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Someone impersonating Parisian P.I. Aimée Leduc shoots her partner, René, and eyewitnesses identify Aimée as the culprit. She must clear herself and find the shooter before she finishes the jobJust as Aimée is about to leave for New York City to follow up on a lead about a possible younger brother, her partner in Leduc Detective, René Friant, is wounded by a near-fatal gunSomeone impersonating Parisian P.I. Aimée Leduc shoots her partner, René, and eyewitnesses identify Aimée as the culprit. She must clear herself and find the shooter before she finishes the jobJust as Aimée is about to leave for New York City to follow up on a lead about a possible younger brother, her partner in Leduc Detective, René Friant, is wounded by a near-fatal gun shot. Eyewitnesses identify Aimée as the culprit. The police have pegged her as the guilty party. Aimée is distraught over René’s condition and horrified to be under suspicion. At the same time, a large, mysterious sum appears in their firm’s bank account, and the tax authorities descend upon Aimée. She has no idea who would have sent this money. It seems that someone is impersonating Aimée, someone who wants revenge. But for what? Two murders ensue. How do they relate to the youth whom Aimée’s testimony sent to jail in the very first Aimée Leduc investigation, Murder in the Marais?...

Title : Murder in the Palais Royal
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Murder in the Palais Royal Reviews

  • Michelle
    2019-05-02 00:24

    Such simplistic writing with an unlikable, narcissistic primary character. I felt like I was reading a book written by a freshman college student who is enamored of her self-appointed francophile expertise. Don't waste your time with this author.

  • Terri Lynn
    2019-05-17 03:25

    I really enjoyed my 10th Aimee Leduc mystery a lot. Aimee, the quirky Paris private detective is spending the night having sex with a married man (who she does not know is married with a kid and in marital counseling with his wife) She is planning to leave the next day for New York to meet with a detective her godfather the flic (cop) Morbier set her up with to investigate a possible brother. Her mother abandoned Aimee and her flic father when Aimee was only 8 to become a 1970's radical and Aimee receives two letters claiming to be from a brother who is on the run with their mother.Before her sexcapades with the married guy, her partner Rene Friant, a dwarf who is a computer genius calls from the office asking why a huge deposit from out of the country has mysteriously shown up in their business account. Aimee tells him she'll swing by later to look into it.Someone dressed in clothes just like Aimee wears comes into the office with a scooter helmet like hers , gets her gun from the desk, and shoots Rene. When the hospital calls Aimee, she rushes there and spends the night. The next day, she finds herself to be the suspect. Things continue to get worse. A tough flic Melac is handling her case and giving her no slack. The married guy gives the police a lie about being with his wife and not even knowing Aimee so there goes her alibi. Other pieces of evidence point to her and Rene thinks she is the one who shot him. While trying to find out who really did shoot Rene and framed her, she gets involved with a prisoner she sent to prison who is murdered but made to look like a suicide, his pregnant girlfriend who is in to blackmail, and a government minister who along with her husband and son have a LOT to cover up. Of course Aimee finds dead bodies along the way, comes face to face with a killer, survives an explosion, and the usual weird things that happen to her. Why did an old Jewish couple get run over in front of their 3 year old great-grandson? Who really bombed the synagogue? Who were the mysterious people the detective in New York was talking to who wanted him to lure Aimee to the USA? Worse of all-how will Aimee clear herself and pay the rent and for food when the government has frozen the bank accounts pending an investigation about the mysterious money showing up in them and she has no other money? Read and find out.

