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Abandoned . . . again!Waggit misses the team of dogs who live in Central Park—his real family. He should have listened to them and never trusted the human. Now she's brought him to a faraway place and left him there.But Waggit is determined to find his way back home and nothing is going to stop him . . . not chains, not cruel enemies, not anything. When Waggit comes face-tAbandoned . . . again!Waggit misses the team of dogs who live in Central Park—his real family. He should have listened to them and never trusted the human. Now she's brought him to a faraway place and left him there.But Waggit is determined to find his way back home and nothing is going to stop him . . . not chains, not cruel enemies, not anything. When Waggit comes face-to-face with a very unusual human and an unlikely ally, he must decide if he can trust his instincts and his heart one more time. The long journey may lead him to the park, but what if it isn't home anymore?In this sequel to Waggit's Tale, Peter Howe continues the exciting story of a young dog who finds what he needs to survive in the most unexpected places....

Title : Waggit Again
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ISBN : 9780061242649
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Waggit Again Reviews

  • Chelsea
    2019-04-21 00:16

    I know I said I wasn’t going to be doing full reviews for the final two books, but since this one did improve in some aspects I will be going into a bit more detail than planned for this review.I’m honestly not sure why this series was continued; one of the only things I did like about the first one is that it wrapped up well and had a conclusive ending. A sequel was not necessary.I’m glad to say do think the writing slightly improved. It still isn’t very good, but I can see that it has become somewhat more complex since the first book.I also think this one has more plot than the first one. It’s kind of a journey book, with Waggit journeying to get back to his pack, and while I don’t love journey books it at least had more of a direction than the first one.He also meets this random lady who is like an animal psychic and explains how she has “opened her mind to animals and how all humans can talk to animals but have forgotten because all they care about now is money” which doesn’t make any sense at all but whatever. She’s there for pretty much the whole book and while she is interesting I still found her addition to the story kind of weird.I want to talk about the addition of a Pit Bull as a main character in the story. As a huge advocate for the breed I’m definitely going to be reading into every word when you’re talking about a Pit; the last thing they need is accidental misrepresentation. The breed has enough problems.I had mixed feelings on the way Lug, the Pit Bull, was portrayed. It is obvious to me that the author had good intentions. He does shed light on prejudices and what it means to judge others based on their exterior/breed and any children picking up this book will hopefully get a good message from him adding a Pit who is a good dog into his novel. My issues had to do with in some parts I felt like too much emphasis was put on him being a Pit. The other dogs were not referred to by their breed but Lug commonly was. He is also an extremely fearful dog who is constantly made fun of for it. (view spoiler)[In the end he DIES, which I was not expecting at all. I…have no idea how to feel about that. It definitely pisses me off that the two dogs to die in this book were Pits. (hide spoiler)]Overall still a disappointing read for me, but I do see improvement. Hoping to finish the last book today.

  • Lillian
    2019-05-05 05:59

    I think that Waggit Again was a good book. It was better than the first one and also very different. The only thing was that there were some predictable events and there were some repeated ideas from the first book, but the book was still very good. It was a nice story about friendship and trust. In the beginning Waggit gets abandoned far away from his home in New York City and then meets a nice lady who helps him find his way back to the park. He is surprised at a lot of things that have changed about his pack. Overall, I enjoyed this book and am interested in reading the third book in the series, Waggit Forever.

  • John Parker
    2019-05-13 06:05

    Waggitt Again is another frolicking tale that extends the trail of success established by Waggitt’s Tale. Peter Howe has managed to craft another story that will entice its readers, but it took him most of the book to make that case.Readers expecting another tale from the perspective of the dog will not be disappointed. The introduction of several Uprights (humans) as major characters in this edition takes an unexpected turn from the first work. Nevertheless, Howe ventures into territory seldom combined with such good story; people who really communicate with animals.The story is one of adventure and redemption for both humans and animals. Excitement abounds as Waggitt comes to terms with his past and the future that is his to claim. Along the way, more encounters with humans and dogs reveal their similar traits as Waggitt discovers that one can go home again.Parts of the story are predictable, and that is exactly what the intended audience needs to fully involve them in this ongoing story. Howe also has a way of recreating imagery that teems with sight, smell, and sound. Too bad most of us humans do not appreciate it like our canine friends.Waggitt Again should be an added to the bookshelf. Readers who enjoyed the first volume will demand this edition when the buzz begins. While most ‘dog books’ seem to curry the favor of boys, Waggitt Again crosses the divide and invites girls to identify with the two most important Uprights in Waggitt’s young life, both girls. Don’t be mistaken; it’s not a ‘girls book’ either. It is a wonderful read for ages ten and up.

