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In der Feste herrscht ein abtrünniger Magier, der sich das Buch der »Ersten Wahrheit« angeeignet hat und einen Vernichtungsfeldzug plant. Doch das Buch ruft nach Alissa – und sie muss eine schreckliche Entscheidung treffen....

Title : Die geheime Wahrheit
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ISBN : 9783442265770
Format Type : Paperback
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Die geheime Wahrheit Reviews

  • Benjamin Thomas
    2019-03-20 12:24

    This second book of the “Truth” quartet was not quite as good as the first. The first 3/4ths of it was really drawn out as Alissa learns more about how her magical abilities work. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by Brandon Sanderson’s magic systems but this one seems to be pretty straightforward…just slow to learn and with a lot of “you’re not ready for that yet” talk from her mentor. Equally drawn out is Alissa’s inevitable growing relationship with Strell who is actually my favorite character in the series thus far, even though his role seems to be merely a foil to Alissa. The primary antagonist over the first two books, Bailic, always seemed rather benign and here again, he still comes off as a poor excuse for a bad guy.The final 1/4th of the book was pretty awesome though as a key event finally (finally!) takes place. It was well handled and made me care once again for the larger plot still to come in the final two books. I also liked the addition of the character of Lodesh who promises to shake things up in the future even though I can already tell the old cliché is coming: a love triangle that will also fulfill a prophecy. I will soon see if I am correct.

  • Michelle (Scarborg)
    2019-04-01 13:15

    Read this review and more at FaerieFitsThis book was originally read and reviewed in April 2016.As this is a quartet of books that I listened to back-to-back, I'm keeping my reviews in a format designed to highlight developments in each of four categories: plot, pacing, world, and characters. In each of these categories, I'll only be discussing what's relevant to that specific book, so as to keep these from being too redundant. Plot I was simultaneously more and less intrigued by the plot of this book than the previous one. It's clear that the First Truth is something really important --- that was evident in the first installment. This book is focused around learning why it's so important, but mostly consists of character & world development more than major plot development. The end packs one hell of a punch on the plot-front, but the development is relatively slow.Pacing So I kind of already touched on this ... This book still feels like it's moving, in general. Whereas in the previous book Bailic was busy trying to figure out who the Keeper (person who can actually do magic) was, in this book he thinks he already knows, and is much less of a bother. The movement here comes in trying to keep up the ruse, with Strell pretending to be learning and Alissa actually learning. There's also a sense of suspense driven by trying to figure out what Useless is obviously not telling Alissa --- it's not exactly a surprise or difficult to guess, but it certainly does build up some tension.World We learn a LOT more about how magic works in this world through Alissa's lessons with Useless, a Master of the Hold (his name isn't really Useless, but that's what Alissa somewhat affectionately calls him). We learn about fields and tracings, and the whole magic thing really does take shape as something that makes sense --- something that I love to see in fantasy novels. It isn't left completely ambiguous for us to figure it out on our own. Likewise, it's not revealed to us as readers as if it's something important --- it's a rather natural revelation.Characters Strell and Alissa are entertaining (and somewhat adorable) as usual, but now we're introducing another male and forming a bit of a love triangle --- one that ought to prove interesting to follow. I don't want to reveal too much more than that. Suffice to say that I love how the relationship is developing, and it's been entertaining to get some of Strell's perspective (that Alissa is completely oblivious to) regarding this newcomer.This review was originally posted on FaerieFits