  • Beth
    2019-05-17 02:21

    MURDER IN THE PALAIS ROYAL begins when Aimee Leduc, sharing some quiet moments with her newest boyfriend, Mathieu, receives a call from her partner, Rene Friant. One hundred thousand francs have been deposited into the Leduc Detective Agency bank account. Regrettably, no one owes them so much money and Rene is afraid Aimee has done something less than legal. A short time later, Rene is shot and Aimee is the principal suspect.Using her connections at the Surete, Aimee escapes arrest and begins her own investigation, a move that requires she cancel her trip to New York City where she is expecting to meet the brother she never knew she had.Fans of the series know that, with Aimee, nothing is simple or straightforward, and this adventure is no different. There is another large deposit of money into the Leduc Agency bank account leaving the Agency to be investigated for money laundering, Rene is taken to an undisclosed location to protect him from Aimee, Aimee receives a pass to visit a man who is in prison as a result of Aimee’s testimony about the burning of a synagogue, a contact is murdered seconds before she and Aimee meet, and a man with a brilliant future in politics finds that future in jeopardy. There is some blackmail thrown in to make sure readers aren’t bored and, just maybe, Aimee’s long missing mother might have a hand in her problems.Readers are never bored by Cara Black’s series. Aimee lives a charmed life in so many ways. She invariably finds herself in tunnels or on rooftops but she is rarely out of breath and she has enviable good luck in finding couture fashions in rummage sales. The stories move as fast as Aimee and each book offers the reader a taste of the arrondissements (sounds so much better than zip codes) that make up the city of Paris.Rene Friant, her business partner, Commissaire Morbier, her godfather, and a few girlfriends are the constants in Aimee’s life as they are constants in the 10 books of the series. I always think that it is best to start a series at the beginning but the author has constructed the series so well that new readers can jump in anywhere and enjoy the story to the full.Those who are familiar with Cara Black’s series already know they are in for another treat. Those who haven’t yet met Aimee should hurry to do so.

  • Alice Lindsay
    2019-04-26 04:36

    Aimee Leduc has been through challenges all of her life - and now she finds herself alone to face a complex stream of events that seems surrealistic. It's a mystery, and a story of a woman who continues to grow, spurned on by a need to know the truth - about her own past and about the injustices she is eager to confront. In this mystery, there is a mistaken identity, the need to right a wrong and take on some powerful people, and a last minute discovery that changes everything. I've read 11 of the 13 books in this series, and the characters are familiar so most fans of Cara Black are already in before we begin another book. But for any fan of mysteries, strong women characters, and particularly the search for justice in a world that sometimes wants to look the other way - this is a lovely series. Paris is a character in each book additionally. I love each book for different reasons, and I admit the familiarity is charming to me. Really, it would be hard to imagine anyone reading this book and not enjoying it - at least on some level - so mystery fans, I'd definitely give it a look. Aimee fans - don't miss it.

  • Jen
    2019-04-25 05:18

    I think Gwen picked this book as well--it had the word "Royal" in it. Important thing to note when reading a detective novel set in not just have a discussion that night about the Pink Panther movies. Seriously, for the first 100 pages, I kept picturing every single French police officer as Chief Inspector Dreyfus and the main character Aimee as Clouseau. Didn't help that the roommate person was name Chloe--way too close to Cato.I get why people read mysteries. They are like mind-candy. You can read them without taking a breath. Total escapism entertainment without annoying "omigosh will he ever ask me out" crap. So that's good.So yeah this book is fun, and I actively enjoyed it. When I turned the last page (oh my gosh, did this book read fast), I was rather pleased to see that this is the tenth book with Aimee as the lead character--I bet I could read a couple more of these without feeling horribly guilty or having my intelligence insulted.Sure that's not glowing praise, but it's good enough for four stars...after all, don't just fun enjoyable reads need stars too?

  • Trudy Preston
    2019-05-03 08:38

    Want to take a quick trip to Paris, completely free of charge? (Or if you choose, for the purchase price of a book.) Read any of the Amy Leduc Investigations books by Cara Black and you'll be transported to the City of Light. Black peppers her writing with French words and phrases (I kept my iPhone beside me for translation purposes) and Amy herself is "tres" French, from her Byte-me Blue lacquered nails and her Tintin watch down to her high end designer stilettos, Amy is a Parisian through and through. In this outing her partner Rene has been Amy? Someone looking very much like Amy barges into the Leduc offices and shoots Rene with Amy's gun. Amy herself is quickly arrested and must figure out a way to extricate herself from the police while also investigating what turns out to be a complicated case with many twists and turns and a whole lot of extremely French characters. Immersing myself in this book really was like a mini-trip to Paris and was a nice break from heavier reading.

