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Hilary and Mark Bradley are trapped in a web of suspicion. Last year, accusations of a torrid affair with a student cost Mark his teaching job and made the young couple into outcasts in their remote island town off the Lake Michigan coast. Now another teenage girl is found dead on a deserted beach. . . and once again, Mark faces a hostile town convinced of his guilt.HilaryHilary and Mark Bradley are trapped in a web of suspicion. Last year, accusations of a torrid affair with a student cost Mark his teaching job and made the young couple into outcasts in their remote island town off the Lake Michigan coast. Now another teenage girl is found dead on a deserted beach. . . and once again, Mark faces a hostile town convinced of his guilt.Hilary Bradley is determined to prove that Mark is innocent, but she’s on a lonely, dangerous quest. Even when she discovers that the murdered girl was witness to a horrific crime years earlier, the police are certain she’s throwing up a smoke screen to protect her husband. Only a quirky detective named Cab Bolton seems willing to believe Hilary’s story.Hilary and Cab soon find that people in this community are willing to kill to keep their secrets hidden—and to make sure Mark doesn’t get away with murder. And with each shocking revelation, even Hilary begins to wonder whether her husband is truly innocent. Freeman’s first stand-alone thriller since his Stride novels is a knockout....

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The Bone House Reviews

  • Gary
    2019-05-11 01:48

    This book had everything I like in a mystery. The characters were well developed and likable. Mark is a teacher that has lost his job due to accusations of an inappropriate affair with a student. His wife still teaches at the same small town school that Mark did. Being in a small Minnesota town myself and in the field of education, I can imagine the consequences of it. Although Mark is innocent, no one believes him.When another student turns up dead everything goes from bad to worse. At times, the story felt a little like victim literature as the couple went from one bad scenario after another. The plot is page turning, however, and the twists and surprises must have been planned out in detail before the story began- the story reaches a point when they become relentless.Each of the characters was round and had many facets to their actions and motivations. Not only did this engage me with them and hence the story itself more deeply, it made possible some of the effective twists and turns the plots takes. This depth of character makes possible the unpredictability of each character which in turn opens many avenues for the author to take in developing this story. A good writer flourishing in his or her craft seems to have a knack for this type of thing and this author does it well.Often I find these types of stories trite or repetitive- the town with secrets and people willing to kill to keep them sort of thing. Not in this case, however. I really couldn't wait to see the end, and how an author ends a story is in large part a measure of their ability. Some writers write the ending first, or so I have heard.This book slowly, yet quickly, builds to its climax, dividing the story between scenes and characters effectively. While this can be an annoying trait for a book to have, such is not the case here. It keeps the suspense building and interest high. Perhaps this is due to the shorter chapter length, or at least partially. One thing I often personally like are a shorter, focused chapters. When I want to stop reading I like to be able to do so at reasonable junctures (or when life unreasonably calls me away) and I often can read for only ten minutes at a time during some type of break in my day. Books that weight in at 40 or 50 pages per chapter invariably force me to stop in the middle of s scene and I find it difficult to begin without rereading at times. This author understands not only how to build a story, he crafts it well, develops his characters and plot efficiently, and ends the story on a satisfactory note. I thoroughly enjoyed this read.

  • Michael Burton
    2019-04-20 07:12

    Great Book! The characters were very well developed and drove the story. I have to be honest, when I began the book, it sounded like your typical run-of-the-mill whodunit...not this book. It had many twists and turns. Just when I thought I knew what was going on, the storyline went another way. It was very hard to put the book down. This is the first book of Mr. Freeman's I have read and it certainly won't be the last.

  • Fmilt
    2019-05-08 03:09

    This book has so many people doing so many things that no one with a lick of common sense would do that it ruins the book for me. If you can suspend disbelief, the book is well written and could be enjoyed. However there are so many instances in the book where supposedly very bright and able people exhibit no common sense that it insults the reader's intelligence if they take the time to think about it. Big spoiler alert, but this major plot turn just blew my mind and spoiled the book. This is one of the big plot twists, which comes as a huge shock because it makes absolutely no sense. A pathological killer that seems to be an innocent character calls Hillary to meet her to check out the big suspect, a sleazy coach. She says she's going in the house, and if she doesn't come out in 10 minutes, she needs help. It turns out that the coach is her henchman who's abducted her roommate that she and Hillary were going to save. WTF?? There is no way she would've ever done any of that. So yeah, it is a huge shock and mind blowing plot turn, but it's because it makes no f'ing sense. I hate books, shows, movies that if you watch them a second time you just shake your head and realize that there are so many things that happen that are totally implausible and illogical given what you know about the characters after finishing the story.

  • ✨Susan✨
    2019-04-24 02:17

    A good mystery with many suspects. When a young girl is killed there is an automatic pointing of fingers at one man. Throughout the book he seems like a likable victim, or is he. I kept going back and forth. The flawed detective makes the story interesting and in the end, beyond anyone's expectations, does solve the crime. Maybe a fun series for a buddy read.