  • CJ - It's only a Paper Moon
    2019-03-29 10:20 off the bat I'm going to warn you - there is a bit of a triangle going on here. You have Strell (who's my favorite)the Piper plainsmen from the first book, you have Alissa, the protagonist and latent Keeper and then you have Lodesh, the dangerously charming and handsome Warden from Ese Nawore who remembers Alissa from a time that right now, "hasn't".Useless is free, Bailic is tutoring Strell as he is under the impression that Strell is the latent keeper who can open his book and Alissa is learning from Useless while doing her best to lie low. As Alissa is impetuous and curious by nature, this proves to be a bit hard. After Strell defends Alissa he's punished by the loss of the first segment of his finger - say what you will but it could be symbolism for the upcoming love triangle and how utterly helpless feels - anyway, his life as a piper is over (or so he thinks) and he realizes that he's in Love with Alissa (although we all sort of knew this from the first book) and Alissa realizes as well that her heart is for him. However, there's not a lot of romance here and the characters, who are in their twenties, seem to act like children. That is a critique that follows over from the first book.There is actually some character development though by the middle of the book. Alissa is still selfish and Strell is still insecure but they begin to understand the world around them, the limits of what they will do for themselves and others and sacrifice.Lodesh is hard to not like but it's hard to reconcile the fact that he's a corporeal ghost who may or may not be immortal. He has a great relationship with Useless and their dialogue is sometimes the funniest part of the book.This whole book seems to be about freedom, loss and transformation. Lodesh's city is awoken by Alissa and Lodesh is therefore under the command of Alissa (not to mention that this book strongly hints that in a past life or something along those lines, they were a couple - sort of left field if you ask me). His city is transformed and freed but at the loss of his following them. Alissa is transformed into a raku and she is freed through her choices but she loses any concrete chance to be with Strell.Poor Strell. He's beginning to remind me of Severn inThe Elantra Chroniclesonly not as strong of a character.Eh, I don't know what to say about this book even though I've managed to write a lot about it. There's a lot to like. It's a fantasy that borrows from High Fantasy themes but puts more of a modern sensibility on it without leaving the fantasy realm. The characters, despite their flaws, are fun and interesting and you can't help but root for them to overcome any of their problems.There are some issues that I have with the pace of the character development and the push of the relationship between Lodesh and Alissa when it's clear (seriously read the book and you'll see what I mean) that the author realizes that Alissa and Strell love each other and want to be together. The love triangle is a bit forced but everyone has chemistry. Who's to say where they will end up (I'm rooting for Strell as he knows her the best and is willing to put up with her bullshit without backing down) but I'm down for the ride.

  • Tammie
    2019-04-09 13:35

    Some parts of Hidden Truth were 4 stars for me, but others weren't so I'm giving it 3. The beginning and the end dragged on, but the middle was so good I couldn't put it down. There were a couple of disappointments for me with this book. Just like the last one I wasn't crazy about the ending. It didn't leave me wanting to immediately pick up the next book. (view spoiler)[ It was nice that Alissa and Strell finally admitted their feelings to each other, but I wasn't crazy about the way it happened or the fact that I've now read two whole books in this series and they still have yet to kiss. But the other guy ends up stealing one first! I don't like that the author is now trying to make this into a love triangle when it's obvious she will end up with Strell anyway. I also did not care for the amount of time Alissa spent as a Raku near the end of the book or the way it happened. And I really thought that they were all pretty incompetent when it came to defeating Bailic(hide spoiler)]There were some improvements in this book over the last one. One being that Bailic did seem more sinister, but unfortunately it wasn't consistent. There was more romance in this one too, even though they didn't get to kiss. So far I have mixed feelings about this series. There are things about it that I love, but other things that I just don't really feel like having to read through to get to the parts that are exciting. And holy cow, what's up with the hair on the covers. It doesn't fit the character at all. If I decide read the final two books in this series it will be because I love reading about Alissa and Strell.

  • Kim
    2019-04-18 12:28

    I wanted to give this book a better rating then 2 stars, but I just couldn't. The first 3/4 of the book was so utterly boring, that i thought I might not finish it. Mind you the last part of the book made up for a lot, but it is what it is. Unless you were thoroughly a fan of the first book, or a die hard fan of Kim Harrison, then this book is boring. :/In a nutshell (view spoiler)[ Strell & Alissa play a game with Bailic where he believes Strell is the latent Keeper. While this is going on, each Alissa and Strell are figuring out they both care about each other. Alissa unknowingly wakes the ghost of Ese Naower which frees the Warden Lodesh. It is found out that Lodeish is in love with Alissa from another time. Bailic finally figures out Alissa id the latent Keeper. She ends up opening the book which turns her into a Raku. In the end, Bailic finally dies, and Alissa and Strell are able to stay together at the Hold even though Alissa is actually a Master because of her being a Raku.(hide spoiler)]Honestly that's the whole book. Hence the reason I couldn't give it any more stars.

