителят Печели Всичко”. С дребната разлика, че тук няма двоица неподкупни и безкомпромисни стражи, които носят закона върху остриетата на оръжията си. В Сенкчуъри всички са подкупни, всички се продават и са тотално и безвъзвратно пропаднали. Моите уважения към имена като Филип Хосе Фармър, Робърт Асприн, Алфред Ван Вогт и останалите – сори пичове, ама Саймън Ричард Грийн ви слага всичките в задния си джоб, след което сяда и започва да твори поредния блокбастър. Това е положението.

  • Ashish
    2019-04-14 17:40

    This one was decent - not as good as the first but that had a whole newness to it this one lacks, plus that awesome Cappen Varra mobius story - but this is still good and is gradually building out the world more and more. No single story stands out, but all of them add up to a fairly fun experience.

  • Ensiform
    2019-04-11 14:26

    Book two in the Thieves’ World series. Once again, discordant elements rear their ugly head, somewhat vitiating the “shared-world” premise. Philip Jose Farmer and David Drake’s stories are set in a magical pastiche of the Middle East, akin to Aladdin, where women are second-class subjects, etc., mostly unrelated to previous and subsequent Thieves’ World material. Lynn Abbey’s story is a return to form, unfortunately followed by Janet Morris’ confused, cryptic story, which inserts far more direct intervention by the supernatural into Sanctuary than has come before. Andrew Offutt’s “Shadow’s Pawn” tries to rectify that tale, with some success, and Asprin’s final story makes another effort at eradicating the last of Morris’ mess. As I wrote about the first book, this is a fantastic idea, and there are some gems of fantasy writing here, but it needs more cohesion.

  • Catsalive
    2019-04-20 14:25

    I knew nothing about Sanctuary going in & now I'm just happy to be out of it. I didn't enjoy it & wonder why I made myself finish it.back cover:TAKE Philip Jose Farmer, A. E. van Vogt, Robert Lynn Asprin, Lynn Abbey, Janet Morris, David Drake, and Andrew J. Offutt.GIVE THEM SANCTUARY One seedy town, the meanest, most dangerous in all the worlds of fantasy.PLUS The right to use (but not to use up) each other's characters and a mighty will to out-do each other's stories.THE RESULT? TALES FROM THE VULGAR UNICORNThe second volume of a unique anthology series that has captured the imaginations of fans, critics, and authors from coast to coast. (Volume One, THIEVES' WORLD, spent three month on the LOCUS SF Bestseller List!) Join us-but be warned: Keep one hand on your money and the other on your sword; in Sanctuary they play for keeps.

  • Mark
    2019-03-27 14:44

    Readability 8. Rating 6. Date estimated. One of the Thieves' World series of books, which collect short stories from a range of science-fiction and fantasy writers. The interesting aspect of these stories is the common setting (the City of Sanctuary) and the overlapping of characters and events. At it's best, the series provides multiple viewpoints in very different styles of events that impact each character's life to varying extents. The series also does an excellent job of maintaining a historical flow throughout the series. At this point (I am writing this well after the time I read the books), I cannot differentiate among the early books in this series. Note also, that this is the second reading for the first eight in the series.

  • Teri
    2019-03-27 12:31

    i do love the Thieves World books, they are slow readers tho. Alot of different people, things going on, so hard to keep it all in order. Thats why i chose to reread the books and start at book 1 ( i read most of them in hS bout 20 yrs ago), and they are not much easier to grasp now as they were then. But the authors notes at the end of book 1 does explain soooo much. Anyhow, most my reviews are for my own personal benefit. Favorite story..The Fruit of Enlibar...Shadow's Pawn....To Gaurd the GaurdiansFavorite char...Walegrin...Hanse...Zalbar ( my opinion of zalbar dropped some after what he does to Tempus, i can understand his reasoning, but still its makes him no better now than Tempus).

  • Mary
    2019-04-17 10:39

    I used to have many Thieves Guild books but gave most of them away in a previous tidying fit. Since then I have picked up copies whenever I (rarely) find them. I honestly don't know if I like them now for themselves or for nostalgia reasons but they are good old fashioned fantasy from before it became popular with mainstream readers. My favourite character (I think) is Hanse, though I find Tempus interesting too. I wonder if these characters will ever catch the eye of film-makers?

