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When JD Reed shows up at the Circle R horse ranch, Avery Dalton is fully prepared to hate his guts. Tapped by his aunt to help out at the horse ranch, the greenhorn thinks he can just step in and run the show, but Avery’s not having any. JD’s got a line on Avery’s secret, though barely acknowledged need to be sexually dominated, A loner used to making his own way, Avery'llWhen JD Reed shows up at the Circle R horse ranch, Avery Dalton is fully prepared to hate his guts. Tapped by his aunt to help out at the horse ranch, the greenhorn thinks he can just step in and run the show, but Avery’s not having any. JD’s got a line on Avery’s secret, though barely acknowledged need to be sexually dominated, A loner used to making his own way, Avery'll be damned before he submits to the arrogant Yankee.JD Reed can never resist a challenge, and Avery Dalton is no exception. Determined to seduce and claim the tattooed, tough cowboy, JD teases and taunts his prey until he goes too far. In a battle of wills that turns physical, the sexual tension seething just below the surface explodes like a Texas tornado that sweeps them both off their feet....

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Texas Surrender Reviews

  • JenMcJ
    2019-05-12 09:00

    Oh, this one is hard to rate. It falls into a few clichés that bug me but the BDSM journey that JD and Avery undertake is very interesting. This book encompasses everything from bondage to pain play once JD introduces Avery to these concepts. Up until he meets JD, Avery had no idea he was a pain slut and that BDSM existed. It doesn’t take JD long to have Avery begging for more, more, more. So, the sex is kinky but the relationship was a little one sided. JD was too often condescending to Avery for me to feel that they had a real balanced exchange of power going on until the end. By the end of the book they are true partners. However, the end was one cliché after another that brings the story from a solid four stars to a three star review. Claire Thompson is a skilled enough storyteller to have been able to find a less common ending than the one she gave us.

  • Erotic Horizon
    2019-04-23 11:48

    Bad luck comes in three, at least that's how the saying goes – but sometimes there is a deal breaker. When JD Reed had a run of bad luck first with his job, then with his current lover and to top it off – a personal lose, he thought how much worst can this get. It can get worse or it can get really better if the eye candy that is Avery Dalton the man on his aunts ranch is any thing to go by. JD is a member of the BDSM lifestyle and he knows what he want and how to go about getting what he wants, the one thing he is not up for however is forcing someone to do something that they are not willing to do. Caught between a rock and a hard place in helping his aunt with the ranch when his uncle dies and getting on with his life, JD – knows it was going to be difficult because no matter how hard the life of a chef was, the manually labour of farm work is an entirely different matter. Looking at Avery makes JD days bearable, but Avery was not about to play nice when there was work to be done. JD knows what he wants and he also knows that Avery needs what he wants even if he doesn’t know it yet.Avery Dalton the ranch hand who has seen more life than he care to talk about is in an unsure position, with not knowing what will happen to his job and his home. When he meets JD, all it meant to him was just another person to waste his time and as a relative he would be the boss of the spread for the duration. The JD that he built up in his mind and the JD that he got for the next two mornings are two totally different people and JD is not about to make Avery forget it.Avery does not know if he is ready for what JD is offering and he can’t resist as JD seems to know him better than he even know himself, but life for the two was more than just about who tied who to the bed at nights and this is where the true problem laysIf you are looking for an author that takes the time with not only a plot, but characters and a built up – Claire Thompson is one author I can say for a fact give a try.When I started this book I knew there was going to be BDSM material in there somewhere, the story starts off immediately with a angsty moment. A few pages later in and I went through a whole range of emotions surprises, regret for circumstances, sorrow for a lose, that panicky feeling of uncertainty and the shuddering feel of that first look, that first touch – that idea that something big was about to happen and I could not stop it.This was how much of this authors talent came through in this book. She put two men before me, JD Reed with his quite confidence and take charge attitude, who was wanting to do the right thing but knows he has a life he needs to carve out for himself – mix that in with him wanting someone so much yet even in his certainty he is unsure of his reception.Then there is Avery, I fell for Avery for his name and he did not let me down. Avery is in his own eyes a self made man, from the moment he could do for himself he has worked hard and even when the odds look set against him – he worked hard. His sole focus now is on the day to day running of the Circle R horse ranch but when he is put in a position of having JD around he is made by JD to look at a part of is sexuality that he has never thought he would have to.What follows from there is a journey of trust on a scale that only the purest of heart can know as JD literally takes Avery by the hand and led him through the uncharted territory of self awareness, pain, pleasure and eventually total self satisfaction, then there is anger, as men – things like the gentle touch does come easily, especially when it’s tempered with naivety and the fact that only so much room can be given to naturally expectation after that there is only an emotional high and both JD and Avery have to roll with those punches.TEXAS SURRENDER is not all about Avery and JD, family interaction, life expectations and challenges makes up a few scenes and these are not only scenes for the sake of filler – they tied the book together beautifully and they give that realistic feel to the whole thing.Ms Thompson bring a freshness to the BDSM scenes for me, I have read loads of BDSM, fetishes and all other manner of books – but the approach Thompson takes with this book as well as the time and patience that she invest in these two men to not only give them a chance grow and to experience there all, but also leave them enough room to opt out without losing face and this only makes the book a winner with me.Ms Thompson also round up this book nicely as well, no five minute sprint to the finish line did I get with this book – all the storyline got resolves – there was assured HEA and I felt good about leaving them at the place where they were.