  • Jill Furedy
    2019-04-07 12:18

    I knew this would be the book where we settle down and learn some magic, and though I don't follow at all anytime an author tries to explain the practice of magic like she does in these books, I still like to see the inevitable mistakes and victories. I liked the odd tension of Balic (and winter)forcing Alissa and Strell to stay basically as prisoners, but they have some freedoms, unlike Useless did in his cage. While theoretically enemies, it's company for Bailic who has been alone a long time and most of the time Alissa and Strell are safe and more comfortable than they were in their respective poor households. It's like the building of a very dysfunctional family, though clearly it's building towards it's own demise. When I finished this book, I thought, well that was good, but do I need to read the next one? Then I read the back of it...shapeshifting, time travel. I thought for sure it would have too many gimmicks and would ruin the series, but gave it a chance and ended up liking it even better.

  • David Phipps
    2019-04-12 14:42

    The second book of the Truth series picks up where the first one left off. I did not like the pacing of this book at all and I got tired of Alissa being a special snowflake that can break all the rules. It felt like the villain of this book should have been dealt with far earlier but instead it turns into a long drawn-out affair that does not make any sense. The magic training was good but the extra focus on the budding romance and perhaps even a love triangle was disappointing.

  • Angela Depetris-phillippe
    2019-03-27 11:29

    A hidden gem.I found out not too long ago about this pen name, and had to check them out. I like this series and the characters. It took me forever to get these from my library, well book one that is. Amazon for the others. These stories made me laugh and worry, I love her writing. I'm glad I found these! Blessings!

  • Cortney
    2019-04-12 09:15

    Alissa never believed in magic. But then she went to the Hold, a legendary fortress where human Keepers once learned magic from enigmatic Masters. Under the tutelage of the last surviving Master, Alissa discovered that she had inherited her father's magical ability.But the Hold is ruled by Bailic, the renegade Keeper who seized the First Truth, a book of magic he will use to harness the might of the city of the dead and wreak a war of total devastation. The book has thwarted Bailic's every attempt to access it, while it continually calls to Alissa—who must summon all her will to resist it. For if she gives in to the First Truth's ultimate power and knowledge, she will be utterly changed—and the man she loves could be lost to her forever.The second book in the "Truth" series starts up right where the first book finished so abruptly. As I said with my review of the First Truth, the author still has problem keeping time in order while this is easily overcome, I wonder that it wasn't caught after editing the 1st book. I was happy to see Strell and Alissa grow closer but still they are so far apart. .. I highly recommend this series for anyone looking for a clean fantasy romance.

  • Erin
    2019-04-07 15:29

    Much less happened in this one, but at the same time, it didn't. I think it just felt that way since whereas in the first book, there was travelling... this one was entirely set in the Hold and the town nearby.Because of that it dragged a little.Strell was definitely less amusing than he was in the previous book, but I don't blame him considering what happened to him at one point.Usless was amusing as usual.I'm pretty sure I've fallen in love with Lodesh. He was brilliant, and I loved his sense of humor.I have to say, I didn't like the magic theory in this book. It felt (and sounded, by the words chosen) far too contemporary. Talking about circuits, cellular structures, and other things like that which just kept feeling out of place in a High Fantasy book.I will read/listen to the next one, but I hope it goes at bit faster a pace than this one did.Oh, and the narrator did a good job. Her voice reminds me of Wendie Malick, which is always amusing at times.

  • Scarlet
    2019-04-06 08:35

    Hidden truth,in my opinion,is ten times better than first truth, at least in terms of the plot..because let's face it the plot is so predictable and at least the second book gave me a few things to think about. the story progress is rather slow, and there was no major climax in the end but the characters are just so cool and the world is quite good.I couldn't help but fall helplessly in love with lodesh..I felt like I'm betraying Strell scince he was my favorite character but then lodesh was helping him despite his jealousy and I was like "Awwwww,so cute" ..and I know people would say things like "he will have her later" or "he can outlive strell so he's not worried" but seriously who would help someone have the girl he loves just because he will have her eventually?? no he was selfless and cute and I love him..In fact the only reason I'm considering to read the next book in the series is to learn more about him.I would highly recommend this book for anyone who read first truth and not sure to read this one

