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Roselynde Chronicles, Book OneBlush: This is a suggestive romance (loves scenes are not graphic).Alinor Devaux is beautiful and very rich. She is also an orphan, but her grandparents had not left her defenseless. She has been trained to manage her estates and to rule her vassals. But then the old king dies and Alinor becomes the ward of Richard Coeur de Lion. Alinor knowsRoselynde Chronicles, Book OneBlush: This is a suggestive romance (loves scenes are not graphic).Alinor Devaux is beautiful and very rich. She is also an orphan, but her grandparents had not left her defenseless. She has been trained to manage her estates and to rule her vassals. But then the old king dies and Alinor becomes the ward of Richard Coeur de Lion. Alinor knows that her safety and the well-being of her precious lands rest on her ability to make her warden, Sir Simon Lemagne, her willing slave.Sir Simon has known many women, but never one like Alinor. He is an easy victim. But Alinor tumbles into love. Soon Sir Simon is the only man she will take as a husband. But Simon is no suitable match—he is poor and has no political power. The king would make no profit by permitting Simon to marry Alinor. In their struggle to be united despite the obstacles in their path, Lady Alinor and Sir Simon are swept from the Royal Court in England into King Richard’s Crusade, through the king’s conquest of Cyprus and into the Holy Land. They endure bloody battles and heartrending separations before Simon convinces King Richard to allow their love fruition in marriage....

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Roselynde Reviews

  • Oriana
    2019-03-28 07:04

    Roselynde is the first book of the famous series The Roselynde Chronicles by Roberta Gellis. I’ve been reading excellent reviews about it for ages and one of my friends, Ana T. is always recommending me this series (she is such a patient and persistent friend!;-)). I finally followed her advice.One Saturday afternoon, I picked up the book and just couldn’t stop until the very last page. No need to say that I immediately read the second one, Alinor, even if I dreaded some aspects of the story, especially the fate of our heroine’s 1st husband.Normally, I’m not very fond of very young heroines, they are often immature and very childish. At first sight, Alinor seems to fit in this category, but just for some seconds. She might be young, but she is far from being the usual spoiled aristocratic young miss. She knows her value and her strengths. Since her birth she was taught by her grandfather how to manage her lands and business without relying in a man. This is quite unusual for these times but not unheard of. Strong women like Nicola Lahaye or even the ruthless queen Alinor were perfect examples of amazing women who wanted much more than men (and the Church!) allowed them to have.Her relationship with Simon is quite unusual. Some might think that the age different is a bit too much, but these two are good for each other. There’s a good symbiosis going on since the beginning, and despite Simon’s objections concerning their age (he really is disturbed by his attraction to a much younger woman), I could hardly imagine anyone else at Alinor's side.What pleased me the most in Roselynde? The politically incorrect view of the Middle Ages. Roberta Gellis isn’t afraid of talking about subjects that normally would hurt our modern sensibilities but who were considered perfectly normal in those times, like the common use of camp whores or some physical abuse from husband to wife. Not that I would ever approve of such behaviour, of course, but it makes me admire even more these women who stood up for what they wanted in times when their rights were close to nothing.The historical background is also very rich and entrancing. Following the Lionheart in his quest along the Mediterranean and also some aspects of his life immediately remind me how little I like this English king. The author also mentions several times his possible homosexuality but even today historians are not convinced and mostly believe he was simply an asexual man who was more interested in his quests than actually have sex with everything that moved (like so many sovereigns before and after him). Prince John is, like always, the creepy and vindictive character who we all hate passionately. I often wonder if he really deserves it…To be honest, I don’t know if I would have picked this book only looking at the cover. Roselynde is not a historical romance, it’s pure historical fiction with some strong romantic elements. It’s also one of my best reads of 2010!Grade: 5/5

  • Misfit
    2019-03-29 08:25

    This was great fun. There was so much humour between Alinor and Simon at the beginning, along with their wonderful chemistry. A nice twist to have the heroine being not only intelligent and strong minded, but to have her fall in love with an "older man" instead of some young hunk. LOL, so many funny scenes but especially the one where Simon wanted to see her books and had a horrible misundertanding with the confused monk. No matter what the appearances of the book cover and the name of the publisher I would not classify this as a true "bodice ripper". Just a wonderful love story. Alinor and Simon didn't even "do it" until after they were married about 50 pages before the end of the book! I found the battle scenes to be a bit tiresome (the crusade battles didn't interest me as much), but otherwise very entertaining and well written. I am looking forward to reading the sequel, Alinor.