  • Dana Clinton
    2019-05-20 04:23

    So I decided to catch up on the Cara Black mysteries (Aimée Leduc/René Friant the recurring characters) in between the books I read for my two book groups.... just need a mystery fix, I guess. I have five more in the pile. This one, Murder in the Palais Royal, had several threads going at once, all of which you think are connected, and some are, but confusion is part and parcel of the whole book! Aimée's partner at Leduc Detective is attacked and shot in their offices just after he's called her to ask about a huge wire transfer into their accounts which is mysterious but also triggers investigation by the fiscal authorities. Aimée is suspected of the attack and spends the book trying to figure out who impersonated her to do such a dastardly deed. In the mix is a young man incarcerated at the Prison de la Santé who is there largely due t Aimée's testimonies some years earlier. The ancillary characters are all pretty cool, too, and the read is fun. I'm on to the next later today, my first day not working at When Pigs Fly in over a week. And Thanksgiving is only three days away!!

  • Christine
    2019-05-22 02:23

    I liked this next Aimee Leduc story immediately. From the opening pages all the way to the last. Two mysteries actually in one book. All emanating from Aimee being falsely accused of shooting her partner Rene in the opening pages. It was fascinating how Aimee, in her various vintage outfits and high-heels, continues to pick at crumbs and lose threads and manages to solve all her problems. And I love all the characters, esp the newer recurring Saj in his laid back Buddhist ways. It is refreshing to continue to read thus series and enjoy Aimee’s tenacity and loyalty and vulnerability towards her life, her long list alive mother, and now, the possibility of a long lost half-brother. I look forward to the next book in the series and hope Ms Black continues to write abt Aimee’s adventures in her cyber fraud agency and Paris arrondishments.

  • Andrea
    2019-05-15 03:10

    Murder in the Palais Royal was a fast paced book and would sometimes leave you wanting to read more , other times it would make you want to close the book because of how uninteresting it would be. This book mostly made me feel like not wanting to read, it was very confusing and I had to go back in the book and check what was going on. I thought this book was not so great and would not recommend this book , I read every page and I was not wow'd at all. For example when Aimee finally found out something about Clemence , I already saw something like that coming.

  • Cecilia Zarate
    2019-04-23 00:32

    I love this series.

  • Hope
    2019-04-24 07:34

    This series is so good. I can't wait to read the next one.

  • Mandra
    2019-05-03 08:30

    This is a great series with Paris as a main character. The story line is more developed with each book.

  • Richard Brand
    2019-04-24 07:17

    All the typical ingredients for a Aimee Leduc mystery are here. Government officials trying to keep secrets. Her mother's shadow always in the background. Her godfather around and involved. Her computer help comes to the rescue at the end. There is a new Saj character who is taking a part. Aimee's ability to create lies as quickly as lighting is demanded on several occasions. The story is complex and to talk about it would give away the ending. But it does make this a little more interesting to read. Aimee is always hanging from the roof, falling through the roof, jumping off high places. Aimee is always beautiful and sexy and able to use her female charms to help get her way, but you begin to have to wonder how she can still be attractive with all the scars, bullet holes, broken bones, bruises, head traumas that almost caused blindness, as every story has her in great danger and some kind of suffering for her victory. But Leduc Detectives press on and there are more to read.

  • Jacky
    2019-05-22 02:10

    Continuing a series I enjoy, but can only read patchily because of availability

  • Kathleen Hagen
    2019-05-05 01:33

    Murder in the Palais Royal, by Cara Black, B-plus, narrated by Carine Montbertrand, produced by Recorded Books, downloaded from is the latest in Cara Black’s Paris-based mysteries series starring Aimée Leduc, who runs a detective agency. Things go very wrong for her one night while she is having an amorous evening with a lover who turns out to be married. She is called to the hospital because her partner has been shot. Witnesses, including her partner, think that she shot him. It is clear that someone dressed up like her and acted like her to set her up. Not only that, but large amounts of money appear in their agency account transferred from funds high on the suspect list for money laundering. They have no idea where the money is coming from. When she lists her lover as her alibi, he denies it because he doesn’t want his wife to know. She must figure out who shot her partner and why, whether the actual setup is against her, why a man she sent to prison now wants to see her, and why he then turns up dead. Everyone she tries to get information from dies. It seems as if she’ll never get out of the mess, but of course she does. I had a hard time with this book because I don’t speak French. The narrator is a French speaker, I think, but the problem with that is that all the male characters’ names sounded alike to me and I had trouble not getting confused. Also, I didn’t like the narrator. She used dramatic pauses in her reading, I guess to make it sound more dramatic, but it was just annoying and slowed down her delivery far too much for me. Before I read another of these books, I have to learn more about Paris.

