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The New Newbridge Academy has a strange, storied history and a gothic atmosphere, and since Noh’s aunt is a teacher there, it’s where Noh will be spending the summer while her father travels for work. Noh, slightly eccentric herself, enjoys exploring the campus, but things get spooky when she meets several other children near an old burned-out dormitory. There shouldn’t beThe New Newbridge Academy has a strange, storied history and a gothic atmosphere, and since Noh’s aunt is a teacher there, it’s where Noh will be spending the summer while her father travels for work. Noh, slightly eccentric herself, enjoys exploring the campus, but things get spooky when she meets several other children near an old burned-out dormitory. There shouldn’t be students around in the summer, right? But these kids turn out to be ghosts, and they need Noh’s help. She is the only “realie” who can see them—and, now that the ghosts have started to disappear, the only one who can save them....

Title : Among the Ghosts
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Among the Ghosts Reviews

  • Emma
    2019-03-22 11:33

    What a neat little story. Some reviewers critiquing children's lit on goodreads often say things along the lines of, "...I guess if I was 10 again..." or "...I don't know if I just didn't enjoy this because I'm an adult and not a child..." etc. etc. To you, I say:BE A CHILD, THEN. Really. It's not very hard. It will clean out all the sludge and the ache, and leave you able to breathe again. It does whole WORLDS of good for you! Shimmering, shining, creeping, maddening, beautiful worlds of good. Wake up a grown-up tomorrow morning if you must, but tonight, just stay up late with a flashlight under your blankets, and allow yourself the freedom and wisdom of being young again. Okay. That being said, I loved this book. It reminded me of all the Blyton and Nesbit I devoured in my single-digit days (and, okay, last week.) The illustrations were simple and sweet, and the story was matter of factly told by a shy, capable girl who, like all children, wants to be special - not in the same way grown-ups want to be special, mind you, to be recognized and praised and accomplished, but instead just to have a quiet, happy gift all her own, a reason she is exactly where she needs to be. A *secret*. And Noleen - nickname: Noh...LOVE IT - is not about to whine about her secrets, either. Don't expect an angsty, syrupy, coming-of-age parable with lots of overblown language and tear-streaked faces. I don't need any wordy narration telling me this girl is brave: I am left to make my own conclusions without a lot of fuss. This is precisely why I compare it to the previously mentioned masters: it is a story of a girl - with good manners and a competent vocabulary - who is kind, and persistent, and *different*, and who is also very brave, simply because she does not once acknowledge the existence of any other option. And that, in and of itself, is extraordinary.

  • Jeff Raymond
    2019-03-12 04:31

    I'm enough of a Whedon fanboy to pick up a kids book written by Tara from Buffy. I'm enough of a kiddie book nerd to actually unabashedly enjoy it.The book tells the story of Noh, who is off to a new school and has a special ability to see ghosts. There is a mystery about this school and the ghosts, however, and it's a mystery Noh is off to solve. It's a really simple premise, and it's a book that works really well for me. Things are very neat and tidy, and the narration plays up the mystery quite well. Incredibly well done, overall.

