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This short novella has been expanded into the full-length novel, Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here.Danice Carter wakes up naked and confused. She can't figure out how she got into bed with a man she's never met, because there is no way she would forget meeting McIntyre Callahan. The man is everything she's ever fantasized about, a mind-bendingly mouth-watering hunk…who isThis short novella has been expanded into the full-length novel, Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here.Danice Carter wakes up naked and confused. She can't figure out how she got into bed with a man she's never met, because there is no way she would forget meeting McIntyre Callahan. The man is everything she's ever fantasized about, a mind-bendingly mouth-watering hunk…who is just as puzzled about what's going on as she is. When they discover the explanation involves a fugitive from Faerie, some very tricky magic and a theoretical hotel room, things start to get a little weird. Good thing the attraction between Danice and Mac makes all the sense in the world....

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Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here Reviews

  • Laura the Highland Hussy
    2019-05-07 15:21

    3.5 starsWith Christine Warren, you have to be careful you know which book you've got. Although this is new, it is also an older book re-worked that fits in around book 3, rather than as book 10.This is the full-length novel version of her erotic short "Faer Fetched" from her "Fixed" series.Since I haven't read that one, I'm not sure where the different parts are, but I have read a few of her "fixed" series, and let's just say that woman writes amazing erotica! here is straight from her website: Fix (now expanded and retitled One Bite with a Stranger)Fur Factor (now expanded and retitled Big, Bad Wolf)Faer Fetched (now expanded and retitled Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here)Fighting Faer (coming soon, date TBD)Fur For All (coming soon, date TBD)Fur Play (at Ellora’s Cave)Wolf at the Door (St. Martin's Press)She’s No Faerie Princess (SMP)The Demon You Know (SMP)Any Witch Way She Can (in the anthology No Rest for the Witches)Howl at the Moon (SMP)Walk on the Wild Side (SMP)You’re So Vein (SMP)Fantasy Fix - Reggie and Misha, now re-released as One Bite with a StrangerFur Factor — Missy and Graham, as Big, Bad WolfFaer Fetched — Danice and MacFighting Faer — Corinne and LucFur For All — Tess and RafeFur Play — Logan (Graham’s former beta) and HonorOkay, some of the confusion might be cleared up. :)Moving on to the story. I liked it. I enjoyed Mac (a Private Investigator) so so much. I liked Danice, a strong multi-racial woman. she got picked by the senior partner to handle a paternity suit with his spoiled selfish brat of a granddaughter (like Paris Hilton but from Manhattan). The girl was telling tabloids that she was knocked up but refused to tell her grandpa who the man was. I won't spoil who, or any of the other cool twists, but I WILL say that Danice and Mac got stuck in Faerie together and it was both cool, and frustrating.Mac is half-sidhe. His mother is the Unseelie King's mate (I use that term more as meaning consort). So the meetings with his mother were just off the chart in tension and frustration. See, she dumped him on his human daddy's doorstep when he was a toddler. The only reason I marked this down from a 4 to a 3.5 is that Danice was one of those stubborn women who is way too intelligent to ignore the fact that she's in Faerie, and since Mac is half-fae, she ought to let him handle the talking. I realize she's the best attorney in NY, but come on, she's smart enough to know when to shut her mouth!It was often. Mac would squeeze her hand and tell her to shut up, well no man tells Danice Carter to shut up! Then they are hauled off by the king's guard to a cell. grr...I hate intelligent heroines who act like that! But plot-wise, great plot, I enjoy Christine Warren's writing, so good writing, and I love her Others world. while I'm glad that her erotica shorts are being made full-length, I'd love to see some newer ones, more in keeping with the timeline. I really enjoyed Born To Be Wild last Spring, but I think that this one fits more with what we know of Christine Warren's Others world. A good read, with a strong heroine and a hot, intelligent, fae hero.

  • Heather
    2019-05-10 15:40

    Prince Charming Doesn’t Live Here was a DNF. I made it through just over halfway, but I found Danice so obnoxious that even Mac couldn’t save the story for me. Mac is a half-fae private investigator looking for Danice’s client. Mac knows the ins-and-outs of this part of the Other, but Danice is confident that she can keep pace with him in both the human and faerie worlds. While she says she’ll respect what he says she should do, she never listens to him, constantly questioning him, and each time he has to save her butt. Strong, independent, fearless unless necessary – I get that. I even like it. But she was stupid. Flat. Out. Stupid. He keeps trying to explain to her why it’s not safe for her to go with him, that there are so many problems with being a human in a world that dislikes them, but does she care? No. And when he tells her to run, does she listen? No. It’s “Why?” When he’s saying RUN, you run. Period. He keeps trying to protect her, and she yells at him and blames him for the mess they're in. If I were him, I’d forget the hot sex and let her be a faerie plaything. Ridiculously disappointed in this story.