  • Lindsey
    2019-04-16 03:04

    I had mixed feelings about this book. Some parts of it I loved, for some reason the descriptions of Simon's campaign in Wales and the section about the Crusades. I thought the historical personalities were really well drawn and to me Queen Alinor (why not Eleanor?) of Aquitaine and Richard I seemed very realistic and well drawn. I had more of an issue with Prince John though - he seemed to be a bit of a pantomime villain. I was less keen on the fictional characters. Alinor herself I found very irritating and the arguments she had with her warden just seemed a bit silly a lot of the time. I also found Simon less than appealing mainly because at one point he hit Alinor and the author also mentions that he has raped women in the past, yet he is presented as a romantic hero. I know this is probably more realistic for the time, but I couldn't warm to him because of that. I was actually more interested in his squire, Ian, and so I shall be reading the next in the series as I know it focuses on him.Overall I found this a good read but not amazing. I would recommend Elizabeth Chadwick's novels instead.

  • Kit★
    2019-04-11 00:19

    3.5 Stars This was my July Pick-It-For-Me book over in Western and Medieval Romance Lovers, and I was already feeling in the mood for a medieval set story, so it worked out good. When I first added this book to my TBR, I was thinking it was more of a bodice ripper than it ended up being, to be honest. I was expecting a lot more, well, romance of the steamy sort. This didn't have much of that at all. In fact, it kinda made me just a little disappointed there. It was a bit more of the courtly, proper romance sort. A few dangerous stolen kisses was about as hot as it got until close to the end when at long, long last Simon and Alinor were permitted to marry and finally consummate their love. The whole time I was rooting for them, agonizing over the things they had to go through, the whims of the royals they had to obey... In fact, the historical feel of the book was very good, the author made me able to understand precisely the things that were going on, and why. The only thing I think was missing was some description. I felt entrenched in the time period politically and socially, but I didn't see it as well as I have with other books. There wasn't much physical description of the scenery or clothing, I didn't think. Other than that, though, the historical feel was excellent. The writing was very well done, and I found myself wanting to just keep reading and reading, loath to put it down because I had to see what was going to happen. I loved the epic feel of it, the traveling the characters did over land and over sea, the long time span of it and the exotic places. I was also quite fond of both Simon and Alinor, and their relationship, how they both handled the attraction, the pain they felt at their misunderstandings and occasional lack of communication. Simon was a warrior through and through, all of the battle scenes were superb and exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed how the author didn't hold back when it came to the grisly details of war, the spouting blood and heads cleaved in, limbs chopped off, that madness of battle! Rawr! Got me going. Simon was amazing in that department, lol. Alinor was no slouch either, though her battles weren't on the same playing field. I liked her cunning, and her strength in the face of everything. I was so, so happy when they could be together at last, and I think I'm going to leave my ending there, with them together, happy, though not necessarily safe forever. I don't think I'll read the other books in the series, because (view spoiler)[I already know from checking 'em out on here that Simon is dead in book 2. Sorry, but that ruins my happy ending. It's even sadder than when Blaze Wyndham lost her first husband and I was crushed then. I grew really attached to Simon, and I don't give a hoot how handsome Ian is with his big dark eyes and mop of dark hair, and strong young body. I like the older, big, wise, tough as granite, mostly honorable and definitely experienced Simon. (hide spoiler)] So there it will end for me I believe. I am happy that I finally read this though, I enjoyed it. It's been awhile since I read a good, meaty historical that made me think, and made me feel like I learned quite a few new things. I have another medieval by this author on my TBR pile, so this book makes me feel more inclined toward getting around to it as well. 3.5 Stars!