  • Alex Telander
    2019-02-22 09:22

    Amber Benson takes a break from Calliope Reaper-Jones and tells an enchanting little story for the younger folk. In the style of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline and Graveyard Book, Benson creates a unique world of fun characters in a very interesting place, with just enough scariness to keep young readers on the edge of their seats.Noleen-Anne Harris Morgan Maypother, better known as Noh, is a strange little girl who likes her time to herself; her inquisitive and investigative nature makes her wiser beyond her years, and it seems like fate when she ends up visiting and staying with her aunt who works at the gothic and enchanting New Newbridge Academy. Noh arrives early before the start of school where there are only teachers and no students yet to walk its high, echoing halls. But this is a dream come true to her: a giant empty school, like an ancient castle, asking to be explored, filled with mysteries and enigmas.And then there’s the West Wing, which mysteriously burned down. As Noh gets to know some of the teachers, she also meets some kids her own age, which shouldn’t be possible since classes haven’t started yet. It doesn’t take Noh long to realize that these kids are actually all ghosts. The really strange thing is that you should only be able to see ghosts if you are one too. And then there’s something that seems to be taking the ghosts, making them disappear for good.Amber Benson seems to have found a perfect niche with Among the Ghosts, using a simple but descriptive and colorful language style that will keep any reader hooked and interested, as well as providing a compelling mystery that serves to compel her protagonist to find out what’s going on, as well as force the reader to keep reading until the very last page.Originally written on October 6 2010 ©Alex C. Telander.For over 500 book reviews, and over 40 exclusive author interviews (both audio and written), visit BookBanter.

  • Sunil
    2019-03-19 03:19

    While the Calliope Reaper-Jones books weren't my thing, I do enjoy a good children's book, and this one, reminiscent (but not derivative) of Coraline and The Graveyard Book, is a good one.Noleen-Anne Harris Morgan Maypother, or Noh for short, goes to stay with her aunt for the summer and begins to explore the abandoned, empty West Wing of the New Newbridge Academy, where she makes some friends! Dead friends. What's amusing is that we get both Noh's perspective and the ghosts' perspectives, and the ghosts assume she's another ghost because generally "realies" can't see them. Noh gets caught up in the mystery of why ghosts are disappearing. Which must somehow involve ants. (There are ants on every single page. The illustrations by Sina Grace complement the story well.)One of my favorite parts of the book is the occasional interjections from the narrator regarding a "nasty thing" waiting in the wings to do nasty things at some point. I love that sort of thing, and it gives the book a bit more personality. The writing style is clearly geared toward children, with few frills.The ending is sort of bonkers and convoluted and could have used some more time to be developed (and it also seems like Benson was setting up a series), but it's also rather exciting and original, certainly not the way I expected the story to go.Overall, Among the Ghosts is a cute ghost story that lacks a certain something to make it great but is enjoyable nonetheless.

  • Kim
    2019-03-22 04:16

    From February 2011 SLJ:Gr 4–6—So that he can explore the Appalachians, Noleen Maypother's scientist father sends her off to her Aunt Clara's for the summer—apparently without checking his sister's availability first. Noh arrives to find a vacant house and decides to take the train to New Newbridge, where her other aunt teaches at the academy. Since Noh will be a sixth grader there in the fall, it seems a logical solution. Aunt Sarah welcomes her and helps her get settled into the old boarding school. But as soon as she arrives, strange things start happening: she meets other children around the ruins of the burned-out West Wing and discovers that they are the ghosts of former students and that she is the only "realie" who can see them. And when her ghost friends start to disappear, it is up to her to solve the mystery and help the ghosts who are left. Benson incorporates some creative ingredients but fails to combine them in a satisfying way. The characters are two-dimensional, the dialogue is stilted, and the plotline so far-fetched and meandering that even the ghosts and the "nasty thing" that lurks in the background will fail to keep most students' attention. Occasional black-and-white drawings are scattered throughout and add nothing to the story. Readers with an interest in the paranormal are better directed to books by Mary Downing Hahn or to Elizabeth Cody Kimmel's "Suddenly Supernatural" series (Little, Brown).—Kim Dare, Fairfax County Public Schools, VA

  • Shanshad Whelan
    2019-03-14 10:32

    Well it's an adequate middle grade ghost story with some issues. There are a lot of touches that I liked about the book, such as the ants crawling over every page, and the varied chapter length. Biggest issue is where this story is set, since the school appears to be somewhere in Britain, but Noh's father is off in the Appalachians studying and there seems to be an implication that she arrived by train at the school. The other quibble is the language of the story. Over all I think this would be appealing to fourth and fifth grade readers just dipping their toes into paranormal stories and getting used to longer reads. There are occasional phrases and comments where I don't think the average MG child is going to necessarily understand it. For instance, Noh thinks about the evil eye stone she holds and decides it is a catalyst. This is a rather intense concept for her to suddenly come up with, but more to the point, most of the readers may not know what a catalyst is, and there's not any attempt to give them a clue what it might mean. There are a few other vocabulary choices that gave me pause, but again, these are quibbles.It's not a bad story overall, and kids may well enjoy it. If the author continues on with this character and provides her a series, I'd just like to see the setting and language tightened up and polished a bit more.

