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Series: Utopia X; Previous Book: Looking for Some TouchUnsettled by the passionate romance between his comrade Win and their new employee Pablo, Tole hopes to quell his restless spirit by spending a night in the woodsy Interzone. He's joined unexpectedly by a handsome vampire acquaintance, Ridley Barron, and the two men begin to succumb to a longstanding attraction. But thSeries: Utopia X; Previous Book: Looking for Some TouchUnsettled by the passionate romance between his comrade Win and their new employee Pablo, Tole hopes to quell his restless spirit by spending a night in the woodsy Interzone. He's joined unexpectedly by a handsome vampire acquaintance, Ridley Barron, and the two men begin to succumb to a longstanding attraction. But their cozy campfire interlude is a shrieking menace that swoops from the sky.Regenerie's mismatched wonder-workers must pull together to identify and neutralize this dire Interzone threat. But when Ridley himself is kidnapped, their challenge becomes personal and takes on added horror and urgency.Dealing with the elusive attacker turns into a game of clever stratagems and careful timing. Trekking through the Interzone, confronting paranormal creatures, and infiltrating a hostile metroplex will test the Coven's mettle...and prove to be Tole's introduction to the unique demands of loyalty and love.Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, dubious consent, male/male sexual practices....

Title : Seeking Something Wicked
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Seeking Something Wicked Reviews

  • Jenre
    2019-05-19 08:13

    I enjoyed the previous book Looking for Some Touch, so I was pretty excited about the sequel because there were a few loose ends hanging about that I was looking forward to being tied up in this, the next in the Utopia X series. A lot of the groundwork for this series, such as the history and landscape of the future earth where this book is set; the relationships in the coven of three Alterationists; and the societal mix of humans and Otherbeings was covered in the first book. This means that firstly, you have to read the first book to understand what is happening as this is designed to be a series, with each book following on from the last; secondly, because of that, this book doesn't need all the explanation and as a result we are thrown into the action, leading to a faster paced, tighter read than the previous book.The hero in this book is Tole, an Alterationist and part of the coven of three we met in the first book. He is, like all of the coven, a hybrid - part human, part angel and part demon. Because of his racial mix, he has slightly more demon in him that the other parts, which makes him prone to being outspoken, bad-tempered and lacking in social graces. At the beginning of the book he decides that he's had enough of Pablo and Win (the couple from the previous book) and their lovey-dovey relationship and takes himself off for some quiet time in the wilderness outside the city. Whilst there he meets up with Ridley, a vampire who is one of Win's previous lovers and invites him to sit a while. There is an obvious attraction between the two of them, but before anything could happen there is an interruption and the two then go their separate ways.Later that night Ridley brings a rather gruesome discovery of part of an elf's ear, covered in silky strands, to the attention of the coven. The three men realise that the area outside the city is being hunted by a 'spinner', a creature that absorbs the magical powers of Otherbeings by eating them. The coven must find a way to stop this creature, but before they do, Ridley is snatched by the creature and carried off to a neighbouring city making the whole crusade personal for Tole as the coven races against time to rescue Ridley before he is consumed by the spinner.Sounds exciting doesn't it? It was. Whereas the previous book was concentrated on the relationships between the coven and Pablo, with just a small part of the book focused on the mystery plot, this book was mainly focused on the relationship between Tole and Ridley in the first half and the action/adventure in the second part, with very little time spent on the coven dynamics. I have to admit to being slightly disappointed with the way that the relationship between Win and Pablo had altered these dynamics. However, I also understand that if each of the Alterationists are to get their own lover, then there has to be a move away from the sexual interdependency found within the coven and a move towards each member of the coven having their own monogamous relationship.To be honest, I didn't really like Tole in the last book. His forthright, antagonistic behaviour made him the least likable out of the three Alterationists. This meant that I was a bit nervous at how likable he would be as the main protagonist in this book. I didn't really need to be that nervous: Tole comes across much better when you have his thought processes along with his dialogue. I had a great deal of sympathy for him, especially at the beginning of the book when he is trying to sort out his feelings for the change within the coven and try not to show his jealousy for the close relationship between Win and Pablo. It was delightful to experience his wonder at his developing feelings for Ridley as well as the frustration and panic he feels once Ridley is taken and he might lose something precious. Because the book is taken solely from Tole's point of view, we don't get any idea of how Ridley really feels about him. We know he desires Tole; we know that he craves a closeness with him; we know that he was sure that Tole would find and rescue him. However, there's a lot going on in Ridley that we are only given hints about; things from his past which have made him wary of getting too close. By the end of the book we still haven't had any questions about Ridley fully answered - which was very frustrating! At least it guarantees I'll buy the next one to find out more about this enigmatic man.One of the things I like about KZ Snow's writing is that she is just so intelligent. Her writing is sprinkled liberally with interesting, thoughtful, literary vocabulary. She doesn't shy away from the long words and it's just so refreshing to find a m/m author who is not 'dumbing down' her work. Take this section from the first few pages:Nevertheless, that relationship had also upset Tole's equilibrium. He thought his envious yearning would diminish over time, but it had only settled in deeper and gotten worse. There were periods, like this afternoon, when he felt inexplicably distracted or restless, depressed or peevish. Sometimes he sought solitude despite a hollow feeling of loneliness.Isn't that just wonderful? You get a real sense of Tole's conflicted emotions, using intelligent, adventurous words to paint that picture in our minds. Marvellous.However, there were a couple of issues in the book: Firstly, there was far too much m/f sex going on in this m/m book for my liking; secondly, the book does end with a few loose ends which I hope will be tied up in the next book; finally, I felt that the tensions within the coven to do with Win's jealousy of the other two interacting with Pablo was resolved a little too quickly, almost as though the author knew that it had be addressed, but wanted to get it over and done with quickly so that she could focus on other things. Other than that, there were some things that I had found frustrating in the last book, such as how the coven actually use the orb to aid their work and how Pablo is used within the rituals, which were covered in detail in this book, making me more satisfied at how the previous book had ended.I have to admit, I found it difficult to put this book down, especially in the second half when the characters are racing against time to rescue Ridley. I would highly recommend that you read this, even if you hadn't enjoyed the previous book. This series is just getting better and better and I'm giving Seeking Something Wicked a grade of 'Excellent'.

