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Constance Townley, Duchess of Wellford, has always been impeccably behaved. So why does she suddenly feel a wild urge to kick over the traces?Anthony de Portnay Smythe is a mysterious figure. A gentleman by day, he steals secrets for the government by night.When Constance finds a man in her bedroom late at night, her first instinct is to call for help. But something stopsConstance Townley, Duchess of Wellford, has always been impeccably behaved. So why does she suddenly feel a wild urge to kick over the traces?Anthony de Portnay Smythe is a mysterious figure. A gentleman by day, he steals secrets for the government by night.When Constance finds a man in her bedroom late at night, her first instinct is to call for help. But something stops her. The thief apologizes and gracefully takes his leave...with a kiss for good measure!And Constance knows that won't be the last she sees of this intriguing rogue.......

Title : A Wicked Liaison
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ISBN : 9780373295531
Format Type : Paperback
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A Wicked Liaison Reviews

  • Rachel (BAVR)
    2019-05-10 02:26

    The thief hero is cool when he isn't complaining about how the heroine doesn't recognize her as the boy she never talked to 15 years ago. FFS. If it bothers you so much, just tell her. He never presents a convincing reason for his secrets. Also, it irritated me that the heroine was so unwilling to fix her own problems. I get it; women were more vulnerable back then. But literally all she had to do when that evil dude started blackmailing her to be his mistress was tell one of her many high-powered friends and go and stay with them. For a woman who doesn't want to be a mistress, she's super fast to compromise on that shit in order to keep a fucking house that she can't afford anyway. Also, why the hell was he in love with her in the first place? He implies that she totally ignored him when they were younger and then went title-hunting when it was time to marry. The woman's only concern is getting married and being nearly as rich as a duchess again, which seems rather dull to me. In turn, I find him rather dull for wanting to put up with that for the rest of his life. :P Between him being afraid to tell her the truth about his identity and her unwillingness to do anything useful to improve her plight, I was annoyed. I like Merrill, but it looks like she wrote this before she got her twisted and angsty yet compelling act down, like with the book where the hero thought the heroine was his sister but fooled around with her anyway.Because if you're going to be outrageously angsty, at least make it count. >:D

  • Karla
    2019-05-24 05:39

    The leads were genial enough, but they didn't really seem to go anywhere after they were established. The hero already loves her deeply when the book opens, and the remainder of it is spent with him agonizing over telling her because he doesn't want her pity for a low-born childhood acquaintance. If you like drawn-out angst, this will be your cuppa. It just wasn't mine.

  • Desi
    2019-05-13 05:47

    leído en Enero 2013Muy bueno.... me gusto la trama

  • Casse NaRome
    2019-05-22 08:21

    I fell head over hills in love from reading the first page. Tony Smythe is dang endearing. And it was at the end of the first chapter that I realized one thing, fictional thieves are sexy. Maybe its the danger or the devil may care attitude. Taking what they want regardless of the risk. But this particular thief was pining away for a woman. Awwwe. He takes what he wants for a living yet he would not dare take her? Ooooh he is a thief with a heart. Did yall hear my heart just go pitter pat?Constance was known for her undisputed beauty. But she was more than that. More than a pretty face and a hot bod to be used for a man's wanton carnal pleasures. She was a respectable lady! So why all these mistress offers? Would no one make an honest woman out of this widow. Beneath her beauty and naïveté is a hot blooded woman. A woman whom craves the touch of a hot blooded man.Enters Tony Smythe, a thief, that she caught red handed in the dark of night in her room and she allowed him to steal a kiss. That singular kiss changed both of there lives.Okay enough of that. I loved this book. The characters were well written the plot was okay enough. Not spectacular but not bunk either. I will admit I hated to be interrupted while reading this book. Especially when Tony was involved. I commend Ms Merrill for writing a hero whom was in fact a hero. That is always the point in a book that gives me pause. I’m always like how is this guy a hero?. I also commend her for writing a hero that had me wishing I could be in this book and give Ms Constance a run for her money. He is so dang charming. I don't see why he has to result to theft? He could charm anything he’d like from me and everyone else I am sure. When tell Constance he is conquered. Oh boy *swoon* He said "I surrender. You have won....I am conquered. Vanquished..." I do believe if a guy said that to me I shalt be had. (That was my historical phrasing lol.) Later he says to her, after she mistook and misunderstands something he said. "Oh, do not give me that melodramatic look. We are in a ballroom, not Drury Lane." I love that!The villains were well done. Her nephew, Freddy, wasn't a bad guy just a spoiled moron. The real villain was creepy stalker rapist in the making Barton. I couldn’t figure out if Connie was the only woman with lady parts that he wouldn’t take no for an answer? What I like about Constance, though sometimes she acts like a wilting flower and makes a complete fool of herself at other times, she stands up for herself when Mr. wont take no for an answer BARTON implies that women are like dogs! My reaction was dude that’s totally the way to make a woman keep her bid-ness locked tight and kept to herself; what was he thinking? I was so proud of Constance. First she tells him "I doubt I can eat in your presence, since the thought of you sickens me." YEAH YOU GO, Connie! Later in the same conversation she tells him she is no damn dog. "You will find, Lord Barton, that I am not some lapdog to be easily brought to heel. You have won in this. But that is all. Now, if you will excuse me..." If that’s not a dismissal I don't know what is. But then she wilted right after. WOMP WOMP. I guess win some- lose some. I was still proud.Barton is a pompous jerk. I was waiting for Tony to sock him. Or Constance needed to give Lord Would be Rapist a good junk punch! Nephew Freddy needs a spanking. But since He seems to want to do Aunt Constance rather than treat her as a mere female relative; I’m just sayin maybe he would truly like aunty to give him a spanking. If you get what I am saying.If not, I am just saying get the book, read it and fall in love with the smoothest thief I have ever heard of. And tell me he doesn't make you want him to climb up your drain pipe and come through your window.