  • Kelly
    2019-04-28 10:02

    I loved this first book in the Cab Bolton series. It was fast paced with short chapters, interesting characters and an ending I did not see coming.4.5 stars

  • Paul Pessolano
    2019-05-02 04:00

    "The Bone House" is the best mystery that Brian Freema has put together since his debut novel, "Immoral". Both stories have every element of a mystery/thriller that one could possiby imagine, and both will keep the reader guessin as to the outcome until the very end.Mark Brady is a high school teacher in a small communty around Lake Michigan. He is accused having an affair with one of his students. Although nothing can be proven and the girl insists that nothing happened between them, he is released from his teaching position and is ostracized by the community. He is very fortunate that his wife, Hilary, believes in his innocence.Mark's troubles continue when he and his wife attend a high school dance competition in Florida and he is again accused of not only having an affair with a young girl but also is accused of her murder. Again, nothing can be proven but everything points in Mark's direction, even his wife is now having second thoughts about his innocence.A Florida Detective, Cab Bolton, following up on the investigation goes to their home town and starts to unravel some very dark secrets that have been hidden and festering in the community.It seems that the murdered girl was a witness to a house fire that almost wiped out a family. The husband and father was accused of arson and murder. While he was being transported to jail he disappears. Is it possible that he has returned and is seeking vengance?The high school Physical Education teacher may be suspect because of his relationship with the dead girl.The local sheriff and his Vietnam buddy may be harboring the darkest secret of all."The Bone House" is one mystery you will not want to miss. It is high octane from start to finish and will severely test your ability as a crime solver.

  • Suspense Magazine
    2019-05-10 08:13

    Here's a psychological thriller done by someone who knows how to write one. While basically a story of a man and wife, the plot bleeds out to include a detective and and CSI analyst, some troubled teenagers, and a terrible tragedy from the past. The tragedy, portrayed in the breathtaking prologue, reaches lethal tentacles into the future and threatens almost everyone involved.Mark Bradley is having a tough time. He and his wife, Hillary, moved to an idyllic island in rural Door County, northern Wisconsin, from a Chicago suburb to live on their salaries as teachers and raise a happy family. Mark, however, was accused of sexual harassment when the mother of shy teenaged student, Tresa, read the torrid accounts of an inappropriate affair in Tresa's diary. Tresa insisted her writings were all fantasy, but Mark was fired anyway and has been out of a job for a year. His wife, Hillary is still a dance coach at the high school, but her reception by the locals has become increasingly chilly.Mark accompanies his wife and her dance students to Florida for a competition. It's supposed to be a relaxing getaway, but Mark is accosted on the beach by Tresa's younger sister, Glory. When Glory is found dead, a witness is found that saw Mark kissing Glory very late at night. He insists they didn't kiss, and that he didn't kill the girl. Hillary wants to believe him, but she's exhausted from standing by him during the ordeal of the past year. And she's not quite sure he's telling the truth.Cab (Born In One) Bolton, the unusual detective assigned to the case, fights against his attraction to the lovely CSI analyst, Lala. Like Hillary, he doesn't know who to believe. But he's Mark's only hope. And he carries a horrific secret of his own from the past.Reviewed by Kaye George, Author of “CHOKE: An Imogene Duckworthy Mystery” for Suspense Magazine

  • Beth
    2019-05-19 03:07

    Awesome book but I honestly don't get why Kate called Hilary to go with her to Jenson's house near the end it doesn't make sense or fit in really or more to the point it's like the author was trying to force the characters to fit.

  • Kristin
    2019-05-14 08:47

    I wanted to like this book ('read' it on audio). I really did. It started out strong; the plot pulls a person in...and then I completely lost interest in 2/3 of the characters. I couldn't empathize/care/give a shit about any of them. I got tired of the flashbacks. I grew annoyed with the chronic stupidity - it was a lot like watching the proverbial horror flick and shouting at the screen "NO! Don't open THAT door!". So, on one hand, Freeman does a very good job of hooking your emotions and pulling you into a very tumultuous story line. We have a dashing high school teacher who has been accused of taking advantage of an underage girl who had befriended him and his wife. We have an insular community hiding dark secrets and feeling that The Outsider is to blame for all of their woes. The community's Little Darling - who can do no wrong - is murdered on an empty nighttime beach in Florida. It's good. Seriously good. On the other hand, I kept getting yanked out of the plot by little things, little implausibilies, in my humble opinion. A community who doesn't seem to believe the girl with no mention ever of a medical exam. Uh huh. After all, a young person simply cannot write anything that realistic. Bullshit. We have a dead girl floating in the water; the sea has seemingly destroyed any evidence of sexual activity, but not the skin under the fingers? The action of the hand in the sand in the water didn't act as a nail cleaner? Riiigght. What was this 16 year old doing in Florida without a parent anyway? Who in the hell lets their 16 year old drive to Florida from Wisconsin with their boyfriend? We have a community who has judged, tried and condemned to death an individual and his wife all because they - the community - deemed themselves judge, jury and executioner. A sheriff who's duty is to protect the innocent - until proven guilty - who's as bad as the rest of them. Trite and annoying. An out of town inspector who is trying to get to the bottom and never questions why an entire community keeps pointing him at one individual. I'm no detective, but if I were, I'd be digging into that towns past because it screams "cover-up". I have no idea where Disk 6 compares to in the physical book. But that's where I said to hell with it. I'll try and find some spoilers or check out the book from the library, read the last couple of chapters and call it finished. Maybe. Might still say to hell with it.