  • Kana
    2019-04-13 13:35

    I thought this was a very nice second installment. I like it. I felt some sections a bit drawn out, but necessary for the overall explanation of the story.I think it's painfully obvious that Alyssa will end up with Strell. I found alot of Lodesh's actions extremely selfish, and yet extremely patient. Strell's feelings are pure, but Lodesh is calculating in his attempts to gain Alyssa's affections. He knows he will have his time with her, so he has no problem encouraging Strell now. Seems a bit backhanded. Plus I found Alyssa's reaction to Lodesh's kiss a bit too timid, considering she blushes and runs out of the room at the appearance of Strell's naked ankle. (gasp!)Considering this is only the second in the series, I didn't expect it to end with Alyssa and Strell to be so set in their relationship. Especially since I know the time travel bit will send her into Lodesh's arms, temporarily, in the next book. But I liked it never the less. I'm glad I have all the books already. Waiting for the next book would be torture.

  • Emily
    2019-04-03 10:45

    Listening to these books again, I don't like them as much as I did the first time around. That said, I think this whole series is unique and Dawn Cook (Kim Harrison) is a wonderful author. This second installment of the series marks the end of a particular arc, which is nice because I don't think it could have persisted well through all four books. Lodesh is introduced, Useless is a more prominent character, Alyssa grows and becomes even more likable, and I have always had a soft spot for Strell. One thing I did notice this time around though is that (view spoiler)[ Balec is not really that bad! I mean he is creepy and deranged but the instances in which he interferes in Strell and Alyssa's lives is pretty minimal and I feel like he yo-yos a bit between mostly harmless bully/jerk and violent and murderous madman. There is a bit of a disconnect there, perhaps on purpose, but(hide spoiler)] considering their circumstances, I expect a darker book than you get. Regardless, this book ends magnificently and really allows the world to open up. Plus the whole raku thing is just awesome.

  • Elaine Carass
    2019-03-30 09:26

    This book was alittle better than the first.There was more action and the story seemed to develop into more than just Alissa and Strell meeting on the road.The charcters of Balick and Useless were in this more even though they seemed a little on the wooden side and not really bringing much to the overall story.Lodesh was the favourite of this book he brought a quirky sense to the tale and added aother dimension and another story to continue the books on.I would have liked more on Lodesh but I have just started listening to book 3 and that seems to center on him.I liked the way Alissa turning in to a raku was descriped as it made it seem real instead of it happened end of.Am not really sure why useless is kept around as he seems to be more of a gap filler than a main character.I am glad that Strell was not focused on has much in this book as I'm rooying for Lodesh anyway.Over all great continuation and the new story that was added fit well with the outgoing.

  • Jodi
    2019-04-17 15:18

    The second book in the Truth series started with a bang and ended with a whimper. Alissa has been unmasked as the latent keeper and finally has her hands on the First Truth. The truth of the First Truth is that it explains how to convert mass and energy and allows Alissa to transform into a Raku, a dragon-like beast. The problem is that she's feral and no one is left who knows how to tame her. It's up to Strell, Useless, her master, and Lodesh, a warden, to figure it out on the fly (so to speak.) Naturally, it's Strell and his love for her that brings her back. The romance was sweet and stereotypical but I wasn't bothered by that. I was bothered more by the fact that in this book, Useless sounded like an ordinary man as opposed to First Truth where he had an unusual accent. Marguerite Gavin is usually better than that. The book had less world building, which allowed for more story but it she's trying to tell an epic story without really epic characters to do it with.

  • Stefanie
    2019-04-14 16:32

    Excellent second book in a series. Hidden Truth definitely brought us more magic and drama to the lives of Alissa, Strell, and Useless. This book continued with the similar feeling that I got when I read Tamora Pierce's many awesome quartets. Which is actually very refreshing at least for me as I like a good series/trilogy/quartet etc. that has books that could also stand alone. Hidden Truth was an awesome story that gave a clear ending, but by no means was thoroughly complete with all subplots tied up neatly at the end. Dawn Cook/Kim Harrison left just enough open ended that the story would continue in the next book and so on if one chose to continue with the series. Now I just have to find the money to get the next two (Forgotten Truth and Lost Truth) in this little series. Dawn Cook/Kim Harrison is definitely an author everyone should check out. She is an excellent story teller and world builder. And on top of that she really appreciates her fans.