  • Kassa
    2019-05-02 09:03

    "Texas Surrender" is an indulgent story about cowboys with some kink. The BDSM included is not necessarily hard-core but it’s not exactly light either. The elements included are familiar to many readers and stray more towards formal rules and titles. Unfortunately while some readers will be attracted to the sexual component ~ and really who doesn’t love kinky cowboys ~ others may be disappointed at the lack of imagination and depth to the story. The plot and characters ultimately feel very flat and one dimensional with the final resolution contradictory.Highly trained chef JD Reed returns home for his uncle’s funeral after being let go from his high profile job as a sous-chef. Although JD has no experience working on a ranch, he is asked to stay on and help out until decisions can be made about the ranch’s future. This means working with the ranch’s only employee, Avery, very closely. JD immediately decides to have a little fun while he’s in Texas and sets out to sexually dominate Avery. Along the way though both men must come to grips with their emotions and what it means for their future.The plot set up is rather basic and somewhat far-fetched. There is no real reason for a celebrated chef to be working as a ranch hand, especially given that JD does a lot of the chores poorly and needs constant supervision. Additionally, JD makes inappropriate sexual comments to Avery within minutes of meeting the man and continues regardless of Avery’s persistence that JD stop. Although this is rather unrealistic, the story is indulgent and meant to entice, so readers may not be bothered with these details. This is very much a fantasy story with BDSM between two cowboys. What is more problematic is that neither the characters nor the plot holds much complexity or interest.JD spends a good portion of the story lecturing Avery about BDSM: what it means, the rules, the nature, the strength and weakness and demanding Avery’s trust and compliance. Yet JD violates Avery’s trust multiple times with his words and actions. JD never really has the depth of conscience to acknowledge his mistakes and the irony of demanding Avery’s trust while lying to the man. Furthermore, JD admits that he misses the city and would not be happy living his life on the ranch so his final decisions felt weak and contradictory. Similarly, Avery felt wooden with his easy acceptance and listless actions. He rarely takes initiative in either his work or life yet gets angry when decisions are made for him.Overall the characters from JD to Avery and even the aunt felt one dimensional and lacking any real interest or spark. None of this was helped by the dependence on rhetorical questions in the writing. The story is filled with questions that the characters mentally ask themselves without answers, so much so that this became an annoying feature. Instead of evaluating the reasons for thoughts or actions, the characters would simply ask themselves questions without ever thinking of answers. Instead of developing the characters, their personalities, and the emotional connection, each man would wallow in their minds asking rhetorical questions they couldn’t answer.Although I’m a fan of cowboy stories with some kink thrown in, nothing felt unusual or fresh about this particular offering. Instead the writing combined with the wooden characters had even the sex scenes feeling rote and without much to recommend them. The story is basic and perhaps those readers who are looking for something light and easy can ignore some of the problems and enjoy the story for what it is.