  • Daffodil
    2019-05-04 15:27

    For those that have read the Ellora's Cave series The Others is based on, this book isn't really an expansion of Faer Fetched (Fantasy Fix #3). Rather, it's a total rewrite. The story features Danice, a lawyer, and Mac, a half-Fae Changeling. That's about where the similarities end. :D Entertaining read despite a few problems. Nothing spectacular here and not really anything that adds to overall The Other universe. (Except maybe a curse cast on another character at the end of the book.) I didn't quite get the relationship between Mac and Danice; something was missing and it felt more like a friendship than a passionate romance. When I found myself wanting to skim through the sex scenes to pick out the conversation, I knew something wasn't working. Additionally, for a hot-shot attorney, Danice sure doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut. There were a few times I really had to question her intelligence; she was walking into a dangerous situation, not knowing the power or strengths of the Fae involved, and she got smart with them. I'm supposed to believe she's able to hold her own in a courtroom or negotiations? But, those were the main problems and for the most part I enjoyed the book.

  • Brandi
    2019-05-25 21:21

    I've been following Warren's Others Series for a while and I have liked it very much so far. However...............this books left me confused. The plot was clear and followed along with the rest of the series, but here is where my issue lies: Danice Carter's physical description was quite murky. I was so caught up in trying to figure out what she looked like that I kept having to go back a few pages every ten minutes or so. The descriptions of McIntyre Callahan were spot on. I could totally picuture this lean, long haired hot half Fae, blond. I guess I have an issue when authors try and incorporate a little multiculturalism in their books but fail to meet the challenge. I don't know if it's because they're afraid of offending their audience by being too specific? Not sure . But it's annoying. Ms. Warren is not the first author that I have noticed that does this; even multicultural authors do this in their mainstream work. No one will be offended. If the characters are Black, then say so. So, other than my tangent about phyisical descriptions, I really did enjoy this book and will be watching for others in the series.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-05-15 19:34

    This was a high 3 star. This book is sort of a prequel to the main series. I think she is going back and reworking and reissueing older short stories that were only in ebook before the series hit the mass market world. So maybe not a prequel to her but to readers. The story was well written and made sense. No glaring errors or absurdities like the last mass market which came out. The characterization was okay. You knew who the people were without knowing too much of their backstories. You didn't spend a lot of time rolling around in their thought processes. The action was pretty much the focus of the story and while not riveting did keep my interest. I liked her version of the Unseelie Court. I did think the book ended with a life change for the heroine that, while it had been suggested by the hero, it kind of came out of left field just a bit for the heroine to accept it without more thinking/persuading. Still that is a very minor issue. Fans of the series will be pretty happy with this one I think.

  • Lauren
    2019-05-18 19:31

    Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here2 StarsOn assignment from her boss to locate his wayward granddaughter, Danice Carter has no idea that she is about to have a close encounter with a hunky PI with ties to the Others. McIntyre “Mac” Callahan is a Changeling, half-human and half-tae, hired by a mysterious Other to track down Danice’s client. Soon these two unlikely allies will have to work together to survive the machinations of some rather vicious Fae …Prince Charming Doesn’t Live Here is another of Warren’s novel length re-writes of a novella first written for the Fixed series. Similar to the first two attempts, the plot is mediocre and the characterization virtually non-existent. There is also absolutely no connection between the title and the contents of the book. While there is sufficient foundation for Danice and Mac to be interesting characters (Danice’s struggles with her ethnicity and her job, and Mac’s issues with the Fae side of his nature are both promising plot points), neither is adequately fleshed out. Moreover, their relationship lacks chemistry and their sudden “I Love Yous” makes no sense at it is unclear what exactly they see in each other. The journey into Faerie storyline also has potential but develops too slowly, and Danice has a bad case of “foot-in-mouth” disease and TSTL syndrome once they get there. That said, the climax is well-written and exciting, but the ending returns one again to the realm of the boring and the mundane. All in all, an uninspired addition to the series.