  • Penny
    2019-04-19 02:10

    Roberta Gellis is by far the reigning talent of stories well told. With a mix of fiction and history, you will find yourself unable to put the books down! She is Superlative!

  • Barb
    2019-04-07 06:59

    I liked this book and very much liked the story between the main characters Alinor and Simon but sometimes it was a little too much history for me.Alinor Devaux is one of the wealthiest women in England. Unmarried at sixteen years old she has been well provided for and protected. She is capable of running her many estates with a strong but compassionate hand. Queen Alinor of Aquitaine, according to the wishes of her son, soon to be King Richard I, has placed young Alinor under the wardship of the King. Sir Simon Lemange, the king's judiciar, has been assigned as her warden. Sir Simon is surprised and not pleased by his new duties, Alinor is willful, quick tempered and manipulative. Surprisingly each stirs something in the other, they fall in love and wish to marry. However an arrangement of marriage between the two will not benefit the monarchy. They will travel a difficult journey before marriage is even a possibility.The history woven through their story is somewhat complicated. This was the first time I can recall reading about this period in history. I found it very interesting but a little overwhelming at times. Someone who has knowledge about this period in time would probably find the detailed history more enjoyable than I did. I would have done better if I'd had some basic understanding of the Welsh conflict and the Crusades.I thought Gellis did an excellent job of describing Medieval times with details on clothing, buildings, battle, customs, and traditions including how women were sometimes taken as wives against their will. There were a few leaps of emotion that I would have preferred to have had drawn out. The relationship between Alinor and Simon is full of attraction and repulsion, misunderstanding and confusion with each not knowing how the other truly feels. Some of which felt just a little too contrived for my tastes. But I did grow to care for these characters and enjoyed the way their relationship resolved itself. I really enjoyed the author's note which puts this period in history in perspective and offers insights to some of King Richard's behavior. I thought the writing was very good the characters were well drawn and I enjoyed the story.

  • Karen
    2019-04-08 06:02

    This adventure took us to Wales then off on the crusades via dangerous sea crossings, peralis snow capped mountain traversing, plagued by wrekers & bloody skirmishes. It certainly was action packed.I was drawn to the main characters. Their focus on protecting as well as managing the Lady's lands & the skill in which they are able to navigate to the tempest of court politics as well as self-serving royals. This type of descriptive writing appeals to me. I could feel the bite of the icy winds or sweltering oppressive heat even the glide of different fabrics.A great series to curl up with and get lost in on a cold day.

  • Stacey
    2019-04-07 01:04

    There were some violent scenes I didn't really enjoy, and one really silly scene. My rating is probably 3.5, not 4.Overall, this is an atmospheric, not quite nostalgic, novel of the Middle Ages when Alinor of Aquitaine was Dowager Queen of England (Queen Mother?)The love story is mostly solid, except for some parts (see above). Lots of adventure and danger, what with John Lackland, the Crusades, and an eligible, wealthy heroine. Fans of Elizabeth Chadwick will most likely enjoy this.

  • Ilze
    2019-04-05 07:19

    Well-researched and highly detailed depiction of the era of the Crusades at the end of the 12th century. But tough slogging for someone who is more accustomed to (and prefers) a pure romance. This story is a historical novel with a love story as its main plot driver, not a historical romance per se. The violence, lawlessness and politics of the time pretty much preclude a "happily ever after" ending for this story, not to mention the fact that the hero Simon is 30 years older than the heroine Alinor. I didn't really like that aspect of their relationship and found it hard to believe that Alinor would fall in love with a man old enough to be her grandfather (in medieval times this was completely possible). Simon's falling in love with a girl young enough to be his granddaughter is also a little hard to believe, although he does constantly berate himself for being in that situation and takes a very long time to accept that Alinor does actually love him. Some interesting real-life historical personages appear as secondary characters in the book: William Marshal and his wife Isobel of Clare, Eleanor of Aquitaine, dowager queen of England at the time, and king Richard I (known as the Lionheart) of England. Also his younger brother John, who eventually became the "evil King John" of the legend of Robin Hood, and Berengaria, the wife of Richard I, although it is not known if their marriage was ever actually consummated, Richard apparently having homosexual tendencies and Berengaria being completely disgusted at the reality of marriage and sexual intercourse (she eventually became a nun).