  • Nessi
    2019-03-29 09:30

    A lot of things that happened in this book were easy to foresee. The only real mystery to me was and still is Lodesh. We barely know anything about him and I don't know what to think of him. I like him, but I don't know what the whole "remember" thing means and I'm looking forward to find out what it means in the next book (well hopefully I find it out in the 3rd one). Also I think Talo-Toecan and Keribdis were a couple and I wouldn't be surprised if she comes back in book 3 or 4. And I don't know who to ship anymore. I shipped Strell/Alissa and I still ship them to a certain point, but I like the thought of Lodesh and Alissa as well and maybe that's another reason why I want to find out about the "remember" thing. Maybe if I know it I'm able to say with who I want Alissa to be with. All in all I liked the book, though I didn't have very "deep" feels while reading it.

  • Sydney Mugerwa
    2019-04-15 08:25

    Never have I read a book with so few characters as Hidden Truth but nonetheless as enchanting as they come. The Truth Series has but a handful of characters but that's not something you notice. The pace is tremendous, the descriptions vivid colors that stay long after you finish reading. Knowing that Dawn Cook wrote 4 books in the truth series, writing this review is hard enough as I want to get get back in the book. I am that hooked. Still, the beginning was a bit off. recapping previous books in the series, I find to be not such a good thing. For new readers, well and good maybe but us who read it all before, it's an irritation as we want to get started with the adventure already. GET RID OF RECAPS!That said, the fact that the conflict from book 1 has been resolved in 2, I can't imagine what book 3 and 4 will be about and I am excited to find out. Can't wait!

  • Isabella
    2019-03-24 11:42

    Ich hab mich nach einer kleinen Weile überlegen letztendlich doch für vier statt für fünf Sterne entschieden.Der Schreibstil von Dawn Cook ist klasse, dagegen möchte ich nichts sagen. Was mich aber, wie beim Vorgänger auch schon, gestört hat, war, dass es sehr lange dauerte bis Cook endlich auf den Höhepunkt kam; es verblieben nur noch knapp 100 Seiten, für mich jedenfalls.Dann ging alles ziemlich schnell und ich kam kaum dazu, die Informationen zu verarbeiten, wenigstens das Relevanteste. Trotzdem werde ich die Reihe weiterlesen, ich kann sie auch nur weiterempfehlen. Gutes Lesevergnügen! (Der Rest ist alles toll, der Inhalt, die Nebenstränge... die Charaktere bis ins kleinste Detail! Hach *schwärm*)

  • Hanako
    2019-04-11 10:35

    This was a disappointing second book in the series. It was ruined for me by a couple of things.1) Alissa seems to get less intelligent as the series goes on. She has a great knack for forgetting that she is in mortal peril pretty much all the time. This combined with her stubbornness makes her an obnoxious enough main character that it interferes with my ability to enjoy the book at all.2) The romantic relationships in the book. The main relationship seems to be progressing at a glacial pace, and it also appears that another character has been thrown into the midst. Maybe I am scarred from other terrible books that feature love triangles, but this is not a plot device I particularly enjoy.

  • Robert Negut
    2019-03-23 08:40

    Eww... I think that expresses it best.I've seen way worse, but this doesn't make it good.Very few characters, very small "world", very confined plot... Also, completely predictable. (view spoiler)[Who didn't realize Alissa was a Master the first time she heard him... thinking harshly to himself? And who didn't realize the lock of her hair from that charm Strell made will make her able to shift back to human form the moment shifting back was mentioned? (hide spoiler)]As for the characters... Alissa is just a stuck-up idiot, nothing else. And Useless is your typical maddeningly annoying, full of himself and... mostly useless teacher.[Another case of wondering why did I give it six out of ten originally, on BookCrossing, with a review like this. Revising to two out of five here.]

  • Maria
    2019-03-26 13:37

    OK, so I stayed up all night to finish, but every time I tried to sleep, all I could do was worry about what was going to happen next. The mark of a good writer, in my opinion, is the ability to set and describe a scene and its characters in such a way that the reader actually feels the emotions experienced by its characters - the fear, the anger, the hatred, the liking and love, and especially the frustration. Dawn Cook does this admirably in many places. Plus, this time there was a definite ending, a closure, although it was a surprise since I expected it to end like the first one, leaving more to resolve. Which brings me to the question, what can there possibly be in the third book of the series? I guess I'll find out since I plan to read it immediately.

