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In the year 2015, an artificial virus called GenoVax is unleashed, and the human race will know what it is like to burn. "Good, clean, kill-'em-all-and-let-God-sort-it-out fun."--Locus. HC: Ace....

Title : Burn
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ISBN : 9780441003624
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Burn Reviews

  • Bryan
    2019-03-15 07:42

    I read this quite a few years ago, but didn't realize at the time that it was a sequel, so I didn't enjoy the book the first time around.I've just now finished a re-read, but this time I was prepared, and actually read the first book (Viravax) before going back to its sequel, Burn. And now the story makes sense.So, a warning: this book will make very little sense if you don't read Viravax first. I'm frankly surprised in hindsight that I finished this the first time around.In this book, the virus developed by the Viravax corporation (owned by the religious group known as the Children of Eden) is released, and able to infect the public. Infection means that you die a horrible death, with your body's cells basically melting into a rancid stench before engulfing into a self-immolating blue flame.Much better action this time around, but still the clunkiness persists. I strongly recommend you read the books one after the other, because there are so many references here to the first book that you'll want to be sure you remember all of the details. But the timelines are skewed. Some of this book exists in a parallel timeline to the original, so events that already took place in book 1 are repeated here, but through the viewpoint of a different character this time around. In fact, I was sure that a large chunk of one chapter was actually copied and pasted from the first book, with only a few changes. In all other cases, however, the re-telling of an event was through fresh eyes, so it wasn't too dull to go through once more.Slightly better than the first book, the chapters in this book don't seem to jump too far ahead. There is always an indefinite period of time that elapses when you end one chapter and begin another, but it's less jerky this time (although far from perfect).The strongest complaint about this book is that once again the reader inhabits the thoughts of a different character in each chapter, and details are given to you in that manner, by listening in as the characters thinks about things. There are more action scenes in this book, so it's better than the first one, but there are also many times when it bogs down as you're stuck in the head of some character.2.5 stars for this one... a bit better than the previous, and an interesting story if you can get through 2 somewhat flawed books to absorb it all. If you have already finished Viravax, then you've already invested enough to make it more than worth your while to also read Burn, as it does complete the overall story quite nicely.

  • Bryan
    2019-02-27 07:24

    Gotta quit reading into a series until I've read book 1 first. I really didn't think this was that great. I've got ViraVax now (but didn't have it when I read Burn). I will read it sometime, but was put off enough that it will take some time before I get to it.

  • Falbs
    2019-03-17 03:22

    Sometimes you just need to read some poorly written crap to remind yourself what artistry really looks like. One of the worst books I've ever struggled through.