  • Dan Rogers
    2019-03-08 07:24

    This fantasy book was a very easy and enjoyable read, having taken me less than two days to get through it. Noleen-Anne Harris Morgan Maypother (Noh for short) is the only child of an entomological scientist whose wife died giving birth to Noh. As the book opens Noh travels to New Newbridge Academy to spend the summer with her Aunt Sarah who is an English teacher at the academy and where Noh will be a student in the fall. While exploring the academy’s grounds and buildings she finds out that she is able to see and converse with ghosts. As she makes friends with some of them, she finds out that things are not always as they seem. The adventure she has over the next two days (the entire time covered by the book) is more than she could ever have dreamed of and nobody would likely believe it even if she did tell them, which she won’t.I was so enthralled with the adventures of Noh that I found myself wishing I were there along with her. Although not there physically, the author has written the book so well that I was able to be there vicariously through her writing. What a marvelous adventure it was. Much more than I would have expected or could have hoped for. Well worth the time spent.

  • Seanean
    2019-02-21 03:13's mother died minutes after she was born and her father is always gone on research missions, so Noh's never really had a regular childhood. Now that she's about to start at New Newbridge Academy, she's going to have to use that unusual childhood for unusual things.It seems that New Newbridge is filled with ghosts. They are all over the place. They've died from bees stings, horse-riding accidents, fires, chopped off fingers, and more. And it turns out that Noh can see them.It's as new and surprising to the ghosts as it is to Noh. But just as she's making new friends, they are disappearing.Can Noh solve the mystery before they all reach the light?Final thoughts: While I love Amber Benson the actress, I can't say much about the author. The writing was choppy and often felt as if it was written as a stream-of-consciousness attempt. There just wasn't a cohesive story that made any sense. The ending hints that this is the start of a series, but if the writing doesn't improve, I don't see it going far.

  • Star
    2019-03-16 06:25

    Noh's found herself at the New Newbridge Academy for the summer while her dad's away. She's exploring and runs into a few kids who are staying there - but they're not ordinary kids, they're ghosts. Noh's caught up in finding out why the ghosts are disappearing and why the ants in the area are acting so strange.This is a fun and entertaining story about a girl with a strange family legacy who is thrust into a mysterious new place when her dad is off on his own adventure. While she's staying with her aunt at the Academy, she's drawn into a mystery which has many facets and a very interesting and thought-provoking ending. I hope Noh has many more adventures! Highly recommended for kids of all ages.The New Newbridge Academy Series: Among the Ghosts (1)

  • Holli
    2019-02-20 10:15

    I gave this 3 stars but I had so much fun reading it! I immediately ordered 4 books from AB's other series. I really wish there were more books to make is book a series. It is def left open ended for future works. But NOT a cliff hanger.I really enjoyed all the ghosts esp Trinia. When I looked for more books by this writer I realized that she was a star on the show Buffy. She played Tara who is a character I adored and wished she had more time on the show.Anyway, kids will love it. There r lots of illustrations and short easy chapters. The creep factor: Not to scary for kids.

  • Linda Cox
    2019-03-22 05:17

    Great book for kids. Among the Ghosts is creative and has simple enough plot lines that kids can follow and not get lost. I also love how Amber breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to the reader in some of the chapters which shows her sense of humor as well brings the reader into the book.