  • Ami
    2019-05-17 02:49

    This story mainly now focuses on Tole, the member of the Coven of Three. Troubled by his feeling of seeing the intimacy that Win shares with the new member of the household, Pablo, Tole finds himself trying to calm his restlessness by spending the night at the Interzone. Unexpectedly, the handsome resident of Sang station, vampire Ridley Barron, joins him, and they share very comfortable moment in front of the bonfire. Tole realizes that he develops attraction towards the vampire -- and rather surprised that Ridley finds the same thing. However, their cozy relationship cut short when not long after that, Ridley is kidnapped. Now, Tole, with the help of Zee and Win must saves Ridley, or he loses the chance of building something meaningful with the vampire.Oh, how I love this series. Again, K.Z. Snow mesmerizes me with the imaginative world of Utopian Metroplex of Regenerie. In the first book, Tole came as an a**, quick to his temper, probably because he has more demon ancestors in him compared to Zee and Win. But in this book, it shows how he has more layers in him. Starting from the night he builds the bonfire and admits to Ridley that he loves marshmallow (awwww). However, the one who steals my heart in this book is Ridley. I love him so much! He's kind and perceptive (he notices Tole's hair color!) -- love him being embarassed when he admits that he likes lentil soup but can't have it often because it gives him gas (awwww). Seriously, when he ends up giving Tole marshmallow in the bonfire, I just want to hug him silly (repeat after me, awwwwww).Would like to read more of them in the next book ...

  • Tam
    2019-05-12 01:14

    This is book two in the series who’s name escapes me. Why the hell didn’t someone make me read these before? Ridley. Sigh. This is Tole and Ridley’s story more or less. They are settling in with Pablo from book 1 but Tole’s feeling a bit blue. He starts talking to Ridley and thinks maybe something could happen between them. Meanwhile people start disappearing and Ridley is kidnapped by some witchy woman from a neighboring city and the three guys set off to get him back and stop her killing spree. I was sooooo not ready for it to end. Book 3, must get ASAP. Can’t wait for more.

  • Clare
    2019-04-30 03:13

    A great second book, concentrating on another of the main 3 characters from Looking for Some Touch. Less depth of world building and not as sexy, but still sensual and exciting. A poignant love affair development, too.

  • Meggie
    2019-05-12 08:06

    The second story of Ridley and Tole is full of action with touch of romance. I liked it...