  • Sharon
    2019-04-28 01:37

    So, I'm a tiny bit bummed ... because this was the last Aimee Leduc novel that I hadn't read. (Yes, it was out of order ... because it didn't show up from the library before the others did.) Now I have to wait for Cara Black to write a new one!Anyway, this time Aimee is under investigation for money laundering ... because some huge deposits have shown up in her accounts from outside of France. She has no idea where they've come from, but she's also got bigger fish to fry: someone is framing her for the attempted murder of her business partner, Rene.This book ties into an earlier one, Murder in the Marais, as the man Aimee put behind bars for torching a synagogue is about to be released. He has evidence that he wants to give her that exonerates him entirely ... and this throws her into yet another subplot.There's a lot happening in this book, much of it involving the French government types who live in the titular Palais Royal area. I enjoyed "seeing" Paris through Cara Black's eyes, as always. Only once has Cara Black not gotten the "whodunnit" past me. This time, I was sitting there with my jaw hanging open when she revealed who was behind it all.I really cannot recommend this series highly enough. It is pretty important to read them in order if at all possible, though.

  • tiddle
    2019-05-03 08:35

    This is the first book of Cara Black, and the first in the Aimee Leduc series that I read. I must admit, I don't feel particularly wow'ed by it, not in the amateurish writing (that feels more like a mechanically translated book from French), nor in the intelligence of the female detective protagonist. Plots are implausibly predictable; with plot lines concocted to make it some conspiracy, loose ends everywhere. My biggest problem is with Leduc, because I don't feel connected to her character who is supposed to be smart and capable, yet she doesn't come across as measuring up to that standard. Citing her father and grandfather often, and the connections that she derives from the bygone forebears, as if she couldn't survive on her own. I've never come across a detective who would announce every bit of details that she's dug up (eg. that Clemence was pregnant) and use those to interrogate people for more info. Why would she think she's failing in almost every single instances? That's because it won't work, mademoiselle. And then, there are constant references to her black-stockinged legs, or what to wear, etc, that becomes annoying really fast. I'm by no means a feminist, but I do wish that Leduc would come across as more forceful and smarter than she currently is, to be matched by more intense writing (rather than the certain sluggishness in the current writing). The way it's going, this is the first and will be the last book of this Leduc series for me.

  • Ernie
    2019-05-13 05:23

    Actually, I read the series of 8 books leading up to this one. I was impressed by an NPR review of her new book (2009)... hard cover and too expensive for me... so I read the earlier books. Black's series is about a computer detective and her side-kick who operate in Paris in the 1990s. Although a computer consultant she becomes involved in a murder in each episode. For me the hook was the setting in Paris. She talks about different neighborhoods and their characteristics in each book. I like Paris, so it is fun. Other aspects... in each episode the hero of the book, Amiee Leduc, has just given up smoking and is suffering with the patch. She is the daughter of a French cop (killed in a terrorist bombing) and an American woman who left her at the age of 8 because of connections with radical politics... Amiee is always looking for her mother and the killer of her father. Her sidekick is a dwarf who is expert in martial arts and computer hacking. --- Cara Black is an American who lived in Paris but now lives in the Northeast US. The books are well written and the use of French slang, terms and turns of phrase are fun.