  • Jessica (a GREAT read)
    2019-05-12 15:30

    Christine Warren's Other series is definitely an interesting one. Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here, now follows Danice, yet another member of the group of ladies we first saw in One Bite with a Stranger. It seems that each of them will be hooking up with an Other. Kind of odd, but hey, that's what happens in fiction, so it doesn't really matter to me!Danice is a little more levelheaded than her other friends. She's a lawyer and is always super busy. So when this particular case comes her way, she can't really say no. Like, seriously, she can't or else she's out of the job. When she goes to Rosemary's house, she isn't immediately pounced on like I had thought she'd be. No, Mac actually watches her for a bit before he does the pouncing and it didn't take much effort since he was already attracted to her. More of the lust at first sight. But yet, in this one--and in the other two books as well--the lust may come first, yet the love follows shortly after. Not enough of a buildup for my romantic side, but still a nice touch.In this one things don't get romantic right away either. It's not til we're past the halfway point that Mac and Danice get to that point. And that was kind of shocking based on the last two. But again, I liked that!Mac tries his damnest to get Danice to stay off the Rosemary case, but he doesn't know her all too well, because once Danice sets her mind on something, there's no turning back. And she will see this case through. It just so happens that Mac is looking for Rosemary as well. She's pregnant as we know and it's highly possible that her pregnacy has ties to Faerie.Danice has to get a crash course in all things Faerie, which wasn't too hard for her to accept since she knows of the Others. Which I loved that moment when she told Mac that she knew of "other" things among us. He went slackjawed! But the Fae are a whole knew breed and are very tricky as we know.The two journey into Faerie and are immediately put into danger once arriving in the Unseelie Court. From that point on, things get crazy dangerous! And we learn a thing or two about Mac and his background.The pacing to this one was pretty good. Although it took a little while for the action--mostly being the journey to Faerie--to happen. But there was some nice mystery buildup surrounding the whole Rosemary deal. And there were quite a few surprises at the end.Naturally, this one has its own happy ending as PNR novels tend to have. It was quite nice too. I have to admit to being a sucker for HEA endings. Although with my Urban Fantasy reads, I do not mind one bit that it takes awhile for the characters to reach their HEA ending in the final book. There are usually some scattered HEA-for nows thrown in the books too. Just the calm before the storm as it can also be known as.Since this one wasn't too bad, I think I might keep going further into this series. I have I think another 3 or 4 books from this series in my TBR pile. So I'll just keep tackling it one book at a time and decide if I want to keep going all the way. It's not too bad for my UF tastes in reading, although the romance can be a little too heavy, I knew that going in! Another irrelevant point, I cannot figure out why there is a wolf on this cover when it didn't deal with werewolves, odd and the dude on the cover doesn't even come close to looking like Mac since his hair isn't long. But yeah, cover analysis tends to happen with me while reading the book.And another odd point, there were times I had to force myself to remember that Mac is McIntyre, not the beloved Mac from the Fever series. It was a struggle just because this book was dealing with the Fae as well, albeit a different kind of Fae, but again that's just me being weird! :)Overall rating 3.5/5 stars--not quite a 4 star, but close. There were times that I felt the action dragged a bit before it picked back up, but still an overall enjoyable read!

  • Tammy Stewart
    2019-05-04 16:33

    Great book! Loved the writing style of the author. Found this book at a second hand book store and wasn't familiar with the author but so glad I picked it up and gave it a chance!Had the perfect combination of romance, humour and fantasy. Definitely will be reading more of Christine warrens books!

  • Melindeeloo
    2019-05-02 22:45

    Danice Carter, sharp and determined up-and-coming lawyer, and hunky half Fae private investigator MacIntyre (Mac) Callahan both need to find the same missing woman. Their hunt will draw Danice even further into the world of the Others - two of her friends already have Other mates. When Danice and Mac's search leads them into the land of the Fae, failure suddenly doesn't mean that Danice will simply risk losing a chance at a junior partnership in her prestigious firm, the consequences are potentially much more fatal. Fortunately though, the magical attraction Danice feels for Mac may provide the edge that they to need to survive the trip. Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here starts out well, the first chapter is absolutely hilarious, but the book doesn't up having as many chuckworthy moments as the promising opening led me to hope. The plot here is not terribly complex, but I did like both leads. Danice is one of Warren's better heroines and feels more like a real person than either of Danice's fantasy fix friends Ava(You're So Vein) or Regina (One Bite With A Stranger.) And I really like Mac, his admiration for Danice - he not only lusts for her but also likes her - adds even more appeal to his already captivating Fae mojo. An expanded rework of the novella length Faer Fetched from Warren's Ellora's cave 'Fixed' series, the story itself is still fairly short for a novel, and even lengthened still had the heart of a short story. That in and of itself bother didn't me. My issue was more that I was surprised when the story ended on page 288 and the last 60 pages were filler material - recycled excerpts from rest of the Other series stories and there wasn't even a preview to her next book Black Magic Woman. From a series perspective, the story works pretty well as a standalone - it doesn't really go much into the world building of the series or the Others' mythos, and characters from previous stories are mostly only mentioned in passing (the story would have really benefited from a brief tag up with the friends and their mates as an epilog.) I didn't read the original Faer Fetched, so I can't say how Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here compares to the original (which was apparently was a super short 40 pages), but I suspect from my experience with the reworked One Night with a Stranger (formerly Fantasy Fix) that the sensual language has been toned down a bit. I enjoyed, not loved, Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here, which has pretty much been my reaction to Warren's last few books - I think I would have liked this better if it would have been published (sans filler) as a novella in an anthology. But I still have high hopes for Warren's next book, Black Magic Woman - it feels like I have been waiting for ever for Tess and Rafe's story (the former Fur For All).