  • The Behrg
    2019-05-04 04:51

    First, let me say I'm a big Freeman fan. Second, that there are a whole lot of people who obviously loved this book, giving it outstanding ratings. I just wasn't one of them.The premise of this story revolves around a murder mystery with a cast of characters that include a husband and wife who happened to be at the location where the murder took place. Add to it the fact that the husband lost his job because of a scandal with that girl's sister at school (he's a teacher) and you've got your prime suspect for the story.One of the biggest issues I had with this novel was the fact that we see things through the husband's perspective so KNOW that he A) didn't commit adultery with the girl in question and B) didn't kill her sister. ... And we wave goodbye to any amount of suspense the story could have held.This could have been such a tighter novel if we revolved only around his wife, the kids and the detectives perspective instead. The doubt the wife feels would have been intensified, as would her resolve to back her husband up. It would have caused the reader to constantly question what really happened. Instead I felt like I was eating ice cream that consisted of ice, hold the cream. The novel was bland, many of the metaphors continually throwing me out of the story. There were some good ideas in here and some characters I enjoyed, hence the 3 stars, but this felt like it could have used one last major rewrite to put this into the "amazing" category rather than the "just another thriller" where it ended up.I'm still a fan and will continue to read more of Freeman's work, but if you're unfamiliar with him, start with another novel.

  • Linda Strong
    2019-05-01 08:53

    I was a little hesitant when I first picked this book up. I've followed Brian Freeman for several years and fell in love with his Jonathan Stride series. I just could not imagine a new series that would draw me in as quickly as the other. Boy! Was I wrong!Cab Bolton is a terrific character. He's rich, thanks to his actress mother, which usually puts him at odds with his fellow detectives. He's got some personal issues with trust, and even though he's attracted to his partner, he keeps pushing her away. Difficult to work under those circumstances.He's tall, blond, and handsome... a little bit sarcastic, but not arrogant with it. He's firmly dedicated to his job and loves bringing home the bad guy.Mark Bradley was a high school teacher until a student wrote some mighty graphic descriptions of their love affair in her diary. No one believed her when she said she had made it all up. No charges were filed ... but he lost his job and the respect of the small community where he and his wife lives. His wife is his only saving grace.Spending some time in Florida so his wife can root for a dance team that she has taught, things turn really ugly when a young girl is found strangled on the beach. The young girl is the sister to the student that caused Mark's down fall.So.. did Mark kill the sister in anger? Was it an accident? Is he really guilty? Cab is on the case and is convinced that Mark is guilty.There are lots of twist and turns to follow. Information surfaces about the young girl ... leading to a crime that was committed 10 years earlier.Great storyline ... great characters .... I predict this is going to be a terrific new series.

  • Brenda
    2019-05-03 06:01

    There were a lot of people and events in this book. They were all nicely tangled until the end. I like it when a book keeps me guessing, makes me doubt certain characters, and pulls me into the story like I was there. Of course, if I had been there, I'd have yelled at some people for doing stupid things, yelled at others for not speaking up, and yelled at still others for jumping to wrong conclusions. How easy it is to ruin the lives of innocent people.

  • Misty
    2019-05-10 03:05

    The main plot of this book interested me and that is why I picked it up. Only a few pages into it I realized my mistake. The characters were predictable and stereotypical. Every twist and turn I saw coming 50 pages ahead. I will not be reading another one of Brian Freeman's books.