  • Tam
    2019-04-30 11:15

    Late to the party on this I guess, but it was a DNF. It's really not my kind of BDSM and the fact that it bordered on sexual harassment from day 1 was a turn off to me. Just not my taste, no rating because I didn't really read it, skimmed to find out the ending.

  • Serena Yates
    2019-04-30 05:06

    This book is an interesting mix between a cowboy story, a journey into a D/s relationship for an inexperienced sub, and a plot about a ranch's survival after the old owner dies.This is as much a story about finding love and a home for both of the main characters as it is all of the above. I really liked that part best of all. Avery is an interesting character who has had to fight for survival since he was a kid. His background and rationale for acting the way he does were very clear to me, and I felt for him. JD was a little more difficult for me to understand, but then, he himself doesn't really know where he belongs anymore - Texas, his old home, or New York City, where his ambition now lies. The cowboys are hot, but the lack of commitment or even just emotion between them took me out of it a few times. If you are interested in some imaginative D/s scenes, you will like this story.

  • Wren
    2019-05-15 04:10

    Claire Thompson is able to get inside the heads of the protags, in terms of the bdsm. I found this interesting, particularly as Avery struggled with his own desires. JD was hard for me to like at first, but he grew on me. I wished that some of the events that happened off-page would have been shown. As usual, I want more more more!

  • Beck
    2019-04-29 09:52

    I found it hard to enjoy this book because I really disliked the character JD ... his arrogance & selfishness just left a nasty taste in my mouth. Although there was a HEA, I was indifferent & unmoved by it because I kinda wanted Avery to find someone better.

  • Kim
    2019-05-11 05:06

    Rubbed me the wrong way For the longest time I felt no connection between JD and Avery. Therefore all JD 's advances seemed almost non con and certainly more pushy then I like.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-05-20 09:55

    Claire Thompson is quite famous for her BDSM romance. She is probably one of the few authors specialized in the genre that I read with pleasure… yes, I know, it’s an old thing, but I always feel as to highlight it, the BDSM world is not exactly my thing, and so, I not always am able to fully enjoy a romance with that theme. In Texas Surrender I think the author approaches the genre with in an even more unusual way. The role play between Avery and JD doesn’t follow a strict script, the borders are blurry. JD is a French cuisine chef in New York but he originally came from Texas. He is not a successful man like usually it’s for a dominant partner, he has no money, he lives in a crappy apartment, and the same day he loses his job he also loses his submissive, the man was cheating on him during the day while JD was working. So no, JD is not the stereotype dominant man, and in a way he is even a more original dominant like that: the power on his submissive is not conveyed since JD is the wealthier and more powerful, but since he is the strongest on an emotional level. For this exact reason, he is the right dominant for Avery. Avery is younger than JD and he works as hired man on the horses ranch of JD’s uncle. When the old man dies for an heart attack, JD, who is between jobs, comes to the ranch to help Avery. JD is not exactly a horses rancher, he has very few experience on the job, and so he can’t be Avery’s boss on the field. And even if JD is older in age, he has not had the bad and troubled youth Avery had, and so JD is not even more experienced in life than Avery. With this basis, a D/s relationship between them, with JD as dominant, would be impossible. The only way for it to work, is for JD to be the strongest on an emotional level. JD is already at peace with his sexuality, with what he wants and likes; Avery instead has not had the chance to fully explore his desires, before JD’s arrival, he didn’t even know what a BDSM relationship was. So JD can be Avery’s dominant only playing on Avery’s “innocence” when it arrives to sex. I don’t think that, in the end, JD and Avery’s relationship is a real D/s relationship. Between them it’s more a question of how they like to have sex more than how they want to live day-to-day. Outside the bedroom, JD and Avery are two different men with different lives and expectations; they meet and agreed on a common path only inside the bedroom. JD doesn’t really “conquers” Avery, for example, it’s JD who is the first to make clear his feelings, something I think I have never found in a D/s relationship, usually it’s not the dominant lover to speak first the three little words, I love you. I think that JD is more a supporting partner, the steadiness that Avery needs and misses, JD gives to Avery a family and a comforting embrace, and if the embrace is a little rough, a little forceful, well, it can be good, Avery doesn’t complain on that, but he is not yet ready to have a fully D/s relationship with JD.