  • Becky
    2019-05-21 02:18

    I really enjoyed this book! More than I thought that I would! At first I tried to read this aloud to my kids who are 6 and 2. We tried for a couple of nights with me reading aloud. The lack of pictures, I think, is what lost them. They are just a little young for this length of a book, but it's one that I'm planning to save for them. So, I went ahead and finished the book myself. Right from the start, I loved Howe's usage of certain words that the dogs used to describe certain things. For instance "uprights" are people, "curlytails" are squirrels, and "hoppers" are rabbits. Along Waggit's way home to the park, he meets and becomes instant friends with Felicia, an upright. He also meets Lug, a scardy-cat pit bull. Sometimes Felicia didn't understand the choice of words that the dogs used, but they always got their message across to her. The three friends took off for the park. Felicia leading the way. I loved the character picture of Felicia. She was painted as a bag lady, and it worked perfectly for the story. The story had a couple of good messages in it for kids about friendship, bravery and honesty. Truly a wonderful and enjoyable read. I found myself laughing out loud a lot, and although there were sad moments, it was overall a "feel good" book. I'm sharing my copy of the book with my nephews and look forward to their thoughts!

  • George Mansfield
    2019-04-29 21:59

    This book is quite long (300 pages!) and I was afraid I would lose interest in Waggit, but it turns out, I really did. Waggit is really like most other dogs, except that he's very afraid of his home and has the attention span of a nitrogen dioxide molecule. Sure, he meets lots of other dogs, many of which I find much richer in character, but their names are not on the cover. No, this is the Waggit show, and any decent editor would have pointed this out those flaws. I did not read the original, so maybe it's better. I have many heated arguments to this day with my nephew Charleston about whether Teen Wolf or Teen Wolf Too was the better film. Peter Howe was clearly pressured to write this due to the sleeper success of Waggit, and it really shows in the context.

  • Mary
    2019-05-01 04:23

    Reviewed for HarperCollins Children's Books...This book just didn't grab me. First of all having dogs talking to each other is hard to get used to. It was disconcerting to have the dogs call squirrels: curlytails, humans: uprights, and cars: rollers and then in another conversation discuss the feelings and emotional problems of other dogs in direct human words. The story was ok with the kind woman, interaction among the dogs, and wanting to get home. I feel there was a lack of consistency in the actual storytelling.

  • Faith
    2019-04-24 06:11

    Waggit has been abandoned on a farm. He fought with a farm dog and ended up chained up. Every night, he walks back and forth with the rusty, old chain scraping against a rock. He finally breaks free and runs far a away and finds an unusual Upright. They decide to go to Waggit's old home. To the team in central park.Reasons why I like this book-Reason 1- The book has many dogs!Reason 2- I couldn't stop reading.Reason 3- I could imagine what was happening.Reason 4- It put a smile on my face.

  • Lynda
    2019-04-30 22:26

    Abandoned again, Waggit makes his way back to central park with two other "friends" in tow. There's a little bit of magic thrown into this story, but it was just as satisfying as the first.I still love a good dog story! Which is good because I think there will be more to come.

  • Lara
    2019-05-11 06:00

    beautiful, full of very nice explaitive words and i loved it. i have read all threee of them and it is a nice follow up of the first waggit. touching and a very good read. i would , of course, reccomend it to children.

  • Sydney Striegel
    2019-04-23 22:05

    Another one of the Waggit books!

  • Noah Oates
    2019-05-20 22:56

    i need hep on how to read this book

  • Emilyg
    2019-05-18 05:03

    i loved this book i loved the one before it had a good ending but they left it open for a sequel which i like but its an all around good book

  • Hannah
    2019-05-10 00:09

    I like how it's from the dogs' point of view. It just frightening that people do this to animals. It was also annoying that he keeps thinking he's getting abandoned.

  • Anaya
    2019-04-25 03:02

    This is a good book. It is not one of my favorites but i really like this book if you like this book then get the last book:Waggit Forever

  • michael
    2019-05-15 22:20

    total different than the first. i do not get it. I am lost. that's why I gave it one star. very not good.

  • AwesomePerson
    2019-04-27 00:00


  • Mazzou B
    2019-05-09 03:59

    Not as good as the first. In this sequel, the author introduces an unusual human being who can communicate with the dogs. Not my kind of story. And not what I like to give children to read.

  • Gabriele Reyes
    2019-05-05 04:17

    olang was so mean,if only he heard how his dad talks about him.