  • Andy
    2019-05-01 06:01


  • Stefanie
    2019-05-19 08:07

    4.5 Stars. I decided to start qualifying the stars I give a book with decimal points. Not to be annoying but to be clear. I rarely rate a book a 5 but I regularly use the 4, and that's because I include a pretty long range of books that I considered above average -really good for different reasons. I'm trying to get better about writing reviews since I rely so much on them. That said this book was really enjoyable I have read all but one book in Brian Freemans other series set in Duluth Minnesota but Im not going to bring many comparisons to the table since I read those books some time ago. This is the first book in the Cab Bolton series. I found Cab to be a somewhat original and overall likeable character despite his flaws. He's a detective with the Naples,FL police but unlike most cops, he doesn't do this work for a paycheck. His mother was a heralded Hollywood actress and has left him a large trust fund so money isn't an issue. The story begins six years prior to the present when a little girl in a small island town in Wisconsin nearly escapes a fire that was intentionally set. Back to the present;:The young girl in question is on the beach in Naples at 300AM and who does she run into but one of our other main characters, Mark Bradley, a man who moved to her hometown with his wife Hilary a few years prior. The same man who a year ago was accused of having a sexual relationship with her sister, a student in his English class. We see young Glory, attempt to seduce Mark and then the scene is cut off. The next morning while Hilary and Mark are at breakfast they hear the news that Glory was murdered on the beach in the middle of the night. Cab Bolton investigates and the saga begins.This book contains a mystery shrouded in mystery. You're left with a number of suspects in Glory's death :1. Mark Bradley - the ex-school teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with Glory's sister Tresa, also the last person known to have been with her on the beach the night she died.2. Troy Geier - Glory's boyfriend who follows her like a lapdog, doing what she wants when she wants, the two had an argument the night she was killed.3. Tresa, the sister - Did she possibly see Glory on the beach entwined with the love of her life and her jealousy transform to rage?4. Sheriff Reich - it's obvious the sheriff from Glory's small town of Door County is hiding secrets, but is he involved in her death? 5.Peter Hoffman - the sheriff's best friend, local man who is indebted to Glory's mom for keeping his granddaughter safe the night the fire killed her mother and brothers.6. Gary Jensen- Dance coach at Green Bay University, seen conversing with Glory the night of her death by Amy Leigh, a former dance student of Hilary Bradley, referred to as a "creep" by former coworkers7. Harris Bone - the man who confessed to starting the fire that killed his wife and sons, and nearly killed Glory, While the sheriff was transporting him to prison six years ago he escaped during a bathroom break on the side of the road. Could Glory have seem him at the hotel while he was hiding from the law in FL?8. Someone else? ???Cab Bolton comes to Door County to unravel the mystery of Glory's death, but that's not the only secret Door County is hiding. A must read for any lover of mystery. I can't wait to pick up the next book in the series!

  • Marian
    2019-05-15 04:49

    Hilary and Mark Bradley are trapped in a web of suspicion. Last year, accusations of a torrid affair with a student cost Mark his teaching job and made the young couple into outcasts in their remote island town off the Lake Michigan coast. Now another teenage girl is found dead on a deserted beach. . . and once again, Mark faces a hostile town convinced of his guilt. Hilary Bradley is determined to prove that Mark is innocent, but she’s on a lonely, dangerous quest. Even when she discovers that the murdered girl was witness to a horrific crime years earlier, the police are certain she’s throwing up a smoke screen to protect her husband. Only a quirky detective named Cab Bolton seems willing to believe Hilary’s story. Hilary and Cab soon find that people in this community are willing to kill to keep their secrets hidden—and to make sure Mark doesn’t get away with murder. And with each shocking revelation, even Hilary begins to wonder whether her husband is truly innocent.

  • Robert
    2019-04-25 08:02

    This is a good suspense book with a few twists thrown at the reader at the very end of the book. The engine gets started at the very beginning but you will have to wait until about two thirds of the way into the book for the transmission to shift into drive. The first part of the book is mostly the history behind the whole enchilada and character building. Then the reader can start getting into the good stuff. Some of the twists that seemed as if they were supposed to be a real surprise were a bit predictable. Others did come out a bit better. I don't feel I could go for the fourth star but I would rate this somewhere over the three stars posted here, something like three and a half would work just fine.

  • Magpie67
    2019-05-08 03:17

    A classic Shakespearean tragedy. What if Glory was never at the scene of the fire, and Harris got help for his family? A snowball of sin and deception packed with revenge and mental illness. Throw in a couple not from the area and an innocent event... transfers evil and a path of no return. Small town people with suspicious minds, a creepy pedophile and a corrupt good ol boy sheriff. Secrets have a way of catching up even if they are hidden away with a key or the trauma of the mind. Can't wait to see more of Cab and his partner in Florida. I love the way Brian Freeman writes!

  • Lindsay
    2019-04-24 08:01

    I am always astonished when authors have their characters do things that are just plain stupid (Spoiler alert) for instance, someone tries to kill you so the next thing you do is go off to a totally deserted area by yourself. Or you think something bad/tragic is going to happen to someone so you HOP IN THE CAR and go off to stop it. Use a phone people!!! Phone the police!!!Also, the damaged by life and unable to have healthy relationship cop is such an old saw. And yet this book is quite decently written so I am not going to write off the author just yet.

  • Perri
    2019-05-04 02:08

    The best thriller I've read in a long time. The pacing's great-each chapter ends in a cliff hanger with the suspense building. As we slowly get to know the characters, the good guys show cracks, some bad ones become sympathetic-like real life we find complexity in people. The ferry served island with its idiosyncratic people and culture really resonated with me.