  • Ron
    2019-03-29 16:48

    The world's top fantasy writers spin stories and loop the loop with each other's characters in Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn, the second collection in this unique anthology series set in the amazing city of Sanctuary, where you can enjoy the quiet elegance of Ambrosia House; sample bizarre pleasures at the House of Whips; sip ale in the Vulgar Unicorn, and listen to some of the most strange, dangerous, magical and deadly tales ever told...

  • L.
    2019-04-17 12:50

    I read this back in my late teens, a time when I was far less discerning about my reading material. That said, even then I was appalled by the repeated, casual references to rape of all varieties, in particular child rape.I know there are those who revere this series, but it was very definitely not for me.

  • Donna
    2019-03-30 11:23

    This second Thieves' World book seemed more cohesive than the first one. Still, I felt the lack of any progression; it's a series of good stories that don't really go anywhere. I know that's the nature of an anthology of this type but it reminds me why I don't read short stories much. I also wish it was a bit more fun; it's all fairly grim throughout.

  • JM
    2019-04-16 09:37

    I'm digging this series so far. The old school fantasy thing is so much more satisfying and interesting than most modern examples, prone as they are to simply repeat tropes and stereotypes, and focus on other things than plot. We'll see how it goes, because there's a bunch of these books and they're bound to start sucking a bit.

  • Lee
    2019-04-11 09:48

    As with any anthology, some of the stories, characters, and authors I liked better than others. All of them are pretty good though, and some of them are great. Thieves' World has introduced me to a lot of my favorite fantasy/sci-fi authors.This is one of the few series that I actually love.

  • Drozdal
    2019-03-27 11:51

    Not as awesome as the first tome, but still pretty decent. First story way to long (but still decent). Second story has one of the greatest dungeon / catacomb exploration segment I ever read in the fantasy book. Rest of the book I almost forgot already. If you get a chance read the second story and skip the rest.

  • Daniel
    2019-03-25 13:52

    This second book in the Thieves World anthology series was more enjoyable than the first. I remember reading it several times over the years and it is just one of those books you remember laughing at. Very good stuff!Danny

  • Peregrine 12
    2019-04-13 14:31

    These stories are definitely edgier than a lot of the sci-fi/fantasy out there today. These tales are not for children - definitely adult material. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy them as much as I'd thought I would (a friend of mine loved them more than any other series).

  • Keith Davis
    2019-04-01 15:30

    The trouble with the Thieves' World anthologies is that the authors chose to set the stories in the seediest rundown dump of a city imaginable. It clearly became a contest between the contributors to see who could come up with the nastiest character to place in the rotten setting.

  • Maggie Rigney
    2019-04-19 13:35

    I felt like this book was more of a mixed bag than the previous book. Least favorite was the one about Tempus by Janet Morris. I had a hard time getting through that story but the rest of the book made up for it.

  • Shawn
    2019-04-22 12:40

    This book is better than its predecessor. It's a sleeker, smoother read. My only complaint is that this book seems to have cleaned up the city a little bit. There was a rawness that was missing. And maybe that rawness is what made this book a smoother read. *shrug*Still, a fun series!

  • Timothy
    2019-04-15 09:41

    Sexist, racist and, most damming of all, boring. One would assume a series titled "Thieves' World" would contain some, you know, thieves.

  • Naomi
    2019-03-26 12:28

    The stories in this installment were on the darker & rambling side.

  • Michael
    2019-04-04 09:46

    Wasn't really that compelling to me in any way. I wonder why I read the second book.

  • Vex
    2019-04-18 13:49

    Antology of fantasy stories, all taking place in a common setting - the town called Sanctuary. Varying quality, but all very good. (I had a feeling this one was not as good as the first one.)

  • Timothy Boyd
    2019-04-06 10:37

    Good shared world book series. The variety of writers keeps the stories fresh. Recommended

  • Dave Peticolas
    2019-04-09 13:23