  • Stephanie Bolen
    2019-05-10 22:43

    I love Warren's writing style it's quirky and clever. I loved the sex scenes they were so hot they made me burn. What I didn't love was Neicie, which was pretty bad because she was half the book. And I didn't love his reactions to her, they weren't real. If she acted to me like she acted to him I would be pissed, he doesn't even get angry. I hate it when authors tell me characters are smart because invariably they then spend all their time proving to me just how much of a dumbass this character really is. She says point blank 'I won't do anything stupid', and these are apparently famous last words. I won't spoil the story, so instead I will present an analogy. If she was a hiker, she would be the one that search and rescue has to save after she was repeatedly warned that snow was coming. Not because she lacks intelligence but because she doesn't trust that someone knows better than her. It's stubbornness and ego, and this is the biggest part of her character. And no one calls her on it certainly not Mac, who I so totally ride like a pony. It irks me that Mac ignores the character she actually presents and instead attributes values to her that she doesn't even have. She certainly isn't the type to think that he's just using her, because she doesn't have a problem with self-doubt. And as far as her morality goes there really isn't a situation where it ever comes into question. And frankly when she says that she trusts him after all the times she showed that she didn't trust anything about him, he never calls her on it. If it has been me I would have went to sarcasm the last bastion of the damned. Sure, you do.

  • Shan ~ A ~
    2019-05-23 19:45

    Danice is the most self assured out of her friends so far who have gotten their own story. She didn't take any crap from Mac at all. I think that's one of the things he loved about her. They say you are supposed to start how you intend to go on and that is what she did.The story itself wasn't 5 star, it was a 4 instead. Why did I give it 5 you ask? Well, my main reason..No Ava. This woman drove me crazy in the other books, so the lack of her presence he was a star in and of itself.The author did manage to replace Ava with an even more annoying character, but we only had to see her at the end so I want take my star back for that one.I liked the chemistry between Danice and Mac and their story was very different from the two that came before, but I kept thinking that there was more to Danice than anyone was expecting. Maybe there will be in future books.(view spoiler)[I though that it would come out that maybe she was the Kings daughter, since the fact that someone was trying to stop her from going to fairie. The reason she was going wasn't reason enough for a halt to be put to it, since the King himself didn't even know that the woman Danice was looking for was supposed to be pregnant by a fae. (hide spoiler)]Anyway, the books should be read in order, but you want miss much if you don't at this point.

  • Lynda Tatad
    2019-05-08 19:36

    This is more of a 3 1/2 star book. :-) Danice Carter is a lawyer working at a prestigious law firm in Manhattan, and she's given an assignment by the senior partner that might help land her a junior partnership if she can find his pregnant granddaughter and find out who the father of her unborn child is. When she makes arrangements to meet with Rosemary out in Connecticut, Rosemary is a no-show. She ends up encountering a very sexy private eye (Mac Callahan), who is also looking for the missing Rosemary. Their first initial meeting didn't go so well, but they end up working together to find the missing girl, especially after they discover that it is someone from Faery who had hired him to look for the girl. Danice is trying to keep their working relationship on a professional level, while Mac is having a much harder time fighting his attraction for the beautiful lawyer who knows her way around an argument!This is another fun read in Christine Warren's Other's series!