  • Mervat
    2019-05-06 10:13

    Simply amazing. I couldn't put the book down until i reached the last page.

  • Fran
    2019-05-16 02:52

    The Bone HouseAuthor: Brian FreemanActs of kindness are meant to help others. But, when Glory Fischer enters the garage with her special package in hand, finding her friend and hoping to provide protection not only for the kitten she so wants to protect but hope to keep him safe from harm. Mr. Bone keeps the key under the window ledge of the garage. The night is hot, the heat is unbearable and the garage not a place anyone should be. A pickup truck with a filthy covering and a wooden ladder are some of the decorations. Rotten smells, steps and splinters touch her hands as feet as she climbs up to the top of the loft filled with paint cans and blankets that reek from mold. But, what happens next will startle the reader, bring chills down your spine and make you wonder what is real or imaginary. What did she really see? What caused the fumes of gasoline to be spread and who poured it? Why didn’t they know she was there? One flame, one match and a towering inferno would ignite. How did she survive? She was only ten.Fast-forward six years to when Glory is 16, not a sweet and innocent young girl and out to prove her worth. Door County, Wisconsin is a small town where gossip reigns, opinions are formed and predators seek out the weak. Mark Bradley is either a victim of one young girl’s delusions and fantasies or a serial killer in the guise of an educator, husband and friend. One young girl, Tresa Fischer, so infatuated with him hurled accusations against him claiming they had an affair. But, educators face ridicule and often, as Mark did face dismissal, embarrassment and false charges even when they are not guilty. Mark lost his job as a teacher because everyone believed the loudest voice, Tresa’s. So, why would he stop and take the time to worry about her sister Glory. Mark could not sleep and decided to walk the beach only to encounter Glory who was stone drunk. Rather than leave her to her own devices he tries to bring her back to the hotel where she is staying with her family but instead what happens will reopen wounds and old doors. Glory offers herself to him but Mark insists on taking her home. How, does she wind up dead?Glory Fischer witnesses the murder of Nettie Bone and her two sons Karl and Scott. Although her husband was arrested for the murder he escaped before the trial. Mark was guilty without one. But, what happens next would once again shed the beacon of light on him. Mark was devoid of any happiness and was angered losing his job and nothing his wife Hilary would say would appease him. Learning about the body found would ignite questions in her mind. Finding out that it was even more.Detective Cab Bolton drew the case. Laya Mosqueda the lead crime scene analyst together they would have to piece it together. Cab Bolton was not your typical cop. With a rich trust fund and LA style appearance many resented him and others just envied. But one-thing rings true being a cop is what he loved. Finding the body on the beach, drunk but strangled. Cab is not a member of the community and the residents are not quick to open up to him. Tresa was in Door County for a dance competition and Glory along with her boyfriend Troy came along to cheer her on. All roads would lead to Mark Bradley as Lala relates his past to Mark.All Hilary could say or think was “Not Again.” Pedophiles are not anyone you want teaching your child or even living in your community. Although she know her husband was innocent of the first crime, and not arrested for it, what about the murder of this young girl? Small towns are often filled with cliques and the end result was Mark and Tresa denying the affair but the town still disbelievers. Amy Leigh and Katie Monroe are on their way back from the dance competition when Amy pulls up an article about the murder on her laptop. Katie, the more distant and analytical of the two tries to counteract her fears about that night as she recounts what she remembers and focuses her attention on their dance coach Gary who plays a role in the events. Glory and Gary had some type of relationship causing her to be upset that night, seemed fearful and afraid according to witnesses and definitely drunk. But, Amy closes her eyes and flashes to dream that ignites more fears where she sees a figure dressed in black, turns around and it's her dance coach placing his arms around her neck. How this connects to the murder and what she sees remains to be seen. Added to the mix is the fact that Mark and Hilary have not come forward about his encounter with Glory. Interviewing her sister and her boyfriend yielded different opinions and views of the same girl. As Tresa describes her sister as troubled, using drugs and having a lot of relationships with boys and she was just 16, Troy describes her as if she was an Eveready battery that was permanently charged and he could hardly keep up. As Cab thinks about Glory’s death he remembers another one this one caused by him. As the layers unfold more comes to light as Mark comes in for questioning and Delia, Glory’s mother arrives. The encounter is harsh; the words are not to be taken lightly as she openly accuses him in front of others and to Hilary’s face of killing Glory. Why was she upset? Who did she see that she knew that day and why didn’t she confide in anyone? Does this relate to the fire?The author relates the events of the fire not only to some of the characters, reliving it with others helping the reader to understand why so many were against Mark and Hilary and the rationale, if you could call it that behind the vandalism on Mark’s home when they return home. Added to that is Mark’s encounter with Cab, his lack of responses and the cold feeling you come away with when he and Cab are in the same room. Cab relates to the reader his reasons for his lack of emotional involvement when the author flashes back to Vivian. But, the town is about to emerge and the sheriff and his old friend confer what happen happens will bring more than just chills down your spine as one man is once again branded with a capital M across his chest before all of the facts are in. As you learn more a out Glory’s mother, sister and her boyfriend you begin to wonder who really cared about her and who was used by her and their true feelings for this young girl. As Amy is once again in the picture and feels she might have information that would put the light on someone else. So, why does she contact her coach and why might that the wrong move?Things really heat up when someone tries to kill both Mark and Hilary and the evidence points in several other directions but which road will lead to the real killer: Door County or somewhere closer to Mark’s home? The author places the light on many different suspects. Mark losing his job, Glory guilty of taking drugs, drinking under age and having sex with many guys, did she deserve to die? What and who did she see in the garage? What about Gary the coach what is his he hiding? What about the Sheriff and his friend Pete why do they hate Mark so much and why did Delia insist that he had sex with her daughter? What will the DNA show and why was Glory singing the song by Billy Joel: We didn’t start the fire? Who Did? What about Harris Bone?When the lies unravel and the truths unfold one town will never be the same as more lives are lost, suspects are in place and the ending will send shock waves all the way from Door County and across the state of Florida and back again. Just who murdered Glory and why? Who or what did she really see that night when the fire started? One book that keeps the reader on edge until you learn the hidden secrets that lie beneath the walls of The Bone House. What really happened? Read the book and unravel the clues, the secrets and find out if Cab is really that great detective, what really happened in his life that reflects on his present job when you take the journey to Door County and decide whether you want to live there or not. When a teacher is wrongly accused will the truth ever come out? One great book, one outstanding thriller one author whose work I will definitely read more of. This book gets: Five Special StarsFran Lewis: reviewer