  • Julie H.
    2019-05-20 08:21

    One of the things that most frustrates me about any mystery series is how often the protagonist(s) deals with one tidy thing at a time. Well Murder in the Palais Royal blows that criticism right out of the water. In the 10th entry in the Aimee Leduc Investigation series, Aimee and partners Rene and Saj--but mostly Aimee--deal with overlapping threads from multiple previous cases coming back to bite them on the proverbial behind.While initially disheartened by the fact that Rene would even entertain the thought that Aimee might betray him--let alone plug him full of lead--I was promptly consoled by the fact that he didn't spend the whole time trying to deny what was happening when he was shot. Instead, he acted quickly and it was precisely that instinctive dealing with what was in front of him--vs. denying it or trying to fit it into his preexisting framework of understanding--that allowed him (and people placed in similar life or death situations) to survive. Then, with time, Aimee could identify the person trying to frame her for his attempted murder.Fun stuff from Black, once again, with Paris in the early fall as a colorful background.

  • Christine Webb-Curtis
    2019-05-19 07:23

    I've read most but not all of the Cara Black series and have enjoyed them. This one--I think because I read it close on the heels of another--just seemed like overkill. Much like one of the reviewers below, I just wanted her mother to show up for cryin' out loud. And much of the plot was just so improbable as to be laughable. That said, however, I'll finish the series. . . . for a few reasons. Number one: I love France. I've seen enough of Paris to be able to envision the locations. Number two: I published my first mystery novel in September 2010 (The Diva's Demise: A Cape Cod Crime Mystery) and am working on the second so I have an interest in people's style of writing. Number three and perhaps most important: I have a bichon frise. Not named Miles Davis, but Milo (absolutely no coincidence--just what my son came up with). And he is an absolutely delightful creature. All told, I'll continue to read her books and will continue to roll my eyes occasionally. And so what!

  • Celeste Miller
    2019-05-18 04:29

    I know, I know. I should just stop. But Aimee Leduc is sort of like that unstable friend you just can't quit. I'm not quite ready to grab her by the shoulders and scream "arretes tes conneries!"Once again, Aimee is embroiled in an increasingly implausible plot, and she's still running around Paris in vintage couture that inevitably gets grease-stained or torn to shreds. Seriously, Aimee, check out H & M for all your sleuth-wear. Leave the Chanel at home, for the love of Karl.Black will never be accused of being a master of subtlety, and there are just as many eyeroll-inducing moments as in the past. At one point, a couple thinks that Aimee, who is at that point sneaking into their apartment building, might be "that model they heard was moving in." We know she's supposed to be attractive, but REALLY. To be fair, Black seems to know Paris -- its history, its streets, its contemporary problems, and perhaps this, despite the books' other shortcomings, is what keeps me coming back. Or I'm just a sucker.

  • Cynthia
    2019-05-16 03:37

    Another Aimee Leduc is suspected and must clear herself. I love the character, the setting, the descriptive detail. I am sick to death of the same old story and no personal growth. The previous book gave me hope that formula was maturing, but alas this book eliminated that feeling. I will, of course, keep reading the series. I am hooked and continue to hope there will be some growth in Aimee...Still, with each passing book, I fear the 'Gilmore Girls' syndrome is happening. An appealing, quirky, and flawed but loveable character doesn't grow or change and becomes a selfish bully always expecting special treatment. You see, in the beginning, you forgive those flaws and find them charming. As time passes, and the belief they are owed something and special happening over and over becomes tedious and unforgiveable. Cara Black if you are listening, Aimee deserves better than Lorelai.

  • Jackie
    2019-05-04 05:30

    I really looked forward to trying this series of mysteries set in Paris. Maybe it was because I started with the 10th in the series, but I thought the plot was convoluted while the author tried to patch together two relatively unrelated stories. Also, I found the main character, Aimee, somewhat annoying; bad taste in men, often wearing outfits or shoes that interfered with her investigations, e.g., she wore high heels when she knew she was going to be on the move. And if she used the word 'flics' one more time, I was going to scream. The fact that some of the police who'd known her for a while actually thought that was involved in the shooting of her longtime partner (happens early, not a spoiler) seemed absolutely ridiculous. There were a few inconsistencies, most notable was when Aimee returns to a building and enters one of the rooms, even tho the building had been demolished by a bomb earlier that day...