  • nicole
    2019-05-08 17:44

    While I typically enjoy Ms. Warren's series about The Others, this particular installment felt . . . rushed? And not in that "You have to suspend belief because the book is less than 400 pages long and who falls in love with a supernatural being in just a week" kind of rush, but in that "Let's just get this sub-story over with" kind of rush. Maybe I just couldn't connect with the characters, as attractive as their appearances and personalities are described, or maybe it's the pregnancy hormones causing my lack of concentration lately, but I just did not love this book like I have loved others. I will admit, however, that the sleepy sex scene was totally hot and one of my favorite scenes in the whole book. The scenes with Rosemary, though, I could have done without. I know her character is supposed to rub the reader the wrong way, but I just could not wait for Danice to smack her silly.Overall, Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here was a decent read, but I doubt I would re-read it.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-30 17:23

    The GR description seems to be from the original Ellora's Cave short story that inspired this very revised novel. That short story was pretty forgettable, so of all the revisions CW has done with this series, this one makes the most sense to me. Overall, it is light and entertaining. It had some continuity errors and occasional TSTL behavior from the heroine (especially in the vicinity of chapter 14), but she was otherwise pretty smart. I do wish there had been more depth and development to Mac and Danice's relationship; like the initial version, the story seems to start when the book ends.Rant: When I think of Christine Warren, at her best, I think of words like charming, light-hearted, sexy. When I look at the cover of this book, I think confused and possibly has-the-flu. Neither image seems to have anything to do with the story and there are what? 5 different typefaces used? I'm guessing this was a result of cover design by committee. Not sure who on CW's pub team okayed this cover, but they're not doing her any favors.

  • Kirsty
    2019-05-12 18:21

    I couldn't finish this book, I found it so boring and the characters annoyed me. Usually in a romance novel I want more interaction between the two love interests but I just found that the interaction between Mac and Danice irritating. They were just both too pushy. Danice was trying too hard to be a women that doesn't need a man and all in your face, to the point where you could tell that this is how she's supposed to be acting but it didn't feel natural, and she was just rude. Then there's McIntyre 'Mac' Callahan. First of all, I like my male characters to have sexy names! Mac just doesn't do it for me. So Mundane. Secondly, I found his character too pushy, as well. He was basically drooling over her in a non comprehensive way, which I found annoying. I tried but not a book for me.

  • Lee
    2019-05-01 22:43

    I wish that I could say that the storywas as interesting and good as the titleof this book, sadly its not and I so wanted it to be. If your curious I wouldborrow it from your local library, its notworth shelling out cash for.I got hooked in by the title saw it in our library and thought that looks interesting,how wrong you can be, glad I never bought it.A well read copy so I thought this looks promising.About a third into the book showed signs of wear pages well fingered.Then suddenly it like reading a new unread book,in pristine order and still tightly bound,the last quarter of the bookof the pages returned to being in a poorer state. I realise then that most of the previous readers had got fed up so far along and skipped to the last two or three chapters to see how it ended up.

  • Ann Lorz
    2019-05-14 18:43

    I've been reading Christine Warren for a long time. I always like her books but don't always love them. This story I had a rough time getting into. When I did then the story moved but I still have to say it's not a favorite. I did like both Danice Carter and MyIntyre (Mac) Cullahan. Both brought something to the story. I even liked Quigley. The end of the book was the best part to me. I felt that it was missing something in the middle. It was light on story. I would still read it so you keep up with the series but know its not her best work. Her earlier books Wolf At the Door, She's No Faerie Princess and The Demon you know were some of her best books.

  • Barbara ★
    2019-05-06 23:36

    I usually love Christine Warren's Others but this book was just a rehash of every other book I've ever read about Fae royalty. The heroine is TSTL. The hero should have known better than to bring her into Faerie but succumbs to her lawyer-speak. The King is crazy, mean and nasty. Though for the sake of the story, the heroine really does have to go to Faerie. It just made for a very similar story to everything else written on the subject.If you've ever read any book pertaining to the court of the Unseelie Fae, you can skip this book since there is nothing new here just a retelling of the same old story.

  • Amy at Read What I Like
    2019-05-12 17:21

    I think I’m done. This is the last book offered through my library in audio format but beyond that, I’m done with series. It just isn’t working for me and it is time to move on. I have about an hour left to listen to in this book and I don’t even want to finish it.Most of my problem with this book in the series has to do with that the plot revolves around the Fae. I’ve never been a fan of the Fae in paranormal stories. Most of the time they tend to be shallow, easily offended, and only out for themselves. None of these characteristics describe a race of beings that I want to spend any time with. Essentially they are the mean girls of the paranormal world. The plot was also pretty weak and the point I’m at currently makes me want to smack all the characters and tell them to grow up. Danice needs to get over herself. Mac is just not all that charismatic and the granddaughter is a spoiled brat. Ugh. Why am I listening to this?I’m just not thrilled with this world. It focuses too much on the sex and too little on the plot. So I’m done.