  • Geri
    2019-03-06 10:24

    I've read adult series by Amber Benson, but I have to say this is some of her best writing yet! I certainly hope there will be more to this middle school series! I will be keeping my eyes peeled for it!

  • Adrianna
    2019-02-22 03:41

    I'll stop skipping around and follow the ants in order one of these days! Amber, please write more children's books. I love the way you speak to kids.

  • Tamara Van dishoeck
    2019-03-17 11:18

    Ik heb dit boek gekocht omdat het geschreven is door Amber Benson en ben dol op haar Death's Daughter serie. het is wel een kinderboek maar vond dat helemaal niet erg. vind de tekeningen wel iets extra's hebben ook al waren het wel heel veel mieren. Noh is een jong meisje die naar haar tante gaat die op een kostschool werkt en ze brengt daar de zomer door voordat ze er naar school zal gaan en raakt daar bevriend met een meisje die een geest is en als er geesten verdwijnen doet ze er alles aan om hun te helpen. er zat humor in maar ook actie en spanning en heb er van genoten. 

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-05 10:28

    I’m not sure who filed this book under as YA when it’s clearly MG. The writing style, plot, photos in the book, and everything else just screamed “MIDDLE SCHOOL”. That being said, it was still a quick and cute read. There weren’t much depth to anything in this book – more of a brush through with a semi interesting plot. The main character, Noh, was a very quirky little girl. She didn’t talk much, was curious, and was very shy. She didn’t seem like the type of have many friends which definitely showed through her actions and the way she conversed with the adults around her. In a way, she was very mature for her age but at the same time, very childish and innocent with her curiosity. She was definitely one of those independent children who ventured on her own to do things the way how she wanted to and when she wanted to do them. I didn’t particularly enjoy reading her nor did I connect with her because I wasn’t like that when I was younger. I was independent but I also liked to have a lot of friends so we were extremely different.The plot was the extremely predictable with no real plot twists. I basically figured out everything right from the beginning and wasn’t particularly surprised when “surprises” showed up, lol. The writing was also very choppy and clearly meant for younger kids. There were also a surprisingly lack of descriptions that I am usually used to since all of the books I read usually have a wealth of descriptive paragraphs about literally everything. This book was clearly the opposite. I had to picture a lot of stuff from the drawings scattered throughout the book to place some of the objects or scenes or just the people in general.Overall, very, very short read. It just took me some time because I wasn’t really interested but I did want to finish it.

  • Alex Bennett
    2019-03-02 04:22

    When I decided to read this book, it was because it looked short and cute, yet a little creepy. Well, that was exactly what it was, yet very different than what I was expecting.Noh was a really quirky and fun protagonist, who I connected to easily and quickly. She is smart, strong, and independent and doesn’t let others make many decisions for her. Though she doesn’t meet many people in this book, the friends she meets are fun to read and all have unique personalities- whether they be alive of dead.The writing style was a bit choppy and lacked description in some parts, but it shined in others. Benson has had a diverse career as an actress, director, and producer, writer being just another one of her many talents. The story flows well and I was never lost, always enraptured by the fast-paced plot of this book.The story itself was very different than I had expected. Noh was the only human child at the school during this book, the rest of the kids being ghosts, but that didn’t mean a lack of interaction between Noh and the other kids. I have a feeling that in future installments of this series, we will see more human children, as the ending of this book left a big hint at what might happen in the future, in regards to Noh and New Newbridge Academy.Readers young and old will enjoy Noh’s adventure in Among the Ghosts. And I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of an exciting story in a riveting new world. I can’t wait to read whatever else Benson has in store for Noh and her ghostly friends.