  • Becky
    2019-03-20 08:32

    This was my second time through this book. It was fun to revisit the story, but it's not my favorite from this author, or even from this series. There is a feeling of claustrophobia to this book (one that I don't think is intended) due to the tiny cast. There just aren't enough people for the characters to interact with. Combine that with the isolation which leads to a single location for the majority of the book, and you have a lack of diversity that is a little boring. Still worth reading as a piece of a larger whole. Never did care much about the romance, and I still don't. I just never felt any tenderness or connection between Alisse and Strell. Definitely no Romeo and Juliet here.

  • Meredith
    2019-03-27 12:30

    Given where First Truth ended and where Hidden Truth begins, I'd say it's more like a two-part story than the latter being the sequel. While one could, in theory, stop at Hidden Truth and feel enough resolution to have an end (even if there are lots of tantalizing hints of things to come), I don't think the same could be said of First Truth.I'm really enjoying these characters. They are full of heart.

  • Ducky
    2019-04-05 14:39

    I don't understand why I love this book so much. I have a list of reasons to hate it: the romance is entirely overcooked and utterly cheesy, love triangles are idiotically pointless, villains are much more exciting when they aren't predictably standard, and endings are never this perfect. But, for some reason, I tore through its pages, even though I was on the verge of passing out, thanks to my pounding headache and recent lack of sleep. I don't know what it is, but there's something addicting in here that I just can't seem to resist.

  • Kate
    2019-04-14 11:37

    Great book!This book was really what I wanted to read, and what I didn't found in the first novel.The story picks up a few weeks or even months after the end of the first novel, and while it is a bit slow at the beginning, it picks up pace fast in the middle, ending in a little almost-catastrophe.But, with this ending, I'm wondering about what the next two books will be?There are still little questions and mysteries, but till now there are not too many to get 2 books about... Going to adress that questions soon- and buy the next two books =)

  • Spazfungus
    2019-04-18 11:27

    Even though there more explanations in this book (the author does a good job of keeping the reader at the same knowledge level as the main character) I'm not sure I like the way magic works in this world. I will say its adifferent and refreshing change from other fantasy novels. The characters are more developed and the main heroine is way less annoying and childish in this sequel. Unfortunately the tension between the two lovers isn't very well done, I never got a sense of either one of them falling so in love that they would be willing to sacrifice everything for the other.

  • Micaela
    2019-03-22 11:36

    Continuing directly after book one, this is a charming sequel that sees some major developments for Alissa. I won't go into details, but I do think this one is a step up from book one, just because the groundwork is already laid so we can really focus on character relationships, which are entertaining to say the least. There are some especially great moments exposing Bailic's madness, and Alissa's interactions with Strell (love interest) and Talo-Toecan (teacher) are highly entertaining. The ending is quite remarkable, especially first time through.

  • Clicque
    2019-04-05 09:36

    Alissa ne croyait pas � la magie avant d'h�riter des pouvoirs de son p�re et de d�couvrir l'existence de la Forteresse. Mais cette derni�re est d�sormais aux mains de Bailic, le Gardien ren�gat. Il s'est empar� de V�rit� Premi�re, un livre puissant qu'il souhaite utiliser � des fins mal�fiques. Alors que le recueil refuse toujours d'�tre ouvert par Bailic, il ne cesse d'appeler Alissa, qui doit lutter de toutes ses forces pour lui r�sister. Si la jeune femme c�de � la puissance et au savoir contenus dans V�rit� Premi�re, elle changera radicalement... et perdra peut-�tre l'homme qu'elle aime.

  • Amy
    2019-03-26 11:32

    It's odd that I love Kim Harrison's novels. But the same person writing as Dawn Cook, I'm not so crazy about. It could be that I am less crazy about swords and horses fantasy, which is more what Dawn Cook does. Partly, though, I think it's the characters. The Harrison books have a ton of recurring characters that are really well developed. The Cook books don't have many characters at all. I've read two of the Truth series and feel a bit claustrophobic. There are four characters, with a few others who show up occasionally for not very long.