  • Nile Princess
    2019-05-05 07:55

    I consider Claire Thompson to be the undisputed queen of BDSM. I pretty much love everything she's written. I love her style, I love the way she shows and doesn't just tell and I especially love that she can show both the dom's and sub's point of view. I was really surprised, then, that not only did I not love this book, I couldn't even finish it.For some reason, the characters felt really flat, the bdsm element felt very clinical, like it was just being put through the paces, and the storytelling was too one-sided. What I love about even her more hardcore books like Switch (which is probably my favorite BDSM book EVER)is that we got a front row seat to both worlds. We got to see that a true dom can't just dish it out, he is disciplined enough to take it. Whether or not one agrees with this line of thinking, it worked immensely well for the storyline. In this book, when Avery challenges JD to prove that he can do what he's asking of Avery, JD doesn't lead by example, or give Avery a reason why he should trust him. He just knocks him down and spanks him. It didn't read like true domination to me; it read like a cop out. Another favorite The Cowboy Poet shows the buildup of trust. I didn't really like JD, who just shows up and tells Avery that he could give him what he needed and that trust was an integral element in BSDM. Yet, JD betrays that trust and then proceeds to try to tie Avery up. I just couldn't get into them as a couple, much less a BDSM couple.I could go on, but there is a community review by 'kassa' that expertly conveys all my thoughts on this book.If this is your first Claire Thompson book and you were underwhelmed, PLEASE try the two books I mentioned....and if you loved this one, but haven't read those two, still go get them. :-) Also, for a book that's a bit darker(or a lot darker, depending on your tastes), try Uneven by Anah Crow. This book is very pain focused, but HUGE on showing the effects of the BDSM relationship on both the dom and the sub.

  • Amanda
    2019-05-17 09:56

    Let Me start off by saying this is not my typical book and even though it was not my first Gay/Lesbian based book it was my first Male based one. I also Do Not get into the whole BDSM scene so i was a little nervous. It was a very quick read and even with it being a short read I found myself not looking at it as a Gay or Male based story but as a story of two lover who happen to be both male. The BDSM was tasteful and emotional which i was kind of blown away by because I never viewed it as emotional ( I now think my view was tainted by it not being something this is for me) I didn't feel at all uncomfortable reading those parts. I think the author did an amazing job with not only the Characters but also whit how realistically the story flowed. I loved Avery and everything that made him who he was. His naivety and curiosity down to his just not understanding but willing to try. I liked J.D. as well but it did take longer for me to really say that I liked him. At first I thought What an arrogant jerk, but then reading how sweetly and patiently he handled Avery I just couldn't stop myself and found him redeemed in my eyes. I feel the description on of BDSM acts and the meaning behind them given very beautifully done and that even though I, myself would never go there I understood and had a better impression of why and how it could be and is perfect for some people. I found only two flaws with this book personally and they weren't even bad ones, first was that fact that some things were I felt left open ended I would have really like to have seen some things followed up on ( for Example : Aunt Luann knowing about J.D. and Avery... I would have liked for Avery to have been told and or for J.D. to have confided in Aunt Luann) and then also that even though I am gratefully happy that the story ended so great it was a little to pretty with a bow in top if that makes since it wrapped up as if maybe in a hurry. Still over all I am very happy I was chosen to read this book.