  • Danyela D'Angelo
    2019-03-18 05:39

    I really love the book Among the Ghosts because it is really exciting, scary, and you don't know what will happen on the next page. The book is Mystery and Fiction because there are ghosts and things that can't really happen in real life involved in it. The author of the book is Amber Benson. The book is about a girl named Noh and her aunt, Clara who moved to New Newbridge Academy, and along with kids at Noh's new school there's ghosts. Most people can't see them, but she can. Her and Hullie, her crush, both can see ghost. They think other students can too, but they're too scared to admit it. While Noh was walking through the woods she found and old burnt up house, and being the curious girl she is, she went in. She met a girl in there who she had never seen before. When Noh left the house the girl went right through the wall. Noh met another boy named Henry and while they were talking for a while he told her he was a ghost by putting his hand through her arm. On Noh's adventure on the way she went to a cemetery and while she was walking through it she saw an old lady who yelled at her to leave. On her way out she found something called a Evil Eye. She used it on her journey in the rest of the book. As you can tell this book is super interesting and it was really fun to read. That is why I chose to do this book for a summary.

  • Annette Fuller
    2019-03-16 11:15

    What a delightful middle grade novel. I think I was right in expecting Amber Benson to be good at writing middle grade. I found this one more enjoyable in some ways than The Witches of Echo Park.That isn’t to say there aren’t some things that snagged my attention. There are a couple times when our protagonist transitions a little too quickly from plucky heroine to scared child. And there are some plot holes that are noticeable enough to make me wonder if there are meant to be more books in the series, because some things feel a bit unfinished by the end. However, I thought the use of supernatural elements was cleverly done, and folding in some science balanced it nicely. The protagonist is clever and observant, though sometimes the amount she “noticed” about the adults around her made me wonder if Benson felt a little restrained, writing solely from the protagonist’s point of view in those sections.The “villain” was a smart concept, once we find out who/what it is, though it could have used a little more time or explanation just to give it due attention toward the end.Overall this was an enjoyable read, and I’ll definitely keep my signed copy in my personal library.https://horriblesanityintervals.wordp...

  • Doris
    2019-03-12 10:34

    Noh (short for Noleen) is an unusual child, in that, being transported off to her Aunt when her Father has to travel for work, goes along to the destination selected, but when her Auntie is not at home, decides to travel to the home of her other Aunt instead. This second Aunt, Sarah, is young and pretty -and a schoolteacher. But oh, what a place she teaches at! The New Newbridge Academy is a boarding school with a strange vibe, including but not limited to the fact that there appear to be children there, although all the adults insist that Noh is the only one in residence! It doesn't take long for Noh to realize the other children are probably all ghosts, and their haunting is (mostly) limited to a burned-out wing of the school.She attempts to find out more, and is tricked into surrendering a special document, and her search to get it back puts her, and her ghostly friends, in dire danger. Well written, entertaining, and although aimed at a younger crowd, definitely worth the read by the older crowd.

  • Jenny
    2019-03-03 05:17

    Probably a 2.5There are some pretty harsh reviews out there...I think they are a little extreme...You just have to imagine you are 10 again.The book is visually appealing, the artwork was interesting, and I found myself following the ants on each page...all of which kids will enjoy.The story is okay. The first half is better, as the plot gets a bit convoluted in the back half. Nothing special here though...characters are a bit flat, writing often seems a bit disjointed, and there are definitely some holes in the plot. The ending was also a bit abrupt and left open for a sequel.I think for the most part, children (probably at least 4th grade) will enjoy the story. It moves quickly and has a lot of action. I don't know that adults would want to continue into the next book though...there just isn't that much to this book.

  • Jan
    2019-03-14 10:39

    3 1/2 stars. Noh is spending the summer with her aunt, at the boarding school where her aunt is a teacher and where Noh will be attending as a student in the Fall. The campus is very quiet and empty so Noh goes exploring. After a while she meet a strange girl in an old dormitory that had been almost destroyed by fire and never rebuilt. Soon she sees some other kids and discovers that they are ghosts. Noh becomes friends with the ghostly kids but something is happening to the ghosts at the school. They are disappearing. Noh is determined to find out what is happening to these kids.This book was fun to read. I think tweens, both boys and girls, would enjoy it. There is a lot going on for a children's book so younger kids might have some trouble with it. I wish there were more books about Noh but so far there are not. Too bad. It could have been an interesting series.

