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Title : Jack and Jill: A Romance
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ISBN : 9780573695940
Format Type : Unknown Binding
Number of Pages : 89 Pages
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Jack and Jill: A Romance Reviews

  • Kara
    2019-04-15 09:33

    Maddening and exhilarating.

  • Erin
    2019-03-31 09:40

    Having directed this play, I would recommend it to any smaller group as a comic piece. The humour is quite dark, for the most part, and the best audience is an older one; but that being said _everyone_ in the audience will recognize at least some part of it from their own lives or the loves of someone they know. The play, as I read it, is about identity, vulnerability, and risk.With lots and LOTS of scenes that are tonally different from each other, so be ready for that.About staging:We kept the 'dressers' and all props and furniture on stage and visible to the audience which increased the speed between scenes and removed any 'jarring' effect that having people walk on stage to work with the actors has. There are a couple places for a surprise reveal that still worked fine because one actor would be moved off and into hiding while the other monologued to the audience. The running crew will have to be well rehearsed for this, as they are such an integral part of the show. Ideally there are four 'dressers', but we got away with three, and _might_ have been able to get away with two - but I'd still rather have had four. ;)About the actors:This play could be tough to cast, despite only having two performers! It requires absolute vulnerability, or it just won't work (yes, they also appear in their underwear, but that doesn't make most actors blink twice.) The dialogue seems more complicated than it actually is - it takes loads of rehearsal time to find the right cadence, but when you do it will feel like it just *clicks* into place. Very much worth taking a day (or even two) to work a single scene over in different ways even before you get on your feet. Ellipsis are everywhere, so you'll have to find which are pauses, which are interruptions, and which are changes.It's very flexible, which gives loads of options and is tremendous fun for actors to play with.About directing:You will have to be VERY careful to ensure that neither one is a villain nor hero, despite Jill starting from low, brittle point and Jack starting as a bumbling and kinda sweet guy. There's a very big trap waiting for your female lead to turn shrill and bitter while your male lead to becomes a brilliant angel, or for him to be a bumbling goof and she a perpetual victim. They're both right and wrong at different points, and a couple times being right (and wrong) at the same points, but in different directions. They change, but they never do things out of the blue.Physically, there are plenty of leaps in time and space, but each scene has an intro and outro to smooth transitions. Light, music, and quick costume or hair changes are all that can really be added to pull from the set movements - it's why we kept everything out in the open and visible to the audience, and it seemed to work quite well.Conclusion:We enjoyed doing this play immensely, but I can't recommend it for beginners! Lots to play off between dialogue and scene; lots that you can bring to it; lots of ways it can be played. Jack and Jill was a great success for us, but it's not going to tell you how to make it work: you'll have to find that for yourself.

  • V
    2019-04-11 16:39

    Searched high and low for this book for a few years before finally getting my hands on a copy, all because I read Jack's I'm Nice monologue in a book of audition-worthy monologues. It stuck in my mind, lines replaying at odd moments in my life until my brain finally insisted I find and read the entire story.Having never seen the play, this review is based entirely off the book itself and agreeing with another review here, it is difficult to get the sense of urgency in an argument through a playbook, character's actions sometimes falling short.However the characters themselves are well-built, IMO, and they are easy to fall into love/hate with as you can put yourself (at some point in your life) in their shoes in multiple situations in the story and nearly feel their frustration and emotions as if they were your own. This struck a cord with me and while it isn't perfect, it holds a fond place in my heart as I found it eerily relate-able through my own stumbling relationships.

  • Michael
    2019-03-28 09:42

    As an actor I think this would be a nightmare of a play to get off-book for. 80 or so pages of dialogue, monologues and soliloquies. I could maybe picture it as a film since that would give the actors the ability to go one scene at a time. The portions of dialogue when they talked over each other was difficult to decode, to wade through so many ellipsis. Of course it's a play and it would be easier to get from hearing actors speak it. This piece is hot and cold for me with some moments and bits of dialogue written to perfection and others leaving saying "alright already." I think Martin does get there but perhaps with a few extraneous turns along the way. Too much harping on the same points from the two characters. I loved how jack at times was so pathetic and seemingly desperate, and Jill unforgiving, unbending and almost cruel. It drove me nuts but perhaps in a good way.

  • Matt
    2019-04-17 13:19

    It probably plays well live. It's a quick, fun play, but because of all of the line cut offs and stutters, it makes for a rather tedious read.