  • Gerry Burnie
    2019-05-18 09:02

    This is the second Claire Thompson novel I have read, the first being Polar Reaction, and by comparison I prefer the latter.Texas Surrender [Romance unbound, 2009) features BDSM as a main theme, and while it is certainly erotic the story is short on depth and imagination. Moreover, I found the characters (all of them) generally lacking in conviction.Sous-chef JD Reed, living in New York at the opening of the story, encounters a string of misfortune when he is laid-off from his prestigious position. In addition, he discovers his subservient boyfriend is serving another ‘master’ behind JD’s back. Add to this the death of his uncle in Texas, and the scenario is set for his return to country life.This includes working on his late uncles ranch—although he hasn’t done this sort of work since he was a boy—and assisting the ranch’s only employee, Avery; a closet gay who travels out-of-town to indulge his sexual needs. For JD it means having a bit of fun with this macho stud, and ultimately dominating him.The plot from there on is rather basic and in places a little contrived. For example, it is difficult to imagine a New York chef mucking out horse stalls—physically, if nothing else. It is equally unimaginable for JD to best Avery in a wrestling mach. Nevertheless, the story is predicated on exploring BDSM as a topic, and two hunky cowboys as a vehicle.The story is interesting, however, for a look at the not-so-common world of BDSM (for me, anyway); what it means, the rules, the nature, the strength and weakness—even though JD often violates its edicts regarding trust, and Avery seems just a bit too compliant overall.For those who are looking for something light and sexy it makes a fairly good read.

  • CB
    2019-05-09 05:00

    A sweet, sexy (some BDSM) love story with a HEA.

  • Charly
    2019-05-01 06:00

    Pretty good, although I didn’t like it as much as some other Thompson books I’ve readWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 7/10PROS: - The gradual process by which JD seduces Avery into trying BDSM is pretty well done, especially considering how short the book is (it’s fewer than 200 pages). And there’s a scene where JD and Avery are watching two horses, one of which has had to be tied down, that is sexually charged and leads beautifully into the first scene in which the two men play with rope.- The sex scenes are sort of quick and dirty and a little on the rough side. I didn’t find them particularly hot, but they seemed right for the story and the characters.- I liked the ending, even if it’s a little unrealistic. (A lot of romance books have unrealistic endings, in my opinion, but I still like them because I’m a sap.)CONS: - Avery’s struggle to accept his submissive urges rang true to me. However, the book isn’t long enough to examine that struggle in a lot of detail. It felt a little brushed over to me compared to the psychological explorations in other BDSM romances.- The characters are pleasant and I enjoyed reading their story. But nothing struck me as terribly unique about them; I don’t know that they’ll stick out in my mind two months from now, considering how many romances I read.Overall comments: I’m a Claire Thompson fan; her writing flows smoothly and easily and she creates likeable characters with realistic-seeming connections. I don’t think this is among her best books, but a decent book by Thompson is better than a good book by some other authors.

  • Rissa (an M/M kinda Girl!!)
    2019-04-30 12:12

    A Rancher & BDSM...pretty awesome combo if ya ask me!JD comes back to Texas for some family issue. Avery is NOT happy to see this city-slicker on the ranch even if he is here to help out. JD can feel the submission just oozing off Avery but Avery has no idea what JD is talkin about. 'Challenge Accepted!' JD is determined to have Ave get in touch with his sub side. Was JD a bit of a pushy 'ass'...yes, but I think the way he went about getting Avery to accept or at least try to learn about the whole sub thing what done pretty well. Really tho, this story is just as much about love and acceptance as it is about a D/s relationship.

  • Gigi
    2019-05-10 10:09

    This was a re-read in October 2013 from the original read in spring 2010. Unfortunately, I did knock it down one star from 5 to 4 because it wasn't quite as great as I remembered. MC JD Reed was a little too overbearing for my taste. He kept invading MC Avery Dalton's comfort zone and it got kinda on the creepy side after awhile. But once the boys fell into bed, it was all good and hot and steamy just like all of the fabulous Claire Thompson BDSM books.If you like big, rough and tough cowboys playing D/s games, this one is for you and I can absolutely recommend it.