  • Cassian Russell
    2019-05-05 04:16

    Paris is the background; and the investigator is French. Supposedly. I am unconvinced. It takes more than guidebook details to convince me this is Paris and more than random French nouns to convince me Aimée thinks like a Frenchwoman.And it is not so much a mystery as an action novel in which facts are revealed bit by bit. I have no sense of the investigator really figuring anything out. She just keeps moving to the next set-up where she learns something new.I kept thinking of Simenon's Maigret novels in which I feel as if I am taken into the heart of a neighborhood and of a community, with real people and relationships. I am going to dig out some of my old Simenon, I think.I am sick and I have three of Cara Black's novels from the library, so I am reading another one right now. It is passing the time.

  • Libtechgurugoddess
    2019-05-08 00:38

    An Aimée Leduc murder mystery is almost as good as a visit to Paris. Her stories are so francophiliac and immersive, I always feel like I've swam the Channel from England to France and then had a great French meal afterwards, but could sleep forever because I'm totally wrung out by the end. You just have to take a deep breath and plunge right in. Aimée does so many illegal things and steals evidence right, left, and center that I'd be surprised if—in the real world—any of the cases she investigated ever ended up going to trial and having a conviction—they'd get thrown out on stupid technicalities in the U.S. But I still love reading them because she's so outrageous and you learn so much about French history. Je suis si heureuse qu'il y ait 70 quartiers parisiens de plus que Cara Black peut employer dans ses futurs livres!

  • Carol
    2019-05-08 07:36

    This was great fun! The cliche "it was a real page turner" applies to this book. There are a number of plot strands which after many near misses get resolved. The action virtually all takes place in the confines of the Palais Royal, an area with which I have only a nodding acquaintance and so it was fun learning a bit more about it. The central figure in these Cara Black books is Aimee Leduc, a PI who wears apparently nothing but designer clothes that she's able to get at flea markets. She also has a handbag that can expand to fit all sorts of gear, but I quibble. In addition to indefatigable Aimee, the book (as the others in the series) filled with a number of memorable characters from all strata of society.

  • Chris
    2019-05-18 02:23

    Aimee Leduc is an interesting and likable character - a tough but vulnerable woman who is trying to uncover family secrets when she's framed for the attempted murder of her partner. Some knowledge of Paris and/or French politics in the 1990s would have been helpful in understanding the setting. This entry harkens back to a previous case and Cara Black seamlessly reveals details from the first book in the series that relate to the plot. But the book would have been more enjoyable with a better understanding of the relationships between recurring characters (which I did not have since this is the only book in the series that I've read). Black's storytelling is subtle rather than explicit and her writing flows well.

  • Evanston PublicLibrary
    2019-05-15 02:31

    Parisian Aimee Leduc is being framed for the attempted murder of her partner and dear friend, Rene Friant. To make matters worse, someone deposited a huge amount of money into their bank account, which convinces the Brigade Criminelle and tax agency that she is laundering money, among other crimes. A tough, courageous private eye, Aimee is torn between worrying about Rene and trying to clear her name. Whether her heroine is sipping espress and nibbling a flaky brioche or nearly getting killed, Black is wonderful at conveying to the reader the daily rhythm of Parisian life. I am already reading more of this series, vraiment! (Shira S., Reader's Services)

  • CatherineMustread
    2019-05-10 04:31

    My favorite Aimee Leduc so far – suspenseful, great locale, not a zillion characters, intertwining subplots, and Aimee's usual difficulties in being a prime suspect instead of the crack investigator which she is.Subplots include the shooting of her partner Rene, a cancelled trip to NYC in which she might have met her currently unknown brother, skin-head crimes against the Jewish, the murder of a soon to be paroled prisoner who was held responsible for the crimes, political cover-ups, and financial discrepancies.

  • QuotesBaby24
    2019-05-23 08:14

    Interesting mystery. Aimee is a very up to date fashionable investogator. I feel that standing alone it was a pretty good read, but not my favorite mystery. And on that note I won't compare it. The ending was interesting and I did have suspicions about certain characters but one thing I failed to, and usually pride myself on the fact I do this, suspect everyone. I did for the most part, but not quite enough. I would like to say that this was the first book I read from this series and it's only fair that I be given credit that I didn't know all the characters so my suspicions were weary. Ha ha... Anyway I enjoyed it.