  • Agnes
    2019-04-18 06:00

    I admit I was a bit embarrassed reading this one during my morning commutes. When I scored the cheap used copy, I was lucky to get the Alinor falling-out-of-dress-getting-all-hot-with-Simon cover. Oh boy - and I thought my Angelique covers were bad! Thankfully, the Goodreads reviews weren't lying - this is definitely a "meatier" novel than the cover would suggest – much better classified as historical fiction.The story revolves around spunky Alinor's and stuffy Simon's spring-winter relationship, which I felt to be a bit contrived at times. She loves him and he loves her but he thinks she really doesn't because he's old and so he's going to be a jerk and she's going to get all upset and then they are to going argue and then... arghh!!Despite much eye rolling and giggling, or perhaps because of it, I did eventually start to enjoy their story. The predictable happy ending came, though it appears that the bliss won’t be long lasting with bad, bad Prince John lurking on the horizon! (Guess I have to pick up the sequel soon!)But going back to the "meatier" aspects - I really enjoyed the strong, meticulously researched historical elements. I loved reading about the Third Crusade and the problems back home in king-abandoned England. The Plantagenets are always great fun, especially with conniving Queen Eleanor (err... Alinor) and angry Angevin-descended men!

  • Emmy
    2019-03-31 01:07

    This book is not a straight historical romance (despite the ridiculous cover). There is probably equal parts history as there is romance. And unfortunately a lot of the history is wrapped up in the characters trying to navigate a very complicated political situation, that is often described in depth, as well as the description of a number of battles - neither of these things which are much interest to me. The author also includes some details about life in the middle ages, that while they may be accurate, certainly un-romanticize the book. For the first half of the book I found the heroine rather manipulative and didn't particularly like her. And the hero's extreme sense of morals and chivalry didn't really jive with his admission that he had raped women (view spoiler)[ or his basic rape of his wife the first time they were together.(hide spoiler)]I found the author's writing itself rather confusing as times - unclear sentence structure, paragraphs that lost the focus of the scene and jumped around too much, etc - and when trying to describe 12th century political strategy, it made some parts difficult to follow. I also don't like when authors finish one book in a way that only serves to set up the plot of a sequel, which this author certainly did.

  • Rosemary Cantrell
    2019-04-04 04:15

    This is an historical novel set in the late 1100's when King Richard goes on his crusade. Other historical figures are included in the story, particularly his mother the queen and his brother John who intends to become king.This is the background for the love story between Alinor, young heiress, and Simon, a much older cortier. Alinor was brought up to rule her lands with love and an iron fist and is capable of doing so. However, being a woman, she is a prize for which ever man the king may choose as her husband. Simon has spent his life serving the queen, her husband, and now their son King Richard. He is honest to a fault. When he is named as ward for Alinor - to protect the king and make sure he makes as much money as possible from her lands - he falls in love with her. Though there is 30 years difference in their ages, his love is returned.The story is about how their love story is played out until they are actually wed. The background of life in the middle ages is the more interesting part of this book. I enjoyed the book, but felt like at times things dragged a bit too much, especially in the war scenes.

  • Jayne dArcy
    2019-04-13 04:24

    This was a very difficult story to get into. The reason being that the majority of the book concentrated on King Richard, his mother Queen Alinor, and the political clime of the time. There was a great deal of intrigue, discussions that said one thing but meant another, and it was years, it seemed, before Simon and the young Alinor could simply kiss with permission from the Queen.The history was written very well but I cannot call it the kind of historical romance that I've been reading in which the romance takes precedence and it takes place during a time of history.For those that enjoy reading about history, and this time when King Richard was preparing for Crusade, you will find a rich world that comes to life on the pages as you read. I found the realism harsh but authentic.The romance of Simon and Alinor takes place near the end of the story and moves smoothly from there.This book and author was recommended by a friend.

