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Find out about how maths could help you rescue someone in deadly peril, how not to shoot yourself with a cannon, and meet famous mathematicians who were really hard. And watch out for One Finger Jimmy, Chainsaw Charlie and their gangster friends, who are living proof that maths can be murderous....

Title : Murderous Maths
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ISBN : 9780439011563
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 144 Pages
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Murderous Maths Reviews

  • Sally
    2019-04-22 17:48

    Could these *be* more British? Dry, raucous humor is used to illustrate math principles. FUN MATH, you say? You bet! There's a whole series, the rest of which I have not read: math, science, history, you name it. They're hard to come by, since they are published primarily in the UK, but worth the hunt.

  • Adriana Mora
    2019-04-18 16:08

    Descubrí este libro cuando tenia 5 años y lo he amado desde entonces, de una forma inteligente y con un humor increíblemente sarcástico (para ser un libro "infantil") explican conceptos matemáticos y la resolución a problemas complejos. Cabe aclarar que el humor que manejan los libros de esta serie es muy británico y en ocasiones hacen chistes muy locales, fuera de eso creo que es una buena manera de introducir a los niños a las "mortíferas mates".

  • Rebecca Nuttall
    2019-04-13 11:57

    Used as part of my teacher training. These books were a great way to engage children in what could be a 'boring' subject. They made it accessible and memorable making children more willing to learn. A wide variety of different topics are covered, to give students knowledge of the broad spectrum in mathematics.

  • Regsly
    2019-03-23 15:03

    Adoro este género de livros da Cultura e História Horrível e o seu humor muito próprio!Além de serem simultaneamente educativos e divertidos, contam-nos factos e incidentes que geralmente não chegam aos manuais ou às salas de aula, tornando estes nomes aborrecidos sem rosto em humanos com os quais nos podemos relacionar. Deste modo, a própria matéria se torna mais fácil de relembrar.(view spoiler)[Lodovico Ferrari decifrou as equações quárticas. Poderias, pois, pensar que era um homenzinho tímido com um bigode ralo, que tinha o hábito de ir às compras com a sua tia.Errado! Lodovico bebia, jogava, praguejava e lutava, e acabou por morrer envenenado pela própria irmã.As últimas palavras de Lodovico: Bem me pareceu que a *!30*30 da massa tinha um gosto esquisito. (hide spoiler)]

  • Ilib4kids
    2019-04-20 11:44

    (Murderous Maths)J510 POSIntroduce basic math in a fun and entertaining way, including math stories and math history. Watching following DVDs will making the some math concept introduced in books more easily understood, like artist M. C Escher's staircase, bonus episode prime number history.More Murderous Maths (Murderous Maths, #2)monomino,domino,tromino,tetromino,pentomino,hexomino,heptominoThe story of mathPublisher:Athena Call Number:DVD 510.9 STO3 videodiscs (ca. 310 min.)The codePublisher:Athena Call number:DVD 510 COD2 videodiscs (ca. 174 min.)

  • Daisy
    2019-04-07 13:48

    I'm really not a maths person so it took me a while to get into this book, but I ended up quite enjoying it and towards the end I actually tried out a lot of the calculations and tricks for myself. Very cool format to get kids into maths with a wide range of subjects covered. Recommended if you're looking for a quick, humorous introduction to basic maths.

  • Bistra Ivanova
    2019-04-06 12:03

    Прочетена с удоволствие за една вечер; жалко, че не съм открила поредицата, когато още ходех на училище :-)

  • Indah Threez Lestari
    2019-04-18 10:44

    878 -2016

  • Zoe
    2019-04-18 16:53

    Very intresting

  • Tommy Nguyen
    2019-03-26 10:05

    This book is great, It shows you the basic of "Murgerous Math" in a funny way with some cool cartoon pictures. this could be great for someone who want to re-visit the 1st-5th grade math experience.

  • Molly
    2019-03-27 16:06

    Great for late primary age maths students. Interesting, quite funny. The kids enjoy them. Good for a child who might find maths boring. Read aloud works well.

  • Arya
    2019-04-04 13:00

    A light read, funny, and for anybody who has ever encountered maths before.

  • Amy
    2019-04-23 11:06

    We love these books!!! We had to order them from Amazon UK, but it was worth it!!

  • Jenni
    2019-03-29 14:56

    One of the random books I've read, and it turns out to be a very good book to introduce basic math in a fun and entertaining way.Swedish title: Förfärlig fakta: fängslande Matematik

  • Littlevision
    2019-03-29 12:58

    Entertaining and with lots of nifty tricks (even for adults).