  • Marianne Connelly
    2019-02-19 07:23

    Title: Among the Ghosts Author: Benson,AmberPub. AladdinYear:2010Noleen-Anne Harris Morgan Maypother, better know as Noh, when Noh's entomologist father is looking for specimens in the Appalachians, Nohis sent to boarding school at the New Newbridge Academy, which is a strange and gothic place. Noh as certain powers that let her see and speak to ghost. A fire in one of the dorms years before killed some of the students, who now haunted the school. Noh is the only one who can see and hear them. I felt the story was good to fair. I liked the charcacter of Noh and her ghost friends I felt the adults were a little one sided. The thing that real drove me carzy was the ants on all the pages this was very distracting.

  • Sarah Crawford
    2019-03-07 03:40

    A very good book which includes drawings. Noh is going to attend a certain school and is there before classes start. One wing of the school has been burned down and so, naturally, she explores it and finds out she can see ghosts.The problem begins when the ghosts seem to start disappearing and none of the other ghosts know what happened to them. This leads to an almost insane physics teacher, an invention that is involved with the ghosts disappearances, lots and lots of ants, and an attack on Noh by a 'nasty thing' that has been at the school for a long time.

  • Eden
    2019-03-01 08:18

    Noh moves in with her aunt at New Newbridge Academy. The school is different and has a strange history, but Noh likes it and feels at home there.But Noh learns something strange about herself: She can see ghosts and something not good is going on at the Academy.The book kept me interested and I did like it somewhat, but definitely didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.I don't think it is a bad book, but there is just something missing that I can't seem to put my finger on right now. I just know I was disappointed.

  • Lori
    2019-03-10 07:23

    Picked this one up on a lark because of the cover. IT WAS FUN! It is a children/junior book but i loved it. And was really surprised that it was written by a former Buffy the vamp series co-star (which i loved---yeah cheesy, but isn't that was the best part of it!!)Anyway, check it out it is a really quick read and fun. Going to check out the rest in the series..i hope there are more ;)

  • Douglas Cootey
    2019-03-11 11:27

    Cute book. Imaginative. Leads up to a sequel. If you like books with chatty narratives, you'll like this one. Personally, I would have preferred less "My evil character just wants you to know that it's super, wicked evil" type chapters. Less telling; more showing. But then the book wouldn't have read like a bedtime story, which seemed to be the effect Benson was going for.

  • Jill
    2019-03-11 08:30

    Would you like to be able to see and talk to ghosts?! Then this is the book for you. For Noh Maypother, this new ability comes in handy when she ends up having to spend the summer at the boarding school she will be attending in the fall. She makes friends with the ghosts in residence and then has to solve a mystery when they start disappearing, one by one.

  • Cassandra
    2019-03-04 05:14

    When I first started this book I didn't think that it would be able to hold my interest because it was a Childs book and I was reading it to be sure my daughter understood what she was reading. Much to my surprise I really enjoyed this story and can't wait until my daughter and I can share the next book. I also have to say I thought this book was well constructed for young readers.

  • Jamie
    2019-03-16 09:41

    This book was listed for ages 8-12. I picked it out as a read-aloud book for me and my daughter. The word choices are way too challenging for an 8 year old. Also, the sentence structures just seemed odd. I would not recommend this for the 8-12 age group. One job of a book is to encourage the love or reading, this book only discouraged.

  • Jes
    2019-02-20 03:16

    Fantastic 9-12 book. A little mystery, a little science, a little of the paranormal and a smart girl. Love that it does not talk down to its audience and manages to create a nice air of wonder around it. Has a hopefulness and intelligence to it like Charles de Lint's teen books. It is definitively approved for my niece's reading!