  • Valerie
    2019-04-08 07:00

    I liked and didn't like this book. I liked the storytelling, it kept me turning the pages, especially the first half of the book; I didn't like the author's philosophy that sex and love are two different things. She had both the hero and the heroine tell me about it. This philosophy is a godless one that fits very well our modern age, but is out of place in her book. How many of you girls would be just fine with your love sleeping around because you weren't around to satisfy his urges? A seventeen year old virgin in love with someone would not be happy! No matter how politically astute she may be. I contend the man would feel very guilty, as if he betrayed her, but our hero thinks of sex as no different than peeing. I sincerely hope that in the next book, Alinor, the hero thinks much differently! I just don't know if I'll ever find out, because I felt like throttling our heroes in this one.

  • Sabrina
    2019-04-07 02:00

    Here in the NE was are snuggled in experiencing our first big snowstorm of the year. Schools are closed and even work has closed for the day. I had the luxury of waking up and reading all morning . . . ah the joys!Roselynde is a long book. Overall I really enjoyed the story. It was nice to be back with King Richard and Queen Alinor and to meet fictitious characters Alinor and Simon. The way the 2 worked off of each other was fun and engaging. I understood why Alinor fell for Simon despite their age difference. I loved going around with the court and even enjoyed being back in Richard's crusade, although here is where I thought the story became stagnant and slow. Not to mention, there seemed to be too big of a deal made of Richard's sexuality - this wasn't his book.The author's note was particularly thought provoking.

  • Jody
    2019-03-28 00:01

    I thoroughly enjoyed Gellis's first in the Roselynde Chronicles series of seven books. This is historical fiction taking place in the medieval 12th century. Lady Elinor at the age of 16 is left her family lands upon the death of her father. She is assigned a ward, Simon, to be in charge of her lands by King Richard. She is loath to accept any husband assigned by him and bides her time waiting to ensnair the older ward. There are many humorous moments accomplishing this.This adventure has you following the crusades with stops in England, Wales, Spain, over the Pyrennes in the dead of winter, Sicily, Cyprus and the Holy Lands. It is full of action and beautiful descriptions. I look forward to reading others in this series, Book 2 focuses on Elinor again and book 3 on the king's sister Joanna.

  • Davina
    2019-04-17 00:18

    Tbh I enjoyed the historical detail and thought it read as more of a historical fiction than a romance novel but I didn't really like Simon or Alinor that much. I found Alinor very irritating at times they were constantly arguing about atupid things and then making up, there was a big age gap between the two which personally didn't work for me (but that's a personal quirk)In the end I just didn't really believe that they actually liked each other that much.I think you'd enjoy this if you like fiction set in the Middle Ages such as Elizabeth Chadwick or Maurice Druon. Even fans of Game of Thrones would probably get something out of it. I wish I could give it more than two stars and it probably deserves three but I just found Simon and Alinor so annoying I couldn't in all honesty.

  • Mina
    2019-04-10 04:20

    A richly detailed and compelling read. Gellis creates delicious romantic tension and angst without recourse to superficiality or gratuitous lust. This is not a kisses-only romance as billed, which to me was a pleasant surprise but which might disappoint others. I loved the historical politics but skimmed through most of the many, many battle scenes. My only real complaint is that the ending isn't as satisfactorily lush as I would've liked (and I'll mention that the eleventh hour twist seemed annoyingly interposed, but was resolved well so I got over my annoyance). Still, a really great read and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

  • Jerelyn
    2019-04-14 07:10

    Being that these books are being re-released, I wanted to get this to see what was edited. But got so caught up in the story that I didn't notice. What amazes me it still stands up. The research is just stellar (pre-internet BTW). Alinor and Simon are just as steamy but suprizingly the lovemaking only takes place in the last chapters. Talk about sexual tention. Her grasp of medieval life and politics are truly remarkable, and her writing is a treat. An author deserving of Icon status!For my friends that wondered the use of "neither lips" has not been edited. I am a fan so 5 stars for content and affection.