  • J Jahir
    2019-04-29 06:54

    Uno de mis primeros descubrimientos ha sido encontrarme con Brian Freeman, autor estadounidense que escribe novelas policiacas. Ya Me he tronado la serie completa que tiene, "Jonathan Stride", le tengo gran cariño a esa serie, stride y serena dial son de mis favoritos en cuanto a personajes detectives policiales se refieren. Oh, y cómo olvidarme de Maggie... pero bueno, ése no es el punto.Particularmente, esta novela también me pareció muy buena. Cada vez que leo uno de sus libros, siempre creo tener al asesino, pero este hombre siempre consigue darme una grata sorpresa. Y esa es la magia de sumergirte en sus obras. Aunque sentí que faltó un poco más en la historia del culpable, al cual no menciono para no dar spoilers... sentí que quedó un hueco a medio resolver respecto de los motivos que lo llevaron a cometer ese acto (incendio en la casa de los Bone), tan sólo se menciona que ya los tenía hartos o algo así, pero por encima. o a no ser que me haya despistado y me lo haya pasado por alto, pero según recuerdo, no lo detalla. bastante recomendable, ésta, o cualquier obra de él. Esperaría que alguien me hiciera caso algún día, tengo ganas de comentar estos libros con más personas, porque es uno de esos autores que se conocen poco y creo que merece que más gente lo lean.

  • Albert Riehle
    2019-04-30 09:11

    3.5 stars. Good book, good characters, an excellent look at how the perception of guilt can cloud the judgement of people and how quick people are to be judge and jury...and the hell that can fall on the innocent as a result. Not the best Freeman book I've read but then again, he sets a high standard for himself to live up to but still, I'm happy to recommend it. Its a good read.