  • Elaine Kirby
    2019-04-29 19:17

    This book was very good in that it had romance, a fight scene & some sex scenes.Danice Carter is 1 of the 5 women who are friends (Regina Book 1 & Missy Book 2) that give each other fantasy fixes expect now there will be only 2 left as Danice meets her love in this story. Danice works for a prestigious law firm & was asked by the top senior partner to get some information from his granddaughter, Rosemary, about who she had sex with to make her pregnant so that he could sue him on her behalf. While trying to do what her boss asks she runs into MacIntyre Callahan who is a private investigator who was hired to also find Rosemary but for an unknown client.MacIntyre "Mac" Callahan is a changeling as he 1/2 human & 1/2 Fae; he was raised by his human father as his Fae mother didn't want anything to do with him. Mac after spending some time with Danice has fallen in love with her stubborn ways & finally takes her on adventure into Faerie as that is where he believes Rosemary is.But, you will have to read the book to see what transpires there & with their relationship.

  • Monika Obermeier
    2019-05-06 15:32

    There were some consistency problems with the story. The description of Danice seemed to have changed about halfway through the book, Mac said the last time he was in Faerie, he was an infant and then reneged that at the end of the story by saying he went back for two weeks as a teenager. I did like that it wasn’t instant love and sex. I love building up of sexual tension. I didn’t like that their first sexual encounter was rape because she was pretty unconscious, nor did I like how it was suddenly thrown in the story.

  • Lizy
    2019-05-16 22:17

    More like a 3.5. Not Warren's best book. Granted, the more I read about fairies the more I dislike them. I might be biased; however, my main complaint about the book is that I don't really ship Danice and Mac. Their personalities don't seem like the best fits. I also think the whole issue with Danice questioning her job was unnecessary and/or poorly executed. It's a mehh book, overall.

  • Jan
    2019-04-27 23:21

    Interracial lady attorney joins up with interspecies Fae private detective to track down a grown brat who finds herself lost in a world she doesn't believe exists. Interesting and fun, sometimes a trifle scary, but generally a good read for escape.

  • McKenzi
    2019-05-26 17:17

    Such a fun and quick read. Loved getting to know Daniece better and meeting Mac!

  • Margaret
    2019-05-02 15:23

    Danice Carter is not one for glass slippers. A stilettos-wearing lawyer at one of Manhattan’s most elite establishments, Danice has a very strong grip on reality. So when she’s asked by one the firm’s founding partners to take on a personal case, Danice knows she’s in for the opportunity of a lifetime. All she has to do is convince her top boss’s granddaughter, Rosemary, to file a paternity suit. Sounds simple enough…until Danice arrives at Rosemary’s home and is pounced on by a handsome stranger. Private investigator McIntyre Callahan’s was only following his powerful client’s orders: Find Rosemary—at all costs. Instead, he’s found a super-hot lawyer prowling around looking for answers he can’t give. The half-human, half-Fae Mac tries to warn Danice that she’s way in over her head—that Rosemary may roam among The Others, and may have dangerous ties to the Unseelie Court—but she won’t be deterred. Even if that means following Mac to the ends of the earth to find Rosemary…or surrendering to his supernatural powers of temptation…until death do they part.  Review "Christine Warren's The Others novels are known for their humorous twists and turns of otherworldly creatures. Like her other Others novels, PRINCE CHARMING DOESN'T LIVE HERE is an excellently delicious story with great characterization." --Fresh Fiction"Warren always adds plenty of sex and sizzle to her stories, making sure the adventure pops!" --Romantic Times on Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here From the Back Cover With New York Times bestselling author Christine Warren’s latest novel, “happily ever after” is about to get a whole lot stranger…and hotter. Danice Carter is not one for glass slippers. A stilettos-wearing lawyer at one of Manhattan’s most elite establishments, Danice has a very strong grip on reality. So when she’s asked by one the firm’s founding partners to take on a personal case, Danice knows she’s in for the opportunity of a lifetime. All she has to do is convince her top boss’s granddaughter, Rosemary, to file a paternity suit. Sounds simple enough…until Danice arrives at Rosemary’s home and is pounced on by a handsome stranger.PRINCE CHARMING DOESN'T LIVE HEREPrivate investigator McIntyre Callahan’s was only following his powerful client’s orders: Find Rosemary—at all costs. Instead, he’s found a super-hot lawyer prowling around looking for answers he can’t give. The half-human, half-Fae Mac tries to warn Danice that she’s way in over her head—that Rosemary may roam among The Others, and may have dangerous ties to the Unseelie Court—but she won’t be deterred. Even if that means following Mac to the ends of the earth to find Rosemary…or surrendering to his supernatural powers of temptation…until death do they part.“In this world…there’s no shortage of sexy sizzle.” —*Romantic Times BOOKreviews*