  • Christine
    2019-04-20 09:15'm so glad I read this. It's really a very sweet and incredibly steamy love story. Initially I was a little turned off by JD -- he seemed like a self-important jerk. But as the story progressed, and JD's feelings for Avery started developing, his character seemed more sympathetic. One of the best aspects of the story is how JD gradually drew Avery into a D/s relationship by stressing how it didn't make Avery less of man to submit, and it was wonderful to see Avery really empowered by his feelings for JD.Yes the story is a little simplistic, but it has a lot of heart and kindness -- and...a lot of amazingly hot sex. Highly recommended!

  • Kristina
    2019-05-13 08:06

    I've had this book for awhile and decided it was time to dust it off and read. I rounded my rating up to a 4 - the story and the characters were solid. I really like how cocky JD was and then how soft he could be once he recognized love. Avery was also a good character. I thought it was a great journey for him - not knowing the d's side of himself and then his struggle to accept that it didn't make him less of a man.

  • Adara
    2019-05-12 05:50

    I enjoyed reading the breaking in of someone who doesn't know he's a submissive into the role and thought it was handled pretty well. There was one point where Avery felt his trust had been betrayed, and I thought he ought to have balked more about giving over his trust to JD the next time it came to that, but otherwise it flowed well and wasn't too long.

  • René
    2019-04-30 03:50

    I was completely ready to stop reading about 36% in. JD was annoying me. His advances on Avery were borderline send him to jail advances. I actually would have turned this book into a drinking game with the amount of times he said 'I know what you need'. I gave it 3 stars because I did start enjoying my first time with cowboys on the ranch, but only after JD stopped being so cocky and arrogant.

  • Kira
    2019-04-28 05:09

    Uhh... Well, what I learned from this book is to NOT read too many of Thompson's cowboy-BDSM books back to back. Seriously. I could tell what was going to happen and...yeah. Also, the whole storyline is so cliched it's not funny. It had some sexy moments and some good scenes but that was about it. Predictable and old.

  • JustJen
    2019-04-24 07:09

    This was a nice story. I loved Avery, but JD came across as extremely pushy and overbearing in the beginning. He eased up a little as the story progressed, but I just didn't get a good feel for his character throughout most of the story. He improved some by the end and things seemed to work themselves out, so I am giving this 3 1/2 stars.

  • Shannon
    2019-04-19 10:11

    Sweet and sexy cowboy books. Who doesn't love that. I wouldn't say there was anything truly hardcore about the D/s play in this book but it was hot as hell. No angst, no heartbreak just a nice solid romance.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-09 12:05

    Following the death of his uncle and also losing his job as a sous chef, JD returns home to Texas for the funeral. On the ranch he meets a 26 year old hand called Avery.JD a dom, recognizes the need to submit in Avery and sliwly introduces him to the world of BDSM.A quick enjoyable read.

  • Mary
    2019-04-24 09:05

    Omg. This book was hot. Not that I'm into the whole bondage think but it was still a bit of a thrill to imagine someone doing that. Though the whole hitting thing was a total turn off. :/ Still a good book and I say read it.

  • Seregil
    2019-05-16 06:46

    3.5 starsA nice BDSM and a sweet story about how you can fulfill your dreams differently that you belived you wanted to.

  • Snowtulip
    2019-05-15 06:54

    Just didn't work for me. Didn't care for JD, I didn't feel the chemistry and everything was a bit rushed for me.

  • Gavin Stephenson-Jackman
    2019-04-29 06:47

    A very interesting read.

  • Piper
    2019-04-30 05:11

    A sweet story and along the way one finds himself and the other finds his home:)

  • Liz (Bugetta)
    2019-05-06 06:11