  • Gina
    2019-04-26 07:49

    I always love a good mystery read and this is the first time I have read this author. The book started out a little slow butafter the first few chapters it really sped up. I love the cliff hangers at the end of the chapters. The characters were well rounded and I felt like I knew them all. I loved the setting in the story when it moved to Wisconsin. I actually looked on a map to see where this beautiful setting is and it actually looks like a wonderful place to live. The lonliness and sparse population added a bit of a feeling of everyone having to move fast because there were time restraints crossing the ferry and back. Cab Bolton, the lead detective from Naples, was an interesting character and I hope we see more of him. Mark and Hillary had a trust in each other that I didn't expect for them to have. I was sure that eventually Hillary would start to really doubt Mark. When the backstory of Glory, Tresa, Delia, the Bones, and Pete Hoffman was reveiled, it made the book much more understandable. I didn't like how Sheriff Reich was out to get Mark from the get go and that he wasn't willing to look at any other suspect, but that was explained later in the book.Basically the plot is Mark and Hillary have moved from Chicago to a rural part of Wisconsin to get away from city life. Mark is quickly accused of having a sexual relationship with a student. However, Tresa, the student, denies any relationship and explains that her diary was just a fantasy. Mark was not charged due to Tresa not cooperating with the police, but he was fired from his teaching job. The Bradley's take a vacation to Naples, Florida to see a dance competition that many of Hillary's former dance students were competing. Tresa is one of the dancers and her sister Glory and Glory's boyfriend, Troy, come along to cheer her on. Mark takes a walk on the beach on the last night of his vacation only to run into a drunk Glory on the beach. Glory comes on to Mark and he avoids her advances. He tries to get her to come back to the hotel because he thought it was unsafe for her to be out so late and drunk. Glory refuses and Mark goes back to his room. The next day, Glory is found dead on the beach and Mark becomes the prime suspect due to his relationship with Tresa. He speaks to the police and then he leaves to go back to Wisconsin.When he arrives home, the people of his town are even more angry at him and fingers are pointed. Cab Bolton, the Naples Detective, follows them to Wisconsin to continue his investigation. There he finds Sheriff Reich to be unwilling to look at other suspects. Bolton then finds out details of a fire that Glory was a victim of 6 years before and he begins to suspect that something else is going on. A former student of Hillary has information on the murder and contacts Amy and more events happen that add to the questions of who killed Glory. I don't want to give any more detail to the story as to not give anything away.I loved how the author was able to weave everyone's story together to resolve the story. The only complaints I have are that I wish that more detail was given on Pete Hoffman and his relationship to Glory's family. I also wish there was more information on the Bone girl who survived the fire.I hope that the author writes a sequel to this book so the reader can learn more about Bolton and his past. I will definitely be reading more of this author's works.

  • Chris
    2019-04-27 01:55

    Story about a pair of married teachers Mark & Hilary Bradley who leave Chicago for a slower pace in a tight knit community of Door County Wisconsin. Mark is accused of having an affair with a student (who denies it ever happened) and he is fired. Three years later the students younger sister is found dead in Florida at a dance competition where Hilary was a former coach. Mark & Hilary were there on vacation to watch the competition so of course Mark becomes the prime suspect. When lead detective Cab Bolton travels to their town he digs around and finds others to look at. The closed community only have their eyes on Mark, and consider his attractive intelligent wife a fool for standing by him.The characters were decent. Hilary I liked but felt she was so trusting of her husband despite everything pointing in his direction. They had only been together five years. She was right to trust him though, in the end he was innocent, but still.. I'd have questioned him a bit more, lol.Mark was a bit of a fool for placing himself in situations that could be misconstrued. Cab was the stereotypical damaged by a woman in his past super intelligent good detective.****The novel starts off in Naples Florida where Mark and Hilary Bradley are at a hotel for a dance tournament, Hilary teaching dance as well as Math at their local school. Mark was also a teacher for some time after being a professional golfer, but his story doesn't start in just happens to follow him there.A year prior to the opening of the book Mark was accused of having an affair with one of his students, Tresa Fischer. Mark Vehemently denied as did Tresa but it didn't matter. Mark and Hilary weren't originally from Door County Wisconsin where they currently reside, they're implants from Chicago. Not 'native'. Strangers. Outcasts. Never truly accepted by the quiet little lake front down. As a result it didn't matter if Tresa brought charges against Mark. The Bradley's status as 'not native' made him guilty on the spot. Tresa's mother wanted his head and as a result Mark lost his teaching career which he was in love with.Fast forward to the present where something untoward happens to Glory Fischer, Tresa's younger sister. Misfortune befalls Glory. Mark happens to be there. Stranger. Predator. News travels to the small town and the locals find Mark guilty as quickly as one would bat an eyelash. The Bradleys are hated now more than ever. Little do all the players know how tragic the Fisher family story truly is and just how many lives it has touched...and will touch as the story progresses. A small town. Dark secrets.Enter Cab Bolton. Naples resident and detective on the case. He's also an outcast. A fortunate son from California, he doesn't have to do police work. He doesn't have to do anything, but he does it for the challenge. He's also a stranger to people but it's by a distance he puts in place of his own desire not to get close. His story is also dark and follows him wherever he goes, even to the remoteness of Door County Wisconsin when the case ultimately leads him into the Bradleys back yards.