  • Linda Levy
    2019-05-19 20:45

    3.5 stars. Not one of the better stories in this series.We go in a little bit off a different direction with this one but it is still a good read though the romance between Danice and Mac is not as hot as the two previous couples.One of the original books in the FIXED series. I own the original of this book and this story is completely different.Loved the plot line and what happens and the story about spoilt little miss Rosemary was good. Someone needs a slap.

  • Jaime
    2019-05-11 22:18

    The book had some good idea’s, but wasn’t able to follow through. Mac was a okay hero, but I don’t get why he fell for Danice. She was rude, abrasive, and insulting to him until the end of the book. Guess I should read Why Men Love Bitches. It was nice to read a story where the lead was a woman of color, but all her hang ups about being black made no sense. Her nickname is Nicie and she’s from Brooklyn, I really don’t get why she’s supposed to be uncomfortable with her blackness. I get that she wants to be judged for her brains at work, but her determination to publicly deny her ethnic background was just silly. It was the tragic mulatto trope, and it didn’t fit this story at all. She’s from NY a city that celebrates all ethnicity, its the 21st century, both her parents are of color. The idea the she “broke down” and admitted her “race” on college applications hurt her pride was ludicrous. The idea that she straightened her hair and then became basically invisible ethnically was laughable. I really wish Ms. Warren had just described her physically but left all of Danice’s her racial hang ups out of the story, they distracted from the story in a bad way.(view spoiler)[For a high power attorney Danice is an idiot. Why she was so bound and determined to unnecessarily risk her life for a complete stranger was beyond me. Yorke never said he would make her a partner, give her a raise, a better office, or a cookie if she found Rosemary. He basically said it would look favorable. That could literally mean anything. Why wouldn’t Danice, the attorney, put something in writing and have it signed? Danice’s determination to go to Fairy was from left field. I know she wanted to help get Rosemary back but Mac told her it is a hostile place for the Fae let alone human’s. She knew nothing about the Fae, and in the days leading up to their departure did no research. She never even did a quick google search on her phone for the basics like don’t dance, don’t eat the food, never say thank you, and time passes differently in Fairy. She didn’t even know the Fae were real before Mac showed up, so how was she going to get into Fairy? As a character written with so many internal racial hang ups, and wanted to be judged by the content of her character and not the color of her skin, I found it odd how insulting she was to every Fae she encountered. If she didn’t make a rude and snarky comment to their faces she thought it. She constantly insulted everyone around her including Mac. An opportunity for her to learn a lesson was missed, because there was no way the Fae should have let her get away with her verbal diarrhea.Danice spent all of her time in Fairy popping off at the mouth. She’s from Brooklyn she should know “don’t start none, won’t be none”. She was in another world where everyone was immortal and had magic, yet she kept saying smart shit. She popped off at the King’s Guard. She popped off to Tyra. The worst of all she popped off the the freaking king of the Unseelie. Danice should have been cursed or killed. There is no way she should have made it back home unscathed. (hide spoiler)]

  • Cindy
    2019-05-19 23:42

    For starters, this is one of Ms. Warren's re-writes based on her [ebook only] Faer Fetched - part of the original Fantasy Fix ebook series which gave birth to the whole Others series of print books. She is now rewriting the ebooks to include with her print books, generally lengthening them and smoothing out plot kinks to make them 'work' better as novels and as part of world of the Others as it has developed. With the first two, Fantasy Fix and Fur Factor, the changes were in details and added scenes. Prince Charming is a major rewrite, basically she kept the two main characters but dumped the plot - admittedly there wasn't much there to work with. The lead characters are great people; warm, strong, determined to do what is right. Danice's great failing is that she never shuts up - even in Faerie where she does not know the rules - so she keeps getting them in trouble. As a lawyer you'd think she would have learned the power of silence... Mac is half-sidhe and his full Sidhe mother makes Mommie Dearest look like a soccer mom. No love lost there but her machinations make a bad situation infinitely worse.Most of the story takes place in Faerie - in and around the Unseleighe Court, no less. Although there is not a huge amount of detail; you learn enough not to book it as your next vacation destination. The main plot revolves around finding and retrieving a missing human girl [the granddaughter of Danice's boss and a person of interest to Mac's client] who may [or may not] be pregnant. The subplot is about Danice who is so goal-driven that she hasn't noticed that her goals are not making her happy. Mac helps her realize that maybe it's time to lose the weaselly corporate lawyers she works for [the kind they make jokes and movies about] and be the kind of lawyer that actually helps people...Reading order - that's a tough one with this series because of the rewrites [and she doesn't post anything on her website about reading order, darn it!] The good news is they're pretty much stand-alone books. I'd make sure I read the first two first, but other than that it's not imperative.My call is One Bite with a Stranger rewrite of Fantasy FixBig Bad Wolf rewrite of Fur FactorWolf at the DoorPrince Charming Doesn't Live Here rewrite of Faer FetchedShe's No Faerie PrincessThe Demon You KnowHowl At the MoonWalk On the Wild SideYou're So VeinBorn To Be WildOne last point, this novel does not go all the way to the end of the book, it has a LOT of teasers for her other books - in fact, so many they almost felt like filler...