  • Margaret Slusser
    2019-03-21 05:23

    Great read the first time and the next!I read this book, and the ones that followed, years ago. I have re-read them again and again over the years. They are by far the best mid-evil romance novels available. I was thrilled at them becoming available on my kindle and purchased the entire set. I was unaware that a seventh book was now available, so I am reading again the collection so I can remember all of the characters and their stories when I get to that last book. Roberta Gellis' books give such details and description you feel you are there, in the history, falling in love, facing the obstacles, and being triumphant in the end. Thank you Me. Gellis

  • Amanda
    2019-03-29 07:25

    I always enjoy well-researched historical fiction. I've learned more from fiction than I ever did in school. However, I'm not sure I liked the main characters very much. I prefer a heroine to be thoughtful of her servants because she has a kind heart, not because she knows that she gets better service from both a horse and a servant if she sees to their needs. (view spoiler)[ And it irritates me endlessly when a hero claims to love the heroine, yet has no problem having sex with other women.(hide spoiler)]

  • Jenny Q
    2019-03-24 07:12

    It is too late for me to learn your wisdom in this matter. From the time I knew aught, I have lived with a knight and his lady whose love lit and warmed the dark hall on winter's nights. Madam, my example comes not from any book of romance. My grandparents walked and breathed; they kissed and quarreled. This I must have, and I will seek it with the point of my knife in a bad husband's heart if I can find it no other way.

  • Nicole
    2019-04-12 04:07

    This book really started out promising. I loved the characters and the story and I love the historical references and details. I felt after half way that the book got too detailed with the history and the characters got lost for me. I found myself skimming most of the rest of the book just to find out what would happy to the characters and then not being very excited when I found at. That is not a good sign. I was very disappointed since I started out enjoying it so much. Oh, well.

  • Jody
    2019-03-27 00:04

    Thanks to Goodreads! I was so excited to find another author who sets her stories in the Medieval Ages, my favorite era in historical fiction. Her characters are richly drawn. You know what they will feel, how they will act and what they will do without ever having met them. Her research is accurate and illuminates the story with tiny details that make the reader feel they are in London, Cyprus or other locations in the book. I look forward to reading more by this author.

  • Rusty
    2019-04-13 06:24

    A good little story! I liked the heroine, Alinor. The author did a creditable job of depicting her youth and experience with romance. Alinor is a departure from the norm of the times. She reads, runs her own estates, and lives a most independent life. Her story interlinks with that of the queen, Alinor, and the king. Her beloved is a knight who serves both. From England to the Holy Land and back the story is told from a third person perspective.

  • LJ
    2019-04-09 01:15

    ROSELYNDE - OkayGellis, Roberta - 1st in seriesFrom Fantastic Fiction: Beautiful and strong-willed Alinor, the mistress of Roselynde, teams with Simon, a battle-scarred knight, to fight political obstacles, journey to Byzantium, and engage in a sizzling romance. Well written. Heavy history/no sex. Okay but very slow.

  • Hilcia
    2019-03-28 02:57

    Rereading the Rosalynde Chronicles by Roberta Gellis. First read Roselynde back in the late 70's, early 80's and this reread stands the test of time. I still love young Alinor the Intrepid and Simon the Honorable. Fantastic details, excellent characters and a plot that kept me engaged from beginning to end.

  • Letitia
    2019-03-21 08:17

    I enjoyed this book. It was a historical book with a little romance. I did get a little tired of the battles and campaigns, but those can be skimmed. I've read historical fiction about Eleanor of Aquitaine, but as a young and middle aged queen, it was fun seeing her as a senior. The book moved fast enough to keep the pages turning. Overall an enjoyable read with several strong female characters.

  • Katie
    2019-04-17 05:21

    A little bit of a different view of William Marshal and his wife than presented in Elizabeth Chadwick's series, but the main characters in this case are fictional, while Elizabeth Chadwick dealt only with actual historical characters. I did like that instead of staying in England like most stories featuring Richard the Lionheart, the story followed him on his Crusade.

  • Kelly
    2019-03-27 03:20

    This book is a historical novel that got very high reviews but I do not get it. I appreciated that the historical facts are true but the story and the characters are an absolute bore. The only reason this got three stars over two is because I might have learned something. I do not plan on continuing with the series.