  • Barbi
    2019-04-28 05:17

    I'm a big fan of Brian Freeman's novels featuring Lieutenant Jonathan Stride (and Serena Dial). I enjoy Brian's writing style and appreciate that he works hard to give his readers imaginative plots, terrific pacing, and pitch-perfect dialogue. I was hoping that "The Bone House," Brian's new stand-alone novel, would match the brilliance of his Jonathan Stride series. Unfortunately, this book misses the mark somewhat. Feeling no immediate connection with the cast of characters (or the plot for that matter), I found it was difficult to sink into "The Bone House." The protagonists, Hilary and Mark Bradley, were particularly (and peculiarly) unsympathetic. By the end of the book, I liked them only marginally better than I did in the beginning. Unlike intense, charismatic, driven Lieutenant Stride, Florida Detective Cab Bolton was interesting, but one-dimensional. Brian painted Cab without nuance. The broad strokes used to describe Cab (son of a famous actress, FBI agent betrayed by his lover, Hollywood good looks) only gave us a small glimpse of what is potentially a good character. I do hope that if Cab returns, Brian will introduce him to us more fully. The residents of Door County, Wisconsin were depicted as small-minded, small town hicks - although I haven't met anyone from Door County, that seems a bit harsh. (Maybe Brian knows something that I don't.) The assorted teenagers were too precocious for my taste, and no one in the book seems to have a lick of commonsense. But, knowing that Brian can be relied upon to tell a good story, I kept reading. The characters never developed to an extent that I truly cared about them. Although I enjoyed the many twists, turns and red herrings of the novel, I was always fully aware that I was being led by the author. Rather than feeling that wonderful (and satisfying) jolt when the identity of the bad guy is finally revealed, instead I felt manipulated by the final implausible turn. My impression was that the objective of this book was to convince readers just how great strong women are (specifically Hilary and, to an extent, Lala). At this point in history, I am shocked that anyone still needs to be convinced of this self-evident truth. In fact, all that protesting on behalf of strong women was slightly insulting. (But that might just be the strong woman inside me talking.) In my opinion, the author's Jonathan Stride series gets a well-deserved A+ rating. I'm afraid I can't give "The Bone House" more than a B- rating. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, but it could have been so much better.

  • Nancy
    2019-04-23 07:06

    For me, this book read more like a travelogue then a suspenseful murder mystery. The way Brian Freeman describes the nuance of Door County, Wisconsin, I found myself Googling the area instead of paying close attention to the story at hand. I do not know if this was his intention, but I think I can describe the area better than I can the plot and outcome of this book. Which might be a better thing since the atmosphere is much better than the storyline. There are many characters introduced in this story and you might have to go back and reread parts to keep everyone straight. As a quick outline, you will have to know that Glory Fisher witnessed a crime several years before, her sister Tressa inadvertently caused Mark Bradley to lose his teaching job, Mark's wife Hilary believes her husband can do no evil and Glory is found dead on a beach, which of course makes Mark the number one suspect. I know, Cliff Notes would be helpful about now. Cab Bolton of the Criminal Investigative Division of the Naples Police Bureau is called into investigate the whole confused mess - not sure if this character is completely convincing, but there is enough side story thrown in to make him an interestingly flawed character. Well, back to the story. Apparently, a horrendous crime that Glory witnessed years before is coming back to haunt her and Mr. Freeman has managed to throw the whole mess at the wall in hopes that something will stick and the reader will follow him down yet another rabbit hole. Overall, the story is a muddled confusion and the reader is left with a bit of whiplash as to which storyline to follow; how it will all tie together - and is it really that important that Cab's mother is a famous actress and once, a while back, Cab was involved with a woman that messed with his head so badly that there was only one way to end their relationship. Maybe Brian Freeman is trying to get a new series started by trying to throw multiple angles at the reader, but for an experienced writer, he should know better. Do not put it all out there in the first book; let the reader work for it over a couple of volumes. Of course, I will continue with the Brian Freeman books, I love Jonathan Stride and Serena; I just will have to be convinced to revisit Cab Bolton.

  • Alex
    2019-05-12 05:00

    Middle of the road detective mystery but I enjoyed listening to it on audible.

  • Karen B.
    2019-05-15 02:06

    The story opens with the Prologue where a young girl, Glory, is witness to a horrific fire in which three lives were lost. The reader knows the fire was deliberately set. Six years later, Mark and Hillary Bradley find themselves embroiled in mounting suspicion after a teenage girl is found dead on a Florida beach during Spring Break. The people of the small town in Wisconsin, where the Bradleys are from, are already thinking Mark is guilty because a year ago he was accused of having an affair with a student at the school where he taught. The murdered girl just happens to be the sister of the girl with whom he allegedly had the affair so of course Mark is marked guilty by the town as well as the police from Florida. Witnesses say they saw Mark on the beach with the young murdered girl. More characters are introduced as the police investigate Mark's involvement and other murders come to light including the fire observed six years before. The characters make this story! The suspense is drawn through the book as the reader wonders what really happened to Glory and why. Did she see someone in Florida who reminded her of the fire? Did Mark's involvement have anything to do with the accusations against him for sexual misconduct with Glory's older sister? Behind it all is Cab Bolton, the investigator from Florida who travels to Wisconsin to find the truth about Mark, whom Bolton is sure is the killer. Bolton doesn't stop his investigation as more is uncovered, even though the local sheriff has told him to leave town. The sheriff doesn't like the idea that Bolton can't just accept Mark's guilt and doesn't want Bolton asking a lot of questions around town. Meanwhile Mark's wife, Hillary stands by her man; believing in his innocence. This was a wonderful read that I had a hard time putting down. Not sure if this is considered a "psychological thriller" or not but highly recommended for fans of that genre.