  • Lover of Romance
    2019-05-20 15:27

    Danice Carter, is a attorney, and has worked hard to be working at a prestigious firm. A firm that isn't her dream, but she is content. Then she is asked to do a important job, by the CEO of the company, a job that if she fails she will lose her job. So her client goes missing, and when she goes searching for her, in a strange mansion, she finds herself facing a stranger, that stirs her blood. McIntyre, is a private investigator, half fae, and is searching for a missing woman, the same woman that Danice is searching for. At first he refuses to let her in on the investigation, but when she proves to be persistent, he knows he has little choice. When McIntyre and Danice journey together in the realm of the fae, A journey that they will be thrust into danger and magic, and a passion will burst between them and give them both a chance for happiness?Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here is the third book in the series. I have recently discovered Christine Warren, and with each book I read I fall in love with her more. This was a charming and endearing story that packs a paranormal punch. The story is a sweet and tender one, and I really enjoyed the way this author writes this one. Very different from the last book I read. We get a introduction into another form of paranormal life, we see a world of the fae--more focus on the Unseelie court. The story begins with Danice and Mac meeting in a abandoned house...and fireworks happen. There is a instant chemistry between Danice and Mac, and the story seems to fly though once these two meet.Mac, is quite different for a hero, but there was so much to love about him. He definitely has a commanding presence, handsome and sensual, but he also has the tendency to work with others, apart from his birth fae mother that abandoned him at birth. He has close ties to family, and isn't afraid of sharing emotion or his feelings for Danice. Danice is independent, established in her career, and has everything she thinks she needs, until she meets Mac. Danice is full of surprises, she isn't afraid of saying what is on her mind, even when she is in great danger. I love how spirited she is, and she isn't one to deny the truth. I love how accepting she is of Mac and his differences. She is bold and daring and her personality is so endearing. The connection between Mac and Danice is passionate and powerful.Overall a romance that sizzles and burns!! A charming story of magic, and a world of paranormal beings, A must read for any who love a solid romance with a kick. Sassy and Fun!!

  • D shingy
    2019-05-03 19:21

    I actually made a shelf for this novel, "Meh Bleh", it really sums it up for me.Where was the "Scorching passion"? Where was the originality?Not only did it remind me too much kf the Sookie stack house/trueblood series with its selection of supernaturals and emphasis on Fae in this particular novel, it didn't even have interesting enough characters.●Mac Why so perfect? It really makes for a boring character, a main boring character. You just lost me there.Not only is he perfect, but even though his abandoning psycho mother turns out to be a heartless egomaniac bitch, he not only does not have any issues or a messed up psyche, he doesn't have mommy-issues either. He just hates her. Oh boo-hoo. Give me something to work with will you.●HOW MANY TIMES IS TRUST SUPPOSED TO BE CONFIRMED?! I swear it felt like he asked if she trusted him, and she confirmed that she did every two chapters.● Danice Pretentious, over impulsive, and all around annoying with her oh-please-don't-give-me-racial-benefits. •When you are in a new unknown territory, oh I don't know, say likefaerie landand you're under risk of being caught, YOU LOWER YOUR VOICE.•When Mac tells you to duck, go, run, or just frigging pulls you, you GO, quietly. NOT raise your voice even more. Just beg to be captured why don't you?•What self respecting big firm lawyer doesn't keep a pair or two of extra heels in her office? •How do you decide to go to realm of faeries without telling your supernatural-wed best friends that not only did you meet a fae, but you're going to the other side on a mission. ●The likes of this novel and its unoriginal and unlimited cheesiness is the reason women all over the world are ridiculed for reading romance novels.