  • Ghizlane Zarrouk
    2019-05-25 04:35

    while reading the first couple pages i thought; waw this book is going to be intresting, full of wild adventures (sexual, emotional ones), a lot of suspense and passion, and i was soo exciting about Tony Smythe's immortal love for Constance, i even started building this bridge in my imagination on how those two will find each other and have their happy ever after, i know a hopeless romantic. i was so disappointed in the way the story "developed". the development of the relationship between Tony Smythe and the Duchess wasn't right, and it didn't reach me, i didn't feel the usual goosebumps that spread across my skin when a couple have their happy end.i love Christine Merrill's writings, i have a lot of her works and all of them are sensual. and always have their way to my heart. thats why i felt this way about this one book.

  • Helen
    2019-05-18 02:42

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story of a gentleman thief and the lady he's loved from afar since childhood because she's too far above him. When Constance is widowed and impoverished by her worthless nephew, she wants to marry again, but the only offers she receives are from men seeking a mistress. Tony Smythe used to steal for his family; now he steals for fun and for the Crown. When Constance is courted by a villain, Tony steals into her bedroom to find if she's a willing accomplice.So, how does a thief court a duchess? The characters are engaging and the plot full of interesting twists. Tony's valet is a charmer of a secondary character.

  • Harlequin Historical
    2019-05-06 02:30

    Regency- original publication 2007 Mills and BoonWhat would you do if a man came through your window in the dead of the night? Constance knew she should scream but something stopped her. Maybe it was because the thief reminded her of a gentleman with his manners? Who knows but she definitely liked the kiss he took before leaving!Anthony is not your common thief. He has reasons besides money for breaking in and taking what he wants. Plus, the thrill is hard to give up. But after that kiss, things begin to get more intense than he bargained for. Definitely a good read to enjoy again. All the intrigue and passion was perfectly balanced and kept the book fast paced.

  • Colleen
    2019-04-30 06:49

    This book went on a lot about nothing with no real point. It just went around in circles, kind of like a stupid dog chasing its tail.The characters were stupid, the villain was laughable, the rest was a bit pathetic...All in all, not the best of books. I finished this yesterday and can't remember a single interesting thing about it. Why? BECAUSE THERE WERE NONE.Now I remember why began to avoid Mills and Boon. Their books, other than the odd exception, are average or boring at best.

  • Angie Stanton
    2019-05-24 03:49

    I love this book! As soon as I finished I had to read it again. The hero is so mysterious and sexy without even trying. He isn't arrogant and over confident like so many characters in historicals can be. The plot twists were great and unexpected. Christine Merrill twists a great tale! This book is on my keep shelf.

  • D
    2019-04-30 06:26

    uff. i only read this a few months ago (some time in 2012), and yet i have almost zero recollection of the book. even after reading the amazon page. and rereading the first two chapters. i don't remember this book particularly annoying me, but if it's THIS forgettable, it couldn't have been particularly good, either.mid 2s for invisibility.

  • Michelle Connolly
    2019-05-23 07:41

    A wonderful surprise. I'm not really sure why I wasn't expecting much from this book, but I must say I fell in love with it, as well as the hero, Tony. How could you not? Such a sweet romantic story. You could say I read it twice the first time, since I kept re-reading the dialogues as I turned the pages.

  • Linda
    2019-04-29 10:41

    Anthony is the spy/thief we´ve come to know through the two first books in the series, know we get to know the woman he never could forget.Constance is rumored to be the mistress of a suspected traitor and Anthony gets the assignment to investigate and steal back the missing bank note plates.Regency, historical romance and fluffy smut.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-05-04 06:26

    Chick Lit & romance novels are written on a 1-3 scale for me - so a two is not bad. Working my way through recommendations from Smart Bitches website. Fun little book, not particularly memorable. THe writing did not make me grimace which is always a good thing.

  • Korri
    2019-05-02 04:23


  • Michaela
    2019-05-10 06:26

    This book was amusing and really good. I liked that the woman was a moron and the guy someone who hides his emotions. It was a nice change.